i used the first translation i found so. there seems to be about 10 for this scene

Okay, bye Jon! love, Sansa ❤️

I never write about Jon and Sansa (apart from fanfiction obviously, but that really, really doesn’t count), and I have my reasons for that, but I feel like I sort of have to right now, because one scene that I hated at first, though now absolutely love, is being, once again, ripped apart and taken totally out of context for no other reason but the same old, same old that people just seem to not be able to not assume that Sansa is power-hungry, greedy, jealous and simply doesn’t give a flying crappy shit about her big bro Jon. 

Just to make this clear, She really, really cares a hell of a lot about Jon Snow. I just want to say that, because it can never be said enough. Heck, we know Bran and Arya are coming, but Sansa doesn’t, Jon is literally the only person she has left. He has proven to her that he will do anything to keep her save, not because of his own selfish wants and dreams, but because he’s, you know, a freakishly rare and wonderfully attractive flippin good guy, the only one she’s come across to ever since she saw her father’s head roll. Sansa complains to him that he has to stop protecting her, for crying out loud. Yeah, I’d totally say Sansa hates Jon guts, if that would be the only option when answering a multiple choice question going a bit like ‘What do Sansa haters want most?’ 

Sansa hands down receives more hate than Jon does, though Jon has not been treated kindly by all either, since season 7 started. He’s been called a sexist. Now, truly, I think of all the men in Thrones, Jon is about as feminist as it gets, but oh well, meta for another time. 

The whole point of Jon and Sansa arguing like old grumpy married couple in front of everyone to see, is because the way they solve it, the way this plot ends, is to show us that, both are wrong/right, it’s not about that, it’s about how they solve it. 

Same goes for episode 2. 

Originally posted by zawanahahaha

Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she has a good point, but Jon wants to go and makes some great points too. Both are right/wrong. The decision made at the end is the best possible outcome. Not because I want Jon to go, not because I want them separated, but because the grounds on which he leaves her are just utter glory for any Sansa fan. If there was ever fanservice for Sansa stans, this was it.

Now, let me finally drag myself to the point I actually wanted to talk about… People jumped at the chance of saying Sansa was totally and perfectly fine with Jon leaving the moment he gives her Winterfell. It’s so stupid to me, because if Sansa wanted Jon’s power, him going away, leaving her in charge or not, would always be a perfect opportunity for her. She should’ve been overjoyed at the mere mention. She really, really isn’t. Prove can be found in the gif above. 

As a bookreader, I want to kindly remember everyone that ‘Winterfell belongs to my sister, Sansa’. This just brought it all in full circle to me, basically a dream come true

Sansa is not suddenly perfectly fine with Jon leaving, and though I understand where the jokes all come from (’Don’t bother rushing! we’ll be fine! Take as long as you need! bye Jon!), I think they also missed a deep point here that only people who don’t blindly dislike Sansa see. 

Unfortunately, loads of people blindly dislike Sansa, because Oh My God, character development! it’s so hard to grasp for the simplest among us on earth (yes, Sansa haters are stupid dumb humans, I said that).

Loads have completely and totally misinterpreted Sansa simply being okay with Jon going because he gives her command, and that is all she ever wanted, they think she has what she wanted now, and they’re right, but they’re also wrong. Sansa has what she always wanted, it’s just not what they think it is. 
It wasn’t power that Sansa was after, as a bookreader I hope the show stays true to this. She’s not power-hungry, she’s nothing like Cersei, Daenerys, Stannis… she’s not addicted to the thrill of it. What Sansa has been after, especially when it comes to her relationship with Jon, is respect and recognition. For people to finally see that the little girl with her charming prince dreams, the one who was actually in love (gag) with Joffrey, is gone

Jon leaving her in charge of Winterfell doesn’t give her the power she’s always craved, it gives her the recognition she’s been looking for. Jon trusts her and her knowledge, her instincts enough to give her Winterfell, and with that comes great responsibility. 

In episode 10 of season six, Jon tells Sansa they must trust each other. As beautiful as I thought that scene was, I also never denied that it sounds more like him saying ‘trust me’, and Sansa heard that too. Jon diagnosed her trouble with trust, and he correctly recognized this as a problem. He failed to see, back then, that her lack of trust could be easily solved with trusting her, respecting her. And here the issues of 7.1 really find their root.

I know Sansa did not suddenly accept Jon leaving because she gets to rule over Winterfell now, because she has the North… The only one who ever believed that is what Sansa wanted was Littlefinger, and his attempts at giving her the North always translated in him having even more opportunity to go full ‘Look at what I did? Look at all I’ve done for you? It’s all for you. You need me.’

Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she doesn’t want him to leave Winterfell, abandon his home, abandon her, but she accepts him leaving because she realizes he trusts her. All Sansa has wanted is for Jon to trust her. He trusts her now. How beautiful is that, when you think about it? They trust each other. They’re, in a way, total equals in this perfect little partnership of theirs with loads of conflicting, unresolved and confusing feelings.  

I think that Sansa realizes that if he trusts her, well, she can trust him too, trust him to do what is right, to do what he must do, trust him to come back to her. So, she allows him to leave her.

