i used so many textures

Sabertooth at Christmas time.

So my friend wanted me to draw Rogue with a ribbon and Sting in dorky clothes, and this picture just kind of… expanded from there. The sweaters are made by Yukino. She discovered knitting and embroidery and worked so hard on them that no one had the heart to tell her that they were the definition of fashion train-wreck. Sting and Rogue wears theirs with pride. The Fairy Guys laugh at them until Erza decides that knitting is an excellent girl bonding activity and none of Fairy girls apart from Juvia can knit.

Metaphor isn’t just decorative language. If it were, it wouldn’t scare us so much… . Colorful language threatens some people, who associate it, I think, with a kind of eroticism (playing with language in public = playing with yourself), and with extra expense (having to sense or feel more). I don’t share that opinion. Why reduce life to a monotone? Is that truer to the experience of being alive? I don’t think so. It robs us of life’s many textures. Language provides an abundance of words to keep us company on our travels. But we’re losing words at a reckless pace, the national vocabulary is shrinking. Most Americans use only several hundred words or so. Frugality has its place, but not in the larder of language. We rely on words to help us detail how we feel, what we once felt, what we can feel. When the blood drains out of language, one’s experience of life weakens and grows pale. It’s not simply a dumbing down, but a numbing.
—  Diane Ackerman


So I was working on the loose crop sweater for a couple of days now, and naturally the mesh gets fucked up in the actual game…Tries not to murk everyone in a 10 mile radius. 

Its literally the cleavage and shoulder area the game will not fucks with. (Anybody really good with clothing meshing and wanna help me fix it?) 

I’m probably gonna have to trash the sweater cause I don’t feel like messin with the damn mesh anymore. I’ll use the textures for something else I guess, I had so many cute textures, cries.


On the other hand I have some other cute shit done :) If you couldn't guess its oil spill collection part 2: MER-BABE

  • each design of item will have multiple colors (waaaay more than whats shown) 
  • and before anybody try to ask, its a custom skin/skinblend im using, no u cant have it. Look all this nice free shit u getting soon, you can’t have it all bish.
  • also bomber jacket for my squad in the making, its a surprise :)
  • oh and glitter/hologram boots for everyone too. oh and rhinestone chokers, also surprise, lol I cant sop making shit xD its all fun and games till I have to take fookin preview pictures.

Pratap Pothen’s next directorial,
scripted by Anjali Menon,
cinematography by Rajeev Menon,
music by Ilaiyaraaja
*ing Dulquer Salmaan & Dhansika
~shooting begins July~