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You casually entered Eddie’s trailer, not really caring if you caught him in the middle of getting dressed or getting undressed. You knew he wouldn’t mind either way. The two of you had already seen what the other looked like without clothes due to the intense sex scene you two had filmed days prior. You giggled silently to yourself at the thought of how nervous and shy you were when you had read the script and realized that you would have to be completely stark naked in front of a really good friend. 

You had met Eddie years ago and formed a great friendship with several linked films together This one, however, was the first that the two of you would be lead roles with each other. It was also a first for you to film a sex scene, Eddie on the other hand had done so many of them, it didn’t seem to phase him when you causally brought it up. Making you feel ten times as nervous because you felt that you too, shouldn’t feel weird. But, you did and quickly realized that it was a lot easier than you had expected and you could guess having Eddie poke fun in between takes had something to do with it. 

“[Y/N], so lovely for you to drop by.” There was humor kissing his words as he looked up from his spot on the couch with a book in his lap. 

You slumped down next to him, flickering a look. “I needed a friend.” 

A brow was quirked and the book closed as he shifted and placed it on the table beside him. “I’m always here when you need me, what’s wrong?” Concern washed over him as he turned to face you. 

Sighing, you too turned to face him. “This movie’s really got me thinking about life.” Propping your elbow on the back of the couch, you chewed on your lip. 

“Okay?” Eddie questioned, “And?” 

“And,” you started, “I feel like I’m never going to find someone to settle down with.” 

Eddie’s face twisted with slight amusement, “Is that what’s got you upset, [Y/N]?” Shaking his head, he chuckled. “You’re a lovely woman, [Y/N]. You’ve got a line of men just waiting.” 

Crossing your legs, you pouted. “I’d hardly call it a line, Eddie.” 

“Okay, a trickle.” He joked.

You playfully swatted at him, “Besides, none of them seem fit for me to settle down with. My clock is ticking, Eddie. Literally ticking down.” You gestured towards your lower abdomen. “I’ll be lucky to even have one kid.” 

“Love, you’re still young. Plenty of women who are older than you have carried.” Eddie murmured. 

“Fine, that partially solves one problem.” You sighed. “Why can’t I find a good trait in any of the guys I go out with? I used to go on dates all the time. What is wrong with me?” 

“Maybe you’re just looking for the right man.” Eddie firmly said, shrugging his shoulders, “Your subconscious is stepping in, I’d say. I can’t exactly say with a straight face that you’ve had a good track record.” 

“I’ll admit, I’ve dated some pretty shady guys in the past-”

“-darling, I hate to admit it but all of them were shady.” 

“Help me, then.” You halfway cried. “I just want to be happy and loved.” Running your hand through your hair, “Is that too much to ask.” 

“It’s not so easy but tell you what,” Eddie stood up, checked his watch and held out a hand for you to hold. “Let’s go to dinner, we’ve got a free night, might as well use it. I’ll show you the kind of traits to look for.” He gave you a genuine smile. 

Taking his hand, you chuckled. “Careful, Eddie. You might make me fall in love with you instead.” 

Firmly pulling you up, he pulled you in close. His voice low with a smirk on his lips. “That’s the plan, love. Let’s go.” 

Bullpen Talk

gif is not mine

Title: Bullpen Talk

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 985

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I wanted to write it. This is also my first Derek Morgan imagine/one-shot, so let me know how I did! I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

You were sitting alone in the bullpen of the BAU.  Everyone else was out having a good time.  You would have gone with them, but you needed time alone.  This case brought back feelings that you didn’t want to confront, but in the end there was no use in trying to run away from them.

You held a picture of your older brother in your hand.  You remember the day he took his own life, as if it had happened yesterday.  In reality, it happened ten years ago.  No matter the circumstances, you worked the case as if it were any other case.

“I thought I might find you here [Y/N],” Derek mumbled as he walked up to your desk.  He saw the picture you had in your hand, his smile fading.  He knew about what happened to your brother.  It was part of the reason he came back to the office this late at night.  It didn’t take a profiler to know that you would be here.

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Social Media

Characters/Pairing: Dean, Reader

Word Count: 414

Warnings: None! Cute fluff.

A/N: Thanks to @impala-dreamer for submitting this adorable Dean gif for my 250 followers gif drabble celebration. I really like what I did with this one. I hope you do too! Rules for the celebration are here if you would like to play along!

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Imagine: Jealous
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader x Thomas Sangster
Requested: yepp
Word Count: 2218
Warnings: smut, some spanking and swearing A/N: im glad you like my blog!!! btw thomas sangster will be in this one. sorry if you dont like that but I really wanted to fit him into one of my imagines. btw im actually very proud of this one so make sure to like and reblog😇

You catch sight of Pan leaving the bonfire with Wendy with his hand on the mid of her back. You couldn’t miss them leaving because od her obnoxious giggling.

Since Darling has arrived, she and Pan were inseperable, only indicating that he hasn’t spent time with you in eight days.

When you appeared on the island, you and Pan had an immense connection. Though, to this day, you and Pan had only a ‘thing’. You weren’t his and he wasn’t yours. You were merely ‘friends with benefits’. It’s been that way for the four years you’ve been on the island.

But you noticed how Pan observed Wendy during the her first campfire on the island. He surveyed her, obviously intrigued. That night and until now, he wouldn’t even glance at you.

