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where the wild things went
  • Vice: Hello Max. This is your first film in five years. What on earth have you been doing with your time?
  • Max: Just living, you know? Living, going to school, getting done with school.
  • Vice: Did you ever worry, "Hang on, what if I've forgotten how to act"?
  • Max: I didn't really think about it until the first day or two shooting then I was like, "What the fuck am I doing here?". For the first couple of days the learning curve was pretty steep again.
  • Vice: How does one even go about preparing to play a sociopath? Presumably it wasn't method acting.
  • Max: I kind of feel like there is no such thing as acting that isn't method to some degree because if you're not actually experiencing it, then you're a fucking liar. I was talking with Billy [O'Brien - director] about it and - I forget the word that he keeps using - but it's an intuitive process. You just kind of feel it out, you know? I was pretty miserable while we were shooting, just because you're in a super dark brain space all day. Especially living in a place like Minnesota where we were shooting, six days a week. You don't get the opportunity to turn it off, you know? And that's great as far as the actual creative process goes but it sucks as far as trying to be a person.
  • Vice: Have you ever done a psychopath test?
  • Max: I don't think so.
  • Vice: Would you like to do one?
  • Max: Yeah, let's do it! Is it legit or is it some Facebook nonsense?
  • Vice: Oh, Facebook nonsense probably.
  • Max: So you're not licensed?
  • Vice: We're not unlicensed.
  • Max: I'm pretty sure it's an either-or thing.
  • Vice: So there are eight statements. You either agree or disagree. First one: "You rarely catch me making any plans. I'm far too spontaneous".
  • Max: Yeah, absolutely.
  • Vice: "If I got a better offer, I wouldn't mind cancelling longstanding plans".
  • Max: Yeah, that's probably true.
  • Vice: "It would be fun to drive fast cars, ride rollercoasters or go skydiving".
  • Max: I've been skydiving. Fast cars are fun. I don't get the appeal of rollercoasters. I guess I haven't really done a true roller coaster. It feels artificial.
  • Vice: Shall we disagree?
  • Max: No, let's agree.
  • Vice: Alright. "I think it's okay to step over other people to achieve my ambitions".
  • Max: I don't know. I don't think you necessarily need to it. I can't think of many situations that I've been in where that's necessary, where there isn't some other course of action you could take. Let's disagree.
  • Vice: Do you have an ambition?
  • Max: In the broader context of my life, I just want to gain skills. Recently I was doing an outdoor programme back in the States through this thing called NOLS [National Outdoor Leadership School], so I was off doing that for a couple of months. Getting better at being outdoors and learning how the natural world works. And I love playing music so getting better at that. Just learning to be a better, more competent person. Trying to not be a dick.
  • Vice: It's a good motto. Okay: "I'm very persuasive and getting people to get what I want is a real talent of mine".
  • Max: Agree! I think I'm pretty good at that. I've been manipulating my parents for years.
  • Vice: The perks of being a child star... What was that whole experience like?
  • Max: Really awful! Especially for children, the film world is just terrible. You can't grow up in that world and still have a connection to reality. At least if you're, like, really in it. Especially the poor folks out there who have stage parents. It's just so sheltered. The creative aspect of acting is one of the more amazing things that I've gotten to experience but everything outside of that is pretty bizarre.
  • Vice: Was it enough to make you think you might not want to do it anymore?
  • Max: I think, probably, yeah. Especially once Where the Wild Things Are came out. And that was my first real acting role too. Being thrown in the deep end as a young, pretty vulnerable person. And then you have an experience like that and there's all this stigma around it, back in the "real world". I went to the same school since I was in second grade, through most of high school, and I knew all these kids and they were my friends before and after but there was, coming back, this weird stigma, these weird assumptions that if you're in a film, you're an asshole and you don't exist in a grounded real world way.
  • Vice: What are your memories of working on that film?
  • Max: It was really important to Spike that the set was conducive to a child. So we had a million kids on set. All the crew was kind of invited to bring their families. And as a way to kind of understand the vibe that Spike wanted to cultivate, there was always music on set. The Smiths, Cemetery Gates and Big Mouth Strikes Again, all those songs. I have really wonderful nine-year-old memories of romping around on set and that music playing.
  • Vice: How does one move past an experience like that and into the world of adult acting?
  • Max: I think you just grow up and learn to be a person. I think one of the biggest learning curves for me, as a result of those experiences and then applying that to the real world, was that it took me a long time to learn to take a compliment. From twelve through to however old, you just kind of shut down. There's this assumption of an agenda. But you grow up and you learn to be a person and you temper the experiences of working in the film world with what people are actually like and you balance that.
  • Vice: Is there one thing you know now that you wish you knew then?
  • Max: No, I don't think so. I am the person I am as a result of a lot of those experiences and I love the people that I met and especially those people that I have experiences with. It is what it is. Can't change the past!
  • Vice: Okay: "My ability to make quick decisions means that I would suit a dangerous job".
  • Max: [Takes long time to decide answer] I dunno... The idea of being a smokejumper appeals to me.
  • Vice: What's a smokejumper?
  • Max: It's a term for the folks in the US that are forest firefighters and jump out of airplanes. That appeals to me.
  • Vice: What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't acting?
  • Max: Working in outdoor education probably. Working with kids or being in the outdoors. Or both.
  • Vice: Do you have a desire to keep acting?
  • Max: Yeah. I mean, I like doing it and I think creatively it's really cool and the people you get the opportunities to work with are often really wonderful people. It allows me to do other things in my own life. My parents have kind of helped me gain this perspective of it, but I think it's best for me to view it as a hobby. I like acting but I don't think it's healthy to do films back to back.
  • Vice: What was it about this script?
  • Max: I love Billy and I love Nick Ryan, the producer. I love Robbie Ryan, our cinematographer and I think, aesthetically, just the, Midwest middle America vibe, that's really cool. And the humour of the script. It's genuine and it has real emotion embedded in it but it's funny! That Fargo humour really appeals to me.
  • Vice: Do you have a favourite movie?
  • Max: It changes periodically, of course. Birdman has been one of my favourite films ever. It came out a couple of years ago and I've watched it half a dozen times. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. I rewatched that pretty recently and remembered how good it was. People keep talking to me about Donnie Darko in relation to this film and I like that one quite a bit.
  • Vice: "When others are crumbling under pressure, I'm usually the one with a cool head". Agree or disagree?
  • Max: Yes. I think so.
  • Vice: When was was the last time you lost your cool?
  • Max: I've been working on that skill and I think I'm getting pretty good at it. It's been awhile since I've been genuinely, deeply upset about something. One of my favourite things in the world is this scar right here [shows us a fairly impressive scar on his knuckle]. I got it punching walls. It was like the perfect teenage angst motivation. The first time, I was really upset in my house because I had read something about the use of American drone warfare and just how upsetting it was and how a bunch of civilians had just been murdered somewhere in the world. And then the second time was me being upsetting at my parents.
  • Vice: Alright, last one: "I'm rarely to blame for things going wrong, it's usually the fault of the people around me".
  • Max: I mean, yeah. But I'll disagree.
  • Vice: Okay, let's see your results… You're 61% psychopath! "Though your conscience is in the right place, you have a pragmatic streak and generally aren't afraid to do your own dirty work".
  • Max: I'll take that.
  • Vice: There's more! "You're no shrinking violet but you're no daredevil either. You generally have a little trouble seeing things from other people's perspectives, but at the same time you're no pushover. Everything in moderation, including moderation, might sum up your approach to life".
  • Max: I like that. I'll take it!
  • Credits: Vice.com
  • Source: https://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/topic/max-records
About Tooru’s sibling (HCs to consider for a big brother)

