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(I wrote this two days ago but anxiety made me delete it #ironic. Attempt No.2)

I feel like the Les Mis fandom needs to address how it approaches mental illness, as I’ve been a part of it for two years and some of the ways in which it’s presented is… Well, to be honest, gross. There are a lot of examples I could use, but I’m going to focus on Joly for now.

Health Anxiety (or hypochondria, as it’s commonly known) is where a person continually obsesses about their health, and usually derives from a ‘larger’ mental health disorder; for example, my health anxiety comes from my GAD.

Joly is canonically a hypochondriac, in a time where there was little to no understanding of how mental health disorders work. Maybe because the source material isn’t particularly detailed, or even flippant about it, the fandom therefore responds the same and thinks that it isn’t a serious condition. Too often, I’ve seen fics and headcanons along the lines of:

“Where’s Joly?”
“Oh, he’s diagnosed himself with mono, so he’s quarantined himself.”

The problem with hypochondria is that, to people who don’t have it, it can seem irrational, or even ridiculous. I have taken infinite amounts of pregnancy tests in the past few months alone, despite being celibate for half a year, because my tummy hurts a bit and my periods stopped from the pill. My friends this in itself is ridiculous; they don’t know that, once I ruled out pregnancy, I began to convince myself that I had IBS or colon cancer.

Health anxiety is debilitating. I cry myself to sleep because I think I’m dying and I can’t afford to pay for the doctors (even though, more often than not, I don’t need to go). I check my entire body at least once a day for any changes. I get so stressed that my body physically responds, which therefore scares me and makes me think something’s wrong, and the cycle continues. It goes beyond panic attacks; it can make me not leave my house, or think extremely dark things.

Obviously medication and therapy is available nowadays, as understanding has developed. If you have Joly in a Modern AU and you’re writing him with health anxiety, make sure that he is accessing these things, or realises he needs them if his anxiety is somehow important to the plot. Take time to research the ways in which we counter the anxiety, and ways in which it manifests, particularly if you don’t have anxiety and hypochondria yourself.

This goes for a lot of things; from Grantaire’s depression and alcoholism, to Bahorel’s anger issues. You have to be considerate that these are real things people suffer from and have to be approached with sensitivity. Representation doesn’t count if it’s treated as a punchline.

This isn’t me trying to attack any specific person; like I said, I think that most of the time genuine naivety is the cause of the offending material. But it is upsetting to see something that genuinely does damage my way of living treated so flippantly, especially in a fandom that I have been in for two years and am extremely invested in.

This is a pretty hard topic for me to talk about, but it needs to be said. Thanks for reading X

Guys, guys hey just… Hey just listen for a second, okay?

Like…. With the last couple of episodes of Samurai Jack on their way, it’s probably gonna be revealed whether or not Jack and Ashi are a couple or not. Like, that’s just a given.

But no matter what the reveal is, can we please PLEASE be good to each other? None of this “HAHAHA I TOLD YOU SO!” Rubbing it in, and none of this “NOOOO TARTAKOVSKY WHYYYY” as though this is like….. The end of the damn world fuckin apocalypse shit flames raining from the sky.

We’ve waited over a decade for this, and we are getting it because Tartakovsky wanted to badly to finish this project and present us with a decent conclusion to a frankly marvelous story. And this fandom, so far, has been the most welcoming and gentle and fun fandom I’ve ever been a part of. Please don’t turn it into a cesspool of hate. Please. This show is too good for that kind of cruel fate.

Tldr: Personally I don’t ship Jashi, it’s just not my preference. But I’m not gonna lose my mind if it’s canon, and I’m CERTAINLY not about to send someone hate for liking it.

In Defense of Maggie Sawyer

@danvers-dimples​ said: I need your help. My sister is NOT a Maggie fan. She especially doesn’t like the “you get one” line, she found it too harsh. She finds Maggie herself too unfeeling. I completely disagree to be clear. Anyway could you write some good points for me to show my sister on why she’s wrong and Maggie is in fact a pure being, gifted to us from the Gods. Please.

