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You know sci, we would all stop asking about they boys sex life if we had a place to indulge in that part of our curiosity... in fact that's what I thought notagreatidea had been for. Just a suggestion, if you brought that back, mabe we would stop asking, we got needs Sci! Watching DP and SM talk and hang out and be buddy's and living their lives is amazing! But somtimes we desire the nasy! Will you ever just throw us a smut bone dear mod?

What I’m ultimately getting from your message is “I’m here for the sex”, in which case you’re in the wrong place because this blog is about bad jokes and occasional feelings. I don’t want this blog to become a fantasy-indulging blog. That has been generally like the opposite of my intention for this blog. 

Wade says it best 👇 

If you want your fantasies indulged, there are a lot of other places you can get your fix in every corner of the internet. Including my pixiv account (cursed place). If it’s something that gains a lot of interest, I could start posting some racier ask-spiderpool content onto Patreon for those who’d like to support the blog and have a little extra fun. If you guys are into it, that is. 

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when would you say that you really found your art style? tell us the timeline of your art!

That’s a good question! I’ve been drawing since I was little, so I’ve gone through a lot of different stylistic ‘phases’ (some of them very dumb), but I feel like I’ve only really started to get a grasp on my style since I graduated school back at the end of April. Nearly all the art you see here was done between then and now. School was a little stifling for me, since I spent a ton of time honing technical skills but wasn’t creating much work that I was interested in (i.e. I loved drawing animals, but most of my courses dealt primarily with human anatomy and characters, and those classes gave me boatloads of homework, so with the exception of a few godsend animal design projects, if I wanted to draw critters it had to be during my down-time. I also worked as a designer/magazine illustrator my entire time at university and that + class + homework meant constant creative burn-out, so as weird as it sounds I did almost no personal work during university and preferred to spend all my free time performing stand-up instead, haha)

Once I graduated and left my design job, I realized I could finally start making the kind of art I had always wanted to without any restriction, and I totally fell back in love with drawing. So I’ve only really been developing a style that feels natural for me in the last few months, and I’m excited to see where it goes!

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About queer depending on what region you live in - sorry, that one is true, or at least it is if English isn't the primary language. I live in a non-English speaking country, and no one here knows the word queer, while gay is commonly used as a slur together with other words in my language. For me queer has a lot less negative connotations than gay, I know it's probably a different matter somewhere else but no one uses queer as a slur here since no one knows of it

posting this because i’ve gotten a lot of similar asks. that adds a lot to this discourse, and i’ll keep it in mind from now on!

that being said, i feel like a lot of the people sending me these asks saying “its not a bad word!!” are from like seattle or san fran or whatever, where LGBTIA+ experiences are completely different to like most other places in their country

More Than Me

A new start approaches. A new beginning. A new life.

In 42 days I depart New Zealand permanently and move to live with my Master   @pupboss forever, one year on from when we first met. It’s taken a lot of work from both of us to get to this point; we’ve grown together in our relationship, climbed a literal mountain, endured the wait and distance. But time has come and I have finally freed myself to be by his side.

I was always destined to leave Taupo, this small town clinging to remoteness in its kiwiana setting. After 13 years, it has been enough for me, and regardless of whether I was moving to Master or not, it wasn’t for me to spend the rest of my life here. Times change, time to move on. Close the chapter, start a new one.

Through the hours of cardio I endure as I get ready for the first of this year’s bodybuilding competitions (10 days to go!), I get a lot of time with my thoughts. Lots to think about the future, what I hope living with Master will be like, what I hope to achieve with my fresh start. It’s certainly an opportunity for me that doesn’t come along too often in one’s life.

But in those thoughts, I can’t get too deep before finding peace in the thought it’s not about me. It’s more than me, it’s about us - that is to say, Master and I. A new chapter begins for him as well, having his bull by his side. Another slave to the household, another partner. It can be said that what we are sharing as a relationship transcends the BDSM aspect of Master / slave, it’s something else, something that feels right to us. Partners? Something else? Why label it, as long as it works for us. We are already very happy together.