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 93 review (+ theories)

Phew! What a hell of a chapter! It’s been a while I haven’t enjoyed any Shingeki chapter since volume 22. And by that I mean, truly enjoyed. 

The current translations are a mess and so I’d rather do an analysis now and complete later with the CR scans. At the same time, that gives me an opportunity to check the raws. In the meantime, anything used in this post comes from Mangastream’s translation.

So yeah, while I had palpitations reading this chapter, it was very heavy in terms of information so I’d love to cover every single angle possible, because it looks like vol. 23 is a Marley-centric volume, who’s going to end on the beginning of the Marley-Paradis conflict. Part of this excitement was, as always, the focus on the life of the warriors, seeing new faces and Reiner being happy and expressive I mean god he was a daddy, body and soul.

Part of this chapter made me oddly fond of the new kids. While their introduction was a bit confusing, it went better when they were attached to known characters or to the initial plot. The whole Marley vs. Middle Eastern Alliance conflict felt off because we were used to Paradis, but in this chapter, we also get a glimpse of their current activities as far as the report goes.

Are you ready? This is going to be a long post, but my inner warrior stan is more than happy to write a full review on it, despite the translation being “unofficial”.

  1. Marley’s situation
  2. Zeke
  3. Paradis Island
  4. Reiner’s generation
  5. Papa Reiner and the kids
  6. Who’s the successor of the Armor?
  7. Theories and Miscellaneous

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Is Hide dead? (Tokyo Ghoul √A)

Ok, I’ve been completely distracted today and already messed up twice. Thing is, I don’t know who sent the first message because I deleted the Ask before checking who sent it. I truly apologize to whoever sent this. If you happen to read this, reblog or send me a message so that I can tag you properly.

(just finished watching the anime for the first time.) *SNNNIIIFF* ISS HIDE deaaaad??? And and *CRIES* I JUST CANT I JUSSST aaaahh. I am…*huff* *huff* (grunting) GANA SITT OVER THUR. (Points to the fandom. All broken and lost.) Ahhhhwahh……. *twump* (Please welcome a new poor broken soul to the fandom) (still emotional) *audible inhale* WHY DID I GET INTO THIS TRASH!!!! (As in, what is this emotional butt fuckery!?) 

Anon said: It’s pretty clear that in the manga Hide is likely alive while in the manga he seems deceased. I rewatched Hide’s death scene in rootA however and Hide actually seems alive. In the fire, Kaneki cries and a drop falls on Hide but Hide stirs and smiles, causing Ken to smile. It’s possible that he put a tarp over Hide to protect him from the smoke and brought the seemingly dead body to Arima so that Hide could be saved. Arima may have spared Kaneki seeing his sincerity in wanting to save his friend

urgo said: hey, first of all, you have a great blog ^^ i would like u to ask, that hide may not die in tg: root a or is his death confirmed ?

So, whether Hide is alive or dead in the end of Tokyo Ghoul √A is something that has haunted us for the longest time. I’ve had to re-watch the whole episode about 10 times just to be sure that what I’m saying is correct (which is hard everytime). After all that, I’ve reached a conclusion: Hide is alive.

Before getting into episode 12, let’s look back a bit. Hide was there, in the Anteiku Raid, because he knew the people in the shop, not because he was supposed to be there. He knew about this because, snooping around, he happened to see some CCG Investigators talk about it:

As deductive as he is, he figured out what was going on:

So, he went without a weapon of any sort, with an allegedly stolen CCG battle armour, not wanting to fight ghouls, rather find out what happened to the Anteiku crew and with the hopes that Kaneki would show up (the reason he began working at the CCG was to find Kaneki):

Wandering around, hoping to find Kaneki, he stumbled across Noro chopping off Takizawa’s left arm:

Meanwhile, Kaneki was fighting Amon:

Both of them were injured badly, but kept walking nonetheless. However, Kaneki passed out in an alley, and Hide found him. Then, he took them both to Anteiku and prepared some coffee.

Both of them were bleeding out, but in Hide’s case it was a lot worse because he couldn’t heal like Kaneki.

  • Kaneki’s blood
  • Hide’s blood

After that, Hide began talking about how he knew, how he felt lonely, but, more importantly, he wanted Kaneki to smile. In a scene that didn’t get animated but was meant to happen then, he even recreated a scene from the play he and Kaneki were part of during their childhood (read makyun’s translation here). This all to make Kaneki smile before “dying”; he wanted Kaneki’s smile to be the last thing he saw:

But he didn’t die. When Kaneki begins crying in the middle of the fire (either Yomo started it or it was Kaneki and Hide just read the little draft of the play scene and you’ll understand), Hide smiles when a tear falls on his cheek. He was alive at the moment, thus why Kaneki covers him with a sheet (to protect him from the smoke) and carries him out of the shop, to the CCG’s “camp”:

He walks slowly, both because he was hurt and because if he scared the CCG’s soldiers, they would shoot them and hurt Hide.

He took Hide there because it’s the only place that he can get help (that’s were all the injured were). When he leaves Hide in the ground in front of Arima, it symbolizes that he was willing to give his life to Arima in exchange of saving Hide.