Hey kids, it’s your friendly neighborhood Maggie Sawyer stan finally here to type up a way too detailed analytical post regarding two of the biggest misplaced criticisms of Maggie. I hope you don’t mind me bouncing off of your ask for this, but it presented me with the opportunity to do one of my absolute favorite things: defend unjustifiably hated female characters that I adore in a manner much too extra for fandom purposes. I’ll be taking a look at the most revealing aspects of Maggie’s character as they’ve been presented thus far, getting a little meta about her role within the show overall, and doing my best to explain away some of the popular misunderstandings of Maggie as a character, with particular emphasis on the differences between “Unfeeling” vs “Emotionally Reserved”, and “Harsh” vs “Honest”. Obvious disclaimer: this is quite long.

“Unfeeling” vs “Emotionally Reserved”:

From what I’ve seen, one of the biggest and most frustrating misinterpretations of Maggie’s character is the twisting of her emotional reservation into coldness. This one surprises me every time I encounter it, if I’m honest, if only because “unfeeling” is one of the absolute last words I’d use to ever describe Maggie for a multitude of reasons. 

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‘Love’ was this word in your brain kind of synonymous with ‘mutually assured destruction’. It was the excuse your mother gave for why you were meant to fall asleep to the sound of her screaming and crying most nights, the thuds and breaking glass, your suitcase always packed and your mind running escape plans.

Romance isn’t something you ever really felt comfortable with, despite a persistent low-humming loneliness and a soppy heart. You felt like there was theoretically someone out there, but they seemed like they’d have to be such a weirdly specific bundle of things - and even if you found them you’d started to hate yourself so much you couldn’t imagine them ever reciprocating. You stop even considering it, I guess. Years ago.

Then.. You meet this person. And you get this weird pull in your gut, like the video game UI signalling to the player they’re on the right path. But your brain is on edge and your life is in pieces and you misread their sincerity as everything /but/ that, and it almost takes too long to see who they really are. You have to salvage your friendship from the mess that unfolded.
But things work out. Better than that, even. Maybe the bad stuff even ended up bringing you closer together. Life is weird.

You decide to get on a plane for the first time, fly halfway around the world. Everything feels strange and kind of magic (but goofy and awkward and human) and you feel alive for the first time in years.
So you get to have your first kiss at 26, with someone who understands. And you fall asleep night after night all limbs tangled, their face gently illuminated by the yellow glow of their Super Mario lamp, and feel this completely different type of happiness
and awe
at someone else’s existence.

I know, life doesn’t have happy endings. Two people don’t meet and fall in love and.. that’s that, that’s the whole thing sorted, everything will be grand and good forever. There’ll be bills and crappy dayjobs and all the costs of travel and paperwork and health issues and family stuff and countless other things that might go wrong, and things we both already deal with, and not to mention the world is a mess right now, too. But knowing this amazing person would be by your side through all of that makes it feel worthwhile, gives it direction and purpose and warmth like there wasn’t before.

And my brain still wants to catastrophize – what if? All these ways caring about someone might hurt. All these ways I’ve seen other people get hurt. But when someone makes your life so much richer and calmer with their presence, and inspires you to want to try harder and be better and kinder, because you see how hard they work and how much of their heart they put into their creative work and their relationships? When someone gives you those moments where you can’t help but grin like a huge dork just at the sight of their beautiful face? Those worries melt away. There’s no other choice.


To echo something @destiny-smasher said: this all happened because we played this little French video game with these two characters we fell in love with and related with, and a dissatisfying ending that kept us creating fan content afterwards.
That story pushed me to realise you can’t live your life worrying about the future, trying to second guess what might go wrong, being too scared to embrace the present.
That story, and it’s fandom, got me through one of the lowest points of my life.
That story brought me and @destiny-smasher together.
I don’t think there’s a way to sufficiently say thank you for that. To dontnod. To any of you.

But, thank you.

I’m here for:

  • new ikon fans (if you need help talk to us)
  • any streaming projects to help the boys
  • sharing content (that is allowed) with each other
  • supporting, loving and appreciating every member of iKON

What I am NOT here for:

  • ot1 stans
  • twitter drama
  • self pity 
  • constant whining bc the songs didn’t chart well
  • i-ikonics cursing and disrespecting k-ikonics (seriously y’all wtf)
  • blaming Hanbin for charting low
  • blaming ikon for being inactive on SNS for a year
  • fake fans
  • iKON hate from anyone in any way

If you belong in the second category, please take your leave. The unfollow button is on the right side of my blog. I don’t need people like this on tumblr. We don’t need people like this in our fandom and we never will. 

iKONICS are much more than what y’all are trying hard to present. We genuinely care about iKON and love them. We wait no matter how long it takes. We believe in them, their passion and talent. We cherish Hanbin with all our hearts. We don’t do self pity, iKON taught us better than that.

anonymous asked:

I think your post about why antis are young is pretty good, but I'm not sure there's really been a change. When I was a young shipper I remember the stupid harry potter ships were just as vicious, heated and stupid. People just dress it up with a moral panic now.