But back to that thought - a new start for us. My forging ahead isn’t about just my own dreams - they’re about fulfilling his. The career he wants, the life, the experiences. We each want what each other wants. A life full of personal growth, of exploring interests, adding skills, seeing, doing, living, loving. I don’t want to see myself succeed; I want to see him succeed. The definition of success isn’t wealth, or status. The definition is the amount of joy wrung out of each moment we draw breath. And in my own ragged breaths on the treadmill I can’t help but exalt: I want that for you Master. I crave that for you Master. I will see you succeed Master. In this new start we will have it. I love you.

A new start. 42 days. So it shall be.

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Were you born here or in Italy? Also which is your first language, English or Italian?

i was born in the US but the majority of my family is from italy or brazil. i first learned italian but ironically i speak/write english a whole lot better obviously since i only really speak italian at home or when i visit my fam

(i lived and studied there for about two years though!)

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Hey! I read a paper on the history of the word "Qu**r" last year for my Qu**r studies class. It was a slur in the 1800s-1980sish depending on who you ask, when it was reclaimed as an umbrella term. It was used as a unifier & form of rebellion. Because a lot of people used it as trans-inclusive, terfs & transphobic gays started calling it a slur again in order to other and exclude trans ppl from the conversation. Not everyone agrees on this history. so like. it's kinda a slur but also not?

yeah i grew up with a bunch of cis straight people calling me qu**r. they weren’t terfs. it’s still a widespread slur here.

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Hey everyone, Sales-Bro here. I used to post a lot back in 15 and early 16. I left my job, went back to college, and now I'm working at GKDimes as a Sales Associate in the new Appliance area. Honestly, it's so much better than French Fry Electronics I'm having a blast there, but now I've got an asston of new problems that I can, frankly, deal with myself now.


Michael, blease I just wanna fix a generator…

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How to write/describe a situation from someone who just woke up p.o.v? Like, th is girl just got drugged up and is stirring awake in the middle of gun fight, barely focused and numb. How we describe everything from her point of view? Her feelings, the dull sounds, etc? Thanks a lot! :-)

Hiya! Thanks for your question.

We’ve answered something similar in the past, so I’ll redirect you to this post here.

Thanks again for your question. If you feel like that post doesn’t fully answer your question, feel free to send in another ask. Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!


Darius: You know, I’m curious, how did you find me back then? 

Bristol: I used a locator spell. Placed it on your wallet and the thing basically turned into a compass - took me right here. Isn’t that what you’d do?

Darius: And you got the locator spell to work on the first try?

Bristol: Yes. I did my best to perform it correctly.

Darius: Impressive.

Bristol blushes. It makes him pleased to have impressed someone like Darius.

Darius considers the facts: his grandson has a lot of raw talent. With that at hand… oh the possibilities!!!

Bristol: I have to go now. It’s almost eleven and I’m supposed to help out at home.

Darius: Of course. How do they feel about you coming here to see me?

Bristol lies.

- They’re cool with it, as long as I don’t neglect my school studies.

Darius knows the boy lies. Which is for the best - he doesn’t want his daughter snooping.

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hey Bundesmutti I just got here to study, I'm from Latin America and did my bachelors in the US, I had to run from the Racist Cheeto... my question is, will I be harrased or should I fear the outcome of this election? I'm not joking on this one

I don’t think the general atmosphere will change much. Racist pigs are everywhere, either way. The unfortunate thing is that I think a lot of AfD-Voters aren’t actually all that racist etc. but they’re fed up with the established parties, which is why they voted AfD. Because they want change… but seeing as there is a right-ist uprising in all european countries… I’m not sure what to tell you. The AfD is already in quite a few regional governments, as well. E.g. Thüringen, Baden-Württemberg etc., so if you live there and you’ve lived fine so far, then I don’t think you’ll have to fear much. 

The Bundestag will now, most likely, create the Jamaika-Koalition, which is the coalition between CDU/CSU (conservatives, Angela Merkel) + FDP (the liberals, Christian Lindner) + Green Party (Cem Özdemir) and the SPD (social democrats, Martin Schulz) will go into the opposition, so that the AfD won’t be the strongest oppositional party. 

This isn’t a good day in German electional history, especially since it’s the first time a right wing party is in the Bundestag since Nazi times. But I’m staying optimistic. We will get through this. We’ll (the youth esp.) have to be far more active. 

Poly!Bus : Support for T in LGBT

This is a break from writing all those requests in draft form, because wowie it takes a lot and I forgot about that.

