i used the 2nd kiss as their first because the actual first never felt like a first to me

Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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nthonystark  asked:

*comment about how hyun jae stole ji hoon’s crush and didn’t improve his father-son relationship with Ji Hoon instead*

Oh boy…  Let my pettiness begin 

1st: relationship between Ji Hoon and Hyun Jae

“omg he’s his dad why didn’t the show focus more in their relationship as father and son!??!?!?”

Did… did we watch the same drama? Okay so first of all, the Hyun Jae that traveled to 2017 is 1993 Hyun Jae, the Hyun Jae that dated Bo Hee and is actually Ji Hoon’s dad is 1994 Hyun Jae, before that moment Hyun Jae didn’t even know Bo Hee personally (yep it clearly says so in ep 28 look it up). I mean, if my mom time traveled to this exact moment in her 24 years old self she would probably be like “dude what the fuck I just bought my first new car what do u mean saying you’re my daughter” 

If that isn’t enough to convince you, you can totally skip to the 31st episode where ’94 and ’93 Hyun Jae(s) meet and ’94 HJ tells him to talk more about Ji Hoon and in those few minutes shows how much he cares for him (“I miss them.. Gwang Jae, Bo Hee….. Ji Hoon…” AREN’T YOU GOING TO SAY THAT SCENE BROKE YOUR HEART?? AND WHEN HE TOLD ’93 HJ TO GIVE HIS BRACELET TO JI HOON?? Oh my god I’m already crying)

“But still… 1993 HJ is so selfish, even if he actually never hooked up with Bo Hee until a year later HE’S!! STILL!! HIS!! DAD!! AND SHOULD AT LEAST CARE ABOUT HIM!!” Again… did we watch the same drama?

Quoting Hyun Jae: “I didn’t go through it, but that’s still me.” “You know what? I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you. I’m sorry for making you feel lonely. I’m sorry for the things I did to say sorry” ??? Idk about you but that sounds like a real deep apology for me. Plus, it’s not only about him apologizing or making whatever he can to fix his relationship with Ji Hoon. It’s also about Ji Hoon accepting his feelings and not be like “wtvr ure not my real dad bla bla I only have one dad and his name is Gwang Jae” and of course I can totally understand what he’s feeling!! I know what is like to not have a dad present in your life and resenting him because he abandoned you (or in this case, feeling like he abandoned you) but as I already explained before, that’s not the case here!! Hyun Jae did try in many opportunities to improve their relationship (because at the end, he was his future-self’s son). He wanted Ji Hoon to pursue his dream of being a singer, so in ep 13 he actually tried to him so Gwang Jae wouldn’t know he was a trainee. He actually encouraged him to stand up to Gwang Jae and Bo Hee and tell them his real wish and actually stood up to Gwang Jae and told him to allow Ji Hoon pursue his dream (and that actually caused a discussion between them). In other opportunities he kept on showing his support (and in a lot of those opportunities Ji Hoon didn’t want him close… so don’t put all the blame in Hyun Jae) heck, he even fixed the song Ji Hoon had written so he and MC Hammer could debut with it. It wasn’t until ep 28 where Ji Hoon actually confessed how he felt towards HJ and where their relationship actually took a deeper step (because they were sincere with each other u see?? Development is great!)

Should I keep on talking about this subject? Nah let’s move with the second one (and my favorite one lmao)

2nd: “I’m so pissed I wanted Ji Hoon and Woo Seung together but ugh nope Hyun Jae had to come and steal her from Ji Hoon’s arms even though we all knew he had feelings for her for a long time and even worst he’s his father ew ew Ji Hoon is step-son zoned now”

I… I don’t even know where to begin with this to be quite honest…

“Hyun Jae stole Ji Hoon’s crush” stolestoleS T O L E

Aren’t you all the ones who keep complaining about the Nice Guy™ stereotype and how girls in most tv shows keep staying with them just because “they like her so she obviously has to reciprocate his feelings” ?? First of all, repeat with me: A PERSON IS NOT A PIECE OF FURNITURE YOU CAN STEAL FROM SOMEONE, and second: JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE LIKES YOU DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO LIKE THEM BACK (lmao ask my crush) let’s stop with the internalized sexism and cut the shit once and for all. You’re always talking about wanting unexpected twists and not having the girl fall for the first guy that tells her he loves her, yet now that it actually happened and even when Woo Seung was kind enough to say she didn’t share his same feelings but Ji Hoon still came and forced a kiss on her you’re all, again, blaming Hyun Jae for this?, okay…  (REMEMBER THAT AFTER THIS WOO SEUNG PUNCHED HIM AND HE SAID HE DESERVED IT? GREAT JOB WOO SEUNG BBY)

At the beginning Hyun Jae did encourage Ji Hoon to be persistent with Woo Seung, but along the way he realized he had feelings for her as well (“this does not happen in real life omg” believe me, it does) and and what did he do? He told Woo Seung he liked her, and you know what happened?? TURNS OUT WOO SEUNG ALSO HAD FEELINGS FOR HIM WOAAH (but… you know… he “stole” her from Ji Hoon, as in he kidnapped her and put her in the trunk of a car and was like “ B!#CH EITHER YOU LIKE ME OR I’LL SELL YOU TO THE BLACK MARKET aw what a sweet love story”)

NGL at first I did think Ji Hoon and Woo Seung were going to end up together (because I expected a full cliché) but then.. I started to realize things… and started to feel guilty because I liked Woo Seung and Hyun Jae’s interactions more than hers with Ji Hoon… and then suddenly it hit me that I was rooting for them so fucking hard they became my otp)

“ew ew but he’s still his father and that’s gross ew ew” please refer to the first point of this post. I’m done combating bullshit for today

By the way…do u remember in ep 26 when Ji Hoon asked Woo Seung how she felt about Hyun Jae and she said “I’m not sure, I might like him” and Ji Hoon’s response was “what if we weren’t friends to begin with? What if we didn’t meet as childhood friends but instead what if we had met like you and HJ (…) If we had, do you think things would have been different for us? I really regret having met you as a friend.” ?? do u remember that?? Classic.