Honestly I think about this a lot, anon.

I also believe that at its heart, most anti-shipping is just window dressing on ship wars. (that’s a link to a post I did a while back talking about my thoughts on it.) And the ability to use moral panic to discredit enemy shippers has incredible appeal and power, certainly. (here’s a link to an amazing reddit post where somebody breaks down the history of social justice as a weapon in fandom from the dark side of Racefail ‘09 to the present.) Any single anti-shipper strikes me as being very similar to any single shipper, to be honest: we’re all in fandom because we’re so passionate about a piece of media that we’re driven to talk about it and create for it and think about it with some consistency, and we all have things we just cannot stand about other fandom members. That’s nothing new, I agree.

I’m not really trying to assert that there’s something particularly new about the fandom motivations behind anti-shipping - it’s all the same passions at work. And anti-shipping as a phenomenon probably would never have gathered steam the way it has if it weren’t for the structure of social media on Web 2.0 in general and Tumblr specifically: I’m hoping to make a post about that sometime soon.

But now that anti-shipping is here being a noticeable force in fandom spaces, I think it’s gathering steam particularly among younger people (especially Americans) because it has built itself into a perfect storm of social forces:

  • Its surface motivations are appealing and pretty (enforcing social justice); 
  • the underlying motivations have base appeal (crushing things that make you uncomfortable or that you don’t like for personal reasons);
  • the methodology gives an illusion of power (intimidating others into doing the ‘right thing’); 
  • the dogma is familiar and simple (black & white thinking, some people are Good and some are Bad & you can never cross from Bad to Good, clear in-group/out-group designations); and
  • you can never leave once you’re in (a completely insular social web that enforces cutting social ties with defectors and non-believers). 

At the same time, anti-shipping is influenced/shaped by outside social forces such as:

  • rising authoritarianism in western society, 
  • post-truth society;
  • valuing ‘safe spaces’ over personal freedom; 
  • anti-intellectualism;
  • TERF/REG forces within queer spaces; and
  • religious dogmatic structure

to name a few.

Basically: anti-shipping is like the mutant child of ship wars, web 2.0, and the world being a very very shitty place to be right now. It’s a new coat for an old phenomenon, yes, but that coat is a coat of authoritarian armor, and it’s rampaging through fandom spaces in a somewhat terrifying way.

Queer Self-Presentation and Auto-Sexuality in Yuri Plisetsky’s “Welcome to the Madness”


I’m currently working on this meta. I should be working on my PhD coursework (oops, my age is showing), but I’m so inspired by Yuri’s performance and the discourse that has cropped up around it.

For context, I study feminist/gender/queer theory and performance studies. So WttM was like catnip for me. I’ve already written 1,000 words and have barely scratched the surface…  so I’m going to break it up into parts. Oops!

I don’t know when it will be ready to post, so follow me or keep an eye on the #yoimeta and #wttm tags.

(Admittedly, I’m a bit nervous about throwing my hat into the Otayuri discourse, but I aim to make my analysis fair, balanced, and empathetic. My personal opinions aside, I follow both Otayuri and Anti-Otayuri blogs, and while I am relatively new to the YOI fandom in an active capacity, I’ve been following along for a couple of months and I’ve been involved in other fandoms with similar problems in the past. Anyway, I hope that no one will judge before reading because I think these kinds of analyses can help us to find common ground regardless of our shipping practices.)

Preview under the cut:

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 replied to your post“If you could steal a single talent from any writer in history, who…”

Where is the line between artistic license to borrow and plagiarism?

I feel like that’s kind of a question we’ve been wrestling with as humans for hundreds of years, if not longer. :D And I can’t actually give you the legal status of such things, though the Organization for Transformative Works might be able to, they’re way more up on this than I am.  

