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Dear Archy, first of all I love your blog, you put so much effort into it! This semester we were asked to design a one -family, one-storey house of water (and/or partially on ground), do you know any interesting projects /inspirations that I could use? I want it to be original and different in shape than others but I don't have any good ideas

Here are some residential projects inspired by their proximity to water:

Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright

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i’m so glad that frank’s creepy ass had to stand there through the whole session of laurel most definitely blowing wes. it gave me life and cleared my skin


It’s finally over! 2016 was definitely a year for the impossible! Frank Ocean dropped an album, Leo won an Oscar, and The Cubs finally won the World Series.

This year was far from perfect and weighed down tremendously on many of us. But we did it, we made it! And as the clock strikes midnight I want us all to feel the glory that is a new year, a new beginning, and a new life for all of us to live. Thank you for spending another year with us. We love and appreciate your continuous support toward this blog and it’s cause.

It’s 2017. No longer 2016. Whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual changes I hope we all get the fresh start we deserve.
Happy New Year. Here’s to 2017🍾🍺

We don’t all belong with All Of Us. I often swim alone.

Blanket statements about how All Of Us feel or think or do dinna cut it for me. Often I’m a lone fish, or one that swims with a smaller school.

I’m not disappointed with Cait and/or Sam.

William Shatner’s thoughts and behaviour don’t affect mine.

Non-Shipper/Truthers (antis) have no influence on my blogging choices.

I love Outlander books, TV show, actors, and characters, with the obvious exception of Too Much of Frank.

Please don’t lump me in with people that feel negatively toward those things.

I speak for myself.

Thank ye kindly.

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Heeey! I know this is already old, would you be nice enough to make a brief analysis on why Mashima chose the Gruvia interactions he used in the flashbacks of chapter 499? Obviously you decide whether you do it or not. By the way, I love your blog. (:

This is from a month ago… I’m sorry for the late response. Thank you for liking my blog. :)

To be honest there are some interactions I felt could have been replaced with more meaningful ones (or not even replaced, just added). I was surprised to see their unison raid wasn’t there, nor was Gray holding her hand saying “I’m here with you”. Even the scene in chapter 453 where Gray promises his answer after the war was left out… (though that will probably come up as a flashback later). I felt those were more important than moments like the Gruvibread and caramade franks. But I really don’t think Mashima thought too deeply about it. He wanted to get the point across–Gray remembering his interactions with Juvia, his feelings for her, and how much they’ve grown over the course of the series.

- Gray grabbing Juvia’s boob when they first met: Meh… Mashima couldn’t help himself. But I guess I’ll justify it with the fact this is from Gray’s POV and well… I’m sure you would remember accidentally groping someone’s chest when you first meet them. ^^; But yeah, it makes sense for their first meeting to be included in the flashbacks.

- Caramade franks: A cute moment from the beginning stages of the pairing. Mashima probably wanted to highlight their natural interactions from early on. It was light, simple, and sweet. Oh, and they were labeled as a couple/lovey dovey via Alzack and Bisca (who are now canon). The two wished they could be more like Gray and Juvia. That’s telling in my opinion.

- Gray saving Juvia from Ultear: This is important, because this moment happened in the arc that basically established all the potential couples (Tenrou Island). And, it’s also when Mashima really started developing Gray’s side of the equation in regards to romance. Don’t get me wrong, Gray’s feelings have been progressing since he first met Juvia, but this is the moment where I believe most fans said “Yeah, this ship will be canon/is happening/is a thing”. I support my claim with the fact it’s the largest panel of all the interactions, and dead center. It was also a full page in the actual chapter it was released in. I’m happy Mashima included this scene.

- Gruvia bread: Another fluffy interaction. Mashima probably didn’t want to use strictly serious scenes, thus we got this. It’s also the scene that showcases Gray as a classic liar tsundere, and the scene that completely shot down his “rejection” (aka red herring) of the GMG, in more ways than one.

