i used to be losed

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lovely caretaker, I think I have a queerplatonic crush on my best friend. what should I do? I'm scared to lose her. I offer fries shared between us and a seagull, bad movies, shows watched on the recommendation of the other, and a box full of old stories in two sets of handwriting.


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Hi, Richtor! I have four questions for you! One: did you choose that name after the Richtor scale? Two: what's your favorite kind of clothing to wear? Pants, skirts, t-shirts, sweats, etc. Three: have you ever had a familiar, physical or otherwise? Four: how are you so awesome and perfect?

Hello, anon! I should have some answers for you, lol.

01. Yes, the name “Richtor” was based off the Richter scale. It was the first name I ever used in graffiti / as a tag name, and while I don’t use it for tagging anymore, I didn’t want to lose the name because of what it means to me. So I started using it as a username, and then just a nickname, and now it’s everywhere lol.

02. I enjoy skinny jeans, band tees, baggy sweaters, and skater shoes. Depending on my mood (i.e. I don’t want to wear pants) I might go for a dress or skirt, but I am not as comfortable in that type of clothing as I am in pants.

03. I have had familiars, yes - two in fact, both cats. I wasn’t ready for them at the time, though, so they didn’t stay in my life past the first time I met either of them.

04. I’m not, really, I promise. You guys just see me that way because I try to only show positive sides of me on this blog, you only see what I choose to post about in the end, and I just want you guys to like me. :p

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do any of you wear glasses?

Mod James: I had a pair of reading glasses in middle school, the optometrist said it was to help correct a lazy eye or something?? That doesn’t make sense but I was like, 11 so I just kinda rolled with it. I don’t wear them anymore, but I do have a fake pair that I wear for the Aesthetic™

Mod Ash: i used to but after losing my fourth pair i switched to contacts and have been wearing them for over 4 years!! got astigmatism and mum gave me her shitty eyesight. thanks mother dearest

Mod Quinn: I never wore glasses but there is a big possibility that it might be necessary when I get older because of the genetics.

Mod Sascha: I do since I’m pretty short sighted. Like short sighted as in - 5,X diopters or 20/400. Which means I would need contacts to find my glasses in the morning. But since I’m allergic against them+ like my face lots more with glasses I stick to them.

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Uh... there's this fic of stiles helping Derek and Derek keeps ending up with his face pressed to the soft of stiles stomach and Derek thinks stiles doesn't know that it's a vulnerable place and that if he knew he wouldn't let Derek do it. But then stiles is just like "you let me touch your neck" and I have been looking for this fic for a year now... and I just, could use all the help I can get before I lose my mind lmao. It's the only thing that stood out. Derek with his face in stiles stomach.

I’m sorry we can’t be of help, we have no idea which fic is this. But maybe some of our followers do?

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Hey, I've been dealing with this ed since April and it's consuming me. It's affecting my friendships and my relationship. I really want to tell somebody but I don't want to recover until I reach my GW (I have 10lb left to lose) so it's no use in telling anybody if I'm not really looking for a solution but just understanding and comfort (?) Also I can't tell my bf because he's so insecure and wouldn't understand my position. Idk what to do :(

hey, it sounds like it’s having a horrible impact on your life. and tbh it’ll only get worse with every extra pound you lose and who knows if you’ll want to stop when you reach it?? i’d reach out to someone as this could have a serious affect on your mental health :(

stay safe lovely ~


civil war where everything is the same except team cap/team iron man are rivaling baseball teams!!! this was so fun to make like you guys don’t even KNOW, this was shamelessly inspired by sports animes

everyone gets along except steve and tony who take their rivalry too seriously


UPDATE: Disney released the short to the public! Please go support the official release! https://youtu.be/kabIqXASh1E

If you’re gonna lose sleep over something, lose sleep over the fun times you have with friends staying up all night. Lose sleep over your career that you put a lot of time into in order to make a lasting impression on the world. Lose sleep over the painting you’ve created to help others see the world the way you do. But don’t lose sleep over someone who won’t text back. Don’t lose sleep over a love that won’t lose sleep over you.