Okay I debated I replying to this for a bit, but… here goes.

First and foremost I greatly appreciate all of your translation work for the fandom and I have for months.

That being said, I find the last paragraph of this necessary and also unfair. To accuse the other translators of ‘mistranslating’ the line when you outright admit that akashi can legitimately be translated as proof is a bit much, don’t you think? I get that you believe your translation is more correct, but as I’m sure you and the other translators are aware, language is not something all translators are going to unanimously agree on. Other translators work hard on their work, and essentially, saying that they’re mistranslating to forward a fanon agenda is unnecessary and uncalled for, in my opinion. There’s nothing to support that especially since even you’ve acknowledged their word choice is not incorrect.

Accusing their work of being fanon (especially when Victuuri, which is canon, is not remotely fanon) and yours of being canon is a further dig, I feel.

Regarding the destined from a previous life thing, I think most of fandom is not serious about that. When people are making comments about their soulmate AUs being canon, they’re well aware that Kubo is not literally saying “your fanfiction where Victor and Yuuri can’t see color until they meet their soulmate aka each other is now canon”. They’re just having fun.

We know what she actually means by soulmate.  It’s still a HUGE DEAL. And yes, there is a sense of destiny to the word soulmate, in both languages, even if it’s not on some ‘cosmic’ level, a certain ‘meant to be’, and that’s powerful. And yeah, that’s making fandom very excited and I think… there’s not really a need to sort of rain on that? People know their AUs aren’t really suddenly canon.

It’s not as if your translation of the line makes it much less shippy anyway.

Lastly the ‘Japanese word for soulmate’? I was under the impression, unless she uses it at another point in the article, that she doesn’t use a Japanese word anyway, but instead the katakana ソウルメイト (sorumeito/soulmate).

Hello! Thank you for your message and for voicing your opinion in what I think is the normal way when discussing about something. I will take this occasion to make one final last post about this whole matter to try and address what apparently wasn’t clear in my other posts. I will also explain in detail why I wrote that in my opinion “proof” is not a correct translation. It’s a bit long because I don’t want to come back to this topic again, so I’m trying to make sure that I’m covering everything that could help clarifying my point.

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Squall "...whatever." Leonhart

     Squall Leonhart’s super favourite word in the English version of Final Fantasy VIII!  It’s interesting to note that it’s not quite what he says in the Japanese version.  I’m sure that many, many, many people have already covered this but I wanted to do a post about it myself.

     Although it seems as though he uses it rather excessively, I only counted ~sixteen uses of it across the four discs.  Those uses were ones in which he used it as a response or on its own and not within a sentence, such as “We’ll do whatever it takes to get on that train.”

     Anyway, on to the differences (and to kind of a long post)…or whatever.

#1: Fire Cavern - Quistis

Japanese: …you’re a TEACHER.

     This is one of the more obvious and odd changes (considering the context) that was made in the English.  During this scene Quistis is a bit inappropriate (considering she’s his teacher).  She says that she supposes her charm makes the other boys (students, in the Japanese version) nervous because it’s at this point they end up failing.  Given the situation, Squall’s response in the Japanese is SO MUCH more appropriate.

#2: Return from Dollet - Headmaster Cid

Japanese: Nothing special/no big deal.

     Not a major change since, in this scene, the responses in both English and Japanese are along the same lines.

#3: SeeD Ball - Quistis

Japanese: …sorry.

     Ah, finally the entrance of what can be dubbed as Squall’s Japanese catchphrase.  This is the word he uses a lot (like, a lot-a lot) in the Japanese version (probably a lot more than the English catchphrase) and is most frequently found in place of “whatever” in the Japanese version.

     In this scene, Quistis is a bit sad that Squall would dance with a complete stranger rather than her.  The Japanese response gives him a bit more heart rather than just a brush off, as is the case with the English.

#4: First Laguna Dream Sequence - Laguna

Laguna: And…it’ll be just the two of us, too!  What should I do, what should I do…
Squall: Do whatever you want!

     This scene is a lot more amusing in Japanese than in English.  Squall’s response of “do whatever you want” is not one that can be interpreted as a happy/cheering-you-on type of response – it’s more that he’s just exasperated with Laguna (and his annoying/noisy mind) and falls more along the lines of “omg, just do whatever the heck you want and stop annoying me…!”

#5: Before Second Laguna Dream Sequence - Rinoa

Japanese: …so annoying.

     This is when Rinoa is ranting at Squall about his lack of outward support for the others and that he should show a lot more concern and encouragement to his comrades.  The English translation made Squall a little nicer (well…less mean) in this scene in comparison to the Japanese, because his response can be taken as “…ugh, so annoying.”

#6: Meeting Irvine - Irvine

Japanese: I guess it’s okay.

     Another less obvious/appropriate change.  Squall’s response can also be interpreted as anything along the lines of “oh well,” “well, alright” and even “whatever.”

#7: Comforting Selphie - Selphie

Japanese: …sorry.

