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Request: ‘Hey could I make a request with Reid where the reader has loads of tattoos and piercings and Reid is like really interested in them?? thank you ❤️’

omg wow a fic every other day? yes. that is right. holagubler has got their shit together. get ready for fic-bruary. but going to spain (granada??) next week so pls forgive if I miss a day or two. does anyone live in spain? let me know. podemos hablar espanol.

‘Baby girl, we didn’t know you had TATTOOS!’ laughed Morgan, as you stripped off into your bikini. It was summer, so the team decided to take a trip to the beach on their day off. Since you were new to the BAU, they had not yet seen your fairly colorful and decorated body.

‘What can I say Morgan? I’m full of surprises.’ You said, with a wink. As you turned to see Spencer Reid gawking at your body.

‘Damn girl, you look hot!’ Prentiss shouted from where she and JJ were paddling in the sea with Henry, and you blew a kiss back to her.

‘Are you okay, Reid?’ You grinned, turning your attention back to the flustered genius. You laid down to him, and he tried to remove his eyes from your body, but seemingly failed.

‘What are the stories behind them?’ He asked, his eyes still fixed on the large piece on your thigh.

‘They all have very personal meanings to me.’ You replied, while smoothing in sun lotion over your body.

‘You can tell me, Y/N.’ Spencer whispered, his eyes now locked into yours.

You leant in, towards his ear. ‘Take me to dinner and I might tell you.’ You whispered, as you heard a gulp from the BAU’s resident genius.

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Netflix’s ASOUE

so I just finished binge watching the entire series and I have to say it was remarkable. The casting was great. I loved how they seemed to know their characters very well. And the quotes in the book oh my the smart quotes were used! There were a few changes but they didn’t affect the story in a major way so it’s still on track. The added scenes were great and I’m really excited to know where it’s heading.

So I’m going to just randomly sprout out the things that i love in it so this will be very messy and yes it will contain some spoilers so if you haven’t watched it yet don’t read the words that follow.

There were a few references to ATWQ and I.LOVE.IT:

- the “When Did You See Her Last” line referring to sunny

- “typist”

- “that’s the wrong question”

- “the question she should have asked is…”

- and OMG violet says her mom said “Do the scary thing first, get scared later.” and this is like Lemony’s motto before he became an adult bfhjsebhjd

- there might be more idk

I also love all the VFD elements like the symbol was everywhere, the map of the city is shaped like it, montgomery’s labyrinth is similar, the outline for lake lachymose, and the tunnels! the tunnels gawd they are already giving us places from the 6th book and the names! THE NAMES on the tunnel like how? There were names like “Strauss” and “Hal” and though I couldn’t be sure if they are vfd members i can’t really be sure either why their names are there. 

The Spyglass thing from the movie was followed. This wasn’t really in the books but i think this is a very important device for the series because at the end, we see klaus and duncan holding out a piece for the spyglass and i just can’t wait for them to put it all together??? I also love how the Quagmire parents are shown because we literally have no idea about them in the books??? 

And who is Jacquelyn exactly? She is like very active in the firefighting side as shown in the series but we don’t know her at all? She had a lot of background agendas and she helped the baudelaires that for a moment i was thinking maybe they let Jacques become a woman and named her Jacquelyn? But then she has a different last name i forgot what it was  but i think it sounded like a warped version of “Snicket” idk. And then I also thought she might be Kit? What if she was really Kit. But in the end I am also hoping that she might be R. Oh gawd, I hope she’s actually R because i really liked her from Lemony’s writings and we don’t get to see her. But maybe she is just Jacquelyn, a character handler wants to introduce.

And Georgina is like Olaf’s ex? hahahaha did not see that one coming and is the taxi driver in wide window the ishmael from The End? Kinda hoping they’d meet Bruce at the end of ep. 4 though, but I liked the Larry scene. Also 90% sure it was Esme at the quagmire fire? (i really hope she was the one who burned the baudelaire mansion though, i want to see and feel the same emotion i’ve felt in a scene in the 13th book) 

the sebald code wasn’t exactly as it was in the books but i understand because SC is hard to visualize (they could’ve followed the script from TUA but i might be asking too much). Plus the way to decode it using the spyglass was creative.

I was really hoping to see the swordfight scene though but i understand how it must be too difficult to be done, like how sir’s face should have been covered with smoke all the time. also i did not expect the library in lucky smells to be so full? like yes they were full of the same books but i was expecting it to contain only three books. i was also hoping there’d be a lot of Jacques action like for example we’d see him investigating the Firstein murder.

but all in all it was an awesome experience and i could not wait to see the rest of the installment ugh ugh i want it all 

hey are u sad??? here are some funny band videos to cheer u up !!!

fall out boy


my chemical romance

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the academy is…

this took a rlly long time so it would be cool if you reblogged or added more vids bc i feel like im missing a lot of paramore, mcr, om&m, and atl but i cant think of what exactly. enjoy some laughter pals.

