i used to do this for all my friends

I always loved Valentine’s Day because I love love and I love chocolate.

I never really took in the idea that it was supposed to be for couples only. I liked getting valentines and candy in school, and when I was single as an adult, I used to take it off from work to spend the day with myself, and do nice things, and eat chocolate.

I always want, every year, to do something like give all my friends valentines. Or bring them to work. (Someone at my temp job gave me a little valentine with a lollipop today!)

But I haven’t had the spoons for that yet.

But you know what I CAN do?

I can tell all of you cinnamon rolls that you are adorable, precious beings and I love everything you post and reblog and ask.

I love my mutuals, I love my followers, I love the people I’m following. You have all taught me a TON, and shared such delightful stuff. You have been sweet and honest and vulnerable and funny and interesting.

Like, even if you think your posts are all meaningless one-line boring things about math class, or terrible needy cries for help. You’re not being terrible or boring. You’re sharing a piece of yourself with the rest of us. Probably a piece that you don’t share with too many people, because you think it’s so awful.

It’s actually a huge gift. It lets people have this little moment of connection with someone, which they might not have in their offline life. It lets people see that they aren’t alone in feeling that stuff; or if they don’t feel it, it lets them have a glimpse into other people’s experiences on this big blue planet.

So thank you all for sharing all of this awesome stuff. Happy Valentime’s Day. You’re awesome.

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do you have any funny noob stories from when you first started smoking?

I wouldn’t even call it a noob story just something really stupid I did back in high school. So it was my first time buying weed right, and I didn’t know how much to get but I wanted to be cool about it. So I asked a friend for their opinion (looking back I don’t even know why I’d trust their judgement, they didn’t have experience smoking either) and they said about $60 worth. I bought the weed, and everything after that is just straight up ridiculous. I met up with two of my friends on this bike trail we used to always chill on, when you live in a small town there’s usually slim options for things to do. None of us knew what we were doing, I genuinely thought we were supposed to smoke all of it. And that’s what we did, in one sitting. Hours go by and all of a sudden it’s dark, the walk to our final destination was interesting to say the least.


Good afternoon! 

This afternoon my good friend Aurora (@thehungrymarshmallow) came to visit for lunch! We had a fun selfie session followed by some V-Day arts n crafts! Our Hubbies were supposed to be with us but unfortunately Sam couldn’t make it ( had 2 beautiful girls to tend to)  and Brandon was called into work *sadface* but we had an amazing time and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to do this with!

Tonight’s plans : Start some sketches and sleep!

PS: I may be busy tomorrow Brandon has a whole night planned for tomorrow! I will try my best to keep you all posted x

  • Anti-zutarians:How is it living in hell!!
  • Zutarians:WHY THANK YOU FOR ASKING!! 😊 We are doing just fine!How are you doing up their friend??
  • Zutarians:You guys should totally join us some time 😊 We've got a Hot tub,a theater and even a big ass theme park 😉
  • Zutarians:And the best part is the weather is always warm 😎😎.

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i've really been struggling with my faith these past few months. I rarely pray anymore and my hijab is getting looser everyday and i feel so ugly wearing it. My friends keep asking me why i wear hijab and everytime i just brush them off because I honestly dont know myself why i wear it. I've asking people my question but no one has ever given me a legit answer. They all just say "God knows best so if he said wear hijab/pray, we have to do it." What should I do??

Honestly salah is a mercy for us, have you heard the story of when salah came down? And salah explained like man it really gets you pumped. You should check out sweetness of salah, it’s on ilmflix. It reallyyy explains salah is such an awesome way. So look at it then tell me how it made you feel.

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Give us a snippet of something from your WiPs!

here u go my friend!

Genya is luminescent.

Of course, a lot of that probably has to do with the fever. Her whole body trembles, parem a fist around her throat, shaking her like a rag doll as she works with powder and compounds that I couldn’t name in a million years. Overhanging it all is that sweet, sickly scent, pervasive and all-consuming.

“Ruination,” she says, carefully measuring something out, “is over-rated.”

It’s like she’s reached down my throat and dragged out a laugh. I choke on it, but it comes out anyway. Her gaze lights up, with fever, with fervour, with the wicked humour I’ve always known her for. She’s wraith-like, wasting away. Her skin is as pristine as the freshly fallen snow outside, and that gleam sits in two eyes.

I’ve never seen her happier.

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Omg!!! So. Many. Thoughts!!! First, anyone who thinks Dakota and A are friends is delusional. Secondly, Leslie Mann is ALL OF US!!! And lastly, regarding the "Biggest Stalker Alive", um here's a clue: "friends" don't stalk their friends and ask for autographs and photographs, and then celebrate your "anniversary" online. creepy people do that. Jamie isn't your friend, he tolerates you for free PR. I need a drink! Cheers babes xo

Only think i want to add is that in my opinion is not that Jamie tolerates him for free PR otherwise he wouldn’t have told him last year at the London premiere to get out and leave the twitter world,but Jamie is a great guy who is always nice with his fans - C

song title tag!