     In this scene, the player is given the option of either comforting Selphie or deciding to leave it up to Irvine.  If the player chooses to comfort her, Selphie starts joking that she must look really depressed, so depressed that even Squall has decided to forgo his standoff-ish-ness for once and is, instead, comforting her.  Squall starts to go back into his little shell and Selphie calls him out on being so closed off.  His response in Japanese versus his response in English paint FAR different pictures of Squall’s character, especially considering the context.

     It can be argued that his “warukatta” response is less of an apology and more of a “I’ll just say that so you’ll get off my back,” but I’d like to believe that Squall is at least a little apologetic for not being able to be more open.

#8: Concert in Fishermans Horizon - Selphie

Japanese: What do you want….

     The above is more of a literal translation, but I think that it can be interpreted differently.  Squall’s use of the ending “yo” (which is more masculine and can be rather brusque in certain contexts), makes it more “what the heck/hell…"  I think that is what he was going for in this scene because Selphie kind of embarrasses him (publically) by supporting Rinoa’s pursuit of him.

#9: Meeting Selphie’s Friend in Trabia - Selphie

Japanese Option 1: Leave me alone.
Japanese Option 2: …sorry.

     In this scene, tha player is given the option of either agreeing with or denying having been a support structure/help to Selphie while she’s been away from Trabia.  In the English, it doesn’t matter which option you choose because, either way, Squall’s response is "whatever."  The first option, which is to deny, has both Selphie and her friend joking that Squall is probably just harbouring a secret crush.  Option two, agreeing, has Selphie laugh at the out-of-character response from Squall.  Both of his answers make so much more sense in the Japanese version.

#10: Heading to Esthar Pt. I - Zell/Edea

Japanese: Whatever’s fine.

     This is when the party is heading over to Esthar to meet Doc Odine.  The above is the more literal translation, but I think it’s more likely that the actual meaning is more along the lines of the English translation.

#11: Heading to Esthar Pt. II - Selphie

Japanese: n/a

     In the Japanese version, Squall doesn’t even bother responding to Selphie’s little aside!  He just shakes his head and, instead, says "more importantly…” and continues with the issue/mission at hand.  I guess his response can be translated, in modern terms, as “smh…anyway.”

#12: Ragnarok - Rinoa

Japanese: …sorry.

     I think this pretty much cements what his catchphrase is in Japanese (since he uses a variety of responses) because Rinoa is imitating him.  She pretty much knew the response she was going to get (so she was totally prepared) since she was poking fun at him and saying he gives her a lot more than comfort and joy, he also gives her an abundance of “annoyance and disappointment, too!"  I think that either response, English or Japanese, makes sense in the situation.

#13: Post-Rinoa Rescue - Quistis

Japanese: …sorry.

     Aaaand, another one on the board for "sorry."  I don’t really know what to make of this one since his response (to Quistis saying they should all picture a brighter future together) is weird either way.  I do like the English response a bit more than the Japanese, though.

#14: Meeting Laguna - Laguna

Japanese: Nevermind that.

     I like Squall’s Japanese response a lot more than his English and I’m not sure why that is, because they pretty much mean the same thing.

     There are two more occurrences (so it’ll make sixteen then) that I didn’t include above.  One occurs during Rinoa’s tour around the Garden and the other occurs after the BGH251F2 battle.  In both, Squall’s original Japanese equivalent was "sorry.”

Final Thoughts

     And, that’s that!  I do have a few additional thoughts and notes that I wanted to add.

     My interpretation (especially when I wrote my thoughts versus the literal) is what, I think, can be taken from text and within context.  Remember, this was a time of no voice acting in the games.  I mention context a lot because it’s what usually determines where and how certain things can be interpreted.  Any embellishment in the interpretation is my own because I had to add tonality where I thought it best. 

     His catchphrase in Japanese is most likely 「……悪かったな」 (sorry) because it was the most frequent word found in place of “whatever” in the original Japanese version.  The reason I say “most likely” is because of his frequent usage of “betsuni,” too (in the Japanese version).

     On an added interpretation note, I think that, when he says “warukatta,” he’s really not apologizing and it’s meant in a more colloquial sense.  We all know that Squall is rather…insolent.  He’s also quite aloof and tends to keep people at a distance.  Taking his personality, the preceding ellipses and the pairing with the ending “na,” it’s more likely that he’s responding with the colloquial English variant, “my bad.” I think that’s far more appropriate for Squall, considering that he is really just a seventeen-year-old kid.

     As mentioned above, his catchphrase is rather ubiquitous in the Japanese version.  He uses “whatever” in the English version less than 20 times (across four discs).  I decided to just stick with the English version’s “whatever” usage and its Japanese pair, rather than pulling out every single “warukatta” and “betsuni” usage.

     As for which one I think is better?  I really like the Japanese version of his responses over the English.  I like that his responses in Japanese are more varied and situation-appropriate. I also think that it adds an extra layer of personality to Squall.  Rather than just being uncaring and empty headed (which is what I get from the English version), I think it shows that he is listening and thinking and that he’s more than just a blank slate.


NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER LET IT BE SAID THAT I DON’T LOVE CHUUYA I WILL LITERALLY HIT YOU WITH A TRUCK- ahem, I mean I definitely won’t because I’m a really nice person and am not in possession of a truck…?

