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gem surprise
camp sir
scorn leo
sag nefarious
captain corn


“What would you have done?” I asked

Achilles tapped a finger against the branch he sat on. “I don’t know. I can’t imagine it. The way the boy spoke to you.” He shrugged. “No one has ever tried to take something from me.”

“Never?” I could not believe it. A life without such things seemed impossible.

“Never.” He was silent a moment, thinking. “I don’t know,” he repeated finally. “I think I would be angry.” He closed his eyes and rested his head back against a branch. The green oak leaves crowded around his hair, like a crown.

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kyouhaba

A/N: For @kyouhabaweek Day 6 - long distance // travel (combo of both, I guess?)

(NOTE: this entire fic is in text message format. Bold is Yahaba and Normal is Kyoutani.) 

(10:31): dis is so stupid

(10:33): what?

(10:34): i miss u already

(10:36): ………

(10:37): you left 48 minutes ago

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The sound of the summer rain that began to fall, and the sound  of stepping on fallen leaves,  it was you who were listening to it besides me.


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Of Kindergarten and Coffee Shops by onceuponatime (19.6k words)

“He’s not sure how long they stand there in the middle of the dance floor, but he knows it isn’t nearly long enough. He’s a little embarrassed of the noise he makes when Luke stops kissing him, but Luke’s eyes are blown and glassy, and Michael just wants him so damn bad.
“My apartment is fifteen minutes away,” Michael breathes out, chasing Luke’s lips with his own, gut clenching with the moan Luke let’s slip out.
“Yeah,” Luke says, tightening his grip on Michael’s waist. “God, yeah.””

Michael has a one night stand with Luke and can’t get him out of his head.

“I don’t know how to work this damn thing,” Scorpius grumbled. His slim fingers touched the screen of his phone a few times before he smiled. “Ah,” he said, satisfied. “Okay, smile,” he said, holding the phone up to take a picture of the person in front of him. Once he snapped it, he looked down at the picture. “I’m still confused as to why they don’t move.”


Super late but oh well hey guys!! 3 photos because well one of thems today and the other two are when i met Tyler (still not over that tbh) so i can be excused for posting so many especially since i forgot to post the tyler ones til now oops