i used my powers for evil

“There were early signs. I used to have this feeling that I could manipulate the future. I got lucky at casinos, and I thought it was because I had the power to control events. I was a biology teacher back then. I was married with four kids. I read three books per week. I was only getting a few hours of sleep every night. Then one morning on the bus I had a break from reality. I was speaking to a friend, and I started to understand her in a completely different way. And the things I understood were evil. It was like my entire mental structure had changed. I began to frighten people. I lost all filters. I would say all of the strange things that I was thinking. People thought I was on drugs. I lost my job. My wife went to her mother’s place with the kids. I ended up sleeping on the streets. It took me years to realize I had schizophrenia. I was put in a psychiatric ward for two months. Now I’m taking three different medications. I’m reading books again. I’ve got some self-esteem back. I’m building a relationship with my kids. But I’m still fighting it. It’s always there. It doesn’t come and go. It’s a continuous way of looking at the world that I must keep pushing back against.”

(Cordoba, Argentina)

Rowaelin was foreshadowed in Crown of Midnight.

I am candidly rereading the Throne of Glass series when today I came upon the biggest bombshell of my entire existance. In Chapter 15 of Crown of Midnight, Celaena is attending a dinner in honor of Hollin, Dorian’s evil little brother, When the singer comes on-stage, she sings a song that is actually an anciet Fae legend.

“She heard it now as if for the first time: the story of a Fae woman blessed with a horrible, profound power that was sought by kings and lords in every kingdom. While they used her to win wars and conquer nations, they all feared her–and kept their distance.”

The Fae woman in the song can easily be considered Celaena. Celaena’s power is being the greatest assassin the world has ever known. Arobynn first and later the King of Adarlan when he names her his Champion, make use of her power.

“Rena went on, spinning the ageless story of the years that the Fae woman served those kings and lords, and the loneliness that consumed her bit by bit. And then, one day, a knight came, seeking her power on behalf of his king. As they traveled to his kingdom, his fear turned to love–and he saw her not for the power she wielded, but for the woman beneath. Of all the kings and emperors who had come courting her with promises of wealth beyond imagining, it was the knight’s gift, of seeing her for who she was–not what she was–that won her heart.

IF THIS DOESN’T SCREAM ROWAELIN TO YOU, THEN I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DOES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! (I’m sorry for the use of all caps, but my mind is completely fried). On a first read of this book, I thought this was a foreshadowing of the imminent Chaolena relationship–and later on I completely forgot about it tbh–but now I see it for what it really is. I think this part of the book was meant to be a foreshadowing of the future relationship between Rowan and Aelin. 
In the last stages of Crown of Midnight when Celaena’s Fae heritage is revealed, Chaol isn’t able to look past his fear of what Aelin is and what she is able to do. It only becomes worse when he learns her true identity.
When Rowan and Aelin first meet in Heir of Fire, he is looking for her on Maeve’s behalf, his queen. As they spend time together and he teaches her to wield her magic, their bickering turns to friendship, their friendship turns to love.
Rowan is also the only one of Aelin’s love interest who is able to see Aelin for who she is and accept every single part of her. Sam is the one who got closer to that level of loving her, but there was a whole part of Celaena’s life that he was unaware of. Dorian and Chaol–while they did fall in love with her–never truly accepted every part of Celaena’s being. Both of them have trouble accepting the assassin part of her and in Chaol’s case it’s even worse because he doesn’t accept her being Fae either, unlike Dorian. Rowan is the only one who embraces ALL of Aelin’s baggage. He understands her struggles; he doesn’t judge her for being a killer because he’s done his fair share of killing himself; he’s not afraid of how powerful she is; he is not intimidated by her being a queen.

Evil’s Offer

I just have been thinking recently on how the White Witch in the beginning told Edmund that she’d make him a prince. 

I just find it so ironic, because he was always destined to be king. 

And I just chewed on that thought for a while, and I realized that it’s what evil always does: It knows our destiny and our potential, and it does everything in its power to sell us the cheaper version. It knows if we step into our true potential at full capacity, its stronghold of power crumbles. 

I hope I never make the mistake of choosing the knock-off version of my own destiny. I guess the best way to know is to never accept the version that puts you in a position under evil’s feet. 

If only evil was always so recognizable as the White Witch. 

Ok, so I’m going to tell you why using that one time Mario stepped on Luigi’s foot when he won a tennis match as ‘proof’ he is evil is really boring. 

I get at least one message a week from someone using this as ‘proof’ that Mario is evil and while it’s obviously weak, there is a personal reason why it peeves me so much. 