P.S Don’t think I’m hating on Ji Hoon lmao, the thing is his development started way after everyone else’s and that’s why –at least for me- in most of the situations I quoted he isn’t exactly my cup of tea. However, as I previously said, his development actually began in the last episodes (I could say it actually started with Hyun Jae’s conversation in ep 28) and at the end he was the sweet guy I first fell for in the first episode.

my long distance relationship over the span of 5 months

November 19th, 2016: you messaged me for the first time. At the time the only reason I answered was that I loved the way your name felt in my mouth

November 20th, 2016: we face timed for the first time. We talked into the early hours and fell asleep without hanging up. You woke me up with “good morning beautiful.” We both stayed home that day because we were “sick” we faceted for hours that day.

December 1st, 2016: everyone around me was noticing how happy I was. I was always smiling. And it was because of you. You were my happiness. I would always write your football number on my wrist when I thought about you. We’ve been face timing every day. You were the reason I woke up.

December 19th, 2016: you were always talking about these other girls. It was killing me. I finally asked you about it. You replied with “I’m sorry baby it won’t happen again. You’re my girl. Always remember that.” 

December 26th, 2016: we face timed each other and talked about what we received for Christmas. You were so happy. I loved seeing your smile.

December 23rd, 2016: you showed me to your parents. They were proud of you. I was so relieved.

December 24th, 2016: we were face timing and you carved my name into your wall. I couldn’t stop smiling.

December 28th, 2016: I relapsed. I had a panic attack in the bathroom and blacked out. I woke up with the bath tinted red and a dozen messages and three missed calls. All from you. I cried instantly regretting what I did. When I told you what happened you went silent. I cried.

December 28th, 2016 11:58 pm: I thought you were asleep. I was having another panic attack thinking about us. How you could just walk out of my life at any time. There was so much distance between us. that was the night you told me you loved me. I remember how you started to panic as soon as you sent it. How you meant it but you weren’t going to send it. I tried to calm you down and told you I loved you too. You always had a way of making me smile.

December 31st, 2016: you took the time to call me and kiss me happy new year. I was so in love.

January 1st, 2017: you were being distant. We weren’t talking as mush as we were. Blunt answers. Not answering my calls. I didn’t know why.

January 6th, 2017: you left me.

January 8th, 2017: I was never happy anymore. Everyone saw it. I never smiled. Never laughed. You destroyed me.

January 19th, 2017: I have been crying myself to sleep every night. I’d cry in class. I was having five to six panic attacks a day. you were the cause of them. And the funny thing is, you were the only person who could melt them away with just the sound of your voice.

February 4th, 2017: I was doing better. The panic attacks died down. I wasn’t crying as much. I didn’t think about you as often as I did. I was getting over you.

February 14th, 2017: it was valentines day. I was actually happy. I had gotten a lot of sweets from my friends and family. I posted them and you messaged me for the first time in over a month. You were joking around. Asked if you could have some. I joked saying you gotta come and get them. Then you asked if we could FaceTime. We face timed for four hours and 23 minutes that day. I was so happy.

February 22nd, 2017: we’ve been face timing a lot again. My friends warned me about you. Why didn’t I listen?

March 14th, 2017: it was my birthday. I was having an amazing day. I got out of school early and spent the day with my mom. When I got home you face timed me. You had something you wanted to tell me. You wanted to make it official. You told me you loved me for the first time since you left and you asked me to be your girlfriend. I said yes as I cried.

March 29th, 2017: things were so good. Fuck I was so happy to have you back.

April 2nd, 2017: you were getting distant again. And it felt like you were making more anxious rather than calm. I was terrified I was gonna lose you again

April 11th, 2017: you became so distant. I couldn’t take it anymore. I texted you and told you that I felt that thing were the same and that maybe we should take a break. You weren’t even phased. You just said that you understood. The last thing you ever said to me was “just remember I will always love you.” What a lie.

April 13th, 2017: you unadded me and unfollowed me on just about everything. That stung.

April 16th, 2017: you were in a new relationship. With Hannah. I knew it. You were always talking about her. you were talking to her while you were with me, weren’t you..?

I don’t believe you ever loved me. Because it’s months later and I’m still crying about it and I still can’t seem to move on. Yet you had no issue with it. I still have a lot of our videos… I haven’t looked at them in forever though. I don’t want to. But I can’t bring myself to delete them. You ruined my birthday for me. Fuck you. I shouldn’t have let you back in. 1946 miles apart and somehow I was still madly in love. I thought you were too…

remusjohnlvpin  asked:

just read your marauders holiday hc and it was so cute (remus drooling over sirius as jareth is my new favourite thing) and reading it I couldn't help but wondering if anything involving wolfstar was revealed during those never have I ever/truth or dare halloween games ;)

(The first part of this prompt is here)

Oh my thoughts of this! Bare with me, we will get to the wolfstar ❤ (this got a little long and angsty guys. I’d say sorry but I’m so not.)

- So in fourth year, dare queen Lily was dared to kiss (with tongue) the cutest looking guy in the circle. 

- James Potter preened expecting a kiss

- Sirius groaned thinking it was going to be him

- Every other lad in the circle started doing the breath check

- Apart from Pumpkin Remus who found the whole thing hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing

- (He was also pretty drunk. Well he had to be dressed like this, thank you very much James Potter and Sirius Black!)

- All the girls held their breath for what was going to happen next.

- But Lily simply smiled, got to her feet and walked straight to the boy who was definitely the cutest in the group.

