i used to be fairly involved in a a bandom so this one was fun

Stories I’ll Never Write

well maybe snippets

The Lucky Initiate Thief Hand Apprentice

Obi-Wan Kenobi was huddled in the airducts of a battered ship battling pirates somewhere between Coruscant and Bandomeer when the Republic fell. The Sith rising up out of nowhere to take over the galaxy
He had been twelve, just two weeks shy of his thirteenth birthday and in the process of being sent to the Agricorps.
He had been lucky.

No longer on the Temple roster, but not yet registered with the Agricorps, he wasn’t documented on any of the Jedi Organisation members lists. And he has no doubt that this saved his life.

It would be two harsh years later that he meets his first Sith.
15 and half feral, he was being (rightfully, but without proof) accused of theft by the son of the leader of that imperial world. Obi-Wan was dragged beaten and bleeding by the squealing spoiled brat before his father, and coincidentally before the visiting Sith Lord. Obi-Wan had been shielding as heavily as possible since he had realised the fate of the Jedi, but he couldn’t miss the darkness that started beating on his shields as they approached the room. The lightsabre bound to his leg burning a hole in his concentration.

Fear turned to shock turned to horror, when he finally saw the Sith Lord. It had been over two years since he last saw Qui-Gon Jinn, just before he was sent on that fateful trip to Bandomeer. (Why is Qui-Gon a Sith? I don’t know. How did they wipe out the Jedi so efficiently? Dunno that either.)

Obi-Wan catches the flash of recognition in Jinn’s eyes, feels the rough callouses of his fingers as he forces Obi-Wan’s head back to meet his gaze, then Jinn dismisses him. The Empire is not a lawless society. There would be no prosecution without proof. (Obi-Wan already knows this is a lie.)

Obi-Wan runs.

The next few years Obi-Wan gains a reputation. A hacker, a con artist, a thief, a broker of information, a bodyguard. He joins the Resistance and does everything he can to live up to the ideals of the Jedi he will never be.

Despite all of this, he gains a reputation for disliking unnecessary violence. For despising blasters.

He encounters Jinn again fairly regularly. ( The third time, just turned 16, soaking, bleeding, broke and for once more scared of the world than the Jedi Master now Sith Lord who has never harmed him, he tries to offer the man his body for protection. Lord Jinn gives him the protection, heals him, but insists he doesn’t sleep with children. Obi-Wan is twenty one when he offers again. He’d fallen unconscious in a grotty cell of a gang he’s not quite conned well enough, with his last memory the distant hum of a lightsabre. He wakes in Jinn’s bed with the Lord lounging nearby. There is no kriffin way he’s a child anymore, so Obi-Wan is fairly sure he knows where this is going, and is really nervous if putting on a willing face. But instead Jinn thumbs his cheek and  tells him that the next time Obi-Wan is in his bed it’ll be because he begged to be there.) Obi-Wan is fairly sure the man knows who, knows what, he is involved with, but if Jinn was present Obi-Wan walked away from soldiers and law officials with either a job or a slap on the wrist. Usually both.

He is twenty five when things change. He is escorting two (merchants? nobles?) with a datastick of stolen Imperial information in his boot when they are hauled before Lord Jinn.

The nobles ended up being executed, (some crime or other). The moment he is hauled before Lord Jinn Obi-Wan drops to his knee in deference cos he isn’t an idiot. Jinn dismisses his guards, then explains to Obi-Wan that there is going to be a crackdown on force users. Whilst Obi-Wan is busy trying to work out how to warn the Resistance, Qui-Gon offers to ‘mark’ Obi-Wan as his. Obi-Wan would technically be in his employ and free to use the force and even carry a lightsabre. All it would take would be a little tattoo and no one else would have any authority over him. Sure he’d have to do the odd job for Qui-Gon but this was different to current how?
Obi-Wan joking asks if that would make him Qui-Gon’s apprentice. Qui laughs and explains that no, Jinn had no desire for an apprentice, and Obi-Wan was a bit too old. Maybe if they’d met just a little earlier. (Obi-Wan’s breath catches  as he remembers being 12 years old in initiate whites begging Qui-Gon to be his Master, because for all that he is sure Qui-Gon remembers him, who and what he was, the Sith Lord has never mentioned it). The technical title would be Hand, Obi-Wan is informed. Of course he’ll have to prove himself by acquiring his own bits for his lightsabre.

As soon as he’s free from Qui-Gon’s surveillance Obi-Wan pulls his old training sabre out its hiding place. He’s managed to re work it a little, but it’s mostly the same as it was when he was 12, and he has long since outgrown the hilt. The idea that he would have the opportunity to actually reshape it, re build it into a weapon he could use again makes him dizzy.
Acquiring the other parts he needs is easy enough, and when he returns less than a week later Qui-Gon noticeably doesn’t ask where he got the blue crystal Obi-Wan places in front of him, or his hesitance in settling it down. He does comment on how well its suits Obi-Wan.

The Tattoo hurts far more than Obi-Wan expected. It will be many years before he realises precisely what it does. (It’s a Sith owner ship mark. Think the dark mark. Qui-Gon can track him with it, influence and read his moods. It’s essentially a one way bond)

Eventually Obi-Wan does end up sleeping with Qui-Gon, though he’s past his thirtieth birthday before he talks his way into his Master’s bed. (For all he desired Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon was having too much fun playing with his new toy to give in that easily). He’s 32 when he first gets dragged to breakfast with the Emperor, Dooku. Obi-Wan is really nervous, but Qui-Gon soon has the pair debating theology and tactics. When they finish Dooku congratulates Qui-Gon in a well selected apprentice. Obi-Wan insists he has misunderstood. He is merely a Hand.
Dooku states that Hands don’t get to eat at his breakfast table.
(Qui-Gon pushed the apprenticeship bond through the first time they had sex. They get into a massive yelling match over it later, but Obi-Wan belongs to the Dark now. Just like he belongs to Qui-Gon. Just like he’s always belonged to Qui-Gon. Ever since he was twelve and burning with fear and anger and begged Qui-Gon to claim him. But Qui-Gon was too busy with the final steps of their plan to take a new padawan. If only he’d met Obi-Wan a few months earlier, if only he’d been able to find the boy after. If only he’d been anywhere on the Jedi Rosters.
But instead he’d been on a battered ship battling pirates.
He’d been lucky.)