Earlier that night, she and Pan sat on the opposite side of the fire. They didn’t bother with the other lost boys dancing around. The two sat directly in front of you. You were practically in the front row to watch ‘the lovely Miss Darling’ blushing and twirling her golden locks. They were obviously flirting with each other, and she made sure you were to hear it.

But now they were deep in the forest. He was probably doing what he calls ‘showing the girl the secrets of the island’. It’s more often known as ‘showing the girl the secrets under his pants’ according to the other lost boys.

Your thoughts of murdering Wendy Darling subsided when Thomas sat next to your log.

“Pan still hasn’t come around?“he asked noticing your glum look.

“I’m quite sure he’s doing the dirty deed with the new girl,” you rolled your eyes kicking a pebble around.

“I’ve got an idea,“Thomas smirked.

“And what would that be,“I ask interested. Thomas has always been there, acting like my older brother Felix. But Felix has never discovered about Pan and I, and I’d like to keep it that way.

“Fight fire with fire,“he raised an eyebrow, popping a berry in his mouth. He made sure nobody heard our conversation but the crackling of the bonfire was assissting us, therefore there was no need to whisper. “He’s said it himself; he likes fire,“he smirked.

“How would you suggest we do that, Sangster?"we leaned closer to one another.

"You know bloody well what we’ll do,"he smirked. "You in?”

“I’m up for it,"I smile."When exactly is this happening?”

“Tomorrow’s campfire, meet me by the tall, ‘A’ marked tree.”

“I don’t recall ever passing an ‘A’ marked tree,"you wondered aloud. "I’ve just about passed through every inch of the island and never have I passed an ‘A’ marked tree.”

“You’ll find the tree. I guarantee it,"he winked.

You hopped off the log, heading back to Pan’s treehouse, where you two always slept near one another. But he hasn’t laid by you since Wendy arrived on Neverland.

*** The campfire began half an hour ago, and you eventually encounter the tall, ‘A’ marked tree Thomas had described the night before. It was far enough so the boys wouldn’t see you, but you could just spot Wendy’s long, curly blonde hair. Luckily, her back was turned to you, and the lost boys were too focused on their dance to notice that you and Thomas weren’t attending the campfire. As for Peter, you knew he wouldn’t give even a piece of damn.

But Thomas wasn’t there. You faced the A-marked tree. You pondered if this was the wrong place, but was soon proved wrong when you felt Thomas’ arms slithering around your waist.

"What an entrance, Sangster,"I swiveled around to look up into his chocolate brown eyes. The two of you talked about pointless things; the island, and whatnot.

"Are you sure about this?"Thomas asked cautiously, and acted in a relaxed form.

You glance over his shoulder, seeing Wendy laughing along with Pan as he began playing his panflute.

You nodded, a bit tense.

With that, Thomas lightly shoved you on the tree, your back against the rough bark. You pulled him into a kiss, your hands roaming in his hair as the kiss deepened.

Thomas was loving and gently slid his hands onto the edge of your hips, and traveled downward.  It was different, a good different. You found yourself somewhat getting into it.

He left your lips and moved down to your jaw, lightly sucking. Thomas occasionally squeezed your butt making you jump. He moved down to the base of your neck, and to the edge of your collarbone.

"Mmm Thomas, right there,"you threw your head back when he found your sweet spot. Just after you let the moan slip, it became quiet. The panflute stopped playing. You didn’t notice until Thomas was thrown off of you and onto a nearby tree, landing with a grunt.

"What the hell is going on?"his voice boomed through the tight forest.

"Why do you care?"I walk over to Thomas giving him a hand. "Go play with Wendy,"I scoff. "You are obviously more interested in her,"I say, rolling my eyes.

"Jealous?"he smirked. Of course you were. But would you really give him the satisfaction of knowing that? Absolutely not.

"Why would I be jealous when I have Thomas?"Thomas wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Leave before I murder you,"Pan glared at him. Thomas kissed my forehead sweetly and left, only angering Pan more.

"I’m going to show you just who you belong to-"he snapped his fingers.”-and that nobody can make you feel the way I can.“

The two of you were back in his treehouse and you were completely bare. He sat on the edge of his bed. "You haven’t been a very good girl, y/n,"he taps his lap indicating for you to lay over it. You do as you were told and lean over his lap. You squeal when you feel a harsh slap on your bum. "I need you to count babygirl,"he said softly.

"O-one,"you could feel him smile. The anticipation of the hit was unbearable. Normally it wasn’t too many, but you could tell Pan was outraged.

Another sharp hit landed on your butt. "T-t-two.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl, y/n,"he says sending another strike. Fifteen spanks later, your cheeks were stinging.

"Like I promised earlier, I’d make you feel better than anyone ever has before"you suddenly feel two fingers entering me roughly. "and you should know, I always keep my word.”

“A-ah Peter,"you moaned, his fingers moving more quickly.

"Your mine, only mine, understand y/n!?"he slipped in another finger.

"Oh fuck yes Peter,"he pulled his fingers out leaving you empty. "What the hell?"you were furious, you were ready to cum.

Pan pulled you off of his lap and onto his bed making you face him. He kissed your lips passionately. Peter crawled up to your earlobe, softly nibbling at your sensitive skin. He breathed heavily down your ear and you moaned loudly enough for those two miles away from the treehouse could hear. You could feel a smirk lining his lips as he trailed down your jaw to your neck, harshly sucking. He was definitely leaving large marks that wouldn’t reside for a while, and you definitely couldn’t cover them up. You blame Neverland’s low support of concealer. "Peter, th-the boys will see,"you moaned. He continued leaving littered kisses around your body.

