i used like 5 psds for this


Endless gifs of Lance; 3/∞

how to create aesthetic graphics

(a tutorial by rihleymatthews) 

so, many people requested me a tutorial on these (x and x) graphics, and since they are not hard at all to create, i decided to try explaining to you guys how they come to life. 

WARNING: this is a long and detailed tutorial. Please keep in mind I tried to show all the tricks I normally use for these graphics, so some steps are optional or extra.

you’ll need: 

  • basic to medium photoshop knowledge (such as cropping, blending and shadowing)
  • a concept (a tv show, a character, something you can pick objects to represent them or their porsonality)
  • patience, a lot of patience. 

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So @complainaboutfruitcake​ sent me this unedited screenshot. Thank you!

I suck at explaining things in english but I will try lol!

1. Here is the unedited screenshot! Pretty! now let’s edit it!

2. First I use Select > Color Range

3. I select the sky!

4. I add solid color or gradient. For this photo I will add a gradient.

5. Here is the gradient I chose, you can google many gradients out there or come up with one! 

6. the foreground does not match the sky, so let’s use color balance and other adjustment layers!

7. Here is how I did mine you can play around with selective color and color balance (its not shown sorry lol)

8. Almost finish! Let’s add some elements like clouds and stars! :)

9. Now add a psd! I use keyloh’s pixel pop!

10. Get creative! I made mine into a gif!

That’s all! Thank you again @complainaboutfruitcake for the screenshot. Also keyloh for the psd! Tag me in your edits! i would love to see them! 

City Living Sweater


Hi, I have another pattern-to-solid texture edit for you, suitable for autumn! They are 30 new solid textures to the City Living sweater for males. All the color options are available to see in the gif above or under read more tag (pictures similar to the 5 above).

I used the inspiring color palettes by @madoof (Vivid Moodlets and New Moodlets Palette, found here). This was my first time using a color palette and I love the bright colors!

I also removed the shine the sweater had originally. This was the hardest pattern-to-solid edit I have done so far and I’m happy to present it to you as finished sweater for your sims to wear.

Download Sweater (Google Drive, no ads)

(Requires City Living expansion pack)

CC creators: I have a .psd base you can use for recoloring, if you would like to use/edit the patternless version for your recolor.

Under read more tag: Pictures of all 30 swatches individually and .psd file

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Hello, friends! I’ve had a few people interested in finding out how I made these gradual-colour gifs I posted recently, so I thought I’d do a tutorial for anyone who wants to give it a go :)

As I’ve mentioned before I didn’t use a tutorial myself, I just figured out my own way of doing it using my Photoshop/gif knowledge and an existing gifset as a guide. I also had to work around a few Photoshop glitches I usually struggle with, so my way might be slightly over-complicated ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But anyway let’s get started!

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I’ve had some people ask me for psds I used, but since I almost never save them, I made a bunch of psds to show how I color my scenes. I think you can use most of these on different scenes, if you adjust them accordingly.

please like or reblog this post, then send me an ask off anon asking for the psd you want (example: hey! i liked/reblogged your post and I would like the link for the amaya psd).

Under the cut you’ll find more info about the psds and how to adjust them! 

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Acid wash jeans!! These were part of a pack I was going to release, but honestly I am likely going to take a while to finish everything, so I may as well release this stuff as I finish it. I’ve done my best to make a maxis match texture while still retaining the look of acid wash denim.

  • 5 swatches (light blue, dark blue, white, grey, black)
  • Hand-painted acid wash texture
  • Custom thumbnail

 Mesh by @bonehlda is REQUIRED. You can download it > HERE <

TOU - Feel free to use the acid wash texture to create your own recolours, as long as you give credit. The PSD is included in the download folder.


Credits: @bonehlda

Any problems, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy! Happy simming!


