i used to complain about shit not being canon but

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Hi! Seing as the creators of FFXV probably developed many aspects of the game with japanese audiences in mind, I've been thinkig that Noctis and Luna's relationship is probably charged with strong japanese culture. As in, romance in japanese culture doesn't necessarily have to look the same as in western countries. I'd love to read someone analyse their relationship from a japanese point of view. Do you know if someone has done that before? Sorry for the long ask and thank you!

Hi!! :D

This is a thing that’s come up a lot, but I don’t think I’ve seen an actual Japanese person or someone steeped enough in the culture make any kind of detailed analysis.

It’s for sure though that the pairing being so heavily debated is strictly a Western thing, and I think that already says it all lol

But I would for sure be interested in reading such an analysis myself! Like- I have a *decent* idea just by being exposed to East Asian culture through my husband. There’s things shared between Japanese and Korean culture that are relevant here. Namely that subtlety in affection is in ways preferred and is highly valued. It shouldn’t need to be said. But it’s still different and also not my culture so I certainly don’t qualify lol

The people that complain about us being “told not shown” though… Missed all the body language??? We were shown long before we were told. I was in love with the pairing just by seeing what the affectionate -and ostensibly most canon- options were, seeing how shy he got about the notebook, the way they smile with relief, touch the pages, bow their heads…

When sailing to Altissia, they’re talking about the ring and the covenants. Important shit. And Noct interrupts the flow of the conversation to say “But the most important thing is how Luna is doing.”

THAT was when we were first “told” and that was what cemented it for me. Because I was just told after being shown so much.

If you actually think about it… 

Jer//za’s chance of becoming canon is like natza becoming canon. (you know unless mashima suddenly decides Jellal has atoned for ALL of his sins; which I doubt will happen *sarcasm) 

Fine with me (not the atoning part). Not my ship. But natza is…and as much as i want the knight and the dragon to converge, it probably wont happen…


Nah I don’t care what people say. If Hiro could pull off Lisanna from coming back, he could make this mighty ship canon (even though they’re both two different subjects). Despite the negativity (and all that anti shit), I’m still gonna put my confidence on it being canon (or mainly semi-canon. I’m hoping Mashima will fuck with us and make no ship canon-except for Elfever because no ones complaining about that one- so he can make all of our FT shipper minds run free.) 

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if natza did become at least semi canon though. Why?

I mean…

You see that? That’s no smile you’d give to a sibling. That’s a smile when you wanna fu- i mean kiss. 

You want some more? I’ll give you some more. 

Do i really have to say anything on this diamond? 

And two more just for the fuck of it….

I…I mean…

Followers beware. I ship SasuSaku. If you don’t like me shipping and defending the canonicity of this ship, unfollow me.

This message is written because I’m sick of ‘fanon SasuSaku shippers’ following me when they in reality hate how this ship is portrayed in canon and prefer OCs that only look like Sasuke and Sakura and share the same names as them in fanon.

Just using 'B-But I ship fanon SasuSaku don’t tear me a new one for complaining about it being canon D:… I love fanon SasuSaku, spare me. TT’ as an excuse don’t fly with me.

I don’t care for OCs and people who think liking the imagery said OCs represent is a way to get away with talking shit.

As I said before shipping SS and only being a fan of occ superficially pretty OCs are very different things.

Don’t like/love SasuSaku… Don’t follow.

Don’t want ASSes with fake SasuSaku shipper gigs following me.