- Remus.

- He didn’t even seem surprised that Lily chose him

- He just grinned widely and opened his arms out for her.

- She sat down in his lap and started kissing him.

- And the kiss was h a w t.

- James was a mixture of both jealous and slightly turned on.

- Peters jaw was on the ground because damn, this was so provocative. 

- But Sirius. Was. Livid.

- He had no idea why he was so angry. 

- His eyebrows were furrowed, his teeth were grinding, his fists were clenched.

- Was it because Remus was kissing Lily, the girl his best friend (his brother!) had been in love with for over a year? 

- Or did he suddenly have feelings for Lily Evans? 

- No, no, that definitely wasnt it.

- Then he saw Remus’ tongue stroke against Lily’s out of their mouths and that’s when it hit him like an expelliarmus.

- He wanted to be the one kissing Remus.

- But he wasn’t gay, was he?

- He was Sirius Black!

- He had to like girls … thats what was ‘normal

-Thats what was expected to him.

- But damn, that pink tongue looked like it knew what it was doing.

- Almost as if it was quite experienced …

- Cue teenage sexual crisis.

- After about a minute, Lily and Remus broke the kiss and couldn’t stop laughing

- She took a seat next to Remus for the rest of the game, getting the occasional death glare from James and Sirius

- Then Remus’ turn came along

- He decided to pick truth.

- “Remus, how would you rate that kiss you shared with Lily?” Dorcas Meadows asked

- All of the girls sat on the edge of their seats

- “Well, its definitely the best kiss Lily and I have had, and the best kiss I’ve had with a girl by far so … 8 out of 10?”

- “What?! No way, that was a total 10 out of 10, Remus Lupin!”

- “Yeah, but Lily, he’s kissed a lot more people than you have,” Mary added with a wink at Remus.

- Sirius sat up bolt right. 

- First of all, how many people had he kissed?

- Second of all, what does he mean ‘best kiss with a girl’?

- Third of all, what did he mean best kiss with Lily? How many times have they kissed?!

- And lastly, why the hell did he not know anything about it?!

- “Merlin, Pads, thats 4 rounds of questions that I can’t answer yet. Its no longer my go!” 

- Fuck, I said all that out loud.

- Sirius waited painfully for Remus’ next go.

- And he chose Dare.


- Everyone went silent. 

- Sirius blushed from red to toe.

- That was a little louder and more enthusiastic than he was expecting.

- “That’s not how the game works, Pads.” Remus chuckled, taking a swig of his drink, still cool as a cucumber.

- “Fine then. I have a dare for the group instead! Everyone raise their hands if you’ve ever kissed or been kissed by Remus Lupin.”

- The sea of hands that rose was NOT what Sirius was expecting.

- Lily’s, Alice’s, Marlene’s, Dorcas’, Mary’s and a few other girls in the older years hands were all the first to fly into the air.

- Frank’s, Fabian and Gideon’s, Benji’s and James’ reluctantly followed …

- “JAMES?!” 

- “What? I was curious, and Remus said he would … it’s no big, Sirius.” James started ruffling his hair consciously.

- Remus just winked exaggeratedly at him, downing even more of his fire whiskey.

- “And why didn’t you tell me? You know what, fuck this. If Remus want’s to be a slut, then go for it.”

- “Sirius!” James shouted angrily. 

- But Sirius was too hurt to care. 

- He got up and stormed upstairs to his dorm room. 

- He flung open the door and threw himself down onto his bed, picked up his pillow, put it to his face and just screamed.

- Why is he even acting this way? Why has it affected him so much?

- “Pads?” 

- Removing the pillow, Sirius saw Remus hovering near his bed looking sad.

- “Moony, I’m sorry for what I said …”

- “I’m not doing it in a slutty way …”

- “I … I’m sorry, it’s not what … I didn’t mean …”

- “It’s just … people ask me if I’ll be their first kiss, you know … cause they .. well, its a nerve-wracking thing, isn’t it? The first time. So … I’m kind of the … well, the friendly beta I guess. I’ve never actually kissed someone I liked before … and I’ve never done more than kissing. I’m … I’m not a slut.”

- Sirius sat up, scooted to the edge of his bed and patted next to him for Remus to sit down, which he did.

- “Why do you do it then?”

- “Because I’m friends with everyone that’s asked, and you know I’d always do stuff for my friends. That, and well, it’s experience isn’t it? It help’s me realise who I actually like, whether they’re a boy, girl, both, or neither. It helps me figure out my sexuality.” 

- “Not that it matters, anyway. No-one is going to want to be with me when they find out that I’m werewolf in the long run are they? Especially a trans one. Whats the harm in a little innocent fun?” 

- “Did you see that kiss, Remus? That was not innocent.”

- Remus laughed lightly.

- “Okay, not totally innocent …”

- “And you’re wrong, you know. Someone out there does want to be with you. It doesn’t matter that you’re trans or a werewolf, Remus. They’re not qualities that someone will over look to be with you, they’re qualities that they’ll love because they’re apart of you. You need to stop thinking them as flaws.”

- Remus sighed heavily.

- “I doubt that very much, Pads. But thank you.”

- They both just sat their in silence for a moment.

- “Why did you get so angry?”

- “Why didn’t you tell me?” 

- Remus shrugged. 

- “It’s not normally something I’d bring up to people, is it? - Oh hey Sirius, just letting you know I’ve kissed around 12 people since 2nd year!”

- “12?!” 

- They stared at each other for a minute, then both bursted out laughing.

- “Oh god, I really do sound like a slut, don’t I?” He laughed, wiping away the tears from his eyes.

- “Come on, lets get back to the party” Remus smiled as he was calming down.

- He stood up and began to walk away, but Sirius grabbed his hand, making him stop.

- “Why did you never … why did you never kiss me?” 

