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hi emma!! Do you have any tips on memorizing long passages? I have to memorize Hamlet's soliloquy for my literature class by the end of the month, but the language is kind of confusing and it's a bit long. Thanks!!

Hi! Thank you so much. I’m glad you recognise it heh! Try a few of these things:

  • read and summarise - read the passage over. Highlight or underline key words and only key words! Summarise in your own words what you’ve read. Try to make it simpler and more to the point.
  • listen to audio - try placing the passage into google translate or if you have a mac, select the text and click “add as spoken track to itunes”. That way you’ll get a file just talking about your notes which you can add to your phone. I did this with an essay two years ago and still remember it haha!
  • make sure you’re studying it in an active and meaningful way - just passively studying isn’t going to put the information in your brain. You need to find ways to engage your brain. This could be using different study methods such as mind maps, study groups or flash cards!
  • handwrite your notes on the passage - by writing things out you’re giving your brain more time to process the information and therefore it is being more absorbed.
  • talk about it to someone - ask a family member or friend to test your knowledge. Try to explain the concept to them without your notes. If you can manage, awesome! If not, you’ll be able to see where your knowledge gaps are.
  • use mnemonic devices - this could be making a story, an acronym, or rhymes!
  • get some sleep - sleep is an easy way to boost your remember. A lot of people recommend reviewing notes or flashcards before bed!
  • use a colour code - I love colour coding anything that needs to be remembered. If you need to cover certain elements such as different techniques or themes, you can show them with colours.
  • follow the curve of forgetting - You can’t be expected to remember every single thing from a class. Here is a graphic on the curve of forgetting. As you can see with the blue line, most of what you learn is forgotten if you don’t review it. But what the other lines show is how is can be retained if you review consistently. Make an effort to review your notes after class, after a day, after a week, and after a month.

Also, this post might help! I used it for my English course which was remembering a lot of quotes and references. I hope this helps!! x


Michael Flynn last July: “If I did a tenth of what [Hillary Clinton] did, I would be in jail”

Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, has resigned just weeks after the new president took office. The resignation came after questions grew over whether Flynn had deliberately lied to Vice President Mike Pence and the FBI over phone calls with a Russian envoy on December 29, which may have violated federal law.

On social media, a few Trump critics were quick to point out the hypocrisy that led Flynn to this moment. During the July 2016 Republican National Convention, in which Trump accepted his nomination to run for president, Flynn joined crowds in chanting, “Lock her up!” in reference to Hillary Clinton, who had been accused of mishandling classified information by using a private email server. As the crowd chanted, Flynn said, “If I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today.” (The FBI concluded that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against Clinton over the email issue.)

Flynn, meanwhile, was forced to resign a few weeks after he and Trump took office. According to US officials who spoke to the Washington Post and New York Times, Flynn had reportedly spoken to the Russian envoy about sanctions imposed on Russia and hinted that Trump would be willing to lift them. That may have put Flynn in violation of the Logan Act, an obscure law that prohibits people outside the executive branch from making foreign policyon behalf of the US administration. But no one has ever been prosecuted under the law, making a prosecution’s future uncertain.

The problems arose when it later came out that Flynn had lied to not only Pence about the phone call — but also the FBI. That could put him in the path of more serious criminal charges for lying to law enforcement investigators.

In his resignation letter, Flynn said that during “the fast pace of events” of the Trump transition period, he “inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.” It’s hard to imagine him accepting a similar excuse if Clinton had done something similar.


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Is it possible for you to make a list of as many gems named after animals as you can? I'm having trouble finding a good list. Thank you!

Sure! Here’s what I could find

Also noteworthy, is the post on gemstones as they relate to animals that we shared. There’s also Gembone, which are fossilized dinosaur bones that fossilized with precious minerals. Some sellers refer to it as Agatized Dinosaur Bone when it’s fossilized with agate, so I imagine that fills your criteria as well.
There’s also Dragon’s Blood Jasper and Dragon’s Breath Opal, but I don’t know if mythical creatures count.

* - Misnomers, not truly in the quartz family. So some forsake the Jasper/Agate part of the name and just use the first word, sometimes adding ‘stone’ after instead.
** - Lots of other varieties exist that display the chatoyant cat’s eye effect 

- Mod Sapphire

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“we got riley and kala talking about their cluster boyfriends but now all i want is will and wolfgang talking about how amazing their girls are and sharing relationship advice ok bye” (originally from this post by @macemchenrys)

Yes good I am so damn ready for this.  Set some time after the clusters rescues Wolfgang and they leave the UK. References back to this ficlet in which Wolfgang gets over himself and realizes Kala doesn’t blame him for anything that happened with Whispers.  But since I just gave you a summary, you don’t have to read it before this one.