- Gray sobbing into Juvia’s chest at the end of Tartaros: This is self explanatory. It’s one of the biggest Gruvia moments in the series; with Juvia attempting to give up her love for Gray after confessing something very difficult. Instead of letting her go, Gray pulled Juvia into an embrace and thanked her. This is a very emotional and powerful scene, and really show cases how much they treasure each other.

- Gray and Juvia living together: Another very significant panel. It shows that Gray treasures their time living in their home just as much as Juvia did. He acknowledges it happened, and remembers. They were happy, as Juvia narrated the story. They did everything together.

- Synchronized stripping: I like that Mashima included this scene because it shows how in tune Gray and Juvia are, especially after the time skip. It also shows that Gray’s habit rubbed off on Juvia when they lived together. That’s important, because despite the amount of years Gray has been in Fairy Tail, none of his friends have ever caught his tendency to strip. Only Juvia has. ^^ I’m sure training has something to do with it, along with simply spending every waking moment together.

I hope this is brief enough for you. XD

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Thoughts of an Outlander Cheerleader

This blog contains some of my thoughts on Outlander (show and books). 

I was inspired to write a blog (which I rarely do) because another blog (link below) brought up some points about Jamie and Frank in the “books vs. show” debate. Some things struck me about the blog. The blogger states that:

Outlander mentions Jamie 1636 times vs Frank’s 199 (a ratio of 87.83)
Dragonfly in Amber mentions Jamie 1832 vs Frank’s 133 (a ratio of 92.74)

and then says “It’s also quite obvious who is the more important character. Can’t dispute hard data, Ron.“ The problem with this is she uses these numbers to compare the amount of Jamie vs. Frank in the book vs show, but never actually says how much they appear in the show, which is a necessity of you are going to compare. So, I thought I would.

How I counted: Even if he is not in the shot, if he is in the scene I counted it. So when Frank was talking to the Reverend, even if the shot was on the reverend, I counted it as a Frank scene, because well, he was in the scene. Same for Jamie, except sometimes Jamie is in the background. So while I still counted the time he appeared onscreen, if the scene wasn’t on him (for example when they go to Castle Leach in the beginning of Ep 102)

Season 1: Jamie appears in 396:30 mins vs Frank in 50:56 mins, a ratio: 87.13
Season 2: Jamie appears in 380:05 mins vs Frank in 27:12 mins a ratio of 92.87

Virtually the EXACT same numbers!
There is as much of Frank as is in the books when compared to Jamie.
She was right in her quote “It’s also quite obvious who is the more important character” just wrong about who Ron gave more importance too.  The more important character is Jamie in the show, And yes, we can’t dispute hard data!

Some people complain that there wasn’t enough Jamie compared to the books. Well, this is also false.

Total running time of season 1 is 14 hrs 28 mins.
Jamie was in 46% of season 1 this is much more than he appeared Outlander.

total season 2 is 12:09:55 hrs
Jamie in season 2: 52%, again more than he appeared in DIA

I really hope people stop exaggerating the amount of Frank in the show and minimizing the amount of Jamie. It is insulting the Sam and the production. If people re-read Outlander and DIA just reading Jamie parts (like I have), you will thank Ron and Company for adding more Jamie. If anyone knows how many pages actually Jamie appears in Outlander and DIA, please let me know for a full comparison (I’m going by rough estimate of the books and memory)

Now if you want to question the "type” of Jamie, that is a debate, but as so many people interpret the books in different ways, I’m not sure that can be solved. But I will say for myself, I have yet to see someone mention one single characteristic that Jamie has in the book that isn’t portrayed in he show. Not one. To me, it’s the same character and he is true to the book.  I had a good exchange with the blogger regarding this. I understand that she wanted to see more of “her Jamie” in the show. And I feel bad that she and others feels like they missed out.  But as a huge fan of the books and the show, I saw the Jamie I wanted to see. I saw the same Jamie that is portrayed in the books and I know many other people did too. Sam did an excellent job bringing him to life.