"Let them understand that you’re mine,"he massaged your right breast, guiding his mouth to your left breast. He licked and nibbled on the nipple earning several soft moans from you. Peter moved his mouth to your right breast, tracing the border of your nipple slowly until he found the hard middle.

He continued down the middle of your stomach, occasionally whispering "mine”. Peter left plenty of kisses around your flat belly and licked around your belly button. He pulled your legs apart, leaving your pussy open and exposed into the cold air.

“I want to taste you, love,"his eyes met yours as he traced your hips with his hands and began licking a trail from your inner thigh and missing your pussy lips to tease you.

"What’s stopping you,"you buck your hips yearning for some friction.

"Eager, love?"Peter’s grin expanded as he dove into your lips. "Who made you this wet?"he smirked into your entrance.

"Y-you did Peter,"you moaned, your fingers dancing in his hair. You pulled him farther in and he began twirling his tongue on your clit. "AH FUCK PETER,"you screamed and he continued to lick on your bundle of nerves. You yelped at the quick movements. Before you reached your climax, he slowed his pace, chuckling at your whines for him to go faster. He soon spread his lips wider, devouring as much of your juice as he could.

He dipped his tongue into your entrance. Your toes curled as a loud moan left your lips. "Mmmm,"you whimpered, your legs shaking from pleasure.

Peter’s heavy breaths and low groans were sending pleasung vibrations. They were just enough to send you over the edge. He helped you ride out your orgasm, harshly sucking on your clit, keeping eye contact the entire time. He moved down and licked up your cum.

You flipped him over, slowly pulling his tunic above his head. He laid on the bed, his legs off the edge. You sat in between of them, noticing his boner. You tease Pan by lightly palming him over his pants, earning yourself a low groan. You could feel his erect member growing and eager to see, you tug down his pants, along with his boxers, revealing his longing penis. You lightly kiss the tip.

"Mmm,"he groaned throwing his head back.

You slowly slide your hand up and down his enthusiastic shaft. You rotate your hand, earning a loud moan from Peter. You pumped your hands up and down, repeating your motion several times.

"Fuck baby,"he moans as you clasped your mouth around him, taking him as far as you thought possible. You kept your hand on the two inches that couldn’t be covered. You swirled your tongue around his swollen tip. You looked up at him and find his eyes closed in a state of pure pleasure. He yelled in pleasure, profanities leaving his mouth. Peter was in pure bliss. He came in your mouth soon enough. You swallowed the majority of it; or what you couldve.

He pulled you up bridal style and laid you on to his soft, plump bed. Peter leaned forward, passionately kissing your temple, trailing down to your jaw. You moaned lightly. He lined his tip before your entrance. Peter teased you by rubbing his tip against your clit.

"Mmngh, Peter please,"you begged.

"Please what, love?"he smirked into the crook of your neck.

"Fuck me, fuck me because I’m yours.”

That was all Pan needed as he pushed his erect cock into your tight entrance making you gasp. He filled you out completely and your walls wrapped around his dick. He gave you time to adjust before he began. Peter could be mad, but he’d never hurt you intentionally—well physically. He nibbled on your neck as he thrusted at an agonizing pace.

“Faster Peter, please!"you whined.

"Eager, are we?” he chuckled at your anticipation, while obeying your command. You shut your eyes, taking in the pleasure.

He gradually went faster, as if he’d never have sex again. It was the best the two of you had in ages. He kept one hand at your waist, with the other hand going down to your clitoris. He rubbed the wet area vigorously.

“Oh fuck, Peter,"you screamed. He made low grunts every few seconds, which was just about the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. You ran you’re hands on his bare stomach, which moved him to go faster.

"Oh baby, aaaah,"Peter threw his head back, obviously in as much bliss as you were in. "Fuck y/n,"you reach your climax and he rides you through it.

He falls beside you. "That was amazing,"you puffed out. "Maybe I should make you jealous more often,” I smirked.

After a moment, he ran his finger up your slit. You shivered at his cold touch.

“Still so wet, love! Save it for tomorrow night,"he winked at you. He licked up the juice on his finger before getting dressed and leaving the treehouse.

Meanwhile, you only dreamed about round two the night afterwards. Jealous sex is always the best sex. Oh fuck, where’s Wendy?

Or maybe this is the reason for the tricep/shoulder pain this morning lol. By the time we decided to do another set so we could film it, everyone was way too drunk 😂😂 That is my oldest brother walking away from us in disappointment (we’re at his job lol) and our older sister up on my shoulders, our other brother is the one filming. Yayyy family time 👌😅😂


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Request: will you do a band au kylo ren where he’s a super badass lead singer to this junk band and you stumble across them at a bar or something?

A/N: First of all, the gif above fits this one shot perfectly, so I decided to use it. Second of all, thank you anon for the request, I enjoyed writing it! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.9K+

Warning: Slight profanity.

Rubbing your forehead as you felt an awful migraine coming on, you decided to shut the chemistry text book, deciding trying to understand science wasn’t in your favor at the moment–let alone, at anytime. Leaning back in your chair as you let out a disgruntled groan, the door to your dorm instantly slammed open, you not even bothering to see who as you knew it was Rey. “Yes, Rey?”

