i used my phone ok

one time when I was only a few weeks old my mom tripped on a sidewalk while holding me and without a scrap of gymnastic experience did a full 360 tuck-and-roll somersault landing perfectly back on her feet and i didn’t even get a scratch and anyway all i’m saying is that sort of powerful protective instinct and split second reaction time in a moment of crisis is genetic and inherent so that’s why it’s ok if i use my phone in the bathtub

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! guuuuyzzzzz!!! I did it! I actually DID it!

I went on vacation today, packed myself, arrived, went out to hav fun, AND STILL MANAGED TO MAKE ART TODAY!!! I’m freaking sonic!

Also, art may not appear so often for a few dayz, since ykno… vacation and stuff XD, but since i’m on try hard mode i don’t think you’ll feel the difference ;))

integrity by @camilaart

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Hii palette anon here, haha. Of course, I wouldn't mind the wait at all! Hrmm...I was thinking "The Sweetest Chill" (because you seem so sweet; I love reading the tags whenever there are, and yours make me giggle and fangirl with you lol >_<) or "Tuesdays" for Yoosung please? (I love him a lot and the color scheme matches!!) Or if there's another palette that you think would look great with him, please go ahead and draw that instead! I'm sure I'll like anything you come up with >~<

Hello anon!!! ☆ (sorry for the wait;;) omg another person who also reads my tags hee thank you for sticking around! If anyone is the sweetest chill here, I bet it’d be you and yoosung! 

*chokes on a snore as I ungracefully exit the Dream Zone* hey y'all guess who’s emotionally compromised & it’S LEAKING INTO HER SUBCONSCIOUS AGAIN??????????

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An old drawing I did on my mobile

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you art always makes my day and you're so talented!!! if you could pls draw me a little doodle of blurryface tyler eating pink cotton candy and laughing at pink haired josh because it looks like his hair? if that makes any sense? i'd love to use it as my lockscreen for my phone maybe. I LOVE YOUR ART!!! :) ok thank you so much ily!!! xoxo ~Auden

oh thank you~
here we go

Signs as Autocorrect

gem surprise
camp sir
scorn leo
sag nefarious
captain corn

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kyouhaba

A/N: For @kyouhabaweek Day 6 - long distance // travel (combo of both, I guess?)

(NOTE: this entire fic is in text message format. Bold is Yahaba and Normal is Kyoutani.) 

(10:31): dis is so stupid

(10:33): what?

(10:34): i miss u already

(10:36): ………

(10:37): you left 48 minutes ago

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Hey! Am I ok to use a pic of refurb as my phone wallpaper? :D also how did she lose her leg if you don't mind me asking?

You know, I’ve gotten a few messages like this lately… I really appreciate people asking! But anyone can feel free to use Refurb pics for anything that they would like, so long as it’s not for-profit or anything like that. (For what it’s worth, Refurb pics/vids have never been licensed to anyone for money-making purposes, for myself or anyone else)

As for your second question, Refurb was stomped on by a horse when she was a kitten. She was left at the shelter, where they gave her surgery, amputated her leg, and basically saved her life.

We got her a couple weeks after the surgery - she was a sassy little tripod.

If u had told me even 5 yrs ago I’d willingly pay $10/mo. for radio I woulda laughed but given i listen to minimum of 5-6 hours of Spotify daily it’s worth it.

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Hi! I love your art and I wanted to know if it's ok to use it as my phone/laptop background?

You’re more than welcome to use my art for personal, non-public usages. In other words, as low-resolution and watermarked as my public posts are, if you want to use them for your phone/laptop background or even print them out for your eyes only, go ahead, I’m honored you like them that much! I just ask that you do not repost them online or use them for publicly visible online things like blog headers/icons or just posting ^ ^;

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u sometimes mention u listen to music when u sleep? what music do u listen to cuz i wanna try listening to some too! =3

I made a playlist thats the exact same as the one I listen to when I sleep: here!

I really love Ludovico Einaudi, though I tried to pick some songs that wont get too intense and loud! I wanna add more of his songs, but I was too lazy to listen through them all to find the non-intense ones.

I also adore Kai Engel, though I also tried to not pick intense songs. He does produce some music I’ve never quite heard before, which I wouldn’t really like to listen to before sleeping, though are extremely good! (Links to examples: Highway to the stars // Melancholy aftersounds // Silence )

The rest is video game (Skyrim and Dragon Age: I) soundtracks + one Elvis song.

I’d say the most intense song is the Dragon Age soundtrack, if you want it really chill. 

The Elvis song just makes me feel really good and happy <3