Okay, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in the Haikyuu fandom that doesn’t mind that Tooru has an older brother and not an older sister?? Like consider how many cute things that can come from this, for example:

  • I can see his brother being just as attractive as he is, and I can see Tooru calling his big sis-in-law “nee-chan” and doing typical cheeky Tooru stuff to embarrass his big bro in front of her, like:
  • ”Accidentally” telling the story about the one time when they were younger, when he caught his big bro in his room messing around with his alien mini-figures and ufo playset, despite the fact that his bro had always totally dismissed anything to with something as “dorky” as aliens whenever his classmates would come over and see Tooru’s various alien toys spread out around the house, because he wanted to keep up a “cool” image

And since I mentioned it, let’s talk about younger Tooru + big bro hcs:

  • Showing nee-chan embarrassing childhood photos of his big bro, because isn’t that one of the best things siblings can do to embarrass each other? :’)
  • Or the times when Tooru’s big bro was still dating nee-chan when he would use his little naughty charm and do things like crawl up in her lap and steal kisses from her (and not just on the cheek, but sometimes the lips to make his big bro extra jelly) or hug onto her leg/arm and not let go for several minutes
  • About the last one, it’s possible that little Tooru was slightly jealous of a pretty girl taking away all of his time with HIS big brother, and so he found a way to get the message across; but other times he just thought it was funny to see his big bro flustered and helpless to stop his little antics, since nee-chan would pet and spoil him whenever Tooru clung onto her like this, and after a while he gave up even trying to shoo him away from her