I was tagged by @blissfullybellamy, @orchestralmonster, @chatterbox-21, @nolongerafraidtowalkalone, @showmeyourmercy, @cydonianleo, @exogenetics-symphony and @transcendentalsouls :o thank you ALL so so so much my dears!! And I apologise to some of you for the late answer

Rules: Using only song titles from one artist cleverly answer these questions and try to not repeat song titles. Pass it on to some people afterwards.

Artist: Muse ofc :D

What is your gender: Plug in Baby
Describe yourself: Citizen Erased
How do you feel: Feeling Good (so creative I know I know)
Describe where you live: United States of Eurasia
If you could go anywhere, where would it be: Supermassive Black Hole
Favourite form of transportation: Drones
You and your best friend are: Unsustainable :/
Favourite time of the day: Darkshines
If your life was a TV show, what would be the title: Madness
What is your life: Hoodoo :’(
Your relationship status: Unnatural Selection/ Unintended
Your fear: Dead Inside

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Internet Friends Day!

eyyyy it’s Internet Friends Day, so I’m writing this little post for all of you lovelies that I’ve known thanks to Tumblr (yes, my dear friends that I’ve known IRL but are on Tumblr, I didn’t put you here because I consider us IRL friends <3 although I REALLY WANTTT TO MEET ALL THE LOVELY PEOPLE ON THIS LIST HNNNG)! Putting this in alphabetical order~.


@axcyia : I actually remember I started noticing your name from the kind asks you sent on the DR blog. Your little messages about shipping me with Hajime always lightened up my heart, and I was and am still very honoured that you go and check out the blog everyday. I’m glad we met and, although I’m horrible at checking my phone, thank you for putting up with me disappearing all the time!

@apekolypse​ : You adorable, tall girl, you. I remember laughing when I first saw your url. It was during the time when I was still reallyyyyy crazy over SDR2 (I still am, but not as much) AND I LOVED IT. I remember you talked to me about your life during Sleepover Friday, and I was so happy you wanted to confide in this silly person, hehe. AND THEN WE MET FOR REAL LAST DECEMBER. Thank god I remembered you lived in NYC. I was pretty nervous, like would you find me boring? would you be disappointed? BUT I HAD SO MUCH FUN, even though it was only an hour. We must meet again, and with Sera and BB next time!!

@atalantaz : I remember meeting you at the first chat party! You were so sweet and kind! I had no idea what your Tumblr account was (or maybe you didn’t have one by then), but I finally learned it was atalantaz. I really appreciated talking to you during the chat party, so I decided to talk to you personally! I’m so, so glad we talk everyday now, you are the sweetest, cutest, kindest cutie pie ever!! You’re always so supportive, such a good listener, and we get along so well… Ohmygod I would definitely want to hang out with you very often if we lived in the same city!

@beckett-trash : YOU. YOUUUU. YOUUUUUUUUU. You are such an amazing, wonderful, sweet blessing from the sky. You are so friendly, so kind. I can’t even describe how much I love you. I am so grateful you talked to me about the DR otome game (which we have yet to start BUT IDC). I was so glad we got to bond and, before we knew it, we started talking about our personal lives and everything just flowed so perfectly. Your writing is absolutely amazing. My heart races every time I read it because I JUST REALLY FEEL LIKE I’M INTO IT WHEN I DO AND IT’S AMAZING. I don’t know how I could even get past a few struggles in the past months without your help. Even though so many kilometers separate us, you are definitely a close friend to me AND I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHHHH. May we speak forever and SOMEDAY MEET. Also I hope you liked your mousepad!!

@creakie : YOOOOOOOOOOO you chill, silly, funny, hot (not cute, as you mentioned) girllll. You’re always so wise and sweet and such a good listener. You give the best advice, and even though I’m the oldest of the four of us, even you need to help this awkward small girl, hehe. I remember we first met at the chat party, and you named yourself BoogerBadger. wat. It stayed ever since and now Sera, Cait and I call you BB, HAHAHA. I also haven’t told you this, but I thought you were so pretty during the chat party! I love how we fangirled AT THE EXACT SAME TIME when we watched Prince of Stride! Even though we both live in Canada, WHY MUST YOU LIVE SO FARRRR, HNNNG. I can’t wait until the day we will meet for real, ILY.

@hexmaniacshroom : You Nagito lover, you. I remembered I took notice of you BECAUSE OF YOUR ENDLESS LOVE FOR NAGITO. And I can honestly sympathize, HAHAHA. You’re such a friendly person, and I felt immediately at ease when I started talking to you. I still have one NSFW request in my inbox that I have yet to get to. I wonder if you still remember what it was HAHAHAHHA.