Como fora pedido, abaixo do read more terá #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 texturas e bordas para gif icons. Ao total, foram #45 resources para gif icons. Tive ajuda da Tauriel, então uma parte vai para ela também. Caso usar, por favor, dê like ou reblogue. Esperamos que goste.

{{ As requested, below the cut will have  #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 textures e borders for gif icons. In total, they were #45 resources for gif icons. I had help from Tauriel, so a part goes to her as well. If you use, please give like or reblogue. We hope you enjoy. }} 

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CHARMED MEME - seven relationships [5/7]: Phoebe and Leo

I guess I always feel like this right before a big battle, and then Leo comes down and I don’t know how he does it but he makes me feel like I have the power to do anything.


hey! so as requested, here is a guide on how i make my icons. please keep in mind i use photoshop cs5. other apps and programs may or may not work- im not 100% sure, but feel free to try! in this guide you’ll find out how i make the following three icons: 

  • if you find the guide useful, a like or reblog is appreciate but not required! if you have any more questions feel free to message me!

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anonymous asked:


I   do   not   mind,   actually.   as   i   made   the   whole   thing   myself   so   you’re   in   luck   otherwise   i   wouldn’t   share   it.   i’m   glad   to   see   someone   likes   it   !   the   psd’s   themselves   are   actually   from   my   psd   pack   i   made   a   while   back   like   5/6   months   ago   which   you   can   find   HERE.   i   don’t   even   remember   which   two   psd’s   i   threw   together   but   i   did   but   edited   slightly.   for   the   specific   one   i’m   using   above,   it’s   right   here   for   download.   just   give   a   like   or   reblog   if   you   download   /    use.   don’t   claim   ownership   over   it   as   i   worked   pretty   hard   on   these.   that’s   it   and   thank   you  for   expressing   interest   in   my   psd   !

text post gif tutorial

requested by @illegalwhite

In this tutorial I’ll specifically show you my processes when I create a text post gif like the one below (from here) but since I’ve been asked a few times now how I make gifs I figured I’d make it fairly thorough so that you can use it to make regular gifs as well.

please like/reblog this post if you find it useful ✌


  • kmplayer – to import frames
  • photoshop – for editing (i use cs5)
  • video/clip – with the scene you want to gif
  • print screen – to grab the text post

Also important if you want your gifs to look really good is to use high quality videos, I prefer 720p or 1080p, without subtitles. You can also sharpen gifs to make them look crisp, but I haven’t included that step in this tutorial as it isn’t vital to making text post gifs. Also, I’ll only briefly cover coloring this time.


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get to know me meme → [6/5] favourite male characters
↳ ryūgazaki rei
“I want to be like you, Nanase-senpai. I want that kind of freedom.”

awaffletale  asked:

Hello! I don't know if you have answered this before if you have then I'm sorry... But how do you edit your photos? They are so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

you’re totally okay! i change my editing style all the time, but i’ll make a tutorial on what i’ve been doing as of recent. and thank you so much for the kind words ;____; <3 


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Tutorial: How to make the perfect lockscreen!

In celebration of 3k followers I have decided to do something for you guys. I have decided to do a tutorial on my phone backgrounds! In this tutorial I will be explaining on how to make something like these:

Lets get started!

Step 1. Open Photoshop and go to: file. click on new and insert the following size: (640 BY 1136 for iphone 5)

Step 2. Click on the shape tool on the sidebar, Click “Custom Shape” then draw this shape or any shape on your canvas. (Usually I do the rectangle with round borders)

Step 3. Copy and paste a picture of your choice on the canvas. Then, right click on the layer with picture and click on “create clipping mask”. Resize the picture to your liking.

Step 4. Then, find a background that matches the colors in the picture. I am using a combination of three backgrounds and playing around with their opacities.

Step 5. Now I am going to add psds, textures and more! (Please do not ask me what psds I use because I mix them)

Step 6. Now for the final touches, I am going to add my credit, topaz and sharpen the picture.

Tada! And you’re done. If you have any questions send them in my ask box!