After the cluster had saved Wolfgang, he had been reluctant to see Kala at first.  He had been wracked with guilt over Whispers using him to find her name.  But it hadn’t lasted long – even through the blockers, the pull between them was too strong. Before he knew what he was doing, he had let Nomi and Sun convince him to at least speak to her, and then there was no going back.  Once they saw each other in person, Wolfgang knew he was hers as long as she would have him.

From there, things were easier.  Kala (and the rest of the cluster) nursed him back to health.  As soon as he was well enough to travel without drawing attention to himself, they left London for Brussels.  In a new city, no longer surrounded by the memories of what happened to him, Wolfgang and Kala finally start to feel like they’re in a real relationship.

It’s wonderful.  Even with the blockers, it’s the best thing Wolfgang has ever known in his life.  But it also brings up something he had not really had time to consider before – he had no idea how to actually be in a relationship.  Loving Kala?  That was easy.  It was more natural than breathing.  But being her boyfriend?  Even the word felt strange on Wolfgang’s tongue.

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- Columbine Conspiracy #2: Multiple Shooter Theory Pt. 2

This is a continuation of the first post written on the Multiple-Shooter Theory. If you have not yet done so, I ask that you please read that before continuing with the following. Again, the evidence cited here comes directly from the Jefferson County Final Report on Columbine (May 2000) and local media publications. Please feel free to reference any citation for yourself. I can fully provide the detailed sources for anything cited if you would like to save some time and energy, alternatively.

The evidence against there being two perpetrators during the events of the Columbine Tragedy seems infinite and is overwhelming. I will begin with an inexplicable discrepancy. As mentioned in the previous post, John Stone, the lead investigator for Jefferson County, on several occasions to several mainstream media sources confirmed that 17 corpses lied dead in the school because of the tragedy. Federal investigators, who illogically and without precedence were at the scene before local law enforcement, relayed to President Bill Clinton that a minimum of 25 people had died. Jonathan Vandermark and Brandi Wiseman, two students at CHS, confirmed that they saw three dead bodies on a stairwell, even providing the common detail that the corpses still had their backpacks on, in their respective interviews with investigators (Denver Post, “Daughter retreats behind stony wall of pain” April 25, 1999). The problem is that the official narrative does not mention anyone dying outside of the library other than Rachel Scott, Daniel Rohrbough, and Dave Sanders (Jefferson County, Narrative Time Line of Events).

The treatment of the corpses themselves presents a plethora of evidence that suggests this tragedy was an orchestrated event. The first problem is that law enforcement officials cannot declare an individual deceased, unless decapitation is present or the body has been decaying evidently for an extended period (days). All of the dead were not properly declared as deceased by medical professionals, and their bodies were left as is for over twenty-four hours. In a future post, I will break down the video evidence that allegedly shows the bodies of Rachel Scott and Daniel Rohrbough outside of the school; these were clearly dummies strategically placed and moved during drills. The body alleged to be Rachel Scott was not dressed in the attire Rachel wore that day and was heinously desecrated if it was an actual corpse. No law official would be asked to risk his or her life to retrieve a corpse during a live-event; the body would especially not be dragged multiple times.

A major general, CIA, NSA, M16, NATO, and FBI were all present before the events officially concluded, an impossibility without foreknowledge of the attacks. There was gridlock purposely created that did not allow local law enforcement or medical personnel to enter the school, which is a large reason why Dave Sanders eventually bled out (this was evident in the Sandy Hook Shooting as well). Multiple calls that were made with information of the shooters, which were not limited to Harris and Klebold, were ignored. A diversion bomb was set off in a field between Chatfield and Wadsworth near the school minutes before the attack. Parent Barbara Kerakosis noticed five to six men near the entrance of the school dressed in attire later described by witnesses of the shootings, two of which were sitting on large duffle bags. Local resident Martin Middleton came forward saying that he was warned of the attack by TCM members months before, which went ignored by law enforcement. It is important to understand these discrepancies and incongruences (along with the ones mentioned in the previous post) before describing the perpetrators and reasoning for the event because all of these questions are answered and the obvious picture of what really happened that day becomes clearer. The hundreds of shots that are not accounted for, and, more importantly, the additional ten corpses now have attributable criminals to them.    