So, I’ve decided to remind you all that no matter who you are, what you are, where you are, and why you are, you’re loved by me and Admin M. We’re here to talk if you need a shoulder to cry on or a mushroom stress toy to squeeze the living hell out of.

We’re here, you can contact me at @pupwithacup , you can even contact us in an ask without using the anon messenger so that it stays private.

Anyway, I got to thinking and said, Hey, why don’t I make something that I’ve never written about before: the pains of some of my best friends and maybe even some of you reading this; but Transgender problems.

If you are triggered by the lgbt community or by Transgenders, kindly fuck off and do not send me hate for supporting my best friends.


Jonathan shuffled closer to his British lover and curled up against him. Craig responded with an exhausted yawn. “Sorry, Craig…”

“It’s fine, hon.”

Jonathan glanced up, “Today?”

“This week, I think…”

Jonathan smiled and pecked his cheek, “Good Morning, Cyra.”

Cyra smiled back and nuzzled into Jonathan, “Mornin’, Jon…”


Cyra giggled, “You, too, huh?”

Jun blushed, “Yeah”

The two cuddled until the sun began shining through the curtain, listening to each other’s heart beat. Jun was relaxed after a long night of recording and gaming.

“Isn’t it exhausting?”


Cyra glanced up at the ceiling window, “You know… dealing with those different feelings.”

Jun nodded, “Yeah, but it’s fine for me.”

“I feel confused.”

“About what, hon?”

Cyra sighed softly, “Well, no one knows but you and well, I kind of feel a little…”

“Underappreciated?” Jun let a soft breath leave her lips.

“A little bit.”

The two coaxed the other up form the bed, one trying to budge up from underneath the other heavy cuddler while the other lazily kissed understanding marks into their neck. “Should we…”

“No”, Cyra mentioned, “They’d never understand us, Jun.”

Jun sighed and sat up, “Yeah, you’re right, I guess.”

The door squeaked open and in stepped one of the youngest, Lucas. “Hey…”

Jun stared alarmingly at Lucas and felt her knees go weak, “D-did you…?”

Cyra felt her eyes tear up an she nervously rubbed at her arm. “Can you guys keep a secret…?” Lucas muttered under his breath.

Jun and Cyra glanced at him questioningly, “Um, if you can keep ours?”

Lucas nodded, “Of course.” then paused for a second to breathe in deeply, “Well, I’m… I go by… um…”

“Are you…. femme?”

Lucas briefly nodded, “Yeah. I didn’t know you guys felt similar. You’re probably more of Gender Fluid than Transgender.”

“Gender fluid? Transgender?” Jun questioned, Cyra taking out her phone immediately.

“So what is your preferred name, Lucas?”


Cyra squealed, “That’s such a cute name, babe!”

Luce giggled and smiled brightly as Cyra launched her into a huge hug. Jun joined soon after, “Now there’s three of us.”

The door, once again, sneaked open and in stepped the tallest of their group, “Guys? Whatcha talking about in here?”

“Tyler…!” Cyra gasped, breaking from the hug to stare in pure shock and shame at him.

“I, um, I heard.”

“Tyler, please, for the love of fucking Christ, do not tell the others.” Luce pleaded, clasping her hands together at her chest as she glared at him.

Tyler shot his hands up above his head for surrender, “I won’t, I won’t. But, it might be a good idea, just so we call you by your names on the right days. Ya  know, it’d be bad if we were to just, stomp on your feelings like that.”

Cyra stared in pure shock at Tyler, “You mean…”

Tyler smiled softly, “Geez, you’re so sensitive about everything.”

He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Cyra, “Stop worrying about what we’re going to think, it only matters what you think.”

Cyra felt her eyes tear up even more and clasped her hands around his middle, nuzzling her face in his neck. He smiled and sighed softly, opening an arm to the other two girls, “Come on, you two.”

“A hug from an accepting lover! Yes!”

“Why wouldn’t we accept you guys if we’re part of the gay in lgbt?”

Marcel suddenly was grinning in the hallway like an idiot, Scott beside him with Evan to their left.

Luke was peering in from the right and John found a seat at the dining room table behind the group in the hallway.

Lui and David sat next to him over there.

“You guys…” Luce glanced over at his lovers with a small small.

