i used to do this for all my friends

Hey Friend!

Someone very sweet asked for my SAI settings and I thought maybe one or two of you might be interested as well! So here they are. Unfortunately it’s not exactly all-that exciting or special haha. Infact, I probably should do more to work outside of these settings. I feel they might be a little too “crisp” sometimes.

My stabilizer is messed with often, usually in the higher range (10-14). I sometimes use the blur tool to blend and I use lots of layering while painting! I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet that’s pretty much ancient now! Thanks for your interest! If you have any other questions friend, please don’t be shy and I will try to answer them! 


I have this account for almost four years but I’m more of an instagram kind of person and I run a Harry Potter account and make my own edits there (x) 2014 is the year I decided to go back and found out I have classmates (friends) who also use tumblr. Out of all of them, Khate (@babaengmayhighwaysaulo) is my closest friend. I honestly love her works and obviously I’m an absolute fan of literature, she began to introduce me to her favourite blogs (and her friends on here). Long story short, she invited me to go with her to this event (TSAMU).

Meet ups are so not my thing because I’m an introvert (really awkward and shy) I’m the “you-don’t-have-to-humiliate-me-because-I’ll-do-it-just-fine” type. Kaya sorry talaga if nameet niyo ako tapos, sobrang tahimik ko while you guys are fun and bubbly. Grabe gusto ko talaga magpapicture sainyo (lalo na po sa mga kateam ko, ang babait niyo po *iyak*) kaso sobra sOBRA SOBRA talaga akong nahiyaaaaaa (AS IN) and yung ilan na nagpapicture ako, hinugot ko na lahat ng lakas ko para lang masabi “hi po ate/kuya, pwede po ba magselfie/picture tayo?” tapos mabilisang click sa phone cam! *goes to corner and sobs* ( masyado akong na overwhelm kasi oHMAYGHAD FAVE PEOPLE IN THE SAME ROOM AS I AM *internal screaming*  )


@babaengmayhighwaysaulo @da-misinasabe THANK YOU TALAGA KHATE AND HI PO ATE DA @fleshystories @tseeentsenen hello po huhu @ar-ci hi po sa nantrip at naglagay ng bote ng ketchup sa bag ko hahahahhaha @thebitchyheartless HI ATE HUHUHU @pricelessfeelings @leostrongg sa mga unang nakausap po namin hiiii @matabangutak  *screams* @maartejade hello po thank you po talaga huhuhu @nielxxxx @reynanghugot *screams* HI PO KUYA NIEL AND ATE JELLI!!!! SUPER FRIENDLY AND BAIT NIYO PO @classicdaydream @notyourkenji puro ngiti lang ako sainyo huhuhu sorry po (and others, di ko na nakuha urls nila huhu I only recognize your faces)

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"Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina" I can't see this being not being about romantic bellarke. its so obvious at this point, because I definitely think they meant for us to take that as an indication of Bellamys love for Clarke. Like sure, loving your platonic friend™ more than your ACTUAL FRICKEN GIRLFRIEND is normal. It's not even subtext at this point, it's just plain old text.

I totally agree. That’s why I don’t understand the people who are worried that they won’t give us Bellarke. I’m like… what do you mean? It’s all right there. He loves her. She loves him. She needs him. He can’t lose her. Trust. Belief. Please hold my hand because I’m scared and I need you, not my mother, even though I’m only 18 and my mother who I thought I’d lost just came back from AI zombie land like five minutes ago. Nope. I need my honey to hold my hand. I mean my platonic honey.

If they only had the TIME to work out these emotions, they would be making out all over the place, but they keep having to save this pesky world. 

guys I've got an incredible idea

uber…but with bodyguards instead of rides. send or rent a body guard 2 keep an eye on u at the club, walkin u 2 the bart station, escorting u an ur friends 2 a house party in a weird area of a city. they can deals with or even run by uber, call it uberprotected. hell u could even use it 2 protect u during an uber ride. dude can’t try anything with indian arnold schwarzenegger quietly monitoring the situation. and if this was my business I’d use this service 2 protect my mama and papa at all times, they’d b my first customers!!

do u guys like my idea? 😃

The extrovert struggle

Feeling so energized after spending the whole week with people, doing things and having fun.
Then you spend maybe half a day alone in your room and you’re stuck in deep, melancholic thoughts:
“Loneliness is all I have ever known. No friends, no one to be with. A life without boundaries but also without any affection. It’s a difficult path but one day I will get used to it. I will embrace this solitude as the ground my entire being is based on and make this pain the pinnacle of my dull existence.”