One last note before getting to the actual shooters and bombers themselves, no one heard or saw Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold commit suicide inside the school. Federal snipers were recorded as witnessing the events that transpired in the library, which is how Harris and Klebold’s path was determined (along with the cafeteria footage). This creates many questions addressed in the previous post; however, I’ll pose some more here. If the federal snipers had positive IDs on Klebold and Harris and had the visuals on them while they were carrying out their murders, why weren’t they neutralized? If the two boys were witnessed as committing suicide, why was the case originally investigated as a murder-suicide? Many local law enforcement officials stated that the snipers used could barely speak English, which agencies did these personnel belong to? Who was generating the gunfire after 12:08, the latest time the two could have committed suicide, according to the snipers?

I will begin naming the additional shooters in the next post. I planned on doing so in this one, but it would be too long. Hundreds of students identified more than a half dozen extra personnel who perpetrated the attacks. I will name them and provide the evidence in which the testimony comes from in the next post. Again, please leave any comment, ask any question, and reference any point you would like.

Intro to the Series

Columbine Conspiracy Post #1

Columbine Conspiracy Post #2 Part 1

**Again this is not my work. Not claiming these are true either, just theories**


Hey guys, I’m really struggling rn with money and decided to open commissions again !!

I WILL draw- OC’s (i will need a detailed description and or reference images)/ Fanart/ Fluff, slight NSFW, gore (however it depends on the degree, and if i feel comfortable with it and probably wont be posted on this account)

I will NOT draw- Mecha, Furry, full NSFW

Conditions -

·         I require at least ½ payment upfront, although full would be better

·         I have the right to turn down any commission

·         You may not use commissioned images for commercial purposes

·         The price could vary, but you will be told beforehand and it won’t change after that.

Other things I can draw (these pay be cheaper so just ask)

·         Icons

·         Traditional Sketches - which you could also pay to be shipped to yourself

Please ask if you have any more questions!

Contact - stashra@hotmail.com 

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So if "dyke" is a slur, why aren't you tagging it "d-slur"? After all, being as that was one of the ones used on ME in the 90's in conservative ass Southeast Michigan (along with "gay", "homo", "lesbo", and my personal favorite "fucking faggot" which was especially amusing as I'm female). I personally id as "queer", which in my experience was the fringe term you only heard about in reference to Pride. Fuck I bet you wouldn't have all this pushback if you just tagged it "q-WORD" instead but nope.

shit, did i not??? somebody tell me what post i didn’t tag it on, and i’ll immediately go back to tag it, my bad fam, really sorry!!

Screenshot of what I think this was the first instance of me interacting with anyone else about TRF being the origin of EMP (which I still didn’t have a firm grasp on back in Feb). Afterward, we interacted about the possibility we’re working through the possible scenarios before Sherlock goes off the roof (which would also help Sherlock correct things before they went too far). In the meeting when Sherlock and Moriarty are having tea, unless it’s a prop error, the tea set is wrong and it’s our first East Wind reference (long story short, the East Wind is on the tea set design, and the crown in Moriarty’s cup disappears after he drinks.) Afterward, all the wing graffiti, blue lights, etc start going off the charts. I know in 2014, someone posted a video that suggested Sherlock used the power of suggestion on Moriarty to win on the roof, which I had also included in thinking it might be related to drugs and hypnosis–in the old meta I did related to Stay. Thoughts? @monikakrasnorada@the-7-percent-solution@ebaeschnbliah@gosherlocked @swimmingfeelsinajohnlockianpool @sherlockians-get-bored @not-a-bit-good @sherlockshadow @loveismyrevolution @sarahthecoat @leaastf @antisocial-otaku @mrskolesouniverse @kateis-cakeis @holmesianscholar

I am positively convinced that the similarity between these two images is not a coincidence. We’re talking about devs who gave this companion’s quest a name with letters that could be rearranged into said companion’s secret identity. They have no chill, and they love throwing really obvious things in our faces without us ever figuring out what they’re getting at until it’s too late. On the left: Shartan, Andraste’s closest friend and advisor. On the right: Solas. I believe they are one and the same. I also think that Mythal might have acted through Andraste as she does now through Flemeth. The similarity between their headpieces is interesting, but more than that, their stories have so much in common. Mythal: betrayed and murdered. Andraste: betrayed (by her husband) and murdered. Flemeth: betrayed by her husband, and her lover was murdered. Mythal seems to seek out women who, like her have suffered and have been betrayed. She is a dealer of justice, after all. But over time, that sense of justice, I believe, has been corrupted and twisted into vengeance. Here, we come back to Solas. What if the real reason he supported Andraste was not just to lead an elven rebellion against the Imperium, but to fight alongside his friend for freedom against tyrants once more, as they had millennia ago against the Evanuris?