It’s not because Mario isn’t acting cruel in that scene (he is! What a jerk haha) but it’s more because it is taken out of context from the game it came from. It’s a scene from the game Mario Power Tennis for the Gamecube and its probably one of the best games ever for giving Mario characters, well… Character. The developers, Camelot (who are also the brains behind Waluigi!) honestly were better at character building then Nintendo was back them. There are many other scenes in that game that are just as wild. 

Let it be known that Mario and Luigi are a loving team most of the time in this game. In fact it’s kinda the running theme. Here’s some examples from the opening scene (aka the first thing you see when beginning the game):

Look at them! In this intro they basically save the day through the power of their teamwork, how cute!

Mario gives Luigi a little worried glance to see if his bro is ok in the fight with Bowser.

The cut scenes have so much care and humour injected into them, its worth watching them on their own. They take flat Mario characters and give them life. 

There is a lot of really strong slapstick humour, especially with Wario and Waluigi, who shine in this game. Suddenly a stomp of the foot seems tame. Characters get crushed, stretched, thrown around and its great. Luigi looks under a shyguy’s mask and jumps back in horror. There is a training montage with Wario and Waluigi at one point, its amazing. 

But they also weren’t afraid to touch Mario. They made him slip up and make mistakes. In the blooper reel (yes they made a blooper reel and its hilarious) Mario accidentally hits Luigi in the eye with a ball and rushes to his aid, sheepishly apologising.

There is also another scene (it’s Koopa Troopa’s winning celebration) where Luigi falls over from a shell and Mario and Peach are the first to rush to his aid. 

So basically what i’m trying to say is that you should check out the game and all its cut scenes before taking it as something serious or ‘canon’. Its a very silly game that has fun with the characters it is given and really doesn’t feel like anything else we’ve ever really gotten from Nintendo. 

But that’s because its not Nintendo, its Camelot! They also made Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour for the Gamecube and that had similar humour too.

So TL;DR: Please check out the tennis intro, winning scenes and Bloopers, Here(x) , Here(x) and Here(x) also check out the Mario golf intro Here(x) They’re great and a load of fun! They’ll probably make you like Camelot’s OC Waluigi a lot more, too!

Also if i’ve gotten anything wrong i apologise, I haven’t played this game in a very long time and might not remember things 100%!


My Aesthetic: Powerful-Angry-Bitchy-Evil-Powerful-Dominating-Conquering-Nigh-Immoral-Sexy Alien Overlord Empresses and Queens who want to kill us all.

Really sad that i couldn’t find Gifs of the last three.

Also: Picture all of them sitting around a tiny table no bigger then their ankles, they’re all siting on pillows and chatting with one another while drinking out of decorated little teacups.

get the fuck ready for some DP HEADCANONS ABOUT MY GURL STAR

first up her last name is Benson because @melancholicmarionette
made it so in a fic and I’m adopting it because it sounds gud thank

Star Benson has an insane memory, like she remembers everything, and it’s all important stuff like who’s fucking who and which stores have the best deals and all the important current political figures and their policies

and also she can recite the entire Bee Movie script by heart for some reason

she only uses this power for evil

Star Benson knows everyone, literally everyone, that kid who moved into town last week? Star knows his favourite colour, that girl who sits in a corner and doesn’t talk to anyone? Star knows exactly which hair salon she goes to every month for that shitty dye job

names, phone numbers, addresses, Star knows them all, her phone is so full of contacts and emails and she has an account on almost all forms of social media and follows everyone from school on all of them, if anyone needs to contact someone Star can hook you up, she’s owed favours by half the student body

she is a gossip queen, she has all of the dirt, she can recognise someone by voice, by mannerisms even. she knows who the Red Huntress is, she knows who Danny PHANTOM is

nobody knows how she knows all this shit

Star Benson’s mother is a hippy fortune teller, she reads tarot cards and crystal balls and palms, very few people know this. Dash, Kwan and Paulina are the only ones she allows over her house, and they know better than to tell anyone, Star has dirt on ALL OF THEM

Star might be lowkey psychic nobody can be sure

she’s defs highkey gay tho Star is so gay and everybody knows… except her mum her mum doesn’t know because if her mum knows she’ll be so excited that she’ll tell EVERYONE and then her dad will find out

Star does not want her dad to find out her dad is a dICK

but everyone is defs lowkey scared of Star tbh Paulina acts like she’s top dog but only because Star let’s her because Star is crushing on her SO HARD, in reality Star runs the whole fucking social structure of the school. but she won’t fuck over her friends she’s not a MONSTER… as long as they don’t fuck over her first

Danny knows Star’s mother, their parents are friends, they used to hang out as kids, they didn’t have much in common but they were chill, Star and Danny are still pretty chill, mostly when nobody else is around to see it, they still chat at family barbecues