Scans (?) courtesy of @akutagawaprize! She gave me these this morning and I just…… yeah help me this Chuuya obsession is Dantes all over again and Definitely Not Healthy™ now I understand how Chuuya feels I need to stop before I self-destruct more spectacularly than IRL Dazai

though I doubt it his track record is amazing

My second and final contribution to skkweek (is it though I think I’m just stretching it by this point), Animage’s Taniyama Kishou interview!

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Inumuta Houka: A character analysis

If you know me for any amount of time, you would know that I love Houka Inumuta. He’s obviously pretty cute and well designed and I have a type for pretty asshole characters, but when people ask me why I actually like him, I have a hard time explaining it. In truth, I think he’s a very interesting character, for several different reasons. This character analysis is kind of me trying to truly and completely explain all the different aspects of him that I really like and also maybe bring light to what he’s like as a character since the majority of the klk fandom either ignores him or makes him just the ‘tech guy’.

(look at this smile he’s so cute but anyway let’s begin)

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Chris Evans in Modern Weekly (HD Photos + Interview)

MW: Who do you think Captain America loved the most? Carter? Black Widow? Or Bucky? (All characters from the movie Avengers 2) (note: I have no idea why they said characters in Avengers 2 cuz Peggy and Bucky were absent from AOU, maybe they made a mistake and meant Cap 2)

CE: Bucky, I believe. Of course Captain America loves everyone, but of all those people, Bucky is the only friend who links him to his whole life.

[Full English translation of the interview under the cut]

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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac Prologue Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02    Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02

-Scene: Forest-

Yuma: I think it was around here… …ah, there it is.

The underground waterway――this has gotta be the place. I just came here with Yui yesterday.

(As we were getting deeper inside, I was struck with a strange, nostalgic feeling)

(Then, just as I got a headache, a fragment of my memories came flying back… …)

When we first came in here, she was pretty scared… …Thinking back now, maybe she had a hunch or something.

(That girl. She’d probably be telling me off by now… …)

(She’s worried about me. I told her not to follow me, pushing her away… ..)

… … … …Ggh.

Hah. There’s no point in thinking about it. Let’s go.

-Scene Change: Underground Waterway-

Yuma: … …I got the headache around here yesterday.

Uugh… …must be here… …

… …Ggh… …Aggh… …

(What… …the hell… …this memory… …Augh… …)


Edgar: Here’s a place that’s exclusive to us. Our secret base!

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DR3 Despair Arc: Unpopular Opinion

Wow, I’ve wanted to write a Mukuro analysis ever since episode 5 came out but I never really found the motivation to do so. But I guess I finally completed it? Or, at least, the matter I wanted to adress most. I won’t be going into much detail on the Chisa scene because in my opinion, the amount of hate Mukuro received just for that scene is off the charts and really surprised me. It’s okay to be disturbed by or sensitive towards lobotomies/brain surgery/gore but the baseless hate that was spammed in the tags was really unnecessary. Mukuro is a villain character, first and foremost. She’s Junko’s sister and lived most of her life as a mercenary. Don’t go crying over spilled milk, folks.

But that aside, let’s state my real point of critique.

‘Mukuro Ikusaba is OOC’.

This, this is probably what pisses me off the most when I read rants about Zetsubou-hen. I’ve seen this statement appear so many times. Let me get things straight: sorry to burst your bubble but Mukuro’s character has actually always been like this. I understand her sister-complex and totally masochistic thoughts in episode 5 and 6 might have shocked some people. Perhaps, because their only background on her character is DR1 and possibly DR:IF (which left Mukuro an empty canvas for us fans to fill in and created the possibility for a cute fluffy Naekusaba fanfics) or because animation and voice acting usually leaves a stronger impression on most people than written text does. But let me put this straight once and for all, her sudden outbursts about Junko nor her performing a lobotomy on Chisa were ‘Out of Character’ or ruined her in any way. I’ll try to explain her obsession with Junko by using a few quotes from the light novel DR/Zero which is canon to the Kibougakuen timeline and in which Mukuro has a more prominent role. (Note: These are all quotes from book 2 ch 10. You can probably find the translations somewhere online and read the chapter yourself to get a better understanding of the situation.)

There will be spoilers for DR/Zero after this so beware

After Mukuro defeats the Madarai Brothers in Yasuke Matsuda’s clinic to save Ryouko, the two have a brief conversation together. Mukuro expains to Ryouko that she came to save her because that’s what her sister, Junko Enoshima wanted her to do. Ryouko is obviously taken aback by hearing the name Junko Enoshima once again and how she seems to be involved in everything that’s been going on around her lately. Mukuro continues to explain her interpretation of Junko’s despair to Ryouko and this is mostly done in an emotionless manner (that she seems to use whenever she is talking to anyone when the subject ‘Junko’ isn’t involved)

All of a sudden it looked like Ikusaba-san’s eyes were gazing far away.
“That’s why, whoever it may be, whatever situation it may be, whatever world it may be, it just all means nothing to her, unless she is dealing with

But as soon as the topic changes to Junko herself, Mukuro’s overall expressions and overall body language seems to change drastically.