Some additional interesting points: 
- Solas says “It seems you hold the key to our salvation” to the Inquisitor TWICE. That exact phrase. Why? I can’t say, but it is interesting that Shartan is holding a key in the image above. It is a reference to the mark, yes, but more than that. Perhaps he thinks of salvation as the act of tearing down the Veil itself, by the power of his orb. 
- Solas has been asleep for approximately 1,000 years when he wakes up and joins the Inquisition. What occurred approximately 1,000 years ago? You guessed it: Andraste’s rebellion against the Imperium. 
- Andraste only ever had daughters, an interesting similarity to Flemeth and Mythal’s way of transferring her essence. 
- “You were people, and you deserved better, just like all the others I have led in one hopeless battle after another.” It could be argued that Solas is talking about the original rebellion here, but I would suggest that he might also be referring Andraste’s rebellion, which also ended in failure in his mind.
- The devs will not tell us if Solas has gone by other aliases or what said aliases would be if he had. 
- Someone tweeted an image of Shartan to Patrick Weekes with the caption “WEEKES” obviously freaking out over the similarities between Shartan and Solas (bald, carrying a staff and an orb), and Weekes liked the post. 

Even though we now know that Solas is the Dread Wolf, we still know so little about his past. There is so much more that could be revealed in DA4. 

But I have rambled on long enough. Tell me what you guys think about this theory. Could it be true? 

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Can I ask how you make your Petyr Baelish textpost gifs? I love them so much and they are so aesthetically appealing.

thanks so much! and sure thing.

1. i hunt down the text post in one of its natural habitats e.g. fuckyeahtextposts

2. i laugh at it for minutes like the idiot i am

it also tends to insta-trigger images of a matching scene from the show (in this case the one where uncle petyr gives another pep talk @ moat cailin), so i make a mental note of this for later giffing purposes

3. i open photoshop, create a new file and re-type & edit the text, so it looks all sharp and neat. i also have a frame for size reference, so i know how much text one gif can bear (esp useful for lengthier stuff)

4. now i try to remember which scene the text matches oh so perfectly, then i go and gif it like i would for any other set (capping, resizing, coloring, sharpening, all that jazz)

5. after i have the gif, i grab the marquee tool to select the freshly re-typed post that matches it, then go to edit/define brush preset, hit OK and this turns the typed creation into a nice brush. i know, i could just type it straight on the gif and skip this step altogether, but a) i like to deal w/ the text and the image separately and b) it’s more comfortable for me to handle the whole thing as a brush (also i live for overcomplicating things)

6. i go back to the gif, add a new layer on top, from the brush tool’s drop down menu i select the “text brush” i created (always the last one in the list), pick a color (white works for me the best), and slap it on.


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Hey so, I really adore the back tattoo you gave Damen in the college AU and I was wondering if you would be willing to post a reference image for it if you have one so I can both appreciate it further and maybe use the design in any future AU Damen's I may draw? Which leads my to my next question of are you okay with me using the design in the first place? Love your art so much, thank you for sharing it!!

THANK YOU!! omg i didn’t really think through his tattoo that much so it’s basically Exactly What You’d Expect, but uh it looks like this:

My hc is that at some point after he meets Laurent he gets a sunburst tattoo, maybe on his shoulder, or right above his heart uwu

And to answer your question YES, you may use my modern designs. IN FACT PLEASE DO SO. Honestly, I might die of joy if people actually did

Something that has honestly bugged me a little bit ever since I actually thought about it is… how much in pop culture people seem to simplify ancient Egypt and not really care about it as a civilisation?

