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Aliens and monsters: what’s the attraction

One of my followers asked me what IS the deal with wanting to get down and dirty with the Destiny enemies. I won’t tag them here because maybe they don’t want their blog name splashed all over this post, but thank you for asking and being considerate about it! 

There are hundreds of teratophilia (monster-lover) blogs on tumblr who could probably express this way better than I could but this is how it is for me, a male-attracted female. Under a cut because I use frank language. NSFW. 

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Giveaway! ❤❤


I want to give away some Calico Critters! I moved and felt they would be put to better use in someone else’s care! I’ve been selling some toys of mine (donated others) but I figured I could do a giveaway for these! There are two families!

The first family is officially named the Cottontail Rabbit family according to Calico Critters. The only exception is the little girl rabbit that the family came with is missing. (Left to right: Frank, Timothy, and Susanna)

The second family is the Fisher Cat family. The little boy cat is missing but the rest are there, and eager to find a new home!!(Left to right: Rosa, Gattina, and Luis)


☆ Gotta be SFW! No k1nk blogs, ant1s, or NSFW

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☆ Be nice! Won’t accept accounts where I see people insulting and making fun of others!!

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I live in Canada so I’m willing to ship anywhere in Canada and US (but if you live in the US and win it might take a little longer)

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Nickname: sam or sammy

Gender: female and dead inside

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 170cm = 5′7

Birthday: 30th January

Favourite Bands: AC/DC, The Who, Gorillaz, P!atd, One Republic, Linkin Park 

Favourite solo artist: Booba, Eminem, Usher, Frank Sinatra

Song stuck in my head: Beautiful Trauma by P!nk. that’s such a LIT song check it out !!

Last movie I watched: I’m rewatching In Bruges rn bc Colin Farrell 

Last show I watched: b99

When did I start this blog: oh gosh, like 5 or 6 years ago? have been really using it now for almost 2 years i think

What do I post: Marvel especially Tony and Valkyrie and Black Panther stuff, formula one especially Lewis My Husband Hamilton, shitposts, memes n sometimes other movies/tv shows and the occasional football post

Other blogs: my poetry sideblog @radiantdreamz . moved my travel blog to insta (@samanthascosmos !!!)

Do I get asks: from time to time and i cherish every single one of them <33

Followers: 729

Following: too many. 716. i really REALLY need to clean house

Average sleep: dont know, 6 or 8? sometimes only 2, sometimes 14

Lucky number: 13

Dream Job: writer or mayyyyyybe working in research if i get my shit together

Food: Milchschnitte (google it, it’s german, its fucking amazing.)

Last book I read: a Nietzsche biography :D i love my boy so much

What I’m wearing: a pink tanktop and sweatpants

Favorite Fandoms: marvel!!! motorsports. STAR TREK

im sorry im so bad at tagging maybe @sainzjrs @softbottas @crazyneoncupcake @brethewriter @fzhabsburg @andiib24 @pauldepleur @godbastian if you wanna :) <3

It’s almost impossible to upload pictures to Tumblr using my kindle.. I can’t even message on it , urgh!


I’d pick blue or purple.

anonymous asked:

Dear Archy, first of all I love your blog, you put so much effort into it! This semester we were asked to design a one -family, one-storey house of water (and/or partially on ground), do you know any interesting projects /inspirations that I could use? I want it to be original and different in shape than others but I don't have any good ideas

Here are some residential projects inspired by their proximity to water:

Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright

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anonymous asked:

what do u associate with ppl who like each iasip duo ?

this is just my onion but

macdennis: emo 98% of the time, sucker for religious symbolism, ‘mood’ is the only word in ur vocabulary, who’s frank?
dee and dennis (nothing sexual!!!!!): ur bitter, ur probably bisexual, 50 asterisks in tags of posts ft glenn howerton
macdee: ur gay, struggle with internalized glirstphobia, fuck an ap bio
deetress: ur REALLY gay, u listen to halsey, u watch the mick, never heard of charlie and frank
chardee: u love ditty, unquenchable thirst for charlie when he’s covered in dirt and trash, fuck a dennis
charden: a serial keysmasher, dnd, the front bottoms, never used an emoji in ur life
charmac: stressed, nostalgic for things that didnt happen to u, very very passionate, has 2 fists
dee/dennis and frank: u dont exist
charlie and frank: would die for charlie, still makes bird/egg jokes, whats coffee town?
frankmac: cursed, u’ve watched breaking bad, delete ur blog

n1njarapt0r  asked:

Hello, I really appreciate your blog and frank discussion of mental illness. I just got prescribed anti-depressants and will start taking them tomorrow. I am terrified. Any words of advice?