“We need to get you out of here.” Walking over to you, she spun your chair around for you to face her. “You’ve been locked up in here for the past three days studying for this damn exam, give yourself a break!” She exclaimed, causing you to sigh. “Come on, Poe and Finn wanted to stop by this bar that most of the uni kids go to since apparently they have live music and yadda yadda and you know how Poe is about music,” She swatted a hand, causing you to huff.

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My story of being drugged to shut me up

Creepy encounter by reddit user blckxnxbrkn

This took place the winter of 2005 in rural Iowa, I was 18 years old and attending community college.  I have always been an outgoing and talkative person and managed (in my youth) to make friends quite easily.

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We Will Miss You Dear Mom

I just thought I’d say

I love you and goodbye

We will miss you dearly

I promise I won’t cry.

I will never forget our talks

Conversations on the phone

How happy you were to see me

When I finally came home.

You worried so much about me

I worried about you too

I know this is the hardest thing

We’ve ever had to do.

I know you’ll always be with me

Wherever I will go

No one needs to show me

I will always know.

I don’t know what to do Mom

I never thought I’d loose you

Where I’ll go from here

I still haven’t got a clue.

I hope you’ll watch over me

Be my guiding light

Giving me the strength I need

To win this endless fight.

You’re my guardian angel Mom

Sitting on my shoulder

Whispering your words of wisdom

To use as I get older.

I don’t want to say goodbye

But we’ll meet again someday

We’ll pick up where we left off

Before you went away.  

Gratitude ~  © Mallissa A. Moore

Marks (C.H.)

A/N: Yes, this is a soulmate imagine. It’s probably and most likely not the best one you’ll ever read, but here is my attempt. I’ve done it in a sort of werewolf type of mating. This is actually based off an idea for a story I’ll eventually put up on my Wattpad once I’ve written more than thirty chapters. Also, I realize that the gif doesn’t really suit the story but I’ve been wanting to use this and IT IS NOT MINE.

Masterlist || Ask


It’s all anyone ever talked about.

“Have you found your mate?”
“I’ve found my mate!”
“When will I find my mate?”
“Will I ever find my mate?”

Those were the things you heard on a daily basis.
Mates. Mates. Mates. Derived from the word Soulmate.
You could care less about it, but that doesn’t mean that you weren’t curious.
How can one stupid touch suddenly tell you who you’re destined to be with for all eternity?
The only cool thing about finding your mate - well, aside from the fact that you found your other half - is the cool mark you get permanently etched onto the skin on the inside of your left wrist.
Everyone’s Mark is different. That’s what makes it unique. The only way to get that mark was if you’ve had skin to skin contact with your mate. It’s as if your skin was a detector for your mate’s skin and you weren’t aware of it.
There wasn’t a certain age for when you found your mate. Some found theirs at a general age in time for marriage, others well into their old ages, and the youngest being little ten year olds where puberty starts to take its course. That didn’t mean that those who didn’t find their mate hadn’t already married and had kids with someone else that was mate less. Some actually preferred it that way so that they could actually get to know the person rather than just have an undeniable attraction towards someone that was basically a stranger.
It was always a concern whenever you met someone new, if that person was your soulmate. So many people were wary of handshakes and hugs while others desperately wanted to find their mate and jumped at the opportunity when introducing themselves.
You’re not really looking for your mate, nor will you ever. If you meet your mate then you meet your mate. If you don’t, hopefully someone will take pity on your soul.
Just kidding.
Well, mostly.

“Y/N,” your friend nudged you as you stood by your locker.
“What, Y/F/N?” You ask her, not looking away from your locker as you switched textbooks.
“Check out the new kid,” she muttered and judging from her tone of voice, he was hot.
You looked away from your locker and down the hallway where the new kid was hanging out with a few boys you fairly knew that go by the names of Luke, Ashton, and Michael.
She was right though.
He was fucking hot.
You looked at your friend. “You think he’s mated?”
She peered down at his wrists. “Don’t think so. If he was, he probably would have his mate around him, yeah?”
You nodded as you shut your locker. “True. Speaking of mates…” You faced your friend as you leaned against your locker. “When are you going to see if Michael is your mate or not?”
She shook her head. “Nope. Not gonna happen.”
“Why not?”
“You know how much I like him, Y/N. What if he isn’t my mate?”
“You two could always be one of the couples that marry mate less. I’d tell him before he does end up finding a mate.”
She sighed. “Maybe. Come on, we need to head to class.”
The two of you stalked off towards your next class but not before you snuck one last look at the new kid who looked up and locked eyes with you.

