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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - OC Kids in Halloween Costumes 🎃

Whose GENIUS idea was it to give Yuuji an actual edible Halloween costume?!?! He’s got a stomach ache from gorging on candy BEFORE WE’VE LEFT THE HOUSE. - Yuuri

(the answer: a well-meaning husband(s) who declines to be identified for fear of Yuuri’s wrath)

One last Halloween post! Since i didn’t get to add them the day of ^ ^; Super quick and sloppy sketches, but eh I’m allowed to not put in maximum effort sometimes ^ ^;

(Featuring OC kids Yasha,  Shura, Arisa, and Yuuji)

🎃 See the adults/canon YOI charas in Halloween costumes HERE 🎃.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Some Headcanons beneath cut

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blame it on my a.d.d baby

art: minuiko
edit: holyaphrodite

faesbeforebaes  asked:

How do you paint hair and skin? Because I love the way you paint ❤

Aww thank you! ❤ This is a big question to try and answer briefly tbh but I love, love, love talking about painting so…

  • I use lots of references.There’s so many variations of skin/haircolor, texture, styles and lighting out there! (I horde stuff to Pinterest. lol)
  • I reference the masters as well.These guys already figured this stuff out and we just gotta take what we want from them. My favorites include Howard Pyle, J. C. Leyendecker (prob the most obvious), Tom Lovell, and John Singer Sargent.
  • For hair, I think about the overall shapes and chunks rather than strands. You can always get more and more detailed as you go. Simplifying something you’ve overwrought is a pain in the buns and a waste of time.
    • I have a video on my IG here that’s just me doodling some hair fwiw.
    • James Gurney has a couple of good blog posts here and here.
  • For skin…
    • Skin will pick up color from its surroundings. It’s also not just a “skin tone” with lighter and darker variations. There can be so many unexpected colors in there! This goes for pretty much everything in a painting too though so… XD
    • I often have to select all the skin and lessen the contrast and/or saturation a bit to get it to look right. Selecting it and playing around with colors and tones can be super helpful. (I love digital art.)
    • Color zones! People have different underlying colors all over their body. I did a post several years ago on the color zones of the face here. Also here’s a post where you can see it on a hand study.
    • As far as technique, I don’t blend a whole bunch in general and when I do it’s just here and there because I will go overboard and make a mess. I’m personally not a fan of “airbrushing” skin on with super soft brushes but some people are and that’s cool! That’s a style/workflow choice.

Color and Light is my #1 recommended book. It has helped me so, so much. I can’t praise it highly enough.

(I’d love to do more tutorials. It’s just a matter of a)finding the time and b)feeling like it’s worth doing when there’s soooo many amazing tuts out there already! I certainly don’t know it all but I enjoy trying to teach people what I feel I do kinda know. lol)

Sabertooth at Christmas time.

So my friend wanted me to draw Rogue with a ribbon and Sting in dorky clothes, and this picture just kind of… expanded from there. The sweaters are made by Yukino. She discovered knitting and embroidery and worked so hard on them that no one had the heart to tell her that they were the definition of fashion train-wreck. Sting and Rogue wears theirs with pride. The Fairy Guys laugh at them until Erza decides that knitting is an excellent girl bonding activity and none of Fairy girls apart from Juvia can knit.

anonymous asked:

Could you do some jyn erso icon with the same texture as you used for your last leia pack ones? Thanks

i tried using some of the same textures. i have so many so I don’t remember which exact ones i used (*is making a folder so i have them next time*)

  • feel free to save as many as you want
  • don’t claim as your own
  • reblog this post or like if you’re taking any
  • You can find all the Star Wars icons I’ve made here.
  • Check out my icons page

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boopymooplier  asked:

Okay so I'm interested where your art style came from? It's one of a kind, I've never seen one like that xD

My BIG inspiration in finding art style was traditional graphic, I had in college since first grade.  Etching and aquatint and this unique effect, which is really hard to immitate. But witchout specific conditions and supplies, you are unable to make Etching at home. And it is really difficult technique to be honest. 

(My first work [170x80 cm], that’s where my fascination began and I becam Cyan Deer)

(One from the works I’ve made on 2nd year) 

And important! When you are makeing traditional graphic like this, you should think in a little different way than normal. You need simple way to show mood and atmosphere. Go quickly to the point and not draw too much unnesesary details.

Those sketches for example. They are tiny 5x3cm, but every each of them ended as big 100x70 cm graphic. This is kind of thinking you need. 

Think simple.

(First mixed media illustration, where I tried imitate this effect)

That’s why I started useing so many textures in my artworks. To try get similar results.

Style is evolving!

And being honest. I always was this person who had troubles with drawing, no matter how hard I was trying. So why not make this my art style? Simple sketching lines and texture surface.

(Most recent attempt. My project for master degree)

(Poster from 5th year)

And of course FANART!

(You can see I discovered watercolours and markers haha)

Many people can tell, those look like made by someone who is just trying learn how to drawing. Yes, that’s true, but there is also so much thinking involve in process. It is not just an “happy accident”.   

Sometimes I am makeing traditional sketch, then scan and working with it on the computer. This year I am useing mostly digital media to create my art, because I want to learn how create similar artworks without traditional media and supplies.

This is how I am makeing my artworks, this is how I created this monstrosity I am calling my artstyle. Haha xD  

(As you said) you never saw something like this before. (Many illustartors are makeing something similar. You be suprised.)

I am talking too much as always haha.

I hope you got your answer. Somehow? :D


Look at this piece of…  something… from 2011. I was still in high school. Few long months before collage. I guess I always liked drawing this way.  

Pratap Pothen’s next directorial,
scripted by Anjali Menon,
cinematography by Rajeev Menon,
music by Ilaiyaraaja
*ing Dulquer Salmaan & Dhansika
~shooting begins July~

Metaphor isn’t just decorative language. If it were, it wouldn’t scare us so much… . Colorful language threatens some people, who associate it, I think, with a kind of eroticism (playing with language in public = playing with yourself), and with extra expense (having to sense or feel more). I don’t share that opinion. Why reduce life to a monotone? Is that truer to the experience of being alive? I don’t think so. It robs us of life’s many textures. Language provides an abundance of words to keep us company on our travels. But we’re losing words at a reckless pace, the national vocabulary is shrinking. Most Americans use only several hundred words or so. Frugality has its place, but not in the larder of language. We rely on words to help us detail how we feel, what we once felt, what we can feel. When the blood drains out of language, one’s experience of life weakens and grows pale. It’s not simply a dumbing down, but a numbing.
—  Diane Ackerman