@imaginejerseys : SWEETHEART ALERT. Ohmygod. You and Suga are such kind people. I always have this Suga feeling when I talk to you. Is it because of your icon? Maybe, HAHAHHA. Thank you for dealing with my love for Haikyuu and my ramblings and my silly questions for inspiration for Dear Bishounen. I always feel like I can randomly talk to you and you would be so receptive and happy and caring. YOU ARE A BLESSING.

@kizuyuria : EYYYYYYYYYY my fellow sports anime lover. Of course, since sports anime has taken over my life… I HAD to talk to you!! Your former url was hell-of-sports-anime. SO FITTING. And I KNEW I had to talk to you! And another plus… YOU ALSO LOVE DR. I always love to browse your blog, BECAUSE I KNOW I WILL FIND STUFF I LIKE IN IT sports anime -cough-. Thank you so much for dealing with my awkward person, THANK YOU TUMBLR FOR MAKING US MEET.

@momokitty27 : YOUUUUUUUU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MOMO. You are actually one of my first friends here on Tumblr, and boy, it’s been what? More than a year! I first started talking to you via your imagines blog. I was in a difficult, stressful situation with school and life, but being able to talk to Rei and have him comfort me was a little escape to heaven. I can never tell you how grateful I am to you for always writing so much about Rei with me, YOU DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD. I love love love RPing with you, it’S SO FUN OMG. I haven’t RPed in a few years, but I restarted thanks to you. I would never be able to express how much I just love you. I’m really frustrated we didn’t have a chance to meet while I was in the US, grrrr. BUT THE DAY WILL COME AND I WILL HUG YOU FOREVER.

@ruler-of-the-utopia-of-trash : EYYYYYYYY. I remembered your Gundam with a flower crown icon, and for the longest while I associated it with you, HAHAHAH. Now you have a similarly pretty icon, hehe. I remember I took notice of you when you followed the DR blog a lot, and I decided to talk to you because of our mutual love for DR. And then I learned you loved Fire Emblem and just !!!! Now you watched Haikyuu AND ALSO MIRACULOUS AND I DIE. I love your writing so much, hehe!

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Can you post Tips on being more masculine? I was born a girl and I found out I'm non binary and today I felt really feminine and I was so upset and I don't know what to do! Also I haven't come out to all my friends and I don't know how to tell them I want to be called kit and that I want them to use they/them pronouns for me! Please help

Tips for masculinity- contour the face to appear masculine, pin long hair up in a short style, wear baggy clothing that hides curves. Masculine personality traits cannot be falsified.

Coming Out- do it as slowly or quickly as you want to. The best way i’ve found is to just sit them down and tell them. Be firm, be kind, be willing to explain. 

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What do you think happens when we die?

I still am very hopeful that there is a kind of ancient peace, hidden knowledge, and light that is waiting for us and we get to see all of the people (and animals) that have gone before us. 

No matter what happens though, I’m going to find a way to my friends and family that have already crossed over and drink beer with them in the hills of the Olmo Lung Ring, chase spirit rabbits across the paradise gardens of Dilmun with my dogs, party in Valhalla, find Sebaoth/Enki/Shemhamphorasch/Yahweh/whoever is in charge, and ask some questions. Annoy my ancestors. Maybe even keep an eye on my descendants when I’m not busy being an embarrassing fangirl-ghost to half of the Babylonian kings and Tomoe Gozen. I’d also like to think that all the spiritual torment and cosmic sorrow awaits the ones who escape justice in this world as well, but this is all wishful.

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One of my friends said and i quote "but friends is so slutty omg how do you watch that show" and i just

Well first of all, eww on the use of that word. And secondly… how? The hell?

@ohmybonnyfire @ohmslewis

Okay going out with my work friends is cool and all but there is a level of turnt i like to get to on occasion and i’m not able to do so with the gross yt folks squad because the last part of the night turns into Kelly or who the fuck ever complaining about how she’s sooooooo fat (read, not size 0) now and used to be hot like Sarah do I give a fuck ya look like a soccer mom this is not my issue ya are blocking the bar, ya blocking my view of cute dude, ya blockin my fun.

Anyhow I need a reason to wear my new dress when spring hits so…

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I am having a field day on instagram i am making so many phan shippers angry because all i did was make an anti-phan rant and how they're fetishizing homosexuality and such. They try to defend it with "IT SHIP IT RESPECTIVELY!!!!1!1!1" like stop it doesn't matter

Dan and Phil are real people and shippers need to respect Dan and Phil’s comfort. I know Dan has stated that he is uncomfortable with the ship, but I don’t know about Phil. I’m sure he has looked uncomfortable when viewing Phan fanart. 

ik that personally I wouldn’t mind people shipping me with my friends as long as they weren’t drawing/writing nsfw of us.