It depends in part on how a given culture defines intellectual property and the rights of ownership. In fandom, for example, we use characters, storylines, and situations from what we refer to as “canon”, ie stories created by someone else and usually distributed through mass media. But while it could be legally considered theft of intellectual property (more on this below) we don’t consider it plagiarism, to the point where if someone copies one of our stories word for word or closely conceptually, we condemn them as plagiarists. And rightly so.

This gives an insight into the broader definition of plagiarism in our culture, which is that plagiarism tends to involve specificity and a desire for credit where none is due. We consider outright copypasta to be plagiarism – if you’re copying and pasting someone else’s text and claiming it as your own – and often we consider it to be plagiarism if you’re taking a story idea whole cloth from someone else and just changing minor stuff around. Using someone else’s words to gain attention and/or remuneration for yourself: plagiarism. Because you haven’t really done anything original, and the attention you’re getting (or in the professional sphere, the money you’re getting) should be going to the person who put the work in. 

Which brings us to the second half, the part that helps narrow the grey area a little: in order not to be a plagiarist you generally have to do the work. You have to have written your own content, added your own ideas, and done a significant amount of the creative effort involved in producing the story you’re telling. Which is why my Steve Rogers Lovecraftian Horror AU is not a plagiarism from Marvel or from the estate of HP Lovecraft – it’s an original fusion and I wrote most of the prose. It’s not legal to sell it, but not because I didn’t do the work – rather because Steve Rogers belongs to Marvel as intellectual property, and only they are allowed to make money off it. I believe the Cthulu mythos is in the public domain so HP can shut his racist mouth.

Comic books and such complicate this because they are people getting paid to write stories about characters that someone else created, but before they are paid, a cut goes to the company that owns those characters, the company for whom those characters were created. Which gets into a whole big thing about why companies should be able to own intellectual property and whether you can buy an idea from someone, blah blah, but that’s a bigger issue for some other time.


Writing in “the style of” Terry Pratchett isn’t plagiarism or illegal to sell because I’m simply using his style, but my own words and ideas and characters. Writing in “the world of” Terry Pratchett might be illegal to sell because he created those ideas, but it isn’t plagiarism because I am still incorporating a vast bulk of my own ideas and energy and I deserve credit for that myself, especially since I’m acknowledging he created the world. Writing “in the words of” Terry Pratchett if I’m not crediting him with those words is both illegal to sell and plagiarism.  

A grey area still exists, and generally that’s what court cases about plagiarism exist to sort out: if someone has taken characters, ideas, symbols, or storylines, but has rewritten the actual prose, is that plagiarism? How much of the theft has to be pointed out or proven before it’s plagiarism? How much original work do you have to put in before it is your story? And if you’re selling that story but the previous canon isn’t in the public domain, is any level of your original work going to make up for the fact that you are making money on someone else’s idea? 

(Here is where, if I were a lawyer or more closely involved with the OTW, I would talk about how transformative work takes intellectual property and changes it, and I might talk about the degree to which that change has to occur before it’s either legal to distribute for free or legal to distribute for sale as an original artistic work drawing on previous media influences. I’m not an authority here but if someone who is wants to chime in, feel free. Also I would definitely like an explanation for why fanart can be sold at cons and commissioned on Patreon, but fanfic can’t be; I’m sure there’s a good reason and it probably has to do with narrative being valued over image, I’m just not sure I know what it actually is. I would like a Patreon, I could use the cash.) 

So – the stealing I do in my original work, it’s conceptual. George Bernard Shaw’s habit of attacking basic beliefs to see if they really hold up or are methods of oppression, Octavia Butler’s extrapolation of the future from the present, John Steinbeck’s lush descriptivism, Terry Pratchett’s use of humor to disguise brutal attacks on injustice, Charlotte Bronte’s refusal to compromise personal integrity for romantic fantasy – these are things I have taken and played with and incorporated into my own work, with greater or lesser degrees of success. Some are influences from before I was even a writer. These things can’t be owned because they are ideas that drive work, not ideas that come from it, so while I talk a lot about stealing them, really I couldn’t steal anything those writers would more freely give.

abidos replied to your post

“*peers at the new kylux art* nice to know you are continuing the trend…”

This is a joke, right? everyone can draw what they want, of course, but your not actually claiming to respect real measurements, right? Please, my fait in humanity is low enough as it is.