- Remus gasped. Sirius started chewing his lips.

- “I … I told you, Pads … I … I never kissed anyone that … that I liked.” 

- If he wasn’t already orange and green from the hexing James gave him earlier, he would be bright red right now.

- Sirius stood up, eyes wide.

- “Really?!” He grinned, taking a step closer to Remus.

- Remus smiled back, then looked down to what he was wearing.

- “This would be so much more romantic if I wasn’t in a pumpkin suit.”

- Sirius laughed happily. 

- “I don’t care.” 

- He wrapped his arms around Remus’ back, who wrapped his around Sirius’ neck. 

- “Will you be my first real kiss, Remus?”

- “Only if you’ll be mine.” He whispered and closed the gap between them.

- And Holy. Hell.

- They were not wrong when they said practice makes perfect.

- It started off sweet and chaste, but then Remus parted Sirius’ lips just so with his tongue and he swears magic passed between them at first touch.

- He didn’t even know a kiss could feel this way.

- He felt hot, lust, wanting, safe, comfortable, happy, and just complete love.

- Love?!

- Sirius abruptly pulled away from the kiss and out of Remus’ arms.

- Remus’ opened his eyes and just stared in confusion.

- “Pads? Is everything okay? … Was … was it not good?”

- “No … no, it was great! I mean, thanks … and stuff. I just … I have to go…”

- Sirius quickly turned on his heel and bolted from the dorm, through the common room and out of the portrait hole. 

- I can’t love Remus. I can’t love another boy. Mothers going to murder me, actually murder me. Oh god, what do I do? I need to see Regulus.

- He knew his brother would help him and not turn him in to his mother.

- He’d never do that to Sirius.

- He managed to get all the way down to the Slytherin commons before he realised what he was doing and the fact that he just left Remus there in their dorm room, alone. 

- With him thinking that he was the problem.

- Oh god, why was he so dense sometimes?

- Just before he turned to walk back to Remus, Snape came around the corner.

- For a long time after it happened, Remus believed that Sirius betrayed him to Snape that night because he realised he didn’t return his feelings after the kiss and wanted to get rid of him.

- Remus didn’t spend any time with The Marauders for 6 months after that, electing to sleep on the floor in the girls dorm instead.

- It wasn’t until the following halloween before Remus fully forgave Sirius for that night.

I went angst (oops.) I’m tempted to write this as a proper fic! What do you guys think? 

You and me alone in this dream…

Yuta smut, inspired by a dream 

Resume: You were going to move out alone, first time in your life, when an unexpected help came from you next-door neighbor… 

It came a bit late but I still have many stuff to finish and now I’m going to post little by little everything. Sorry for the delay my darlings! Have fun reading! :)

For the first time in your life you were going to live independently after graduating and finally getting your desired full-time job…you prepared all your things carefully, weeks before, and finally the day to move out has come…You left your parents’ house behind almost crying but you knew some day you’ll have to grow up and you’ll have to stay strong - from now on you were going on your own way in life - experiencing your own dream.

You arrived in front of the building where your small and cozy apartment was located. For your surprise, they unloaded all your things at the entrance and let you carry them upstairs by your own, since one of the co-workers had an unexpected emergency and had to leave before helping you.

You cursed inside about how unprofessional they were, but well, you didn’t pay fully so you somehow saved some money. Thankfully you didn’t have any furniture to carry, only boxes with clothes, books and other small stuff, since your house was already full-equipped.

You bent down to pick up the first box, but it was too heavy and you almost fell down along, when a young man approached you  from behind  and said:

“Hello new neighbor, let me help you with that.”

You looked back at him and couldn’t see properly his eyes since his fringe covered them, but he had smooth features, his brown-reddish silky hair was better than your frizzle mess…you almost throw an envious glance, how a guy like him had a better hairstyle than you. But…but his voice had something that hit you straight into the heart.

“You’re moving on the 2nd floor, number 7 apartment, right? I know from a while ago it was vacated but I never expected a young beautiful lady like you would come here…since at night our neighborhood doesn’t feel very safe. You know, there are not many street lights around. By the way, where are my manners…my name is Yuta! Nakamoto Yuta! “

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ok so i saw hamilton almost a month ago (9/29/16) and it’s taken me this long to formulate my thoughts because i just have so much to say and frankly i couldn’t emotionally process it 

this isn’t a review but i did talk a lot about the changes from the OBC (i’ve never seen it in NYC so i’m going off of what i know from the OBCR and released clips), also i saw literally the 3rd time the chicago cast performed for an audience, technically before opening night (previews), so keep that it mind

it’s. Really long so i organized everything by song and bolded the really important stuff / what i think you’ll find most interesting. i may try and cull it down a bit more to do a more coherent review but for now you can just browse through my ramblings

(under the cut because, guys, it’s long.)

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“Famous Heartbreaks” Justin Bieber imagine

anonymous asked: “Your both singers and have broken up and you perform a song and it’s about your relationship and get back together after the show??💟”

Warnings: heartbreak

Word Count: 908

Yes I did use Life Is Worth living lol I’m terrible at making up songs


2 months ago

“Justin, you always do this, you stay out until 2 am and come home drunk! I’m sick of it!” I shout, my voice going hoarse from all the screaming.

“Y/N I’m so sick of you always trying to control my life! How about you shut up for once, gosh why am I even with you?! You know what I’m done with you Y/N, get out of my house.” He hollers


“Just go…” His voice was much more calm and sensitive than it was before.

With that I packed all my things and left. My music equipment and everything, he really wanted me gone.


It’s been 2 months since Justin and I broke up, the first month I was a wreck. I didn’t eat for days and didn’t get out of bed until Ariana made me.

“Are you ready to go to the arena?” Chris, my manager smiles.