ASOUE Netflix Show! *here there be spoilers*


There are SO MANY THINGS I want to talk about but I will do non-spoilery things before the cut first. 

1. TONE. THEY GOT IT RIGHT. The perfect blend of absurdist comedy, genuine sadness and sheer terror. THAT was probably the most important thing for me.

2. The changes/additions (mostly additions) to the original material all felt right, more like we were getting a different angle on the same events rather than “random car/train collision added in for funsies because we screwed up the plot” (can you tell I don’t like the movie)

3. I loved all the actors, absolutely brilliant, including the kids :D

4. The few clips from the trailer that I was uncertain about fitted perfectly in the actual context of the show, which was a relief!

Now for more detail and spoilers :D for all eight episodes! as well as all thirteen books, and some stuff from All the Wrong Questions! you have been warned!

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Yay another tip post (well the second tip post) i’m really glad you guys found the last one useful and i’m so happy that some of you even took the time to tell me that you enjoyed it :D. So yes getting motivated aka how to choose doing work over tumblr or watching a movie aka how not to procrastinate your life away ;D So here are some tips for setting goals, getting inspired/motivated, staying motivated and carrying out your goals/work and not burning out along the way because your mental health is really fucking important :)

• Setting goals •

            First off i’d like you to know that you can set whatever type of goals you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if your goal is eating three meals today, talking to a new person or extensive amounts of work. Your goal is valid if it’s something you want to achieve.

• Make certain your goals (whether your goals are only for today or for this week or for this year) are achievable. Yes you should stretch yourself. Yes you should test your limits and push yourself to achieve cool things. But don’t bloody shove the concept of time to the back of your head. Set yourself tasks that will push you but can be rationally achieved in the amount of time you have.

• You don’t always have to want to do the task or goal you set. But make sure you know why you have to. For example, next to a tick box i’ll write ‘aim to go to bed before 12 tonight’ and next to that I’ll write ‘because your sleep is bloody awful and if you want your scrawny self and your BRAIN to grow you need more sleep then 5 hours a night.’ This way you can lay out why each task needs to be done! •

• Don’t let other people influence deter you from doing things you want to do. If you want to try something, try it! Think over your decisions, but make sure they are your decisions. •

• Getting inspired/motivated •

            I guess the best motivation i got was looking up at high places other people were in and wanting to have what they had. I was constantly being compared to other smarter, nicer, prettier family members and wanting to be them used to be my only driving force. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY. I REPEAT NOT HEALTHY.

• Why isn’t it healthy? Because every failure, every bump you meet, every time your told you’re wrong, will only feel one thousand times worse. I don’t want tiny versions of me feeling shit over themselves because they don’t excel at everything because guess what no one does. Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. Your past self, your future self, whatever.

• Surround yourself with things you love! Inspirational people and inspirational quotes! Go all fucking out.

• Write down why you want to achieve a certain goal and what this goal will lead too. What door will completing this task open up! Any reason is a good one. (e.g. i want to get out of this chair so that i can go get a cookie so i will stop feeling hungry ;D)

• Think about your goals. Make them public, get other people involved. The bigger the goal is the more motivated you need to be and surrounding yourself with people you can talk and discuss this with will only strengthen your determination.

• Start slowly. This is for bigger goals of course. So don’t go head first and tackle your goals to the ground. You’ll lose interest much faster and you’ll probably find it difficult to stick with it so build it up slowly. Also this way you’ll feel successful about achieving a small thing that will work toward a bigger goal. If you start big and fail you might be discouraged and boom you drop the task.

• QUASH THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. YOU ARE A RADIATING BALL OF POSITIVE ACHIEVEMENT AND YOU SHALL PREVAIL. (omg what am i doing i’m such a pessimistic person in real life).  

• Staying motivated •

            DON’T GIVE UP! And if your about to pump some caffeine into your blood stream and JUST KEEP SWIMMING. (indeed i just quoted Finding Nemo)

• Find things in the task that your interested in even in the tasks that you don’t want to do. And do them last. This will one make you want to do the actual task, two make you want to get through the task so you can do the things you enjoy.

• Make it fun and enjoyable for yourself (e.g i like to make my notes pretty and arty to incorporate something i love, art, into something that i love less, revision). Rewards are super helpful as well. As in ‘if i get 95% in this test i’ll buy myself that pair of shoes.’