"Yes, she really is ridiculous…to the point of despair, she’s the lowest, worst sister ever but…that’s why I can’t leave her alone. That’s why I have to help her. After all, I’m the only one who can understand her.”

Then, looking at the face Ikusaba-san showed me, I was suddenly taken aback. The ever so emotionless face was, ecstatic and smiling.

When Mukuro talks about (her relationship to) Junko, her demeanor turns 180 degrees almost instantly. But it gets even more intens than this. In the next paragraph Mukuro explains the link between Junko and despair and how her sister eventually became Ultimate Despair. Or at least, this is Mukuro’s take on that but we can consider this very close to the truth. The emotion she feels while explaining this, is described by Ryouko as the following: 

While she spoke, it was like she fell into a fever, the expressions on her face turned into ecstasy. It was so completely absurd that it would have been hard for anybody to think of it as anything but a joke, but I understood that this was real.

Does anybody remember the blushing faces in the limousine scene from episode 5? Yes, exactly. We can safely say that she is probably making a similar expression here than the ones we saw in the DR3 anime.

"Hey, you don’t get it right? I don’t think anybody could. But you know, only I can understand it…”

Consumed by ecstasy, even Ikusaba-san’s breaths began to become ragged.

“Only I am able of understanding her. That’s why she needs me. She still hasn’t realized that but, maybe she is only pretending not to realize. Ufu, that’s because she’s so shy. Ufufufu.”
Seeing this
intoxicated Ikusaba-san continue to talk like that, repelled me.I knew that she definitely didn’t have normal feelings for Junko Enoshima

Ryouko’s reaction to Mukuro’s disturbing behaviour is probably how most of us felt when we first saw Mukuro talking to Junko back in episode 5. But it seems true, Mukuro has no normal feelings for Junko Enoshima and that’s why we have a hard time understanding or relating to them. We see it as unnatural, weird and even disgusting to some degree. While these are all valid opinions, that doesn’t mean Mukuro Ikusaba’s portrayal in the DR3 anime is OOC. It actually is really on point with the information we get in Zero. Mukuro goes as far as to masquerade as her sister to test Yasuke Matsuda’s memory erasing techniques by fooling Ryouko, kill two Board members and most of the Madarai brothers in the process, just because that’s what Junko ordered her to do before she underwent Matsuda’s treatment.

What I also noted in that small conversation Mukuro and Ryouko had in chapter 2.10 is that it shows us a bit of Mukuro’s motivation to why she is so extremely loyal to Junko in the first place.

There is nothing in the world that means more to her than dealing with despair, is what Mukuro says about Junko. Which we know already from the games.

To that statement, Mukuro adds:

“But because of that (her obsession with despair), I can’t leave her alone. After all, I am the only one who can understand her.”

“Hey, you don’t get it right? I don’t think anybody could. But you know, only I can understand it…”

Mukuro really wants to help her sister because she claims she is the only one who can understand Junko. And because she understands, she wants to go to unhealthy degrees for the sake of her sister. Why exactly this is, is never stated because Mukuro keeps claiming she is the only one who understands. And thus, nobody else could understand her motivations, is the only conclusion I can make here.

“Only I am able of understanding her. That’s why she needs me. She still hasn’t realized that but, maybe she is only pretending not to realize. Ufu, that’s because she’s so shy. Ufufufu.”

This was a really odd statement for me, at first, but I feel like it does make sense if I take Mukuro’s feelings towards Junko in cosideration here. Mukuro said that the only thing important to Junko is, indeed, despair. Meaning Junko would only need Mukuro if Mukuro could give her the thing she desires most. Mukuro gives us a similar standpoint in Episode 5. She will repetitively state that Junko will fall into deep despair if she murders her own sister. But this is probably only an example of how she could be of importance to Junko’s needs. It would validate that Junko did indeed need Mukuro, in some way, and it seems to be enough for Mukuro, however twisted that might be. 

Junko does need Mukuro in a way but this is where Mukuro interprets Junko’s feelings wrong. Junko’s plan is far from completion in DR/Zero. Since this is set before DR1, she is still in the middle of planning the Mutual Killing for class 78. And to make her plan complete, she needs a few key factors to be realized first. Matsuda’s memory erasement technique is one of them but she also mentions that Mukuro has yet to fullfil her job (by masquerading as Junko once again during the 78th class’ Mutual Killing).

Mukuro is pretty much two faced throughout the entire novel/anime. Appearing cool, fearsome and emotionless in battle and overly agitated or shy when around Junko or when talking to/about her.

Spoilers for DR/Zero end here

Also, what I remember from DR:IF is that Mukuro had two motives for deserting Junko’s side. 1. because she felt conflicted about Makoto Naegi and 2. because she wanted Junko to fall into a greater despair by ruining her plans. She never harboured any prominent feelings towards the rest of class 78, only towards her sister and Makoto. But somehow I have a feeling Mukuro was only attracted to Makoto’s hope much like many other characters in the franchise. After all, he’s SHSL Hope and that is his influence on the people around him. Makoto has been shown to be able to restore hope in others much like Junko is able to manipulate people into falling into despair. It something that comes natural to them as SHSL Hope and SHSL Despair, respectively. I’m not denying that Mukuro might indeed have had feelings for Makoto but this is my take on the matter.