“Yep! Lets go!” I was mentally screaming, because to be honest, it wouldn’t be the same without Justin in the crowd cheering me on and spoiling me after every show. When we arrived at the arena, I see thousands of screaming fans outside with concert jitters. I notice some fans in the back of the venue waiting for me to come out of my tour bus, they looked about 15 or maybe 16, they were really pretty and I’m positive they’ll be meeting me again considering they have VIP necklaces on. I step out of the bus wanting to pass out from exhaustion, but I try to put on my best “I’m totally not tired AT ALL” face.

“OMG ASDFGHJKL ITS Y/N. YOU ARE MY MOTHER. LOVE ME I WANT TO LOVE YOU! GIVE ME YOUR FACE!” The first girl screeched. I don’t know what was more scarier, the fact that she actually said asdfghjkl or the fact she said to give her my face. The 3 girls huddled like a bunch of football players, probably telling one another to play it cool.

“oh my god Y/N I’m such a huge fan, I will forever ship you and Justin!” The 2nd girl said.

“Shut the fuck up, Emma, they broke up, remember? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t wanna here it.” The tallest girl nudged. Yeah because that really helps.  

I took a couple selfies with them and then walked backstage to the arena. I’ve never been this nervous to perform before. Maybe it’s because I’m singing a song that hasn’t even been released to the public yet, and it’s about Justin and I’s relationship, so I don’t know how that’ll go. It was finally time for me to go on after waiting hours and preparing for what’s about to happen. I heard one of my most recent songs boom in the arena along with thousands of screaming girls and guys, indicating that it was time for me to go on stage. My heel to my sexy leather knee high boots clicked on stage as I felt my heart race with anticipation.

“Hey my loves! Thank you for coming tonight! Are you guys ready!” My voice carried to the top of the arena. Everyone screamed.

“I can’t hear you guys! Are you ready!!??” Another roar of screams, this time louder. I knew they were ready. I played through all the songs that were on the set list, except for one, my “love” song.

“This next song is one I wrote about 2 months ago, that I haven’t released to anyone yet, but now you guys get to hear, enjoy..” I took the deepest breath I could as I strummed my guitar and sang the first verse of the song beautifully.

“Ended up on a crossroad

Try to figure out which way to go

It’s like your stuck on a treadmill running

In the same place.”

As I sang the through all of the hooks and chorus I was approaching the last words, I started to tear up, like really tear up.

“Life is worth living, oh yeah
Life is worth living, so live another day
The meaning of forgiveness
People make mistakes
Only God can judge me
Life is worth living again
Another day
Life is worth living again”

I sang the last part so angelically I even saw a few tears coming from the 2 rows in front. The crowd cheered and hollered until I walked off the stage. As soon as I went in my dressing room I slammed the door and started bawling my eyes out…until I heard a voice that was just to familiar to not forget. It was Justin.

“Wha-what are you doing here?” I sniffle, trying to look tough, but it doesn’t work.

“I was here the whole time, that last song you sang was beautiful, Y/N. Listen, I’m sorry for what happened 2 months ago, I fucked up big time, and I’m sorry. I never once stopped loving you. I wanna give this another tr-” I cut him off  by kissing him hard on the lips, he kisses back.

“Of course we can try again, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I guess I can’t put it off any longer...

From @stephimarie317: If reylo were to be officially cannon in ep 8 how do you think it would play out??

So, I haven’t actually personally answered this yet. I think i’ve been avoiding it slightly haha =)

For me, it comes down to two specific factors of Episode VIII:

  1. Whether or not the Force Bond now exists
  2. How long it takes for Rey and Kylo to meet face-to-face again

If there’s one thing that I know with near absolute certainty, it’s that Kylo is already obsessed with Rey. As she continues on her journey and learns to hone and strengthen her abilities, he will only become more obsessed with her. We know obsession is something he’s already really good at, and I think some of this can be attributed to his natural personality. Growing up as someone who didn’t get the attention they needed, it’s easy for Kylo to develop drastic and obsessive tendencies towards things or people. These obsessive traits can also be attributed to how Snoke cultivated Ben over the years, pushing his mind towards the idea of a single end-goal so that he would be a powerful weapon for the Dark Side.

I know a lot of people are rooting for trilogy-consistency with a 2nd movie kiss, but I’m wary to jump on that train. However, it’s definitely not because I don’t see consistencies between the relationships in the previous movies, but there are other factors at play.

Anakin’s first dialogue in AOTC is literally him talking about how he hasn’t seen Padme in 10 years, yet he’s thought of her every single day since they parted. *cough* OBSESSIVE *cough*. Kylo is more like Vader than he probably realizes when it comes to obsessing about a girl. However, though Anakin feels Padme has forgotten him completely upon their reunion, we know that’s not true, she’s just playing her part as the Senator who is 5 years his senior. But regardless, they were always on the same side. They didn’t engage in a life or death battle with glowy sticks of death within the first days of meeting each other back on Tatooine. There was never a predetermined reason why they wouldn’t “work” unless you see the age difference as a problem. For reference here, Anakin is 19 and Padme is 24.

With Han and Leia, their love felt much more human, less foreordained or intended like Anakin and Padme’s. There is a definite Romeo and Juliet feel to the Anidala relationship, something planned by the deities if you will, hence their love theme being called “Across the Stars.” But Han and Leia fell in love much closer to how you or I fall in love (unless the Gods planned your love, which in that case, I’m hella jealous, and also, can they set me up?). They met, they bumped elbows, they flirted, they denied, they surged forward, they backed away, they simply fell in love the way people fall in love: messily. This is also why their relationship feels so “real” in VII. A separated family, parents that still love each other, but just can’t “deal with life together”, is an incredibly familiar concept to many of us. I can’t think of many marriages that ended with one half suddenly turning down a starkly different path and planning on ruling an entire galaxy, but I can think of a few dozen relationships I know of where things just didn’t “work out”, but there was still love between them.