I do recall back when Dan said he was fine with it, but I guess he has changed his mind since then, nd shippers shoud respect thst. Shipping it respectively means not shipping it at all because Dan and Phil feel uncomfortable about it.

The phrase “I ship it respectively!!” doesn’t change that they’re still fetishizing gay people (homosexuality is considered a slur by a lot of gay ppl). They need to explore a variety of same gender ships. If they are only shipping m/m ships, then they are fetishizing gay men.

6 random facts about me

A/N: Tagged by four LOVELY, SWEET PEOPLE, but I’m gonna go ahead and answer one by one. Why? Coz I wanna tag a LOT of ppl and now I have a good reason to do so ehehehe

Tagged by my sweet, sweet friend @little-white-cello

1. I used to have an imaginary friend, a small green turtle with big eyes, which is not really imaginary coz I have a small figure of him and put it on my shoulder at all time
2. I hate math. With passion. Haha.
3. I have a buddy in my notebook called ‘onion’. He communicates and lives in my notebooks

Onion doesn’t have body, just limbs

4. I’m actually an awkward person towards physical affections (like hugs, etc)
5. Most of my friends see me as “little sister” while most adults see me as “motherly/mother type”
6. I prefer salty popcorn than caramel. You get fuller much faster eating the latter as well :/

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Music Tag!!

ok i was tagged by @kanyememe @bitchinhowell @sunlitlester and @howellho so i need to do this lmao

Rules: Using only song titles from the artist, cleverly answer these questions 

Artist im choosing: Arctic Monkeys

What is your gender? Too much to ask (IDK THIS ONES HARD)

Describe yourself: Crying Lightning 

if you could go anywhere, where would you go? Fake tales of san fransisco 

Favourite mode of transportation: One for the road

Your best friend: She’s Thunderstorms

Favourite time of day: When the sun goes down

If your life was a tv show, what would it be like? All my own stunts 

What is life to you? settle for a draw

Relationship Status: I wanna be yours

your fear: If you were there, beware

lmao ok that sucked but it was fun woop, ok i tag @plutodan @sexualdan @stardustphan @stardustsivan @oceanprincelester and anyone else who wants to do it!!

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So lately, there's this Capricorn boy who has seemed to always want to talk to me when I'm around him and today in school he made an excuse to come sit with me and my friends. He sat on the edge of my desk and he was joking with us saying "his friends didn't want him to be over there". Is he trying to be friendly or do you think he's interested? I'm just confused why all of a sudden he wants to talk to me when I'm around. Thank you so so much!!! - Lil taurus lady

Awww it sounds like he’s interested in you!! You should flirt back and see what happens! :D

that time in freshman year

so I was always the person who’d try to leave class really fast so I wouldn’t always being paying attention to some very crucial surroundings. so I’m sitting in math class where our teacher makes us put our book bags against the wall to the side of the room. the bell rings and being that kid that wants to get out I don’t bother putting all my stuff away and I just grab my RED backpack and I’m gone. I get all the way to my science class and set the book bag at my desk when LO AND BEHOLD it’s not my backpack. It’s another ALSO RED backpack that I had mistakenly took in my rush to get to science. so I have this mini freak out at my friend Seth sitting next to me. as a freshman and quite socially inept I decide not to really do anything about it until lunch which was next block. I had some paper in my arms from last class so I decided to use those and figure out everything during lunch instead of making a scene at like literally the first week of my high school career. 

so we go into science class and since it’s the first week we’re always doing the scientific method lesson before anything else. my teacher asks the class for a problem we can apply to it right? Well guess who raises his hand? SETH. Now my teacher adored Seth so he gets called on and you know what his answer was?? “what if you accidentally stole someone’s backpack? like, you thought it was yours and you didn’t mean to take it” and my teacher was like why don’t you tell me more about this so Seth goes “oh it’s not my problem it’s HERS” and POINTS TO ME. Complete mortification. and even then my teacher was confused thinking I had just come up with the problem but no. only if. i hold up the stolen backpack and my teacher had the most dumbfounded look like I have never encountered someone that failed at life more than you. so he calls my math teacher yada yada I get my backpack. the worst part? We ended up continuing with that scenario and took notes on the scientific method using the very problem that I had created. my hypothesis? If I wasn’t a complete fail then I’d be able to get my own bag properly.

I just realized while I have friends, I don’t really have close friends who worry about me or miss me? Like no one ever sends me “I miss you” “I hope you’re okay” or messages like that, most friends don’t initiate a conversation with me, like I know I have friends but like, no off them actually care I had an eye surgery? wondering how I’m doing? Like, how unimportant I am to my friends? How little I matter to them?. One day I’ll be gone and none of them will even notice.