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British Invasion (1/2)*Avengers x Reader x |implied| Steve Rogers*

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Summary: You are an Avenger, yet extremely British, very crude and yet polite. You spend a lot of time, using references the other Avengers don’t get and even though you are so different from Steve, he still fancies you. 
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Thor and Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: Extreme swearing and the use of the word ‘cunt’ 

Disclaimer: Not all British people are like this but I am basing this British reader on people I know in my life, stuff I have said or heard. 

“Oh, we’re in a kerfuffle now,” you say through comms from beside Bucky, his chuckle rang through the open air, louder than the roaring bullets. 

“Are you both okay?” a deep, gravelly, stern voice rang through your ear and you mentally held back a shiver but also rolled your eyes in response. 

“No, everything is fucking hunky-dory, totally not surrounded by enemies and will not die” sarcasm dripping from each word, this time, both Bucky and Steve laughed at you. 

You were relatively new to the Avengers, only just joining last year, you came over from England and instantly were accepted; despite having weird references and confusing everyone, they all loved you, Steve especially more so cause you had this fire within you. 

Once yourself and Bucky were helped out and the mission was over, you and the team were sat on the Quinjet, all in silence and mutual tiredness. You were sat next Steve who was already going through the briefing, you glanced at his tablet, him typing some long winded explanation of what happened.

“You should put, and quote, ‘that was a cock-up’ by Y/N” everyone was silent, awaiting Steve’s reaction, only he chuckled and looked at you. You grinned and shrugged at the super soldier, leaning back against your chair. 

Once you arrived back, you all got showered and relaxed, all finding your way back into the common room where the TV played as background noise on some Netflix show. 

“Your culture is weird, Y/N” Tony stated, you looked up from laying on the floor at Steve’s feet, “your references are odd and just… you swear a lot, more than an American, also you are very cheap.” He chuckled from beside Bucky, who nodded in agreement.

“You’re kidding right?” you asked, “in my country, we grew up with the respect, an obsession, no, an adoration for free shit; free samples from Tesco, free samples of cheap alcohol” Natasha laughed “If we don’t have to pay for it, we will fucking have it. My nation is built upon a healthcare where we will give pints, upon pints of blood on the lure of a free custard cream and shitty orange juice.” Tony raised his eyebrows at you, you shrugged in response, “you wanted to know how weird.”

“No, I stated how weird” Tony confirmed.

“Well, your girlfriend has two cunts and she’s sat right next to one,” Pepper and everyone else in the room burst out in laughter, except Tony “I’m sorry, I called you a cunt, I doubt you have the depth or capacity to give pleasure; I just stated, of course,” you smiled sweetly. 

Clint laughed, “I thought English people are polite? You’ve ruined that serotype” you smiled from your spot on the carpet.

“I think she is sweet,” Steve shrugged and you grinned, patting his knee lazily and he smiled down at you, everyone groaning and rolling their eyes  at you both.

“The British have invaded into Caps heart for the second time,” Bucky jokingly yelled in an alerted tone, causing Natasha to laugh from beside him.

“Stop taking the piss, Barnes” you called sitting up and leaning your back against Steve’s legs, giving a playful glare to him, he simply smugly smiled at you. 

You didn’t believe Bucky’s banter for a second, Steve wouldn’t fancy you, especially with your crude humour and sarcasm; you weren’t the typical British girl, you were from the south of England, where you simply didn’t give a fuck and that wasn’t something Steve liked. 

You turned the TV on, instantly putting BBC America on, grinning as Doctor Who repeats played. Everyone usually allowed you to pick what to watch, mostly cause it meant you got to catch up on shows you missed back at home, Steve usually sat with because he wanted to know more about what you liked.

“Oh this episode is a good one,” you yell excitedly as the Tenth Doctor who meets Donna for the first time.

Natasha sighed, “You said that last time and how do you know, it’s just started, it’s just the intro.”

“It’s the law for a British citizen to know  what episode it is just by the title,” you say not taking your eyes away from the screen.

“Wasn’t that terrible Doctor before this one?” Tony asked knowing exactly what type of reaction it would get him.

You glare at Stark, “Nine was a sarcastic, lovely, slightly not understanding of the human race Doctor. He brought back the much-loved 60′s show by captivating it’s modern audience through humour, Syfy and brilliant writing. You don’t skip Nine, Nine is so important, it shows that from Nine to Twelve how much trauma he has seen and how he has lost all sense of humanity he had.” You breathed in a rush, everyone silent as you shrugged, turning back to the screen. 

Steve smiled at your passion over the show you loved dearly, he made a point to remember small things about it, ask questions when you watched or not because you loved to talk about it. He loved to see your eyes twinkle, your smile brighten, you also moved your hands a lot, too much, when you talked about it.

After three episodes, a few of the Avengers had left to sleep, all that remained was; Steve, Tony, Thor, Bucky and yourself. You sat with a tea in hand, laughing at Doctor Who, Bucky occasionally joining in as Tony worked on some tablet. Thor was trying to understand, Steve was drifting sleep on the sofa, your back still being supported by his legs.

“Well, I’m gonna leave also because this show is just… not that good,” Tony stands up stretching, knowing you’d yell at him for that comment.

“Oooh my god! I soooo can’t believe you just said that!” You said in a very strange accent, Steve frowned, he had heard you use that tone before but never really understood.

“I hate your references.” Stark rolled his eyes.

You smirked, “Am I bothered?” you asked, “Am I bothered, though. I ain’t doing nothin’ cause I ain’t bothered.” 

“Just shut up, Y/N” Tony sighs, Steve look sat you.

“Don’t tell me what to do, are you telling me what to do? Are you disrespecting me? Are you stupid? Why don’t you shut up, though? Shut up, then. I don’t care, though, I ain’t bothered!” You yelled as Stark leaves out of the living room as you and Bucky laugh. 

“He’s gonna tell Pepper on you,” Steve mutters with a chuckle, you look up at him with a small grin.

“You’ll back me up won’t you?” you asked with a pout, “What he said was mean!” 

Steve rolled his eyes, “gotta protect the English crumpet” he mused, Bucky pretended to gag at you both from beside Thor.

“Is Lady Y/N bothered or not, I do not understand” Thor frowned at Bucky who sighed, patting the God’s broad shoulder.

(I decided to two part this. Let me know what you think, again this is the type of British I grew up with, the second part is more toned down and sweet crumpet British. - Rosalee)
The whole ‘am i bothered?” is from Catherine Tate, I recommend watching this because of David Tennant- LINK.

Alternate “You”niverse Last Part

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