Ok I’m giving this a go cause I’ll do anything @datgrlkristy and @yeahpentatonix put on (cause ya know, they the baes 😍😍)
I’m Ally, I’m 17, and I’m gay. I live in the US and I like music, space, girls, sports, snapchat filters, cats and I think all of you in this tag are very cute.

So I may have been able to squeeze some good out of Captain America being a Nazi.

I work with a great woman, she’s the one who promoted me because of Firefly. She also cosplays as Furiosa and loves most of what I do. She had not heard of the Captain America Hail Hydra thing until I told her a few days ago. The next day she comes in all pissed about it and we have a two hour conversation about it and other things. At the end of it I look at the replica of Captain Reynold’s pistol from Firefly on my cubical wall and ask her casually if she has ever fired a real one. She says no and I go into how I used to be a hunter safety instructor and I have taken several friends shooting. I extend the offer for her and she seems a little hesitant. I tell her I will go through the safety steps with her and explain the firearm so she knows exactly what to do and what to expect. She still seems iffy until I finally tell her that after we go shooting I will take her to dinner. That seals the deal and she says ok to it.

So basically I have a date now with my boss (she’s not directly over me but she is one of the heads of my department) because of Captain America being a Nazi. 

“We use to be best friends.
You told me about your plans for the future, how you weren’t going to stay here and that you were going to take me with you. You trusted me with your biggest secrets, and I trusted you with mine. We spent countless nights talking about our past, and how it shaped us into all we are now. But then something in you changed. We began to talk less and less. I guess it’s true what they say, that friends can break your heart too. I miss you so much, and I hope you’ve found use for all of my broken pieces I left you with. I really do wish you the best, I hope you’re doing alright, but sometimes I wonder if it hurts you as much as it hurts me to tell people that we just kind of stopped talking when they ask what happened to us, because we use to be so close.”

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i downloaded photoshop.. and i dont know what to do? is there any video tutorial that might help me ? thanks x

Hello anon!!(^▽^●)hmm…i didnt use any tutorial when i first used photoshop (omg..idEK what i did i think i just made a random nametag thEN AlMOSt ruined eveything ANYWAYS) but you can always check itsphotoshop on tumblr for tutorials!! but it would be great if u alrdy had an idea on what ur going to do so you can search specific tutorials and just tips!

  • do as much graphics as u want. thats how i learned photoshop i just kept making and making and since every ‘graphic’ varies you will find yourself looking at different websites & tutorials hence u learning a lot more than expected!! (*・∀<*)
  • be free & also tRY not using tutorials when ur comfortable enough! seeing my friends using photoshop and seeing at how different our methods is lIEK proof that not all tutorials work for everyone well fOR MOST they teACH and they do help (like the methods & tools used: most likely you kno what the tool is for bc of tutorials & how to use them & when) ┗(^∀^)┛
  • assign yourself graphic homework. i literally consider making graphics as a hw sometimes since im an aspiring graphic designer i belieb that practice makes progress sOO!! assign urself graphics hw be as specific as possible. watched cool films? hek ya make a poster! incoming school yr? stickers of ur crushes motivating u hEk yES (im doign that rn oops) what abt book labels? what abt a graphic abt ur crush!! then just like normal hw u have an idea what to research for an example this is what i used for my book thief graphic here
      □  minimalist movie posters
      □ *insert character name* pictures hd/tumblr
      □ *looks for a font*
      □ draft/layout on your notebook
      □ edit ur pictures or put on a psd
      □ do multiple layouts with different methods
  • heres my masterpost of design resources if u need it!  *:゚*。⋆ฺ(*´◡`)
  • and hMM thats abt it!!! HAVE FUN BUB it wiLL BE EASY!! if u have determination & passion for design it will fall right into place! sorry i couldnt link u to a video tutorial on ps..bc idk any :—( but surely there will be just check google or the site i linked! HAPPY DESIGNING! ヽ(*>∇<)ノ

You are familiar enough with my kind to know what I can do to the two of you.

You haven’t done it yet, you must want something from both of us. Something you haven’t been able to get.

Little one, I want you to pretend the three of us are all very good friends. Now serve up a couple of drinks for your good friends and then I want you to stand there silently and just smile as if you’re having the grandest of days. I want you to ignore whatever it is you hear come out of Rose. Do you understand?

Yes, of course.

Now, little Hemlock, you very well know I’ve respected your space and never once influenced you. It would be so easy to change that now.

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#body positivity

So I don’t usually post much stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with fanfiction, but: I just found out that one of my best friends have received hate, because she’s a plus size girl who dares to be confident and find herself sexy. It tears at me because, unfortunately, Sarah isn’t my first friend who’s had to deal with shit like this. I’m so tired of seeing my friends be put down by immature, insecure boys, who doesn’t realize and/or doesn’t care that even if we know better than to take your shit, comments about how we look can stick with us for a long time.