i have no idea why people in this fandom can’t seem to grasp stylization as an aspect of character design. i don’t draw realism. i have never claimed to. i draw cartoons. i study character design. i take shapes i see in subject matters and i emphasize them to fit the characters i’m trying to present. if i didn’t, every single character i drew would have the same boring silhouette and no personality.

and like it or not, my dude, adam is big. he is 6′3″ of former marine who used to eat entire chickens for lunch. he calls himself a sasquatch. he could probably crush my head between his pecs. i think his hands are bigger than domhnall’s head. and that’s not a bad thing. i like this aspect about him, so i use it when i draw. 

i like the idea of ben organa-solo being a large imposing form that is actually a giant sweetheart underneath it. or the idea of kylo not only being frightening for his force abilities or lightsaber training, but also for the HUGE TERRIFYING MASS covered in black robes and faceless masks he cuts out.

and on the other end of the spectrum, yes domhnall is roughly the same height, but he is far, far from the same build as the good mister driver up there. he’s skinny. he’s a skinny waif of an irishman with slim shoulders that needed to be padded in his hux uniform to cut him a larger silhouette. and that’s fine! not every human is built the same way!! he pulls it off well and honestly it’s a look i usually prefer. and in turn, i feel this is an important thing to consider when thinking of hux.

hux more likely than not raised in ranks through nepotism as well as his engineering skills and ideas. this is a man who has literally never seen battle. he has no reason to be built like kylo is. he’s in shape, sure, but no amount of working out is going to change having a naturally thin frame. and i feel like hux as a character might resent that, so he works to make himself look bigger the way that animals do when they’re trying to look imposing. that greatcoat he wears draped over his shoulders? the padded shoulders in his uniform? that’s the hux equivalent of an animal fluffing up its fur. on the armie side, i feel like he’s more comfortable with his form because in my AUs he’s not leading a military operation. if anything, i draw him with the idea that basically everything is beneath him. he’s a snobby rich bitch, he has people to do that for him. 

my fave look for him and kylo/ben is pampered emperor and devoted guard dog. so this is what i draw.

pls consider:

now, let’s look at some examples of stylization in cartoons.

and so on. see how you can get a feel for each character based on the different silhouettes? 

good? good.

Stammi Vicino / Stay By My Side (Soprano)
Stammi Vicino / Stay By My Side (Soprano)

It has been my ambition to record a cover of Victor’s beautiful aria “Stammi Vicino” since first hearing it, and discovering it was written just for this anime. I offer my sincere thanks to Hiiteiru for helping this recording become a reality by sharing her transcription of the instrumentals with me.  Several takes (and teas) later, I present you “Stammi Vicino”, the soprano cover.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it; I really wanted to share it with the fandom before this amazing figure skating ride came to its conclusion.

P.S. Since the duet’s release, I’ve recorded a second rendition of this aria! You can find it HERE if you’re interested. :) 

Thanks VanroMarand, my lovely SS who gifted me this beautiful watercolour art of Victor, used as the track visual here! 

castismellulater  asked:

Okay so I respect your opinion and all but I dont see why it's necessary to try and boycott the show. Sure an AAIronFist wouldve been cool but maybe you should respect Marvel's decision to stay true to the comics and have Danny be white. I understand that there is a lack of asian heroes in the MCU but you should also understand that Iron Fist is not and will never be asian. It isnt because Marvel is racist. That's just who he is as a character in the show and in the comics. 1/2

I will admit that the story line does follow a “white savior” stereotype but I honestly dont mind. The show is fun to watch and I dont think there is any “cultural appropriation” present in the series. Yes, Danny is white but as the story says, he lived in K'un-Lun for 15 years and he was 10 when those monks found him. lm sure that it’s safe to say that there was no appropriation involved. Danny adapted to the culture but he didnt take credit for it as something he owns. 2/2

Also as a member of the MCU fandom, I’m pretty sure a large majority of us dont hate peoole of color.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god

okay first of all it’s a fucking slideshow on tumblr. we’re not going into every mcu fan’s house and ripping their tvs out of their walls. if you’re gonna watch iron fist, you’re gonna watch iron fist. we, however, believe there is significant reason not to do so. we presented them. you’re a fucking adult presumably, you’re free to make that choice yourself.

we’re asking for marvel to be better. we’re not connected. we’re not in the industry. we’re just fans who have opinions, throwing them out there. for fucks sake, interact with this media if you want to. but i DO mind about the mighty whitey trope and we think other people should too! if the racism doesn’t bother you, well……………..