I mean I really don’t mean to speak for anybody that lives in Northeast Africa right now, and this whole thought necessarily exists within the context that there’s a bunch we don’t know about ancient Egypt and may never know (necessarily leaving us filling in some blanks no matter what), but like

People get so angry these days (at least half of the way, rightfully) about the misuse of indigenous people’s culture and the representation of countries/people groups only as stereotypes, and sometimes even just the reuse of certain mythology creatures such as the golem (which I’m still very confused about who’s correct on)

And I’m just like… are the same people correctly pointing out the cartoon “Indian” mascot and the gratuitous use of Hindu imagery and then drawing a bunch of gold and blue ankh-adorned jackal and falcon furries for aesthetic and calling every other dog furry they see an “anubis” when egyptian gods weren’t even actually furries

It’s a dead culture and a dead religion but I’ve gotta wonder, and kinda really think we can all do better than this

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Hey, Melissa! How do you study for Calculus?

When I took Calculus I online I would have video lectures by my professor. So i would take notes on those. The best part of video lectures is that you can pause and rewind, so I did plenty of that. Meaning if there was a 20 minute lecture video it might take me an hour to get through the whole thing just to make sure I get down everything I wanted to and stopped to practice the examples. I see no point in rushing through the lecture just to get it down because then you’ll probably have to watch it again! I would up the playback speed up to 1.5x but the stopping did obviously make it end up taking longer than the total time of the video (though it would have taken even longer if I didn’t speed it up). This allowed me to take one clean, neat set of notes rather than rushing through and then having to rewrite them later. The only reason I rewrite my notes in normal semesters is because I can’t read my mid-class handwriting otherwise.

So once I had that I would go do my homework. At first I tried reading the textbook but that ended up taking so long and it wasn’t all that helpful to me anyway (I don’t generally find math textbooks helpful). So I would have my notes and my book on hand while doing the homework. If I got stuck on a limit, derivative, or integral, I would type it into Symbolab where it would give me a full solution. From there I would try to figure out what I did wrong. It’s very easy to start using Symbolab to get the answers and not as a supplement, so just as a reminder, it will not be helpful to you on exams if you just look up the answers for your homework. Use the tools as they were intended. I also found a Riemann Sum Calculator, too, which ought to be used similarly.

In a condensed semester there’s not enough time to do extra practice outside of the homework but in a regular semester I would recommend doing extra practice if you have time. Get a notebook to do your homework in and fill it up with practice. If you’re not struggling with anything maybe try to do one extra problem for each type you’ve encountered each day just to stay sharp. If you find that you’re solid on pretty much everything but are struggling on one specific type of problem, just do several of that type to practice until you understand what you were doing wrong and correct it. If you still can’t get it you can always consult the internet or ask your professor.

One additional thing I did was fill up a mini Moleskine with condensed versions of my notes. Since it’s so portable I could bring it with me anywhere and just glance at it when I had an extra moment to remind myself of the material. This was especially useful for rules I had to memorize. You don’t necessarily have to make them the day of the class you take the notes, but I wouldn’t put it off more than a week because it can get to be too much after some time. If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “mini Moleskine”, check out my post on it here and you can see an example of it here.

I hope that helps! If I change my study method for Calculus II in July (which won’t be online) I’ll be sure to add to this post! For reference, I did get an A in Calculus I.

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Hi I saw your post giving advice about starting up a writing blog & I found it really helpful. I've been writing (bullet style, mtl & reactions etc.) & I was confident at first and I do get some notes but I hardly ever get messages from my followers which is disappointing especially when I have writers block. After every post I always ask for feedback & ask my followers to talk to me to get to know me. But it barely happens which is discouraging. I have thought about quitting. What should I do?

This refers to this post btw.

Okay so I’m going to write this from a personal kind of view, so this is advice that I use myself.

Again numbers don’t equal to steps, but rather an easier way for me to refer if needed.

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[KnB] Kuro Fes! Masterpost of Translations

Alrighty, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether this or that has been translated, so here be a masterpost of “everything” that has been covered so far because I too want to know, haha.

That said, I am positive this isn’t a complete list. There are a few things I’m aware is out there but still need to hunt down the links for (and probably even more that I don’t know of at all). ETA: This is all that I know right now. If it’s not here, then I haven’t seen it. Please check the post before sending me an ask about what’s available. I update this several times a day.

Feel free to drop me stuff I’ve missed and I’ll add it in. I would love help from you guys because I’m only one pair of eyes after all and my dash is often out of control. :P

This post will be updated along the way as more translations roll in. Hopefully it can be a nice reference for all of us who are hungry for MOAR KuroFes!