We get a TON of stuff from Jamie’s POV and what he was doing that wasn’t in the book, or it was just mentioned, something Claire tells the reader. But the reader doesn’t experience it.  In the book the whole thing is from Claire’s eyes. She is in every scene, it is all through her experience (which as Diana has said is biased). The first two books have always been Claire’s story to me-she is telling it. In the show, halfway through season 1 and into virtually all of season 2, we see what Jamie was doing when he wasn’t with Claire.  For me, from then on the show has become Jamie and Claire’s story (which isn’t how I experienced the book)

It is a fabulous show. Does it get every single detail “right”? No, I don’t think so. Claire starting to take off her ring in Ep 201 comes to mind. Not including the scaring in Ep 213 too. Not including flashbacks of Jamie in Ep 114. And why could the show not include some more iconic lines from the book, like “your face is my heart”? I can think of scenes in the show that could have been shortened to include 5 minutes of extra Jamie and Claire sweetness. That doesn’t mean I didn’t see many beautiful scenes between the two of them in BOTH seasons. Great moments that were not in the book. Their beautiful hug after Prestonpans. “It;s as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day, and suddenly the sun came out” in Ep 107. All the eye sex in Episode 103. “Come find me, come find us” in Episode 204.

I understand (but don’t agree) that there are fans that don’t like Frank, and complain that he is more likeable in the show. This seems like a strange complaint to me. Most of the supporting characters on the show have been adapted to make characters more likeable, Rupert, Murtagh, Angus, Geillis, Dougal and yes Frank. Why is Frank the one that gets bashed by fans? I have no idea. No one complained about Geillis getting dialogue of other characters and (SPOILER) she ends up doing a heck of a lot worse than Frank could or would ever do. The show is staying true to the story overall. Yes, they’ve missed a few points, I would have liked to see more intimacy between Jamie and Claire, not that it wasn’t there, but I would have liked more. Diana has even said they’ve stayed very true to the story considering all they have to deal with. Things that fans don’t understand or aren’t aware of unless they are in the actual production. She wrote a huge Facebook post about the complications of adapting when she wrote the script for Ep 211.

Some people say Outlander (the first book) isn’t a “love triangle” between Jamie/Claire/Frank. Except it is, and that’s not my opinion, the author herself says it is in many interviews. The synopsis of the book clearly says “Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.” If this isn’t a triangle I don’t know what is. Seriously. She spends almost half of the first book trying to get back to Frank. I don’t think people should minimize that. In the book, once she makes her decision at the stones, that’s it, she chose Jamie. No more love triangle. There is no more Frank until she goes back to him. JUST like in the show.

I wouldn’t agree that Ron doesn’t get the books, when he pretty much sees it the way I do. And I get the books. We all read it differently, doesn’t make it wrong, just different. But people seem to think Ron and Company should do it exactly the way they want it, but what about many of us who don’t see it that way? That see it the way Ron does? Or see it completely differently? What about fans who love the show and have never read the books? Many of them now have said that the online experience of insulting them for not reading the book, or insulting them being happy with the adaptation has ruined the fun of social media for them. I have been insulted and “ganged up on” many times for liking the show.  And this goes on in both “sides”. People insult fans for liking the show, people insult fans for not liking the show. It’s very sad.
There has never been show in history that has gotten every detail right for all the viewers. The book doesn’t always get it “right” either. Jamie calling patients at the hospital “scum”, Jamie snapping at Claire because of her morning sickness. Claire thinking of Frank as BJR is telling her about Wentworth. Jamie trying to justify him wanting to have sex with the whores. Claire never telling Jamie about Laoghaire (something I still don’t feel made sense for Claire’s character). But like the show, it’s as close to perfect as I have ever experienced.

Some people have called me “just a show cheerleader” as a way to insult me in some way. But the insult is on them. I’m proud to be an Outlander Cheerleader!