As well as doing other adorable things, like:

  • Peeking into his big brother’s room whenever he’s getting ready for school or to go out with friends, so he can see how the coolest big bro picks and coordinates his outfits, does his hair, etc. and one day his big bro happens to see lil’ Tooru peeking in as he’s in the middle of posing and smiling goofily to himself in the mirror; after this he was super embarrassed and avoided direct eye contact with the little confused dork for the rest of the day and now Tooru copies some of his bro’s same mirror poses as he’s in the mirror getting ready 
  • Exploring his big bro’s room one day looking for a toy or something he misplaced, and coming across his small stash of ero magazines, which little Tooru conveniently remembers about at the table while everyone’s eating dinner and brings up the topic, much to his brother’s embarrassment in which he almost chokes on his food
  • Or the time Tooru walked in on his big bro watching a video rather *cough* inappropriate for children of his age, and now a very flustered big brother has to find some way to answer to his “what was that guy doing to that lady” question rip big bro
  • Trying to cheer his big brother up after he’s had a bad day (maybe a fight with nee-chan or something happening at school, w/e) by drawing silly little pictures of himself and his super coolest brother in the world, (pictures being of them dancing, making silly faces, etc.) and his brother can’t help but laugh; after this, his brother decides he’ll take a walk to clear his mind and invites Tooru to come too; along the way they pass the convenience store, where Tooru uses his puppy eyes to convince his big bro to buy him an ice cream, and of course he gives in, after all this is good thanks towards his little brother for trying to cheer him up
  • One time while video games with his big bro (Tooru is a little bit of a sore loser btw) he begins losing, he starts to pout and pull a few crocodile tears, making his brother feel guilty and as a result, he starts to let him win the next round; Tooru, taking advantage of the situation, instantly begins to smirk at the fact that his brother couldn’t see through his act, and wins the next round, jumping up and shouting “In your face, nii-chan! You fell for it!” as well as other little insults; needless to say, his brother didn’t fall for this tactic again and showed no mercy when playing games with from then on Tooru probably played these games twice as often by himself later on so that he could actually beat his brother without any tactics
  • Telling his big brother whenever he had a new crush in school, seeking advice because of course big brothers know about how to talk to girls, why wouldn’t they? However, this stops soon after because after being complimented on his cuteness by all of his brother’s girl friends, as well as by practically any girl that sees him when they’re out in public, Tooru concludes that he must be a natural chick magnet and relies on his dorky natural charm and boosted confidence to approach any cute girl he sees; this results in his big brother often having to go searching for him whenever he brings Tooru out with him in public, because if he doesn’t keep his eye on him the whole time, the next thing he knows, Tooru will be somewhere flirting with other cute little girls and possibly pretty nee-sans from time to time

And a bonus hc I just thought of including Iwa-chan:

  • Fast-forward to middle school days where the first time Tooru receives one of Iwa-chan’s famous headbutts (possibly for being too hard on himself as usual, saying he’ll never play like the senpai) and he comes home with his nose slightly swollen and red, with little blood crusties underneath; his big brother notices this, and with concern asks him if he got into a fight. Tooru explains that there was no fight, and that Iwa-chan was just bringing him back to his senses after being so negative with himself (although his brother is still convinced that they must’ve had some kind of fight since things ended up getting physical). The next time Tooru invites Iwaizumi over, his brother asks if they’ve made up yet, much to Iwa-chan’s confusion; Tooru turns to Iwaizumi and explains that it was about that particular day at school, and Iwa-chan explains to Tooru’s brother that he occasionally knocks a little sense into him at times, just when he really needs it. Realizing that everything is fine and understanding that this is simply the relationship between his little brother and his best friend, he laughs and before Iwaizumi leaves, he pulls him aside to thank him for taking care of his little brother and keeping him together.

This is my first time doing hcs to be honest, so if these aren’t that good I understand, because normally I literally can’t come up with anything outside of canon on my own, but for some reason it happened just now so I took advantage of the moment to do these, BUT I just hope now that I’ve shown some good in what Furudate has done~

If anybody wants to reblog this/start a new post with continuations of any of these hcs, or new ones based off of these, or even to doodle up a little fanart to any of these, tag me because I’d love to see!