• Not Burning out/ Staying Mentally Healthy •

            (this is of course leaving out the standard you gotta eat you gotta sleep stuff)

• Remember setting unreasonable goals that you can’t achieve in the time given is stupid. Your going to end up giving yourself shit over something that wasn’t plausible in the first place. Start early (especially for revision) so you have a good week on the end of ‘meh’ whatever time.

• The people you surround yourself with play a big part in keeping motivated and happy. Don’t hang with people who will make you feel worse about not achieving something.

• Try your best at spacing out regular intervals of ‘do nothing’ time. Everyones too young to burn out so make sure you save some precious time for yourself.

            So yes, staying motivated is really really hard sometimes what with your brain pulling mad shit like telling you you can’t do this and that. But fuck that part of your brain. Hang out with the chill side. The side that wants you to be happier everyday. For me, that side shows up painfully little, so when it does i cherish it. So should you.

            - Cherry

anonymous asked:

What are your top ten Edmund moments/quotes? From the movies or books.

Oooh, great question! To be honest, I can’t remember the books very well, I’m overdue for a reread, so I’ll do my best to keep a balance between book and movie moments. =) In no particular order:

1) When Edmund breaks Jadis’ wand to change the momentum at the Battle of Beruna. My boy is so clever, like, seriously, I could imagine him being an amazing strategist during the Golden Age and destroying Narnia’s enemies in battle by thinking ahead.

2) “But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did.” Ugh, my feels for this quote. Even though everyone else forgives Edmund for what he did in LWW, he never forgets it (I sincerely hope that he forgives himself for it) and he grows so much from that experience. He earned that title of King Edmund the Just, don’t you forget it.

3) Edmund’s fight with Trumpkin. It starts off fairly lighthearted, then Edmund gets into his rhythm and then just whips him. And then Skandar pushes out his hip and looks so cool doing it.

4) “Between ourselves, you haven’t been as bad as I was on my first trip to Narnia. You were only an ass, but I was a traitor.” I’m so so sad that this didn’t make the film and that Edmund and Eustace never had that moment together (honestly, Edmund’s character was butchered in that film, but don’t get me started). Another reminder that Edmund hasn’t forgotten what happened during his first trip to Narnia, and this time he’s using it try to console somebody else.

5) “I know, you had it sorted.” MY FAVOURITE LINE. I love the way Skandar delivers it and I love the importance of that scene in terms of Edmund’s growth. It really was like closing an arc for him (until it reappears in VoDT… /grumble). EDMUND SAVES THE DAAAY!

6) Edmund’s meeting with Miraz. This entire scene is freaking amazing, I love how he dances with words in this conversation. They were clever to send Edmund (diplomat and spymaster), if they had sent someone else, I wonder whether it would’ve worked out the same way.

7) “It’s not like there isn’t air inside.” Oh, my sassy boy. And then proceeds to hit a six through a window. That boy has cricket skills.

8) “Is it Latin for ‘worst game ever invented’?” I’m so glad they kept Edmund as the snarky character, it’s honestly so hard to choose between all his brilliant comebacks, I could seriously make a second gifset of them.

9) The scene where Lucy sees Aslan and no one else believes her. I love his line, “The last time I didn’t believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid,” but more than that, I love that he waits for Lucy to leave and he walks behind her. He literally has her back. Like, all my sibling feels.

10) Pevensie hugs! I’m thinking of the one he shares with Lucy after he is rescued from Jadis where he literally rests his head on Lucy’s (like, HE NUZZLES HER HEAD. OMG, IT’S ADORABLE) and the one hug he gives Lucy after Jadis relinquishes her claim on his life and HE PICKS HER UP. Like seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever.

I know, I cheated on the last one because it’s two moments, but I CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM. Edmund is my favourite forever and always. Thanks for the great question! xx

anonymous asked:

how did you like steve in ca:cw? satisfied with his characterization? i heard from some people that he...uh, got on their nerves a bit, so i was wondering what your opinion on him is :)

hmmm that’s interesting tbh. i came out of it thinking most st*cky shippers would be really happy with the way they chose to go, although more discerning ones and fans that care a little more abt integrity to his character and being portrayed in an ic way would probably have been annoyed by the writing.

civil war really fucks with the characterisation of both tony and steve but you almost never !! hear !! anyone complaining about steve because he’s what comic fans have picked as the ~standard~ of reasonable judgement and tony was ‘just an absolute asshole’ throughout. if you think the front man of pro-reg is just an unforgivable power-hungry douche than ofc the choice of which to side with is easy, thus negating the need to look at any flaws on the anti-reg side with steve. 

so i’m actually really glad this is being brought up because the story does, in many ways, do a disservice to his character in mcu.

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