Danny doesn’t know Star knows his secret, Star doesn’t tell him, she doesn’t tell anyone

well she tells Wes because Wes already knows and nobody believes him and he keeps begging her to back him up

she thinks it’s funny

she doesn’t like Wes, he stole her chocolate bar in elementary school and Star n e v e r f o r g e t s

Star knows better than to fuck with a superhero, she could have him wrapped around her little finger but she’s smart enough to recognise that his secret is important, HE’S important I mean he regularly SAVES THE ENTIRE TOWN AND SOMETIMES THE WORLD she ain’t gonna fuck around with stakes that high she knows better than that

she doesn’t say shit about the Red Huntress because Valerie is a fucking rage nuke who can hold a grudge tighter than a god damn hydraulic press, playing with Val is playing with fire and Star ain’t about getting her ass kicked by fucking with the wrong bad bitch

Star is really focused on things she’s into the only classes she makes sure to nail perfectly are the ones she’s interested in and the ones that are relevant to her intended future political career so she’s really good at anything involving history, geography, politics, economics she’s into learning about the world and where it’s been and where it’s going

Star is going to be president of the United States one day, she’ll make fucking sure of it

Types of Satanism
  • LaVeyan Satanism: I am Satan. I am my own god and believe in myself. I believe in my own abilities and power and don't need any spiritual being helping me.
  • Theistic Satanism: Satan is a real entity. I belive in him as Christains do in their Jesus. I am loyal to Satan and will take every challange he gives me. *Some of us believe only in Satan while others believe in both our Satan and the Christain God.
  • Devil Worshippers: I worship everything I find to be evil. I will sacrifice anything or indulge in crimes for Satan, who I belive is the Devil and symbol of evil himself.
  • Luciferianism: I believe in Lucifer. Lucifer is an enlightened and spiritual being, more peacful than Satan. I believe that the world is devided into light and darkness.
  • Demonolators: I believe in and honor actual demons rather than Satan. Thanks to rituals or meditation I can contact demons and ask for their assistance when I need it.
  • Duotheism: I believe that Satan isn't a god, but rather the bible based being who has rebelled against the Creator and forcefully tried to take his throne.
  • Ecletic Satanism: I am none of the above. I have different beliefs from two or more religions and combine them. I have my own non-specific religion.
  • There might be a few other, more specific, types of Satanism I haven't covered. I also might have made mistakes on these so feel free to correct or add on! I did not include Satin Satanism since I couldn't find much information about it, and from what I'm hearing it isn't really a form of Satanism.
Culverton will kill Sherlock’s business

So as we have seen from setlock, Culverton Smith has some sort of reality-tv show called ‘Business Killer’.

Sherlock has a business, his business is detective work and consultancy. He figures out Culverton is up to no good and decides to come on this show.

A famous Sherlock Holmes quote is : “My name is Sherlock Holmes, it is my business to know what other people don’t know”. Culverton Smith is a ‘business killer’, therefore he will kill Sherlock’s ability to ‘know what other people don’t know’, AKA he will seek to harm Sherlock’s deducing capabilities as much as he can. I’m not sure how he will do this, perhaps a drug? but in any case, Sherlock won’t be able to just go to his mindpalace and use his deduction powers.

At this time it will be absolutely crucial to have John’s guidance and help in order to defeat this evil man.

A group of friends from school are making a FIGHTING ZINE!! We’re hard at work and I wanted to post my character design for it!!! Meet MATHILDE HOPKINS:

A pyrokinetic witchfinder, Mathilde uses her supernatural powers to hunt down and destroy heretics and evil.  Her special fighting move, No Rest For the Wicked, conjures an impenetrable circle of fire around her position and orders the spirits of defeated witches imprisoned in her tinderbox to attack her opponent. Her fighting song is is the Lyke-Wake Dirge.

idiocysquared  asked:

So with the human healing pod au, could there ever be a time where word spreads of Lance's powers so evil aliens kidnap him and use him for themselves. And like, by the time team Voltron finds him Lance is like, so close to dead. And it might even be later down the line so the healing pods don't do anything for him really so they're all kinda panicked on how to help him. I just want all the Langst really and I love it when my babies suffer.

this is 

this is the best thing

I have been suspecting that we’ll get an arc of Sam using witchcraft for a couple seasons, and now this moments kind of hammers the nail - what better than ‘I am brother, not witch, he is witch!’ ironically foreshadows Sam being brother and witch?

This season has been emphasizing Sam’s fascination with magic, he’s asked Rowena for help again, he’s connected with people who are hunters and witches at the same time, he’s told Magda that having powers doesn’t inherently make you evil but it’s a matter of choices - do you also think everything points to an arc where Sam finally uses supernatural powers by his own full choice?

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
Our love will prevail in every fight.
Let those who worship Vegemite,
Beware my power– Big Mac Bite!“

“I don’t think that’s how it went, Alfred.”