Now, I would say that a potential Reylo relationship feels like it would be more “destined” than organic. Much of this comes from both people having a connection to the Force, but also because obviously, they aren’t rooting for the same side from Day 1. Something other than their own personal interests is going to have to draw them together. Han and Leia, though they went about it in different ways, always fought for the same thing, the destruction of the Empire/First Order. For Anidala, though it eventually ended up in a different place, when they fell in love, Anakin and Padme were both fighting on the same side of the war, the side for liberty and peace. Rey and Kylo are clearly on opposite sides here from the moment they meet, and the battle of glowy sticks of death solidifies this in case there were any doubts.

So. How do I think things will play out in VII? Again, it depends on the two factors I listed above: Whether there’s already a Force Bond, and how long it takes until they physically see each other again. If the Force Bond already exists, that pushes the potential MUCH higher to see a big relationship development. The biggest thing that stands in the way of their potential relationship now is the fact that Rey still truly does believe Kylo to be little more than a monster. Being able to step away from the heat of battle, but still retain the connection between them and ponder it, allows the opportunity for her to better recognize and understand his internal conflicts.

I think when Rey really sees Kylo’s struggle against the light, and not just the Vader-worshipping darkness within him, she’s going to be troubled. Not troubled in the way that she’s disturbed by him, but troubled that she is feeling pity towards this man, towards this “monster”. I think if Rey is also able to sense Snoke’s presence in Kylo’s mind, it will have a profound impact on how she sees them both. Right now, she has no reason to believe that Kylo isn’t the evil mastermind of everything bad in the galaxy. But when she sees how Kylo is being manipulated by an oppressive power, one that can’t be fought if you want to survive, she will relate to that based on her experiences fighting for life on Jakku.

So yeah, Force Bond? Big part of the puzzle.

The other part of the equation is when their next physical meetup is going to be. If it takes until halfway through the movie before they’re in the same place, like it did in VII, I would not expect to see more than very subtle hints of a change in Rey’s feelings by the end of VIII. However, if their face-to-face interaction plays an important part in the first few sequences of the film, the chances are much greater for more mutual feelings by the end. As far as kisses go? I don’t see a 100% mutual decision from both sides like we saw in the Anidala kiss, or even kinda in the Han/Leia kiss. What I find MUCH more likely is one of them (probs Kylo) to initiate something, get overwhelmed, freak out, have it sorta happen, sorta not, and then they split up again for a while, getting a chance to mull it over obsessively. The closest movie scene I can call to mind that demonstrates this is the rain scene in Pride and Prejudice. Take a look-see.

Someone before (I’m SO SORRY I can’t remember who it was) talked about how the feelings of fear and anger and attraction are all pretty much the same biologically, cause your body really only has a gas pedal and a brake, so getting caught up in the heat of an argument can easily push you towards actions that are typically based on attraction.

THIS is how I see it happening. They’re both still fighting each other, fighting for what they believe in, but they can no longer claims that they are true opposites. The harder they try to push away from each other, the more they will see in common with one another. 

Kylo is obsessed and knows it, yes, but to actually be in love? Love is weakness and false! His family taught him that! He will convince himself that he’s obsessed with the girl for her power, not for “her”. He will be lying to himself.

Rey will fight the feelings of pity and concern. A monster such as himself doesn’t deserve them from her. She will be horrified of his obsession, but cannot deny there is a certain interest, though perhaps a sick interest, to suddenly having attention from someone with such power. After being literally invisible and meaningless to those around her for her entire life, that change is undeniable, even if it is unwanted. She will discover that though outside appearances would say Kylo isn’t worth saving, her life as a scavenger has taught her to see the potential of that deemed “worthless”, and she will fight as hard for that as she did for the portions that kept her alive for 19 years. She will tell herself that she is only interested in him to sway his power back to good, not that she’s actually interested in “him”. She will be lying to herself.

I predict they both end VIII in severe internal conflict about one another. If we get a kiss before it ends, woot, but I’m not counting on it. If we do get a Reylo kiss at all in this trilogy, I expect it will be in IX. Rey has a long way to go before she sees Kylo as more than the person that stabbed the only father figure she ever knew, and slashed through the back of the only friend she ever made. It’s not impossible, and I could write 264 more pages on why I love it and want it so much, but it can’t be rushed. I’d much rather wait patiently to see it work out, than rush through it and see it fail.

Apologies that this ended up being about 1000 words longer than I intended.

My bad.

Thanks for the meta suggestion @stephimarie317 =)

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Riarkle- Maya,Lucas, and Zay find out their dating

So this is a combination of two requests because I got this one + One where Cory and Topanga find out so I combined it. I hope you like it.

Also, I do believe that Riley and Farkle could keep their relationship for years if they wanted.



To no surprise, her mother was the first to find out. Topanga had observed their relationship for a long time and she knew how Farkle felt her daughter. The young boy was never afraid to share his feelings and he did so to anyone who cared enough to listen. She chucked it up to a simple crush. But as time went on she saw his feelings grow. She knew he wore his feelings like a sweater and everyone but Riley seemed to see it.  

Or so she thought. Farkle started spending a lot of alone time with Riley and as speculated, it was for a good reason.

In Riley’s defense, she expected they would last at most a month before anyone found out. They managed to hide it for four. They’d gotten too comfortable, they’d gotten sloppy. This was why when Topanga walked into her room ‘unannounced’ and found the two watching movies on Riley’s Computer she was not shocked.