Here is the link to the very well written and thought out Blog I’ve been referring to. Just because I don’t agree with her does not mean I don’t respect her opinion. I just have a different point of view.      https://justagirlwithspirit.wordpress.com/2016/08/15/looking-for-mr-fraser/


Dear friend,

I’m going to be quite frank…as I type this out, I feel nervous. I have already abused the “backspace” button way more times than is necessary for a single sentence. I am very insecure about my writing, although I never used to be. I think this is something that just came along with growing old, when your peers get meaner and you start getting scared of being judged and suddenly sticks and stones don’t hurt nearly as much as words do. Hell, I used to adore writing. I used to write short stories about my sock monkey (appropriately named “Socks” like the creative genius I am) and his secret life as a superhero behind the scenes. I used to write plays…MUSICALS…for my cousins and my sisters and I to perform for the adults at every single family gathering. One of the shows was actually based off of one of my short stories called The Big Apple and featured musical masterpieces by Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus. You may see it on Broadway someday, not gonna lie.

But, I digress. I think you get my point. I used to LOVE writing, and that passion has slowly died out with research paper after analytical essay after rhetorical analysis after lab report. It kinda sucks how sometimes education can just knock the wind out of you and turn something you love into something you dread. Don’t get me wrong, I adore learning. I think in order to be successful, it’s important to learn something new every day. However, with the pressure of getting a good grade so you can get into a good college so you can get a good job so you can make enough money to get married and to buy a house and get a dog and have kids and your kids have kids and your kids’ kids have kids and get old and die IT IS NOT AS ENJOYABLE AS IT ONCE WAS. I think it’s hard for adults to understand everything that us teenagers go through these days. There is so much fuckin’ (excuse my French; you’ll get used to it) PRESSURE to do everything right and it’s so overwhelming and scary and it just sucks everything out of you. For example, I have a quiz tomorrow for my college accounting class and although I do not understand any of the material, I am here writing instead of studying because I am unable to accept the inevitability of my failure. I was always very hard on myself (and still am) in regards to my educational experience, but that’s another story.

Really, I have not prepared anything specific to write about. I have no topic. No thesis. No message. This is just me. This is a strange, stream-of-consciousness (shoutout to you, my homie J.D. Salinger for being my inspo today) journal-esque post where I am just letting my fingers flow and my mind do all the talking. I guess I could introduce you to who I am as a person, but I really don’t wanna deal with all that surface level shit. That’s all phony (wow I am on fire with the Salinger references!). I want you to know the real ME. I want you to know Sammy, heart and soul and body and mind. Not Sammy, favorite color: pink, age: eighteen, lover of dogs. I don’t want you to know Sammy, user sammylent with the artsy instagram theme and the posi videos and the cool friends and pretty selfies and funny tweets. While she is one I have grown to love, she is not me.

I just want to say right off the bat, I am not perfect. And although I have never claimed to be, I know people have this preconception about me based on my social media persona and while I do express myself online, I tend to gravitate towards my positive qualities and unabashedly conceal every single flaw and insecurity. So while you might know me, you do not know the full, raw, honest version of who I am and I want to fix that. I want you to see my bad days and sad thoughts and blunt opinions. I don’t want to hold back anymore. I want to express who I am, without the bullshit filters and emojis and quotes.

That’s all I really wanted to say, I guess. I want to introduce you to me. And what this is all gonna be about. And I know this is short and all over the place but the scholarly part of me is screaming about that accounting quiz and I really gotta go study before I have a panic attack or something equally as fun. Just know that I’m looking forward to this, to helping you all through my experiences and mistakes, and I hope you are too.

Yours ’till the banana splits,




  • One with frank where the reader is really insecure and frank kisses the reader every where explaining why their so beautiful with a lot of fluff/smut? Thank you ouo
  • Frank smut but where he is sappy and loves you so much but is also a little Dom because he needs/loves you so much? Love the blog!
  • Can I request a Frank smut where he’s all romantic and makes a lot of dirty talk, please? <3

The car ride was silent. Not the comfortable, peaceful silence that would fall between Frank and I after a long day. It was the awkward, not knowing what to say, shuffling in your seat and clearing your throat to make some noise type of silence. I kept my eyes transfixed out the window, watching the rain drops roll down the glass and blur the scenery around us. I could see Frank turn towards me out of the corner of my eye, opening his mouth before quickly shutting it and returning his attention back to the road.