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Hello, was going through your words about things tag again, and I ran across your alter archer post. "also whats up with this scar. tell me everything nasu."- wasn't that scar from shiro accidentally dropping a really big box on his back that was mentioned way back in the beginning of fate stay night?

(referring to this post)

it’s not! the scar mentioned at the start of fsn is on his left shoulder and also a chemical burn, which is what shinji used to bully him into quitting archery because the left shoulder is exposed during formal shooting and it’d be improper to have a bigass chemical scar there. I’m kind of annoyed they basically never mention it again after that tbh

since that prillya design is never used again outside prillya and there’s a different emiya alter design now I doubt that cross scar will ever turn out to be more than a cool design element

Träumerei - Chapter 0 Bugs & Feedback

In my playthrough of Träumerei, a few bugs are apparent throughout the game, most of which are Paper Scrap related bugs I’ve found after recording my let’s play.


1. Picking up Paper Scrap 4 does not count towards the overall count of Paper Scraps you have collected, despite picking up the previous three then picking up the fourth one in the orange fluid fountain only, Paper Scrap count is still at “x3″.


2. Another Paper Scrap one, regardless of how many you pick, the description states “1 of 7″ all the time.

It’s a little hard to read clearly, but top left of the image below “Traumerei Chapter 0″ contains the items description, while having “Paper Scrap x3″ for example, the description’s number on the left doesn’t change after you pick up one Paper Scrap.


3. Both a Paper Scrap and an event based one, Paper Scrap 5 is positioned within an area of the game to which you cannot leave the area, unless you observe the fountain multiple times when it gives you the option after picking up Paper Scrap 4, but with this route Paper Scrap does not appear by the axe. You only get the option to pick up the axe through the route required to get the Paper Scrap 5, but unable to leave the area as you can see below, no escaping…


Inescapable areas…

The next few I’m not sure if they are bugs, or if they were intentionally there…the screenshot above is one of few but if you take certain choices within the game, you are locked in with death being the only escape.


1. Near the beginning, you have two choices after applying the bandage to Mr Magpie, “Yes” or “Yes, but…”, selecting the second option will lock you into a route where you will eventually die by choosing to go to sleep after acquainting with Annabelle then she leaves.

2. Same area where Paper Scraps 4 and 5 are, not observing the orange fluid fountain three times after picking up Paper Scrap 4 (before clicking on the option after Noel says “Something…feels off here.”) will lock you into a route where picking up the axe twice will be the only escape.


Lastly, a sound bug appears every time you open up the game, or just after a Game Over screen, whenever you go onto the main menu of the game. Opened up the game multiple times and died multiple times to get to the main menu and every single time, the sound bug appears and even on a low volume, the sound bug is quite loud.


With any bug hunt I perform on a newly released game, it isn’t anything that portrays the developer at all, I’m not giving any sort of impression like “How dare you give us a game with these problems, you dumb mate.”, or anything that is hurtful or in my case both hurtful and meaningless.

Wrote this post under 2 days after the release of Chapter 0, @traumerei-project is a lovely, dark themed horror game with a few references here and there with Little Red Riding Hood being the most obvious. For an RPG Maker game, me personally I have not seen anything like this before with the unique art style, along with the game being a sidescroller with the character in-game sprites being really big. Always accustomed to smaller sprites, which I feel gave @aveynn a wider scope to give character sprites more intention to detail when performing their artistic magic! ^o^

Lovely Chapter 0! <3

How I Stay Organised With Dropbox

Okay so after my ‘lil post about cloud storage there was some interest in this post, so here we go! Also there will be lots and lots of images, so I’ve put it all under a read more to not clog up any dashes. And with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s have a look at my dropbox!

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Silim! Could you translate Ash?

Silim! I’m not sure which “ash” you mean — the tree, or the material leftover after a fire. So here are translations for both!

The word manu refers to a specific tree or wood, but different sources attribute it to different kinds of trees. It was a relatively common wood in Sumer, but might have been dwarf ash, willow or dogwood.

As for “ash” as in “ashes”, there are two words for it: dedal, which means ashes specifically, and nimur or nemur, which is used more generally for “embers, charcoal, coals, ashes, potash”. Dedal is the more specific term, so it’s the one I’ve posted in cuneiform below.

Hope that’s helpful!