The situation was fairly innocent. Riley had her head on his shoulder, her arm wrapped around his, their fingers laced together.  It wasn’t just their position that gave them away, but the way that Riley was looking at him. The same look she had witnessed from him for the past few years. Farkle wasn’t looking directly at her but the moment she started speaking his face lit up and he smiled. Riley pulls herself closer to him and focuses her attention on the screen

Call it Mother’s Intuition. Topanga knew that although the situation was innocent their relationship was not.

Calling Riley over, she led her daughter out of the room and into the kitchen.

“Honey, I want you to be honest with me. ” A flash of confusion sweeps across her face but she nods.


“Are you and Farkle together?” The smile that she received is the only answer she needed.


Zay was next much to her surprise.

Zay was much like Farkle. He watched, and he observed.

With Zay, the situation was much more embarrassing. For all of them.

It was 11AM. A majority of students were in class. Others at Lunch but Farkle and Riley decided to skip out. They hadn’t seen each other (alone) for days and Riley wanted to speak to him without others interfering. Her solution. Drag him to the Janitors Closet. Before the door even closed Riley was kissing him. It was innocent. It always was but to the person turning the door knob it wouldn’t be, to the person who swung the door open it wouldn’t be. To him, it would be two of his closest friends making out like the teenagers they were.

“Whoa.” Pushing Farkle away, Riley pulls Zay inside the closest and makes sure this time the door stays closed. Zay looks between a nervous Riley and, a modest looking Farkle, and smirks. “I knew it.”


Maya was surprisingly the third to figure it out. As Riley’s best friend she had her suspicions but never any hardcore proof.

When she found out it was kind of their fault. Typically their dates consisted of Farkle taking Riley to yet another part of his seemingly endless home. But this time, he’d asked her if he could actually take her out. On a real date. So they did. The following week Riley canceled on Maya and, Farkle took her out for dinner and a movie.

The following week when Lucas asked Farkle about his date at their lunch table Maya noticed how every so often he would cast a smile in Riley’s direction. Riley was smiling too, but not her usual ‘I’m so happy’ grin but instead a loving smile. Her cheeks would tint a fair red every time he would compliment his date. It clicked, in a matter of seconds Maya had managed to figure out the secret they were keeping for 7 months. Instead of begin upset, Maya kept quiet and listened as Farkle spilled his feelings in front of his friends and to what she assumed was his girlfriend.


Lucas was the last of their friends to find out. And he like all the others just happened to be at the right place at the wrong time.

Riley and Lucas were still very close, even after their breakup. They were best friends and often times they spent time together which was weird at first but as time went on it became somewhat normal. As their 3rd year of High School started Riley decided to be a Tutor, as 2nd in their class (Right behind Farkle) Riley need some extra work on her transcript. She Tutored in all subjects. So when Lucas began struggling in Math, Riley was the first person he came to. Whenever he needed help, Riley would set up a day where the two would work over what he needed. It became a weekly thing and sometimes they didn’t even study, they used it as an excuse to just hang out.

The day Lucas found out, Riley was a bit agitated. She and Farkle had gotten into an argument prior.

A few days earlier, while attending Missy’s Birthday Party Farkle was kissed by another girl, that was days before and Riley hadn’t really wanted to speak to him.

Earlier that day when she did talk to him they argued over whose fault it was, Farkle argued that the girl kissed him and although it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t blame the girl because only 2 students at the school actually knew they were dating. Riley was mad she was defending her and argued he should’ve pushed her off immediately. It safe to say the argument was a huge mess. Following the argument, Riley hadn’t spoken to him for the rest of the day, so when Farkle showed up unannounced in the middle of the tutoring session Riley was pissed. Lucas watched silently as the two argued, both seemed to forget he was there.

Much to his surprise Riley shouts that ‘As his Girlfriend, she shouldn’t have to worry about him being with other girls.’

Farkle replied that ‘He only wanted her’ and said ‘She was crazy if she thought he could ever think about being with someone else when he was so in love with her.’

Next thing he knows their kissing near the Bay Window and he’s sneaking out the bedroom, unwilling to witness anything else.


Cory was the final one that found out and in possibly the worst way possible.

They were at school, eating lunch at their normal table when Riley brought up the situation.

“Now that everyone at the table knows, I need you to keep this-” She points between herself and Farkle. “From my Father.”

“Wait. Matthews doesn’t know?” Riley shrugs. As far as she knew her father still liked Farkle, still trusted him so the last thing she needed was him finding a reason to dislike her boyfriend.

“I don’t really know how to tell him. You saw how crazy he was about Lucas. He still makes me keep the door open whenever he’s over and he just watches us. What exactly is going to happen while we’re studying the cosine of 180.”

Maya keeps silent. As the objective one she knew that one of two things would happen when her father found out and both of them ended with Farkle being chased and/or hurt. She also knew that it would be better if he found out from them and didn’t walk in on one of their 'Movie Nights’

“Honey, I really think it’s best for you to tell him because while I would love to see an epic Matthews Freak-Out, I’ve grown to love Farkle and I would hate for him to end up-”

“Dead?” Zay finishes.

“I wasn’t gonna choose that exact word but…Yeah pretty much.”


So Riley decided to tell him. She called a 'Family Meeting’ as far as her father was concerned Farkle was there because they had homework to go over.

Her mother was seated between the two, just in case her dad decided to go all crazy.

She had a whole speech written down, it took her days to writing it and her friends made fun of it but it was the only thing that was keeping her sane. Riley believed it would be a walk in the park.

It wasn’t until she was standing in front of her father, did the nerves hit her. So instead of starting with 'I’ve been keeping something from you.’ she blurted out. “Farkle and I have been dating for a Year.” Which was a shock to both males in the room. One Second of Silence passes…Three…Ten. Then Farkle makes a run for it, her Father stayed in his seat, still to shocked to move.  


Not really feeling this one but I tried my best. I apologize for mistakes. I hope you enjoyed reading.