I didn’t blame him, I had no clue what to say either.

Our first session of marriage counseling wasn’t as big of a success as we hoped for. It hurts enough to admit to yourself that you and your husband need to sit down with a therapist to stay together, and now returning home with no tension cleared was a slap in the face. It was most likely my fault. I didn’t want to see a counselor, I didn’t want to add another person into our problems, and maybe my denial that we needed help made me even more uncooperative to the counselor’s questions.

The main topic was our lack of intimacy, a big red flag in the buzzing world of marriage. Most people assume if your partner doesn’t want to sleep with you, there most be a problem. But there wasn’t a problem for me, or nothing that an hour session with a stranger and a tape recorder could cure. I kept my arms folded and muttered the same phrase I’ve told Frank countless times recently every time the lady asked me why we haven’t been sexually active.

“I was tired.”

We entered the house quietly, shrugging off our damp coats and hanging them near the door. I went to the kitchen, searching through the fridge for something quick to heat up for dinner. A pair of arms circled around my waist, pulling me into a tight embrace.

“Frank?” I murmured in surprise, feeling his head rest on my shoulder. He didn’t respond, nuzzling his head towards my neck. I sighed quietly, running my fingers through his short tuffs of hair.This was the closest thing to intimate we’ve been in weeks.  

“Please talk to me,” he said suddenly, voice soft yet firm. I swallowed dryly, feeling unwanted emotions burn my throat and pool in my eyes. I didn’t want to talk about it, I just wanted to pretend none of this was happening and we were still as giddy and in love like we were when we first met. I eased out of his touch, grabbing left overs from last night and heading towards the microwave. “Y/N,” Frank huffed, leaning against the counter with his head low. “I don’t know what else to do, I don’t know how to help if you won’t talk to me.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” I muttered. “We’re fine.”

“No, we’re not,” he said firmly. He rubbed his temples in frustration, screwing his eyes shut. “What happened to us?“

“Can we talk about this in the morn-”

“No, don’t start with that again. We’re talking about this right now Y/N.”

I groaned and turned around to face him. “Fine Frank, what’s the problem.”

“I should be asking you that. You’ve been shutting me out for weeks now and I have no fucking clue why. Did I do something? Are you not attracted to me anymore?”

“No, God no.” I let out a shaky breath, running my fingers through my hair. “Frank, this is stupid. I love you.”

“Really? ‘Cause it feels like you hate me,” he scorned, narrowing his eyes accusingly.

“I don’t hate you, you dumb ass. I hate myself.”

My hand clasped over my mouth as Frank’s dropped, looking at me incredulously. “What?”

My head shot down, avoiding his sympathetic gaze. “I love you Frank, I love you so much, but I can barely look at myself in the mirror, let alone get naked in front of you. If I can’t myself attractive, how the hell are you going to?”

“Is that what’s wrong? You think I’m not attracted to you?” He walked towards me, lacing our fingers together. “Hey, look at me. I love you Y/N, you’re still the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and you always will be. Don’t you ever think otherwise, okay?”

I smiled brightly, leaning forward to brush our lips together. I felt his lips curl up in his signature goofy smile as he kissed back eagerly. His hands rested on my hips, running up and down my sides. He broke the kiss, resting our foreheads together. “Wanna take this party upstairs?”

“One kiss and you’re already trying to get back in my pants,” I giggled, giving his shoulder a light shove. 

“I’m serious though,” he chuckled, tightening his grip on my waist. “Let me show you how much you mean to me.”

