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Sorry for the lack of activity but let’s celebrate Christmas, New Year, the return of the DGM anime and my +600 followers (wow but really thank you) with this Allen x Lenalee fanart o/ 

I have a lot to say so click on the read more if you wanna read some more babblings + a bonus sketch


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yuriobugcreations  asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your art, and I had a question about it! How/where do you find your references for your poses? I'm specifically taking about the poses for your Mr. Robot fanart with Elliot and Tyrell.

Heya, thanks so much!

If you mean the “Tyrell passionately holding Elliot” one - as I mentioned, it was inspired by Bouguereau’s “Pieta” and I shamelessly used it as a pose reference as well. If you’re talking about the other two - I already had an idea of what the pose should look like, but I had some problems visualising it, so I just googled something like “stock putting on gloves” and “stock holding a mask”, and here there were… a bunch of random boring stock photos… ready for referencing. And, well, that’s pretty much how I usually find pose references whenever I draw something other than a ¾ portrait with a neutral background. And if I can’t find a suitable reference on google then I simply take photos of myself in the mirror.

His Sovereign Love

Pairing: Jared x Natalie (Named!Reader) – First POV

Word Count: 3.8k

Warnings: Angst, language, fluff

Summary: An 8 year friendship and past breakup reality comes crashing down on me when I see him again.

A/N: This is for Nicole’’s YOUAU Challenge and is written in First POV so you can read it as though it’s you if you want. Just replace my name with your own. This is obviously an AU and in this case, Gen is happily with someone else so no hate to her. This is a work of fiction. I actually really loved this idea so thank you for getting rid of my writers block. Hope ya’ll enjoy.

P.S. Pulled this from the deep feels of my real personal experience with my ex/best friend so it’s based on a true story.
This is based in AUSTRALIA (because that’s where I’m from.)

Thankyou to @impala-dreamer & @sabriel-fanboy-83 for beta‘ing my work!

Prompt/Challenge:YOUAU Challenge by @iwantthedean

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They say the greatest love stories start with friends.

Well, normally I’d say you were right.

The greatest love stories do start with friends. But the greatest stories do not.

What makes these stories so great is their truth; their raw, honesty and pain that is real life. You can’t make that shit up, not even if you tried.

So let me take you back to the start. As cliché as it sounds, I don’t want to bore you with the details, but the details in this particular story are important, so bare with me.

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brian-wellson  asked:

♫ - singing voice || Music is one of the things that we do not often think about in relation to our characters. For me, a classically-trained composer, that's heartbreaking, and part of me dies just a little bit when I ask this; for example, Justine/Osprey sings sea chanties while on watch, an old habit from the navy. As a writer, is music something that you have considered during Kyara's evolution? What type of musics might she know? What moves Kyara to song, & what songs move *her*? Thanks!

Hmm…Though I have considered and picked out a voice reference (shamelessly using her as the accent is pretty spot on, lol) I honestly haven’t really thought about her singing voice until now. It’s not something she’s ever done except to soothe Cherry or idly whilst by herself, though I have described it as being low and soothing in nature. I’ll include an artist I could picture with a voice like hers. 

Music is something that’s evolved with her, for the songs I used as themes for her when she was a newer character and what I use now are pretty different. As I expected, with development! As a character, music was more apart of her life when she was younger than it is now, I’d say. I imagined her people to be quite musical, but I also imagined it to be more instrumental than with voice. That all being said–Kyara’s past gave her good reason to be resentful of it, and as such, she dropped such things that were apart of her culture for a long time until recently. 

The music of Tanaris and Uldum is likely all she is familiar with, and I’m not sure she’d be completely comfortable audibly singing or sharing it otherwise unless she was with someone else from the region (and friendly with them) or with someone she trusted like Cherry. Or…drunk. For example I did write up the drabble of her dancing with Mo. While they were in different regions (Mo being a coastal Tanari from my knowledge vs. Ky being closer to Uldum and more titan influenced) their customs and dialect are quite similar. Thus she feels comfortable sharing that with her…With someone who has no knowledge of it, not so much. 

As for what moves Kyara to song…it’s hard for me to pick out any particular situation except one where she was completely happy, comfortable, and at peace. Even then I could picture her dancing to music of her people moreso than singing herself, as she’s very physically inclined and very agile, likes to busy herself through movement, etc. Of course, with music being important to her culture, and her culture making her…It’s definitely a large part of her character, something she enjoys and something that brings back memories both good and bad…Just something she doesn’t share right off the bat considering the walls she’s made for herself.

Your asks always make me think! Apologies if that’s a lot to read, lol.


I though of epic titles for this. “Princess and her knight”. “Nohr won’t separate us again“. But I think I’ll settle with “Wild OTP appeared.”

I totally decided to make Silas my main husband for IF. It took one glimpse on his amie face. Not to mention his backstory and personality makes such a nice combo with Agnes. The two of them would totally fall for each other. So let’s make it happen.

This is the first kiss I’ve ever drawn XD I confess I shamelessly used a reference photo - not something I usually do (and it’s still far from being perfect, boo). But I must say I’m really content with my take on Agnes’s customization. Red coat looks AMAZING on her. Also she has more gold on her armor than the default Kamui. Gold and red, because Hoshido~

Also, it kinda turned out totally different than I envisioned if I actually envisioned any outcome xD No sunset was intended at first, it simply happened. And instead of Nohr and Hoshido emblems there should be Sophie and Kanna but I kinda decided not to make this a family picture in the end. Family will happen some other day.

SECRET LOVER ☆ Ichinose Tokiya

There are but a few things that excite the fandom more than the live shows, and it was no different last weekend when all the reports and pictures started appearing on the internet. I just really wanted to draw something after Mamo updated his blog with clear photo’s of his/Tokiya’s outfit (I shamelessly used them as reference for this picture).  I also wouldn’t have known that shirt was see-through until he mentioned it. I tried to make it transparent, but it’s difficult.

I really enjoy working linelessly like this, but it takes forever to decide if it’s finished or not, so for now, this is finished. Hope you enjoy!

PS: The shape of his necklace is totally intentional.

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