December 2nd, 2014

ARTIST: april-cherie-sprinkles

AUTHOR: hannaadi88

2nd of December, 2014

When I was younger I used to be very clingy. It’s hard to tell judging by who I am today, I know, but touch was a fundamental part of me. It was so ingrained into my very being that I didn’t give it a second thought. Only when touch became forbidden did I become aware of how much it had meant to me.

My parents would touch me a lot, especially my mum. It was just the way they expressed their love to me. From the routine hug my mum would give me when I’d return from a long day at school to the warm pats on my shoulder when I’d pass my father in the hallway. I learned how to hug my friends when they cried after being hit by a ball and made sure that I’d kiss the hurt away, just like I saw my kindergarten teacher do before she’d stick a Disney Band-Aid on the scratch. Touch was casual and free and I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Things started to change when I grew older. I began noticing how my friends would shy from my touch instinctively and then laugh it off. When someone hurt themselves during a game he wouldn’t start crying. He’d put on a brave face and brush off any worried looks. That’s what being a boy meant at age twelve. If you showed any sort of emotion or displayed any sort of weakness, the anointed class bully would beat you up and laugh at you for being such a wuss. Needless to say, nobody wanted to be labeled as ‘a girl’.

I understood that I couldn’t afford to be so free with my hugs and smiles anymore. By the time I was sixteen, touch wasn’t only regarded as a weakness—it also marked you as gay. If you so much as let your hand linger longer than completely necessary after patting a friend on the back you’d both feel extremely awkward. Chances were that your friend wouldn’t get too close to you the next time you met.

While it was more or less taboo to touch my peers, girls were a different thing altogether. With them, it was all about touch. You’d wrap your arm around her shoulders to generate possessiveness as you walked her home. You’d later recount to your friends how far you’d gotten with her, if you got to second or even third base with her. The farther you’d go, the more your friends would admire you and ask for your advice for when they’d finally get their chance.

The thing was, I didn’t want to touch girls. Frankly, I had no interest in their soft bodies or their red lips. Aesthetically they could be stunning, but I didn’t want stunning. I wanted the muscles I’d seen on the football field. I liked the feel of a firm warmth beneath my fingers, not the suppleness the other guys adored. I felt like the outsider some of my classmates kept calling me. I wasn’t 'normal’. I desperately wanted to be just like everyone else, though. It’s lonely being different.

That’s why I started dating Emily. She was quiet, shy, bookish and generally overlooked, just like me. Our dates mostly consisted of going to bookstores and debating politics over a cup of coffee. Aside from the routine parting hug at the end of every outing, we didn’t touch much. I think she might have wanted something more, but it was something I wasn’t willing to give. The guys didn’t have to know that, of course. I was redeemed in their eyes. Being good with words, I’d fabricate tales of late nights and passionate kisses. Suddenly, I was one of the boys. I wouldn’t turn my head after hearing my name whispered when I walked down the hallway anymore. I couldn’t be gay if I had a girlfriend, after all.

And then I met Alfred. Meeting him for the first time might have been the most embarrassing thing I’d ever done. I had been so surprised at having a perfect combination of blond and blue eyes suddenly thrust into my vision and actually addressing me that I closed the door to my locker on my finger. True story. His first impression of me was that of a complete klutz who had to be taken to the nurse’s office. He hadn’t even known my name until he asked me after handing over the ice bag the nurse had given him for me. By the time he ran off with an apologetic smile saying that he was late for class, I knew that I had royally fucked up any chance of seeing him again.

Thankfully, I was wrong. I saw him again when the day was over and again the next day. And the next. Eventually his perfection started to fade away and I began to notice all of his faults: the way he spoke with his mouth full, the permanent smudge of dirt on his glasses which he refused to wipe off. His lack of tact that would leave me with my mouth wide open and red cheeked for the rest of the day. He was obnoxious and loud and, no matter how good he looked, there were days when I’d quietly groan when I saw him approaching me from the distance.

What was annoying at first slowly became endearing (at least, most of the time). Alfred wouldn’t only spend his recess with me or a few hours after school—he began to appear in my dreams as well. In my dreams we touched. A lot. I’d wake up with an ache between my legs and an acute desire to never see the boy again, if only because the thought of seeing him after such a dream mortified me. I had finally made a friend who wasn’t part of my past. I didn’t want to scare him away too.

I started to hold myself back. I wouldn’t even return his friendly punches when he’d greet me in the morning. High fives, which I’d never been a fan of in the first place, disappeared. Instead of making him feel more comfortable with me like I’d planned, however, Alfred became more distant. I couldn’t bring myself to touch him, though. Eventually I’d only speak to him in passing when we happened across each other on the way to our classes. I missed him, but I believed that I was doing us both a favor in the long run.

But then one day I found him crying in an empty classroom at the end of the day. His dog had died the night before and I knew how close he had been with Buddy. I had sat down beside him and wrapped my arm around him instinctively. Before I could pull away, Alfred had leaned into my touch. He needed it.

Touch is a powerful thing. I learned that when he reached out for me and pressed his lips to mine in a salty kiss. I may be different for liking it but if Alfred and I could be different together, 'different’ didn’t sound so lonely anymore.

[TRANS] [150302] 10Asia Interview - Niel

Q. Your solo album was well received.How do you feel?
A lot ofpeople are saying the song is good, it feels nice. I think it came out very well because I prepared really hard so I’m really proud.

Q. How did you spend your Lunar New Year?
I also had schedules on Lunar New Year. I watched a movie with my family on the last day.

Q. We’re curious if Niel also received fortune money.
Haha. I didn’t.

Q. Please introduce your solo album.
It is called ‘oNIELy’ since it is an album produced only for Niel, that only Niel can do and is music that Niel likes.  It contains seven tracks and while I helped write some of it, Dok2 sunbae also featured in a song.

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