it doesn’t bother you and that’s your choice

this shit doesn’t exist in a vacuum

we’re not professional reviewers, either. i did review a few aos episodes with a friend for his relatively small site and didn’t get paid for it. however, the professional critics have pointed out some shit wrong with it, including the racial aspects.

anyway, it sounds like you’re determined to suffer through this show lmao don’t let us stop you. if you’re cool with everything, that’s your prerogative.

mod z

I recently watched the old 1968 romeo and juliet in english class and it got me thinking of a certain *cough* sappy *cough* au me and @tophanzo have been screaming about for days. So I present to the mchanzo fandom a simple idea, please I just want a romeo and julietau where they get a happy ending please. (I might draw more of my interpretation if enough ppl like this so stay tuned)

(also I used the cover for the movie as a reference)

Okay I’m calling it now. Bellarke won’t reunite until most or all of the flashbacks are shown. They’ll give us past and present scenes paralleling and then have them all convene together to have the Bellarke reunion, which I will all say will be around mid season 5. My fangirl heart hates it, but it makes sense from a writer’s pov.

Y'all look no one in any way shape or form is obliged to like me. Be it my personality, my art, something I said or did doesnt matter you’re not obliged to tolerate me further if you feel that causes negativity in your fandom experience. Fandoms aren’t really safe spaces but you have to do the most with what you have and luckily tumblr lets you block and xkit lets you blacklist tags along with usernames! Sometimes you gotta put that to use, because again, this is your fandom experience and rather than spend it with frustrations why not allow yourself a good time instead if the option is presented and available to you

Hope for Jiminie

Lolol, sorry guys for the lack of fanfic tbh. Anw, please bear with me about the weird title and summary. It’s a quick rush thinking so ye. 

Also, I would thank @ask-chimchim (kat) for making this amazing comic that actually makes me to write. Tbh, I’m in a writer’s block so ye. THANK YOU KAT FOR LETTING ME MAKE THIS FANFIC OMG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ARTS SO MUCH!! BIG THANK YOU FOR YOU!!!

Anw, this fanfic uses Present tense which is a tense that I’m not used to. I usually use past tense but I’m practicing to write in present tense so yeah. Please forgive my bad writing right now TvT

For those who’s actually surprised I’m actually entering the BTS fandom, lol sorry, I didn’t mean to drown into this hell TvT. Anw enjoy. (Also, Jimin and Suga in this fanfic is genderbent so yea)


Hoseok is Jimin’s hope. He literally gives her hope everytime she’s down. At that moment, she only hopes one thing, Hoseok’s smile

Words: 656

Rating: G

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My Diamond. My Grand, Extravagant, Luxurious, Immortalizing Diamond. You are truly an inspiration to the Steven Universe Art World, and highly praised by us and the members of your court. Some can only dream to be greeted by the sight of your astounding art and Ideas, and you My Diamond, are an idol among the fandom. I a Simple Pearl merely ask that you remain the true Diamond of the Steven Universe Fandom and continue to bless us with the presents of your superior art skills. Bless You.

@w@ this made em feel happy 

evanescav  asked:

Hello there, do u have Jin jealousy moment when tae ship happened, like taek**k or vm*n, considering it also big ship in bangtan (beside namjin) ? bcs i rarely find jealousy jin moment. thank you 💕

Hello there, 

Although V is by far the most jealous and possessive in the relationship, many many many moons ago, way before the Taejin loving couple we see now, Jin used to be a little jealous of PDA vk**k.

To be honest, I think Jin’s jealousy towards vintage vk**k is similar to V’s jealousy (to this day) on namjin. I mean as namjin, vk**k is very pop so perhaps that’s why Jin used to feel a little jealous. Or maybe it was cause he had no idea what was happening between him and Taehyung, so V’s fanservice ship used to make him uncomfortable. 

Nowadays Jin adores Kookie so much and Jinkook is even more present than vk**k. Tae and Kookie have cute ‘puppy bros’ moments and even if the majority of the fandom ships them as a real thing, I think Jin doesn’t care about the vk**k public push since Jin understands the dynamic of why fake ships exist to please the fans. Jin truly adores and protects Kookie and, in my opinion, Kookie has strong feelings for Jin (he’s def emotionally closer to Jin than he is to Tae) so he knows there is no reason to be jealous.  