“Is anyone sitting here?” A voice asked.
You didn’t look up from your writing as you gestured for the person to take the seat. “Nope. Go right ahead.”
“Thanks.” the chair scraped against the floor as he sat down. “I’m Calum by the way.”
You frowned. You didn’t know of a Calum in this class. You looked up and you were taken aback by the sight of the new kid. “Oh, hi. Sorry, that was rude of me. I’m Y/N.”
He chuckled. “It’s fine.” He didn’t make a move to shake your hand which made you like him even more. “So…” he looked around the classroom. “What do we do in here?”
You gave him a look. “Learn,” you told him in an obvious tone.
He rolled his eyes. “Well, no shit.”
You shrugged. “You’re the one that asked.”
He smiled. “I like you already.”
You couldn’t help but blush - which is something you normally didn’t do around boys, only when you’re embarrassed.
The teacher walked in and started the class, saying that today we would be doing a partner activity then went on to explain the assignment.
Calum turned to you with a smirk on his face as he wiggled his eyebrows at you. “Partner?”
You shoved him with your shoulder. “You get to work with the awesomest person in the whole world. Don’t make me regret being partners with you.”
He laughed. “Who said that you’re the awesomest person in the whole world?”
“Me, duh.” You flipped your hair over your shoulder.
“You sure are something,” Calum said while smiling.
“I know. I’m a piece of art,” you smirk at him.
“Keep telling yourself that, Princess,” Calum told you as he looked at the board for the instructions for the assignment.
You don’t know why, but Calum calling you Princess made you feel things you haven’t felt before and you weren’t sure if you liked it or not.
Once the two of you finished, you continued to talk to each other and get to know the other a lot better as you waited for the class period to end.
You learned that he was originally from Australia and had transferred here because of his dad’s new job. He also had an older sister who was starting a singing career. As for himself, his passion was football, but if something else came along he wouldn’t exactly reject it. He also told you that he wasn’t Asian as many seem to mistaken him for one.
“You got lunch right now?” Calum asked you as the two of you packed up your things.
“Yup. You?” You asked him as you pulled on your bag and stood up.
He stood up as well. “Yeah. Mind if I join you?”
You smiled. “Not at all. My friend will eat with us as well, if that’s okay?”
He smiled in return. “Yeah, that’s cool.”
You two barely made it out the door when Calum was abruptly picked up.
“Whoa,” Calum yelled as he looked behind him to see who had picked him up.
You looked behind him and saw Michael’s face pop out as he placed Calum back down on the floor, Luke and Ashton standing right behind him.
“Hey, Y/N,” Luke nodded his head in greeting.
You knew of Luke, Ashton, and Michael - not well - but you had spoken to them a couple of times. “Hey, guys.”
“You guys headed to lunch?” Ashton asked.
Calum nodded. “Yeah. Y/N has the same lunch so I thought I would eat with her. Did you guys want to join?” He turned to look at you. “That is if it’s okay with you.”
You waved him off. “It’s totally chill. Y/F/N will eat with us too though.”
You watched Michael’s reaction change from excitement to one of shyness and nervousness.
Speak of the devil.
“Yo, Y/N! Why are you taking so long?” Your friend asked as she approached where the five of you were huddled in a circle.
You gave her a smirk. “Hey, Y/F/N. Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael are eating with us today.”
She froze then glared at you. “How lovely.”
You gave her an innocent smile back.
“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving so let’s go eat,” Luke said and all of you followed him in the direction of the cafeteria.

Weeks have passed and you didn’t expect to grow as close as you had to Calum. However, you two still hadn’t made any skin to skin contact with each other.
You didn’t know why he didn’t want to, but for you, you were afraid that he wasn’t your mate. You could say that you had fallen for the Aussie too hard and way too fast for your liking.
“Y/N! Wait up!” Calum yelled from behind you.
You stopped to the side of the crowded hallway as you waited for him.
He ran up and stopped beside you. “Hi,” He gave you a silly grin.
You rolled your eyes, but a smile was on your lips. “Hey.”
“Did you do last night’s-” Calum didn’t finish his sentence as a boy from a younger year ran past him, making Calum bump into you.
Then you felt it.
You clutched your wrist as you locked eyes with Calum, him mimicking your actions.
It was a searing pain that made you flinch and squeeze you eyes shut, but an arm being wrapped around your waist made you open them.
Calum was giving you a lopsided smile, the best that he could because of the pain.
You two were oblivious to anything else around you as the pain soon dulled.
“Do you want to look?” He croaked out.
“I’m scared to,” you whispered.
“You have me,” he told you with a smile.
You took a deep breath then nodded.
Calum counted down from three and you both showed your wrists.
It was a sun and a moon.
You stared in awe as you saw that the sun on Calum’s was more prominent as it was on top of the faded crescent while yours was the exact opposite.
You looked up at him. “I was scared for nothing,” you let out a little laugh.
He gave you a confused look. “Huh?”
“I was falling for you this whole time and I was scared to see if you were my soulmate or not…but I guess I have my answer,” you explained to him.
He stared at you lovingly. “I knew it was you.”
You shoved him. “Sure you did.”
He laughed as he threw his arm over your shoulder as the two of you continued to walk down the hallway. “I wouldn’t have chanced it though, afraid that you would have a different soulmate,” he glanced back down at you, “but I’m glad that kid ran into me otherwise I would’ve never found out that you’re mine forever.”
You smirked. “Looks like you’re stuck with me, Hood.”
He smirked back at you. “So it would seem, future Mrs. Hood,“ he looked forward again and shrugged, “but I’m not complaining.”



I ran down the path for the cross country, wanting to work myself harder with the big meet that was coming up.

Running was an escape from the reality, it was my stress reliever.

The path was hard to see, considering it was eight at night, but I knew the path like the back of my hand. I had ran on it for years.

I slowed to a stop, wanting to change the song to something with a rhythm that matches my steps. I paused the song and looked through my playlist.

A few leaves that were crunched off to the side had stole my attention. I pulled out the two headphones, wrapping them around my phone gently.

“Hello?” I yelled, my voice a bit raspy. “Anyone out there?”

Maybe it was just some random little animal.