This pretty much wraps up my opinion on her characterisation in the DR3 anime. I really want to do an even more detailed analysis on her but damn this was supposed to be a short list.

I hope I made myself a bit clear. I love Mukuro Ikusaba as a character. I don’t hate different interpretations on her personality but I dislike people that deny her true character because it doesn’t fit in with their headcanons. Having an AU is totally fine, but don’t go around claiming you write canon.

If I made any mistakes or whatsoever, leave me a comment ;)

Dark Fate Yuma Maniac Epilogue Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02     Ecstasy Prologue

-Scene: Castle Living Room-

Kou: ――Ruki-kun… …

Ruki: Kou… …! Why are you up? I told you to get some rest.

Kou: Hehe… …I’m fine already.

Ruki: You still can’t walk without a support, correct? If you keep wandering around like that, it’ll only cause more problems. Listen to me and go back to bed.

Kou: Geez~ You’re so cold, Ruki-kun. There’s no way I could just keep still.

Yuma-kun and M Neko-chan are still missing too… …

I wonder what happened to those two… …Azusa-kun and I managed to escape, but them… …

Ruki: A familiar’s searching for them as we speak. They should be returning soon.

Anyway, how’s Azusa? Is he conscious yet?

Kou: No, he’s still out… …he had really bad injuries, so you can’t blame him.

Ruki: I see… …Well, you’re both lucky enough to have made it back here alive after fighting with that younger first blood.

But seriously… …If there’s not a person there to watch you, you all end up in trouble.

I’ve told you not to let your guards down, haven’t I?

Kou: And so Ruki-kun’s lecturing begins… …I’m very injured y’know. Cut me some slack.

Ruki: Don’t act injured when it’s convenient for you.

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Thoughts on KENN’s photobook ‘Nu’

Since I haven’t seen anyone posting here on Tumblr about KENN’s photobook much yet, I thought I’d write up a post to share what’s inside and my personal fangirling thoughts and impressions, especially for those who might be thinking about buying it but haven’t just yet! I will be scanning it when I get the time, as well as translating the interviews, but that might have to wait a while because I’m currently drowning in uni work OTL

Anyway, first off the photobook itself is 3132 yen. There are no special tokutens or differences in price for different online stores which takes a lot of confusion out of buying it! If you live outside of Japan you’ll need a proxy to buy it (edit: or as someone pointed out, it is available on CDJapan!), and of course the shipping price will depend on where you live (my preferred proxy is FromJapan). It also comes with a DVD which is about 10 minutes long - more on that later. Personally, I think it’s a really decent price (minus the shipping orz)! The photobook is A4 size and 112 pages long so it’s actually quite thick, and all printed on really nice paper as you’d expect. When I heard there would be a DVD included I thought that that might make it really expensive, but it didn’t! ٩( ๑╹ ꇴ╹)۶ If there’s one thing which I wish was included I wish it had a tokuten bromide included so I could stick it up on my desk and state at Kenn’s pretty face whenever I’m studying lol

More on the different sections and some photos under the cut!

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Hibike! Euphonium Last Episode

It’s sad, but the Spring 2015 anime season has ended. Of course, while Summer 2015 looks pretty good so far, we’re all still missing our favorites from last season, including KyoAni’s rather groundbreaking (in terms of both animation and plot) Hibike! Euphonium. With its final episode, we saw the conclusion (for now) to a story that’s been captivating us for weeks. It is definitely a solid conclusion, and sure, it might not have addressed everything, which leaves us to ask, who knows? In this post, I’ll point out what this episode does address and how it relates to the conclusion as a whole. To start out with, here’s a quote from our newly emboldened protagonist Kumiko:

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[Translated] Interview with Jeon Ji Hyun on Bazaar April 2014

First it is not a mistake of tagging Kim Soo Hyun because he was mentioned to have visited her briefly during the interview (SPAZZ). Secondly, I am not sure if this is a real Bazaar interview but it looks true enough but I found the chinese and korean interview floating online so I translated it. So here you go:

“In the first episode of the drama, You Who Came From the Stars (hereinafter known as the Star), Do Min Joon (by Kim Soo Hyun) said:

“No matter if you are willing or not, what should happen will happen. This is what the earthlings call, Destiny.”

Isn’t Jeon Ji Hyun acting in this role a destiny as well? This is obviously like a magical fleeting moment. Just like Cheon Song Yi, a big part of her life is playing the role of a superstar, Jeon Ji Hyun has displayed excellent acting skills in the drama (who could forget her tears that seem to just pour down without the awful cringe of crying faces?). She created this image where the audience can no longer differentiate who is Cheon Song Yi and who is Jeon Ji Hyun or is she a third persona where it is a mix of both?