I can only speak to my personal experience, but I think it’s normal and totally reasonable to be somewhere in the continuum of worried to terrified. You’ve gotten used to your brain and your reality being a particular way, and you’re about to begin a journey that will change that. It’s changing it for the better, and I know that you’re going to feel better, but it’s still a pretty fundamental change so it’s normal to be apprehensive about it.

When I started my meds, I was able to take a day off, just in case my body reacted strangely. Luckily, it didn’t, and I ended up watching a whole lot of Adventure Time without feeling like I was wasting the day. But it may be different for you, and that’s okay. Some people need a day or a week to adjust, and even when it’s tough, it’s worth it. 

You may also feel nothing for up to three weeks. That’s also normal and it’s also okay. In my experience, it was less like a switch being pushed and more like a sudden realization that the lights had slowly come on in a very dark room, but they’d come on so gently and slowly I didn’t realize they were on until the moment I could see the door out.

It helped me to have Anne to talk to while I was adjusting to life with brain pills. Maybe it’ll help you to have someone you can talk to who you trust, too.

If you just take one thing away from this, though, please let it be this: it’s completely reasonable to be apprehensive, and I’m super proud of you for having the courage to help yourself get better, anyway.

Let me know how it goes, okay?

Yuzuru Hanyu, World Figure Skating Championships 2017 (Free Skate)

This costume may be partially responsible for the existence of this blog. In that late one night I was reading various people’s lists of best and worst costumes of the season so far, and I got extremely offended by someone who not only put this on their worst list, but used it as part of a rant against “ruffles, glitter and sequins” being a plague on figure skating or some such nonsense.

To which I say, if you hate ruffles, glitter and sequins, what are you even doing reviewing figure skating costumes?

My inner six year old loves this costume, and although my inner six year old also loves Lisa Frank unicorns this is my most instinctual metric for grading, and I feel it is as valid a basis as any other. 


I’ve seen people complain about the shoulder ruffle, saying it seems unnecessary and even comparing it to a large tissue, but personally I’m in favor of it. It adds to the feeling of ocean waves and sea spray to me, which I have to think was intentional. 

Grade: A+

pjo/hoo psa

okay okay okay, usually i keep this blog strictly solangelo but i gotta say something. in aus & headcanons & all that cool stuff it’s all good & fine to make everybody in the pjo series bffs. but i want us to remember it is not canon. percy & jason are very alike & are more often than not a little at odds. frank? didn’t really get close to anyone beides hazel. leo? could’ve had amazing characterization, but is mostly use as comic relief. nico makes leo uncomfortable. annabeth is hard to talk to & is stuck up & comes across as naturally rude. hazel is usually the one that is actually how the fandom makes her out to be, a little sweet nugget. piper made the most progress i would say, with working on not hiding herself & tried to actually be apart of the moment. percy is intimidating , he is not some marshmallow who’s fun & easy to talk to. jason is a natural leader & while sometimes he’s a mom he’s also gonna be direct & not beat around the bush. let’s remember that each character is different & they don’t all mesh. because isn’t that what makes the stories so interesting? to see how they all work together even though they’re not so alike?


okay, listen, as i am constantly making icons for my blog and i tend to never use them (except for some of these which i actually used for a short time), i decided to upload them just for you, in case you were looking for a cool icon. They don’t have the same size, so i’m sorry. Oh, and they are all png. 

so anyways…

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hii guys, school started again this week meaning i’m going to be inactive. i’ll try to post as much as i can but i can’t prioritize this blog over school. nevertheless, thank you all! thank you for 5k. thank you for being patient, kind and supportive. you all deserve the world and more -M💚

Dear Caitriona.....

Why does Tobias believe you to be a cynic when it comes to love and romance? I really want to know, not because of the Sam nonsense, but because, me too. Not me too, I think you are a cynic, but, me too, everyone thinks I’m a love cynic when actually deep down I’m one of the most gag worthy romantics in existence. Valentine’s Day…. horseshit. Flowers, public declarations, and the general pomp and circumstance that has become the societal norm and expectation of love and romance fall flat for me. Ergo, the world believes me to be cold and calloused and worst of all, unloving. My own children laugh and call me a savage, even though they are the only two people in the world for whom I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve. If they don’t see me, then, fuck! I don’t know what to do. I’m a realist. Not a savage or a cynic at all. But no one gets that.

Also, I agree that Frank and Claire are indeed what we ALL experience. But, I came away from the story viewing Frank and Jamie as a metaphor for one man and that man is Everyman. In reality, we meet someone and for a time that man is Jamie. But then life. And so Jamie becomes Frank. Over the course of a relationship Frank and Jamie take turns at the helm based on us and our degree of vulnerability with them. I really loved the question the ET interviewer asked. Have the books changed how you view love and romance? They did not change my views. They taught me how to find Jamie in the Frank I chose as company on my journey to the grave. I’d really love to know your thoughts someday, if you find the time.