I shook my head and shoved the earphones back into my ears. I played my favorite song and continued my run down the path.

I seen something was running next to me in the corner of my eye. It was running further into the woods though.

I looked over for a split second. Squinting my eyes, trying to get a better look at it. In that split second, I ran into something and they swiftly picked me up and spun me a little.

“(Y/N) what the hell are you doing out here so late?” My best friend looked down at me, his hand still lingering on my waist. “You know it’s dangerous out here.”

“I needed to run,” I looked up at my closest friend and gave him a shy smile. “That huge meet is coming up and I need to be prepared.”

Brett smiled down at me and shook his head, letting my waist go and walked backwards. He easily gripped my hand and pulled me out of the woods with him.

“Did you see whatever that was out there?” I question trying to turn to look back into the woods. Brett pulled my hand, making me move closer to him and turn away from the woods.

“I didn’t see anything,” Brett pulled me over to my car, he opened the passenger door and I hopped in. He walked over to the driver side and slid in with ease. “Keys please.”

I placed the keys in Brett’s opened hand. He started the engine and glanced over at me with a smile on his face.


Brett pulled up into my empty driveway, cutting the engine and instantly hoping out, I followed suit.

I walked in through the door Brett had left open. I walked up the stairs and into the bathroom.

“Brett, I’m taking a shower,” I yelled, knowing my parents weren’t home. They were never home, my dad was a deputy and my mom was a doctor.

Living in Beacon hills, there was always something going on. It was like a beacon for crazy things.

I started the shower and plugged my phone into the iHome and played my music. I stripped my sweaty clothes off and hopped into the shower.

I kept my shower generally short, I was out within fifteen minutes.

I wrapped a towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom. I pushed open my door, glancing at a shirtless Brett, whom was looking for a movie to watch on Netflix.

I slipped on a pair of underwear, knowing Brett wouldn’t mind me changing in front of him. We have been friends forever, it was nothing new to change in front of each other.

I pulled out one of Brett’s old Devenford Prep shirt. I let the towel fall to the floor and then slipped the big comfy shirt one.

I quickly brushed my hair then hopped into my bed. Brett had found an older scary movie to watch. I pulled the blankets over the both of us as Brett played the movie.

“You’ve always looked so good in my clothes,” Brett mumbled. It was so quiet I almost missed it.

I could feel my heart rate pick up, I looked down at my body pillow that was laying at the end of my bed. My cheeks growing redder by the second.

Brett wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his chest, my face still feeling hot from his comment.

I fell asleep shortly after the movie had start, the run had seriously tired me out. The cold room mixed with the heat radiating off of Brett made me 10x more comfortable.


I ran as fast as my legs could take me. The leaves and twigs crunching with every step I took. I could hear whatever the thing was, it was gaining on me.

The fierce loud growl had found its way to my ears and made me run even faster. My heart was pounding against my chest and my breaths were coming out short and fast.

I felt something grip my ankle and I instantly fell flat on the cold hard ground. My nails dug into the ground as whatever it was started to drag me back closer to it. I yelled as I tried to kick whatever it was, but it wasn’t working.

“(Y/N),” I felt my body began to shake as the thing bit into my thigh. “(Y/N)!” the voice was familiar and was beginning to sound much warmer and comforting.

I shot up as the arms that were around me brought me closer to their chest. I began to pull away, trying to get out of their grasp.

“(Y/N) it’s okay, I’m here now,” he never let go of me, no matter how hard I tried to pull away. “You’re fine now, (Y/N) I’ve got you.”

I looked up to see Brett’s worried face looking back down at me. I looked over to the TV that was now off, I relaxed into Brett’s open embrace. I could feel his light touch, his fingers drawing random patterns on my now exposed side.

I looked for the covers, something to cover my overly exposed body.

“You kicked them off of the bed,” Brett whispered, somehow knowing exactly what I was silently searching for with my eyes. “Are you okay?”

I turn around, his arms not letting me go, I leaned into his now intertwined hands. I slowly nodded up as him, not knowing what to say.

“I know you’re lying to me,” He stated. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t even know what happened,” My voice was weak, like I had actually been yelling. “I was running down the cross country path, I was being chased down the path. It had finally caught up to me and grabbed my ankles and started to drag my back.”

“What was it?” Brett’s eyes never left mine, not even when I had looked down at my exposed legs.

“I-I’m not sure, but it was big and it was like growling at me,” A weird look crossed over Brett’s beautiful features.

“(Y/N), I have something I need to tell you,” Brett looked away from me as I looked up at him. “A-actually there is two things I need to tell you.”

Brett got up from the bed and turned away from me. I could practically hear my heart beating through my ears. I looked at his tone back, not knowing what to do.

I stood up and gripped his forearm, trying to get him to face me. He turned away and his eyes were glowing a beautiful golden color, his teeth were much sharper and bigger teeth than before.

I backed up a little. What the hell was going on?

“(Y/N), I’m a werewolf,” by the time I had blinked a couple of time and finally let my brain somewhat process what He just told me, he was back to normal. “That thing you said you had thought you had seen in the woods, that was a werewolf too.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say, I was truly speechless. I couldn’t even force a squeak to pass my lips.

He took a step towards me, I didn’t move, I couldn’t.

“And the second thing,” Brett pulled me close to him, never looking away from my eyes. I didn’t dare to move, I was frozen in my spot.

He slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, His eyes fluttered close, as did mine. Our lips started to move in sync as he gripped my hips. I slowly brought my arms up to wrap around his neck, pulling him as close to me as possible.

Brett had pulled away, our faces just inches apart. A huge smile appeared on his face as I brought one of my hands down from around his neck to touch my lips.

“(Y/N) I love you. I’ve been in love with you for God knows how long!” Brett’s smiled soon became serious. “You’re my everything, my rock, my savior, you’re my anchor.”

“I-I, I love you too,“ you pulled him down once more to bring him in for another sweet and savoring kiss.

Imagine: Being close to Anakin and watching as he is seduced by the Dark Side

For anon… Enjoy!

“Hi, I’m Anakin.” Said a little voice behind you. You turned around abruptly to see a small boy, slightly older than you, with straw colored hair and friendly, twinkling eyes. He was smiling at you. 

You gave him a nervous smile back, looking at your feet.

“I’m Y/N.” You replied tinily, shyly avoiding Anakin’s dark eyes. The new padawan seemed extremely interested in you and you willed him to go away, yet he pressed on. 

“Who’s your mentor?” He asked. “Mine is Master Qui-Gonn. He’s really smart and clever. One time, I saw him fight a Sith Lord!” 

You looked up at Anakin, awestruck. 

“You did?” You breathed, your eyes wide. Anakin nodded and grinned hugely. 

“Yeah,” The little boy boasted. “The Sith snuck up on us while we were on our way to back my ship and Qui-Gonn leaped into the air and he turned on his lightsaber and started to fight with the Sith! It was really scary but really cool. Qui-Gonn beat him, obviously. Jedi are so cool. I can’t wait to be one.” 

You nodded in agreement.

“Me too.”

Anakin rocked back and forth on his feet.

“We should be friends.” He began. “I don’t know anyone here. Do you?” 

You shook your head.

“Nope. No one besides Mace Windu. Hey, want to go check out what the older padawans are doing? I know where they train.” You said, pointing in the direction of the training area. 

Anakin looked at you eagerly.

“Maybe we can see my friend Obi Wan Kenobi! Come on, let’s go! I’ll race you!” Anakin called before running in the direction you were pointing. You chased after him, short bursts of laughter echoing around the room. 

It was late. You were sitting on a sofa with Anakin, holding him as he cried softly into your shoulder. His entire body was shaking horribly and the only thing you could do was rub his back soothingly, whispering words of comfort. 

Only an hour before, Obi Wan had interrupted a mock lightsaber duel between the two of you. He pulled Anakin aside for several minutes and you could only watch as the padawan’s face fell gradually with horror. 

His mother, Shmi Skywalker, had been killed by Tusken Raiders back on Tatooine. She had been kidnapped and held captive by them, suffering from beatings and little food and water. The worst part was was that she died all alone, in a small, overheated tent, her hands and legs bound. 

Anakin sniffled quietly, tears flowing down his cheeks in salty streams. You wiped them away. 

“It’ll be okay, Ani.” You murmured, brushing his hair out of his face. Anakin looked at you, his eyes red. 

“It won’t be okay. She’s dead, Y/N. She’s dead. I should’ve done so-” His voice broke before he could finish his sentence. You wrapped your arms around him, burying your nose into his neck.

“There was nothing you could’ve done. It’s not your fault, Ani.” You whispered, holding him tight. The padawan didn’t say anything. Instead, he nuzzled into you gratefully, soaking your Jedi robes. 

Anakin paced back and forth across the room, his hands clasped around his back. His hooded robe was pulled over his head, so that half of his face was hidden. He seemed to be deep in thought, fighting a war that only he could see. 

You watched him from the only sofa in the room, pain and confusion making your hands shake. Anakin was never like this. He looked and acted so different these days, sneaking around mysteriously and always on high alert. He was extremely distant too. He never looked you straight in the eye anymore. 

“Ani.” You said to him. 

As if out of a trance, Anakin jerked suddenly, turning towards you rigidly. His face was hard. 

“Don’t call me that.” He growled, his eyes stone cold. A deep shadow hid most of his face from you. 

He almost looked like a Sith.

You gaped at him, hurt causing tears to brim around your eyes. Anakin never spoke to you, or anyone, that way. 

You stood up, lifting your chin and forcing the lump in your throat down. Clenching your fists, you stepped stiffly towards Anakin, who watched your every move. 

“What is wrong with you?” You said shakily, your voice quiet. 

Anakin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, his eyes finally meeting yours. With a pang of dread, you realized the friendly twinkle that once sparkled in them was replaced with an emotionless pit. 

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Anakin whispered, inching towards you. You shook your head at him. 

“Yes there is!” You choked out. “ Ani, you’re giving in to the Dark Side! Palpatine is brainwashing you! He’s lying to you!”

Anakin’s eyes widened. 

“Y/N, he’s giving me all I ever wanted. I-I can be the most powerful Jedi ever. I can rule the galaxy with him!” 

As much as you tried to restrain them, tears started to roll down your cheeks. 

“How could you?” You asked. “After everything we’ve trained for? After everything we’ve been through? You swore you wouldn’t give in to the darkness! How could you give up so easily?” 

Anakin looked taken aback. 

“I’m not giving up.” He replied simply, lowering his hood. For a fleeting moment, he looked like the old Anakin. 

“Then what are you doing? Anakin, Anakin please don’t do this!” You yelled at him, feeling your face burning.