The Jeon Ji Hyun who has been jogging in the mornings without fail for the past 10 years, showed up at the office at the agreed 11am. Watching her seated beside the full length mirror, I had thought that Cheon Song Yi appeared before me. The best way to describe her is that she is 100% identical to Cheon Song Yi. Jeon Ji Hyun said “During the first snow, Cheon Song Yi who shouted that she wanted fried chicken and beer, looking very independent and strong, she is after all, just a sentimental defenceless girl.” She feels that she is most like what Do Min Joon said “Food is a very curious thing, when you are eating it alone, you don’t feel that there is anything wrong, but (after trying it once), you hate eating alone.” and after that he brings back 2 bowls of udon. When the warm udon noodles was brought to her, Cheon Song Yi immediately takes over the noodles making her so happy that she forgets about everything before her. That is her true nature, she becomes defenceless in front of food.

Just like that she said, at 12pm, Jeon Ji Hyun (the regimental her has meals right on time just like clockwork) moves on to feast on the buffet that was set up in the office. In her plate, she has piled on especially a lot of bamboos (which is seasonal).

14 years ago, Jeon Ji Hyun had romance that travelled through time with Lee Jung Jae in the movie Il Mare. When she was interviewed for that movie at that time, she said that she would like to have a romantic love story just like the movie. From the looks of it, it is hard to tell who should be the ideal man beside Jeon Ji Hyun.

Interestingly, it is the Kim Soo Hyun who has the fortune to work with her in the movie Thieves, that is one and only in her entire acting career (meaning that there isn’t another co-star like that in her career). This man (ie Kim Soo Hyun) was in the midst of filming his commercial in a nearby location and in order to see her, he came by himself to the office directly, and they created a very friendly atmosphere in the office together. Jeon Ji Hyun says “I think Kim Soo Hyun is the Korean Leonardo DiCaprio (laughs) he has both the boyish nature and yet a manly side, when he laughs, it makes people a little sad.” The love that Kim Soo Hyun as an actor showed in the Star is a very special one to Jeon Ji Hyun and all of us. Although it was shown in the Star the typical scenes of damsel in distress where he used super powers to save the damsel in distress, Do Min Joon is a man that also understands that a woman like Cheon Song Yi must be looked after in all aspects. He loves Cheon Song Yi unconditionally and without any compromise and is able to handle her confidently like the rightful male lead. And for Cheon Song Yi who is able to receive such love, after finding out about her feelings, she can only coolly and actively accept it.

The world has become tired of the typical story of a perfect man, after facing the world’s objections and overcoming the odds to win the plain girl next door kind of Cinderella love story. To now watch a Cheon Song Yi who is so brave and frank with love saying “No, I seduced him to go with me on a trip”, we find that she is so loveable and to add to things, her other half is an alien! What started out to be a ridiculous love and sci-fi kind of story, Jeon Ji Hyun slowly displayed the many layers of an extremely romantic love story. With Kim Soo Hyun who is able to command a multitude of emotions and be able to bring out the feelings of every scene, both of them made the love story very special. From this, Jeon Ji Hyun’s love has surpassed time and space and become reality “Actually, have never been worried about the fact that it was with an alien. The love with a vampire has always been used as a concept in movies because the audience is beginning to love a perfect person. To be able to live young forever coupled with the vast knowledge, that is no different from the Do Min Joon which Cheon SongYi loves.”

Before the interview, I met up with Ha Jung Woo, he recalled filming with Jeon Ji Hyun and dissected the reason why she is so beautiful “Jeon Ji Hyun’s special sense of humour is the most precious. Her beauty is not only purely on looks, of course there are other factors” Hearing him say that reminds me of the press conference of Thieves, when being compared in terms of beauty with Kim Hye Soo, she said “Same as what everyone saw, just on the bust size, I am already not her competitor, I wont be able to win.”

“To an average person, we will be able to feel good if the other person can see us. When it comes to interacting with people, even if something bad happens, will also work hard to not show the unhappy feelings is very important. Through acting in this drama, I truly feel that to have the ability to let people laugh, is a very happy thing to do. Normally, I am not always funny but through being Cheon Song Yi, let the Star team and the audience see the interesting sides, I, myself, find it very magical.”

Jeon Ji Hyun has a very vast experience as an actor, a natural aura of a superstar, personality of an independent woman, in this perfect triangle, she managed to reach the top again. However, she says that she is happiest when people say she is not like a celebrity. The wife of PD of the Thieves (they worked together in the movie Daisy) said that she finds her acting very magical, and after hearing it, oddly makes Jeon Ji Hyun feel very good. When I hear this, I feel that I am not familiar enough with her side as an actor. Not seeing her as an actor but I feel that Jeon Ji Hyun still has a very ordinary, grounded and sincere side to her. How should I write about this actress called Jeon JI Hyun who is so near to me physically, who can put on all kinds of looks and performance to let the audience relate with her and someone who is so deep with her thoughts? Actually, I will use what she believes acting should be as a conclusion “I believe to live my life properly will allow me to be a good actor” Isn’t that the most perfect answer?

When the Moon: Chapter 13 and Song of Solomon

As mentioned in my Author’s Note, Chapter 13 contains copious Song of Solomon references, quotes, and adaptations thereof. I drew from multiple different translations to get the phrasing I preferred and am justifying it with the theory that in a dystopia like Panem, the little that people recall of Scripture would necessarily be cobbled together from a variety of oral traditions.

Hiding this behind a cut because HERE BE SPOILERS!

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