And again, V is often jealous of Jinkook and I find it hilarious how the fandom always confuse Taehyung being extremely jealous of Jin with Kookie for a Vk**ok proof. Here is a classic Taejin moment when V is clearly upset with Jinkook and like a billion fans claim it as a proof of vk**k:

I have never seen a moment where Jin is jealous of vm*n. I think Jin knows that Jimin has always been V’s best friend and he respects and understands that relationship so there has never been a reason to be insecure. Sometimes vm*m happens in front of Jin and he just smiles fondly to see V having fun with his bestie, and now with Jimin as Taejin’s constant third wheel, Jimin grew closer to Jin. 

But just as a bonus, here is V being jealous of Jin and Jimin + Jin and Namjoon, cause of course he will be jealous LOL. And when Jimin hugs Jin (notice his annoyed face), of course possessive V back hugs Jin!

And like a few weeks ago in Japan, Jin had moments with Jimin and Kookie and there was V, of course being jealous. 

What is funny to me is how V being jealous (and all his obvious romantic moments) always revolves around Jin and yet so many ppl only see any other ship but the real one. 

Jin’s jealousy only happened before the taejin love conquered phase and now we rarely see Jin being jealous. Basically, V is the jealous one of this duo. 

Tks for the ask!

Lots of love.

I’m opening digital sketch+doodle commissions!

I’m a poor student, and if you’d like to help me a little to get by, please commission me!

Contact me on taikova(dot)mail(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • Depending on from closeups to fullbody sketches, the price for ONE character will be 15-20€, and with each new character/complicated object I add 10€ to the price. I’ll reduce the base price to 15€ if its bust, waist or just a really rough sketch you want. the price will increase quite fast if you request more details/colours/shading.
  • If you want colour on your sketch thats +5€ to the price. Shading that has details like valor changes definitely adds to the price as well.
  • backgrounds add +10€, at least.
  • if the commission involves design work, I will  5-10€ to the price per character.
  • There are bunch of variables that will increase the price, like amount of detail in character designs etc.
  • basically the price will climb fast if you want more than a basic monochrome sketch without shading!!

I don’t draw:

  • p*rn
  • toplock
  • might or might not draw your pairings/ships, depending how comfortable i am with it. For example: underage characters will only have platonic activities, big age differences are a large no.

What I DO draw:

  • ask anything not on the above list and i’ll see what i can do. we should negotiate what you want anyway.
  • If you want to know what kind of art I’d love to draw, my art tag is full of things I like. I’m not opposed to drawing for other fandoms than the ones I’ve drawn though. See the above no-list for reference.
  • please present your idea for commission in the first email, and if they’re are needed, provide references from the get-go. Easier for both of us!

Payments to PayPal -> i will send you an invoice requesting payment to your email address.

You will get your finished commission via Google Drive!

makingdoughnuts  asked:

Don't follow the show exactly, but what happened to make you disinterested in, if you don't mind me asking that is?

If you mean RWBY….

Gosh there’s too much to explain properly right now but basically:

  • bad writing
  • one of the main writers voices a character in the show and he began making the show cater to his own character (who isn’t even a main character)
  • said male character is proven to have been given more lines and screentime than most of the main girls
  • said male character likes to harass one of the main girls and never take no for an answer but it’s displayed as “humorous” rather than the problem it actually is
  • one female character was solely existing for the sake of said male, and then she was killed off
  • the way they write some of the girls is just plain awful, the main team is severely underdeveloped even after 4 fucking volumes’ worth of content
  • they promised us at least one LGBT character and there is still no sign of that character even after 4 fucking volumes’ worth of content
  • tons of minor loopholes and inconsistencies 
  • basically it feels like they are just making the series for money now, not for the sake of letting Monty’s (the late, original creator’s) dream live on

There’s a lot more (plenty of people had made much more detailed posts about this). But I’ve also just found more interest in other, better shows.

It’s a shame because RWBY was my life for about 3 whole years, the longest I’ve ever stayed in one fandom religiously, and I kept saying “I’ll stick with it!” But by this point I’ve pretty much quit the canon show. I don’t care for canon any longer. I really stopped even as far back as volume 3.

But I’m still writing my own ideas and interpretations for it because I love the characters as they were originally presented to us. So I’m still creating content for RWBY, just most of it isn’t based off canon events any longer.