i used the movie lyrics instead

I had a dream last night that Trump was invited as a guest of honor to moderate a High School debate team championship and instead of debating, this one kid rewrote the lyrics to “After Today” from The Goofy Movie to be about how much Trump sucked and he sang it instead of debating and got a standing ovation and it was the greatest, most entertaining dream I have had in a long time

I wish I could remember the lyrics he used oh man


                              W A Y    B A C K    I N T O    L O V E

                                             A Music and Lyrics AU

Gifs + Writing for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork​‘s Individual FS Music Challenge

In case you’ve never seen the movie, I had intended on writing a brief description of what was happening in the gifs above. Instead, it sort of became a mini fic (and by mini, I mean 1,929 words) but written in a description-ish style? So, in case you’re confused as to what’s going on, and you’ve never seen my favorite (guilty pleasure) rom-com/music movie, I now present to you a pretty rough, very rambly, un-beta’d, filled with love, and many cheesy (movie) lines, Way Back Into Love, a Music and Lyrics AU!

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You know what would be AWESOME?

Especially to those who are d/Deaf/HoH, who rely on CC/Subtitles, learning a new language, or just prefer to have CC on instead of sound…

Having Proper Accurate Closed Captions on ALL media, audio, video. To have subtitles for movies that are PROPER and adds the music lyrics when background music playing. To add subtitles of ALL languages on the movie/youtube/video without any problems! Just a simple Click! and ease of access is done! No complaints from us asking people to put them on, they’re just THERE. Or when we ask the people to add CC… there wouldn’t be any complaints, annoyance or “I can’t do it as it would take to long” or whatever excuse is used, they would just do it and volia! 

Yeah that would be awesome if we could have Proper Accurate Closed Captions just in our reach without such a huge demand. It’s such a simple, easy thing to do. Yes time consuming but if there is a script or one is already editing the video… why not just… i don’t knowAdd CC while you are editing the video/audio. I mean it’s not that difficult to do, same amount of time while editing… plus the people can usually hear themselves talk so CCing would be so much easier. 

Being a deaf person myself… even I, a deaf person, CC my videos and it takes me 5 times longer to do it… but guess what? I do it! Why? Because I want my videos to be accessible to EVERYONE. Not to just a small audience. 

So yeah, that is my wish/dream.