“Why shouldn’t I?” He snarled back, his eyes turning angry. You felt sobs start to erupt in your chest. 

“Because I love you!” 

The words came up before you could choke them back. 

Anakin stared at you, his mouth agape. You stood in front of him, staring at him pleadingly. Your voice had died away almost entirely, replaced with a hollow feeling in your stomach. 

After an eternity, Anakin looked at you, warmth swimming in his eyes. You could have sworn you were dreaming. 

“Y/N,” He started, stepping towards you. You didn’t back away. You couldn’t. 

“Ani, please. Don’t give in.” Your voice was barely a whisper. 

You felt Anakin’s hand on your arm and you mustered a tiny smile, looking up at him. His eyes were brimmed red with tears. 

In a single, cursory movement, Anakin leaned into you and pressed his mouth against yours softly. You barely had time to react before his arms wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you closer against him. Your wide eyes fluttered shut as you melted into him. Your hands travelled up to his messy hair, burying themselves into his light brown locks. Your heart was pounding in your chest, your throat, your head. 

Anakin held you tightly before pulling away, his face hovering extremely close to yours for a short moment. His eyes were still closed when he pulled you into an intimate embrace. 

He hid his face in your neck and you could feel hot tears as he wept softly. 

You hugged him back, tears of your own spilling on to his dark robes.

After a few moments, Anakin muttered something into your shoulder.

“For the record, I like when you call me Ani.”

You laughed shakily.

Poetical Essay at the End of the World by Annie Cardi

The first thing we lost was power. Within a few days, electrical grids were down—no one to run the power plants. My phone was already almost dead from trying to call Mom over and over, so I tossed it and to be honest, I started crying when I turned away from it. I expected some people to roll their eyes at me—some teen girl crying over her dead cell, but I thought of all those photos and texts I’d never see again. Those voicemails from Mom I barely listed to because I thought how could I spend a whole three minutes listening to her talk when she could just text me what she wanted.

No one made fun of me, though, if they saw me crying. Small blessing.

We talk about the small things we miss—coffee and cars and slippers and movie theater popcorn and Youtube and chocolate cake and concerts and on and on and on. We talk about them like we’re on some wilderness vacation and will be back to all the comforts of home soon enough. Like they’re only gone for a little while and might come back again someday.

They might. Maybe.

No one talks about the people we miss. Once the sickness spread in the cities, and the bodies started walking, the ones of us who were left and who got out started gathering. Anytime you found someone who was scrambling toward you, shouting, “Help, help, please!” you brought them with you.

But it’s been over a month and there are fewer and fewer people we find. It’s like we all keep thinking maybe they’re still out there and will meet us at a crossroads any day now. Our eyes are always scanning the landscape, and not just for the dead. But no one says who they’re looking for. We are all Eurydice, afraid to turn back for fear of losing everything.

So we keep marching forward, trying to find other people, other resources. We break into houses, into sheds, into stores. We take food and clothes and medical supplies and anything that could be a weapon. Before the sickness, I never broke any laws, not even stealing a lip gloss when my friends did. I said as much the first time we broke into a home, and one of the others, an older woman with the sinewy limbs of a runner, laughed. “It’s the end of the world, kid,” she said. “Anything’s possible.”

The home was just as the owners’ left it—before they ran or died. There was a pile of laundry in a basket, neatly folded. Two of the others sorted through it for anything we could use. I wandered by the bookshelves, tilting my head to scan the titles.

“Take a few,” one of the others said when we saw me by the books. “We can use them for kindling.”

I put a few in the my bag, probably more than was safe to carry. Before we tore any pages out, I read every word.

Whenever we need to make a fire, I try to memorize what I can, because it’s hard to tell when we might come across more books, or if one day all the books will be gone.

Ms. Simpson, fifth grade teacher, was big on memorization. She had us memorize a different poem every month. “You’ll never be bored if you memorize poetry.” My friends all groaned and talked about how Ms. Simpson was the worst, but I stood in front of my bedroom mirror, repeating the words over and over until I knew them by heart:

For we cannot tarry here,
We must march my darlings, we must bear the brunt of danger,
We, the youthful sinewy races, all the rest on us depend,
Pioneers! O pioneers!

I wonder if Ms. Simpson is somewhere now, walking with the living and reciting poetry.

Sometimes I see the dead walking in the distance and I wonder why we keep huddled together, stealing what we can and talking about the things we miss, because there might never be any more coffee or slippers or concerts or books.

But sometimes I look up at night and see the stars—so many of them, more than you could hope to see before. I know how far apart they are, how far from them we are, but there are so many it seems like the sky is crowded with them. They’re all so far apart but ages and ages ago people looked up and drew lines between stars and told stories about how the stars got that way.

It doesn’t bring back coffee or slippers or concerts or people we lost, but for a moment it’s beautiful.

I’m still walking; I am writing a poem in my head.

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Arya tried to tell them that she’d been bathed twice at Acorn Hall, not a fortnight past, but the red-haired woman was having none of it. Two serving wenches carried her up the stairs bodily, arguing about whether she was a girl or a boy. The one called Helly won, so the other had to fetch the hot water and scrub Arya’s back with a stiff bristly brush that almost took her skin off. Then they stole all the clothes that Lady Smallwood had given her and dressed her up like one of Sansa’s dolls in linen and lace. But at least when they were done she got to go down and eat.

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