I simply nodded, letting him carry me with both arms and lead me to the bedroom. He sets me down on the bed, attaching our lips together as his fingers tease the hem of my shirt. As soon as the shirt is over my head and flung towards the corner of my room, his nimble fingers work on the hooks of my bra.

He tosses the bra aside, he pulls away, gazing at me with such intensity and incomprehensible feelings in his eyes that I shy away from him, bringing my hands up to cover yourself.

“No,” he growls, catching my wrists in his hands. Keeping my arms at my sides, his gaze feeds hungrily on my body, so openly gawking that my face flushes a deep red. He releases my arms, hands coming up to gently cradle my face. “Let me show you,” he whispers. “Let me prove to you that you’re more than beautiful, you’re more than pretty. Let me show you what you do to me. Let me make you feel how you’ve made me feel everyday since we fell in love.” Frank murmurs, tracing the outline of my lip with the pad of his thumb. 

I gaze wondrously into his eyes, pondering why he would even want to touch me, let alone crave it, but his tone is pleading, and his eyes are big and round. Shocked, I slowly nod my head, and Frank lets loose the biggest smile I’ve seen him wear in weeks. Almost immediately, his shirt is on the ground, swiftly joined by his pants, and then i’m in his arms, being smothered with kisses.

Frank leans against the headboard, placing me in his lap. I gasp as I sit down, coming into contact with the bulge in his boxers, one already hardened to a most admirable size. His lips find my neck, planting few warm kisses before trailing further and further down. I involuntarily moan when his lips abruptly meet my nipple, gasping again as his tongue lashes out and around, out and around. When he feels he’s done his job and done it well, he moves to my other breast, repeating the process. As he occupies himself, I find myself gently grinding down on him, panties now soaking. His hand travels down my stomach, coming to a rest with his fingers just barely above the waistband. I grind into him harder and he moans into my neck, hand taking the plunge into my underpants.

His fingers skim over my clit, warm and inviting. I push myself down on his hand, and he begins to rub my clit, gently at first and gradually increasing in pressure and speed until he is furiously working away, breathing hard into my neck. I grind myself down on his hand, wanting more, needing more, and he inserts a finger. I gasp his name into his shoulder, and he adds another finger, and other finger. He quickly picks up speed, fingers curling, reaching that one spot he knows better than anyone else.

“Frankie,” I cry, riding his fingers. I pull myself up and down, nearing my high. I bring your teeth down on his shoulder, just barely grazing, but enough for him to know what’s coming next.

He pulls his fingers out immediately, earning him a whimper, and flips me over so he’s on top. He leaves a trail of kisses down to my stomach, then decides to take his time. “So gorgeous,” he mumbles against my skin. My fingers curl into his short black hair, tightening when ever his lips leave a wet kiss along my chest. "Did I ever tell you how much I love your stomach?” He rasps, tracing patterns under my navel with his tongue. “So soft.” I blush deeply as he peppers me with kisses. My breathing is labored as he slips a finger under my panties, teasing and then finally pleasing. I hear my underwear hit the floor, the noise accompanied by fierce, burning pleasure. His tongue, warm and rough, working the magic he promised me. My back arches and one hand laces through his short hair, keeping him as close as possible, while the other tangles in the bed sheets. One of his large, calloused hands massages my thigh, the other rests on my stomach, fingers splayed. My breath comes in short, quick pants, caused by the man whose head is buried between my legs.

“Babe,” I breathe out, a familiar tickle building in your stomach. “I’m going to….I’m about to….ooh” I feel myself tighten around him, jaw dropping open as wave after wave of pleasure rolls over me, leaving me empty when it’s done.

A smirking Frank pulls back, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, and crawls over me.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to see that face from that angle,” he declares, nibbling on my earlobe.

He lowers himself down onto me, rutting his hard on against my inner thigh.

“Frank,” I whimper as he rubs himself against my entrance, teasing.

“Yes, love?” He answers, his voice think with lust and amusement.

“I..I need you,” I gulp, “now.”