“Yes, it did, Artie!”

“No, it was more of…
‘In brightest day, in darkest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let thos-’

“… why are you grinning? What’s so funny, Alfred?”


“Tell me or I will deck you, Alfred F. Jones.”

Arthur never found out why Alfred was grinning.

Oh, Iggy; Alfred’s just teasing you! ꉂ (๑¯ਊ¯)σ

Seems like Arthur (or Iggy as France likes to call him) has more superhero knowledge than he lets on huh
//due to a certain fast food enthusiast haahhaha

I’ve been binge-reading some USUK fics so I drew a thing huzzah
I hope y’all like this! o(^▽^)o

I’m just gonna go back to being flooded by my assignments again

The Signs as Wild World Lyrics

Aries - Chaos is raining down around us, but here we stand with our arms folded // Way Beyond

Taurus - I’ve got nostalgia running through me, and I don’t like it // Winter of Our Youth

Gemini - I’m the lesser of two evils, or am I? Am I tricking myself nice? // Two Evils

Cancer - When it feels like I’m lost at sea, you’re the song I sing again and again // The Anchor

Leo - I’ve got demons running round in my head, and they feed on insecurities I have // Send Them Off!

Virgo - It must be so lonely, knowing what you know // Campus

Libra - I can’t believe the scary points you make, still living in the currents you create // The Currents

Scorpio - Deafen me with music ‘till we’re lost in the heat of the moment // Warmth

Sagittarius - Now these days are feeling dark; we’re struggling to figure out last year // Snakes

Capricorn - Did you really think I’d fall to my knees just to pray for some sweet simplicity? // Power

Aquarius - You make me laugh until I die; can you think of any better way to choke? // Glory

Pisces - So many people pass me by, but you warm me to my core and you left me wanting more // An Act of Kindness

So this upcoming full moon is a super moon, and that makes it extra powerful. So what if all of us Tumblr witches and people who work with energy worked together to send the most positive, healing, loving, and protective energies into the world that night? Or performed offensive magic on a certain evil orange man? Even meditating on love and peace that night could help.

I want to help and protect all of our POC, LGBTQ+, Muslim, and female presenting friends in any way possible. I know I feel helpless after this election and I want to feel like I’m trying my best to better the situation. So share if you’re down and we can work together to create a better world, one spell at a time! ✨

soul eater sentence starters.
  • "what's good and what's evil is determined by who's in power."
  • "but you... you i actually decided to trust. i put my faith in you."
  • "you can lean on me."
  • "this is fear. that's good, then. i'd forgotten what it felt like."
  • "we might be scared... but that's what makes us stronger."
  • "what's the point in worrying about the past?"
  • "i refuse to let my fear control me anymore."
  • "i'm tired of hating myself all the time."
  • "there's no way i'll ever consider you my father."
  • "if you forget your fear, you become reckless."
  • "you're boring, and you have fat ankles."
  • "you don't understand assassination, do you?"
  • "oops. sorry. my fingers slipped."
  • "i'm not very good at talking with girls. they make me nervous."
  • "let's meet again."
  • "pain in the present can be dealt with."
  • "i'm not afraid of pain, not at all."
  • "the odds are stacked against us."
  • "quit it, will ya?"
  • "you would never betray me."
  • "if i killed a kid, that would give me nightmares."
  • "you're a persistent one, aren't you?"
  • "i am going to fight you. and i'll win!"
  • "bravery's not special."
  • "it looks like it's over at last."
  • "you're the one who decides who you are."
  • "i'll never give up."
  • "the only time i'll lose is when i die."
  • "get your ass moving!"
Solarpunk rant

I find it interesting that people seem to be thinking solarpunk is just a fancy term for utopian fiction when I always thought it was just scifi with a major environmental slant to it?

The same way cyberpunk has elements of corporate corruption, low-life, hacking, and essential ‘punks taking down The Man’ type of theme, solarpunk has the whole solar powered, green efficiency, clean technology, element to it.

To me they’re both science fiction sub-genres that are not dependent on the whole utopia/dystopia theme. Cyberpunk is not inherently dystopic in my opinion. You do not need a civilization that has broken down from disaster to have someone use computers and technology to create chaos.

Likewise, just because society has become environmentally conscious and efficient does not mean conflict or evil has disappeared. I’m sure there are ways to use solar energy for criminal purposes. Evil has not disappeared just because technology has changed.

Of course there are going to be major differences aesthetically, culturally, and personally for the characters in a cyberpunk story versus a solarpunk story, but just because one short tempered teen decides to take down a corrupt group of people via solar-powered technology or in a solar-powered environment versus an urban one via hacking doesn’t mean that it’s utopic.