Didn’t their mothers tell them that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you shouldn’t open your mouth? 

Well, I want to step up and say fuck this. @sarahandrelouise is right now doing a body positivity project on her blog and facebook, and I encourage you all to go support her. And if you see someone receive hate, I encourage you to speak up. It’s nice knowing you are not alone.

(And that you are gorgeous, and cute, and sexy, and fuck everyone who dare say otherwise.)

Click here to support Serf Theatre Project's Kickstarter by Cassie Jo Fastabend
Serf Theatre Project is a developing non-profit theatre company that integrates the Seattle and Tacoma theatre communities with thorough, meaningful, and passionate work. Cassie Fastabend and Maddie Faigel founded Serf Theatre to provide a space for adventurous work by energetic and passionate th...

A year ago, one of my best friends and I formed a small theatre company in the Seattle-Tacoma area called Serf Theatre Project that specializes in developing ambitious projects with a wide variety of artists. 

This summer we will be producing our first full scale production as an organization: a highly modern Uncle Vanya. 

We need your help to do this!!!

This is a big venture and goal for us, and we have many expenses–particularly because Serf Theatre believes that a professional life in the theatre should be economically possible and that we should compensate all people who work on our productions as much as we possibly can. Theatre typically relies on unpaid labor, particularly from actors, and with your generosity we can start to break that cycle.

Please consider donating to us! All funds will go to compensating our collaborators and production expenses.

If you cannot donate, please share this post!

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Hey guys, before working out I was trans I identified as a lesbian and I did that stereotypical thing and fell in love with every lesbian character and couple in every tv show ever. Used to do that thing with my mate where we fight over who gets who and all that, y'know, typical jokes. I still love them, but now my friend keeps insisting I can't have crushes on them anymore, cause they're gay and I'm a dude. She makes me feel like I'm creepy for still liking them. Basically, the fuck do I do?

You can’t control your crushes or feelings for people.

She isn’t comfortable with you being attracted to them because of their sexuality. That’s fair. But your sexuality is not their sexuality. 

If she can’t handle the fact that you still like these characters or are attracted to them, then that’s her problem. They cannot reasonably expect you to change your feelings, and plenty of real-life people have had crushes on those who don’t feel the same way back. You like who you like. 

If she wants to police your thoughts and feelings, I don’t know if hanging out with her is an option. She has to understand that you can’t just flip a switch and not like someone or something that you’ve enjoyed for so long. 

Sexuality, gender, and attraction are messy.

- Kay

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So I'm a guy (my partner is a transgirl) and were considering having kids. We don't believe in the whole marriage thing, it's a old fashioned system Lol. But How do you think we should approach one of our best friends and ask her if would surrogate for us?

Wow first of all congratulations on your relationship!! I’m a fairly young person so this isn’t even in the scope of things I’m dealing with at my age but I hope my input can help. Honestly, what I would suggest is put an emphasis on how important kids are to your relationship. It’s also important to have a complete financial plan available to answer any questions and reassure your friend that you are ready to take on both helping with the pregnancy, and the child financially. Be clear that you would have the child in your friends life as well. Gosh I hope this helps in any way at all, and I wish all of you good luck. Update me if possible??

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my artist: panic! (bc i never stop being trash)

what is your gender? girls/girls/boys
describe yourself? bittersweet
how do you feel? I wanna be free
if you could go anywhere, where would it be? LA devotee
favorite mode of transportation? hurricane 
your best friend? freckles
favorite time of day? nine in the afternoon 
if your life was a tv show, what would it be called? she had the world
relationship status? girl that you love
biggest fear? the end of all things

i tag: @feministbluesargent @persbeth @arldante @defendrey @gansgay @hehrmes @praetorpercy @startouchd @udagio @wizardign

im not really allowed to stay up this late tonight but so many people are messaging me…

….you guys…

…you are all very special to me…

i feel…at home…here…

not at this home im living in IRL….

like…my family..

i don’t feel much pain when im here

i feel…safer here

i can…use my imagination here..and share it with others…

you all make me feel like..

i exist..

i need to thank everyone of you so much

maybe..just maybe..i will not do it..

i just feel better with my true friends here..

thank you guys so much…

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hi I know u and the horny quintet are more real friends than internet friends now but do u have any other mutuals or friends on here? just curious because I want to know how u interact with people! - too shy anon

ahhhhH yes when I think about it, I have recently become closer with a lot of people online lately! on my peach, I am really close with everyone on there, some of us even have a group chat together and we are all super nasty.

all my pals know who they are though, since they are the people that I message all the time, etc!