He grins from ear to ear, pulling my body close to his and thrusting in smoothly. I cry out, gripping onto his shoulder blades for support. Frank kisses the side of my neck, thrusting slowly and deeply. He holds onto a slow pace, accompanying each thrust with a tender kiss on the lips. 

“Faster,” I breathe, struggling to get the word out.

Unaccustomed to my demands, brings his head up in shock. “What?”

“Frankie, go faster,” I repeat. “Please.”

For the millionth time that night, he grins, burying his head in my shoulder and granting my wish. He slams in and out quickly, groaning and grunting as his orgasm approaches. His hand snakes between our bodies, and he rubs circles on my clit, kicking up my pleasure. Sucking fiercely on my neck, he throws my leg over his shoulder, pushing into me deeper than before. My vision begins to blur and my mouth starts to form an O, digging my nails deeper into his shoulders. My head falls back when my orgasm comes, screaming his name over and over again. Not soon after, he stiffens himself, gasping my name into the side of my neck. We both collapse, completely spent and utterly satisfied. His arms wrap around me, pulling me into his chest.

“Now, what did we learn today?” He teases.

“Talk about our feelings instead of hiding them,” I scoff, rolling my eyes at him. He giggles loudly, pecking my lips.

“I guess I can cancel our next session now.”

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: If Frank Ocean has the time to make an entire rant on his blog about the existence of space, why can't he drop his album on time? He told us July 2015, but obviously his worries about the space time continuum affect his ability to look at a calendar and efficiently keep a time oriented promise. If Meek Mill can take a few days and ruin his entire rap career, why can't Frank take the time to heighten his? A single audio post of Frank farting would be sufficient enough for his fan base to survive, yet it's August 2015 and there's nothing to hold Frank's fans over another month. Frank better collaborate with the spirt of Michael Jackson himself on this album, it better include a three hour hologram of him pondering the existence of the universe and a signed sweaty bandana.

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TIME RN: 12:37 PM
LAST THING I GOOGLED: ‘getting struck by lightning in dream meaning’ lmfao
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST(S): omg there are so many but a few are frank ocean, daft punk, lana del rey, mothxr, the weeknd, muse
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: dead in the water by hawthorne heights (channeling teen angst forever and always)
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: hmmm i think moana but i fell asleep halfway so lets go with war dogs
WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW: us navy sweatshirt, grey sweats and batman socks lmao, it’s a lazy saturday for me
WHEN I CREATED THIS BLOG: uhh september 2016 i think
THE KIND OF STUFF I POST: the same 20 photos of deathstroke, sladewing, deathstroke rebirth spoilers, and salty tags
DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS: only one other which is my personal @solardust where i draw stupid things, post some of my photography/gif edits/comic edits/ and reblog relatable memes 
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY: not unless i provoke it really 
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: WELLL it was originally youllneverwin which i thought embodied slade pretty well…then it went to killerborn for that same reason and now it’s emitsdeath because of adeline talking about deathstroke with the line “other people kill, wilson EMITS DEATH, in sharp effortless bursts.”
GENDER: female
HOGWARTS HOUSE: it was gryffindor when pottermore first came out, and now as of late, it’s slytherin
POKEMON TEAM: i follow classic pokemon. so i’m just gonna throw red version out there.
FAVORITE COLORS: black, olive green
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: depends but usually 6-7 hours
LUCKY NUMBERS: seven and only because it rhymes with my name lmao
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: slade wilson (dc), dick grayson (dc), corvo attano (dishonored), alphonse elric (fma), hades (disney), severus snape (hp), darth vader (sw), no face (spirited away), spongebob/patrick, lucille bluth (arrested development), jacket (hotline miami), uncle iroh (atla) and gosh a helluva lot more
BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: usually just the comforter 

200 follower face reveal + my adorable qpp, Frank!