Marcel grinned again and stepped closer just as all three began running at him. He prepped himself for a huge impact and felt all three slammed into him, arms wrapping around him into a huge hug.

The other guys chuckled behind him as he collapsed to the ground. “Thanks, girls, Jesus Christ.”

Cyra chuckled and sat up, “Sorry Marcel.”

Marcel chuckled and pecked each of their lips, “Don’t hide stuff from us next time, okay?”

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When you wrote "Ananas" instead of pineapple, I was so suprised!! Mind you, this was before I saw that you were french... but its the same Word we use here in sweden for pineapple! But then again, we have a lot of same words... idk thought it would be fun to let you know! If you didnt already :)

Yeaaaaaaah, a friend of the word ANANAAAS \o/ !
I love this fruit AND this word… It’s so funny to pronounce haha!
I can’t manage to remind the word pineapple though! It’s so unnatural for me cause it does litteraly mean “pomme de pin” in french. Et une pomme de pin et un ananas, that’s not quite the same thing haha!
Thanks to let me know, I love those kind of anecdote :D !
Vive l’ananas! Gloire à l’ananas!

thirty. Chapter 11, part 3.

Strangetown, a week later.

How did time go by so fast? It seemed like only yesterday she was grieving her husband, finding out she was pregnant, worrying about how to feed another mouth, and here it was, his sixth birthday.

“That sure is a lot of presents, mom,” Bobby said, his eyes big and wide at the pile she had produced from her hiding places.

“We’re spoiling you this year. Don’t get used to it.”

“When can I open them?”

“Not until dinner, when Buzz is home.”

“When is dinner?”

“At seven.”

“What time is it now?”

“Almost four.”

“So how much time is left?”

“Well, what is seven minus four?”

“Um… a lot?”

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Hey,sorry to bother you! I'm new to the Choices fandom and since you seem super friendly,I was wondering if you could suggest a few good blogs for me to follow? Thank you💕

Welcome to the fandom! There are a lot of great blogs in the group – super amazing ones!

If you’re into fanfic, there are lots of great writers in here like @mrswalkerwrites @kittenmusicals @misha726author . Want fan art? There are artists like @justapapercut @raventear @peepeetah among others. There are also clubs like @zigzaggersfanclub @jakemckenziefanclub if you want to join in the fun. I’ve been long time blog friends with @quinn-kelly @zahranamazis – I think the 3 of us have been around since Choices came out.

There are lots more awesome fellow fans in here!

To those fans, drop a comment so Nikita can drop by your blog. 😊

Ixalan Prerelease

Unfortunately, I usually don’t open anything good. Fortunately, those around me usually do and then trade it to me! This is the one card I wanted most, so I’m happy someone opened one.

I took part in two sealed pods. The first time I went 0/2 and dropped because my deck was bad. The second time I went 3/1 and split the prize packs because my deck was better and I always split the final prize. I had enough removal to keep my pirates going that time, but I feel like dinosaurs are the better tribe to build a deck around in limited. Once you hit 5 mana, there are just so many good ones, it’s kinda crazy. “Yeah, here’s a 5/5 with trample and haste. What are your pirates gonna do now?”

I think I’m going to try collecting foil versions of all the flip lands, since there are no angels in Ixalan. I think I’ll actually use a lot of them, and the rest are simply cool to have. Maybe I’ll write up an article on all the flip lands in the coming days. Could be fun.

Anyway, I hope that any of you who went prereleasing had fun too! Did you make any big plays you were particularly proud of? It’s always neat when something in sealed just “works.”

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while i completely agree that there's nothing wrong with shipping reddie and you personally aren't doing anything wrong, a lot of people in this fandom are being really gross about it. a lot of the reddie tag on ao3 is either smut or way oversexualized and being written by people that i know are 18+. i see the same thing on here too. loads of adults on here are being extremely creepy and fetishizing reddie and it's not only uncomfortable, but these people are interacting with minors on here.

yeah i agree. But theres a lot of people who dont fetishize it and a lot of people who use it to cope as well. They are good kids, and anyone who comes in and says its gross and nasty , but will let stuff like mileven, and bilverly slide, are homophobic. and its not like blogs or people can control others on the internet and it isnt everyone who ships reddies fault ya feel.