Signed, The Wretch

(PS: Dear followers, lurkers, fucktards, etc, though I addressed this to Caitriona, I do not actually think she reads my blog. It’s just my stupid way of presenting a topic for discussion amongst everyone that I really am interested in exploring. So please feel free to chime in even though ain’t none ya Caitriona. 😜)

I finished watching The Punisher and changed my url. LMAO I am Frank Castle & Kastle TRASH.

I used to be rheesmaggie.

Do y’all like this url should I stay this for a lil while?

A Mother's Day for the Rest of Us

As I typed the title, I’m instantly reminded of the Seinfeld episode, and Frank Costanza’s holiday Festivus (a replacement for Christmas). He was annoyed by the commercialization of Christmas, so he observes his own celebration (minus the distracting tinsel). Anywho.

I can’t have kids. I found out when I was 32, when I was plunged unceremoniously into menopause (that journey deserves its own blog, tbh).

I’m one of millions of women who are infertile, so that doesn’t make me special. It doesn’t make me anything. I always wanted kids. I still do. I always thought I had time. I was wrong.

Mother’s Day rolls around every year, and I’m reminded every year by nearly every ad agency, Facebook frame, or well-meaning checker in your local big box store of my biological inadequacy. It does not bother me like it once did, although that gentle, sad trauma memory tugs a little harder in those moments… That memory of a 32 year old me sitting alone in a specialist’s office as he told me my eggs had died.

“They died.”

It’s such a finite phrase. So terminal. So indisputable. There is no “but” that can follow it. The period on that sentence rings in the deafening silence with an echo that follows for years after (I’ll let you know when I stop hearing it). My genetic material..my future children… Gone.

What has changed for me, though, is a an increased awareness of what Mother’s Day means or can mean to every woman. Like any holiday, it can be one of joy or pain or discomfort. We don’t all have good relationships with our mothers, or some of us have lost ours. If you love and have loved in a way that is pure and profound, be it experiencing the love of a child or an animal, then I hazard to say you have experienced a mother’s love. I believe I have. Natural selection may have taken away my ability to procreate, but I can most certainly reproduce love.

Somewhere today a woman is grieving a lost child. Somewhere a couple awaits news of a fertility test, or a mother is on bedrest from a high risk pregnancy, or a single mom is working a weekend job to support her children and she forgot it was even Mother’s Day. Somewhere some barren non-traditional mother pours her heart out into the far reaches of the Internet b/c she’s thinking of other people just like her.

If you read this and you know someone like that, tell them you hope they have the best day ever, and that you think they are amazing.

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1. Nickname: Bella/Bellz

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Libra

4. Height: 5'5

5. Time: 7:58

6. Birthday: October 10th

7. Favorite Band[s]: Topp Dogg, Streetlight Manifesto

8. Favorite Solo Artist: Can’t choose just one sorry. Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean

9. Song Stuck In Head: Sunshine - Topp Dogg

10. Last Movie Watched: Saw 4. I’ve been marathoning it with my best friend

11. Last Show Watched: Code Geass 

12. When Did I Create My Blog: May 12th

13. What Do I Post: Topp Dogg♡

14. Last Thing I Googled: “Aura”….it’s a long story which ended with me and my best friend watching a video of how to be psychics lmfao 

15. Do You Have Any Other Blogs: I recently made another one but I never use it

16. Do You Get Asks: Yeah

17. Why’d You Choose Your URL: Because I love my TD boys

18. Following: 71

19. Followers: 382

20. Favorite Color: Yellow

21. Average Hours Of Sleep: 7

22. Lucky Number: 12

23. Instruments: I used to play guitar but I kinda sucked, I really want to learn how to play piano because I have really long fingers

24. What Am I Wearing: brown leggings, a Childish Gambino shirt with the Because the Internet album cover on it, and socks with a raccoon eating a donut on them (socks are an important part of my outfit)

25. How Many Blankets I Sleep With: one

26. Dream Job: Wildlife Conservationist 

27. Dream Trip: Japan/Europe

28. Favorite Food: Sushi

29. Nationality: American

30. Favorite Song[s] Right Now: 911/Mr. Lonely - Tyler the Creator, Feeling Whitney - Post Malone, Jelly - Hotshot

Since I’ve done a post very similar to this and a lot of people I follow have already done this, I’m not gonna tag anyone. If you want to do it though feel free to tag me, I always love learning about my followers :)