•  Our pronouns are both he/him, but Frank also uses they/them in addition  •

You wanted it, so here ya go lmao

(My qpp doesn’t associate with this blog aside from coming on to look around occasonally. I run it on my own - but you guys asked to see both of us, so here)

Thank you guys so much for all the support in this blog! I wasn’t sure if it’d ever get off the ground, but the response and popularity have been AMAZING and I couldn’t be more thankful. I owe everything to you guys, thank you so much <3

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Dude I fucking love frank/pink guy like it's one of my fav ships besides of fōhe But like the pink guy and frank fic made me nut and u killed it 😫👌🏻

This blog is equal opportunity fic so don’t be afraid to hit us up with any fohe you want 👌 speaking of which this was great practice for something else. Really gave us a feel for it 😉

We’re glad you liked it tho and hope you enjoy who we got cumming next

20 questions tag!! actually its 33 questions what

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Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

name: Murphy 
family name: …murphy….(I go by my last name okay)
 star sign: Taurus
 height: 1m80 (like 5ft10?? Maybe?)
 fave colour: Blue
 time rn: 6:56am
 hours of sleep: anywhere between 3-11
 lucky number: 12
 last thing i googled: Jumanji Characters (I forgot the kids name)
 fave fictional character: Elena Alvarez, Kara Danvers, Xavier Dolls, Arya Stark, Clarke Griffin
 blankets i sleep with: 1 
 favourite artists: Frank Ocean, Hayley Kiyoko, Twenty One Pilots 
 dream trip: Road trip along the West Cost of the US into Canada and along the border until I reach Vancouver?
 dream job: Teacher, part time humanitarian
 what you’re wearing right now: pj pants
 follower count: I just finished filtering out porn blogs, so 230. (I had 147 porn blogs but they gone now)
 posts: 6,623 (damn! i’ve only been on here for like 6 months!)
 what do you post about: gay stuff, politics sometimes (too much), stuff I find funny I guess?
 most active followers: @stillarenerdgade @dogfortdisconnected @how-did-i-even-end-up-here @minininja99 (y'all pretty cool) when did you blog reach its peak: i hope this isn’t my peak…. but knowing me this is probably it
 do you get asks on a daily basis: I’ve gotten 3 asks in a year. So no
 why did you choose your url: I am both bisexual, and very confused
 countries you’ve lived in: Australia 
 favourite fandom: Wynonna Earp, they’re just all happy and positive
 languages you speak: English. The tiniest of Japanese and French, and I can say “she ate that apple” in Italian.
 favourite film: honestly… shark boy and Lava girl
last article you read: “Donald Trumps Taxes: MSNBC releases President’s 2005 release Live"
 last thing you bought online: presents for Christmas for my cousins
 last person you dreamt of: my friend @mini-satan-in-training (she’s a little shit)
 a recurring dream: the night before school ever year I have a dream where I’m walking alone in a forest then a pale white body falls from a tree but it’s made of light… please don’t ask… I don’t even know
 phobias/fears: where to start? Darkness mostly, small spaces, being alone when no one else is, bugs, being forgotten when I die. All fun stuff
 how would your friends describe you: too loud, too stubborn, and very gay?
 if you had $$$ to spend what would you spend it on: donate it to the Trevor Project
 shuffle your song library and list the first 3 songs that play: Raised by Wolves, The Middle, Soda Shop I tag: @procrastinator-artist @dogfortdisconnected @stillarenerdgade @minininja99 @neo-w0lf @mini-satan-in-training @futuristicallypaledragon I have to go to school so that’s where I’ll end it

Joji, please read this.

Listen I know some of your fanbase is really shit but some of us really do care. I can’t even watch the ff show anymore because it really is too sad to watch. I’ve tweeted, facebooked and blogged about this but it seems like you havent gotten my message so I’ll keep doing it anyways. 

Joji please come back. Please do vlogs again. There are some of us that are truly worried about your health and just want to see what youre up to. I wish you wouldnt have stopped making music- not ff’s music but yours. It was beautiful. Please please please come back. 

Theres always going to be stupid pricks on the internet and some people arent going to take it seriously but some of us we’re truly heartbroken by this.