i used different filters than i usually do

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* Hi! I'm sure you should have gotten this question more times but how do you neutralize the ugly yellow colour in your DD gifsets without losing quality? Because I think you are one of the few people on tumblr with that superpower haha.

Ahahah, magic 🌼

Kidding! There’s actually a few ways to do that, I usually use one or the other, or a combination of all, depending on the scene and what I actually need!

Colour balance is one way to go. You can counteract the yellow of the gif, by upping the blue and the cyan (which decreases the yellows and the reds).

Photo filter is another way to go! Putting a cyan or blue filter (the opacity depends on the scene, by I try to keep it under 10% cause more than that it’s usually noticeable, and you can always put more than one layer, or use PF and then CB, build it up gradually.)

You can also mess with an entire colour with selective colour in “absolute” rather than relative. If you do this I advice you don’t go overboard with the adjustments cause the difference with relative is that moving the arrows even a tiny bit while on absolute makes a huge difference. so if you have a problem with yellow, you can go to selective colour -> yellow, and then decrease the yellow and up the cyan a little bit (or the red, depends on the scene).

But tbh my most used tool on that regard (and in general) is curves! More precisely the eyedrop tool in curves

Basically you click on it and what this does is that it turns whatever you click on the gif with it into the whitest point of your gif. This is especially useful with dark scenes cause it’s gonna brighten them up perfectly without bringing out pixels at all. But the best thing this thing does is that it inverts the tone of a scene. So if you click on a yellow-ish colour (I suggest you click on the fairest colour you can find on the scene cause as I said it’s gonna turn them into white and brighten everything else accordingly) it’s gonna turn the tone of the gif into blue-ish!

It’s gonna make sense once you practiced with it for a little bit cause it takes a few tries to get the hang of it (you’re gonna have to click on stuff a few times and go back a few times before you’re happy with the result) but it’s totally worth it, I promise! It makes you go from here:

to here:

Let me know how it goes :D

A tutorial on how to make a gifset like THIS or THIS

I’m 100% sure there are other ways to do this – probably ways that are easier than mine – but this is just the way that I do it and it’s pretty effective, I think. 

I use KMPlayer and Photoshop Creative Cloud, but it should work with all the different ways of making gifs.

But… yeah. Let’s get started. 

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I love all your scans ❤ mind if you can tell what tools are you using to enlarge small images but still in HD version? i mean is it Photoshop? Do you know any app with such tools other than Photoshop? sorry for many questions. 😅

I’m afraid there are no tools or apps that can enlarge small pictures and still keep it HD. What I usually do is use Photoshop and apply a lot of different filters, but it definitely doesn’t make miracles and give you a clean image :-(

If you want bigger versions of my own scans, please send me an ask with what images you want and I’ll post them as photos instead of text posts. However, I won’t post full chapters, only 3 HD pictures max per chapter (because I don’t want people using them for scanlations). Thank you~

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How do you do your line art? It looks really cool and I like the colour

Line art is a very general thing so I’ll probs be breaking it down into several parts. of course I am not an expert, so at best I’ll just be explaining how I do lines and why I do them the way i do. These methods suit me personally, and thus might not fit someone else

I think a big problem with explanations and tutorials is that artists forget that what seems common knowledge to them is actually not common knowledge to others. Their brains have already developed all these shortcuts that they jump from Point A to Point B without a reason why, and others can’t follow

An important thing to keep in mine is ‘strokes’ aka how many lines you use to make a drawing in the first place. For fluid, clean lineart you’ll be aiming for the fewest number of strokes possible (depending on if something isn lineart-heavy or not, but it’s a matter of style and generally I aim for the fewest). This is more of building up practice. use your entire arm for a stroke, it takes straight off your wrist and makes a better line (make it a reflex, only fine details should require wrist-only movement). 

Another trick is to keep an image zoomed out so you see the whole thing. This not only makes the distance smaller and easier for strokes, but also keeps the proportions from becoming too extreme because you have the entire drawing to consider instead of just one part. Generally only zoom in for details, and never too far either. If you do habitually zoom in that’s ok, but just remember to zoom out now and again to recheck proportions

a few more notes:

I do my best to never sketch or line with only black. Black has its uses, especially if you know how to use it, but for the art I do I keep all of the lines colors. I usually sketch with a lighter color than the one I’ll be lining with. I usually pick a dark red or purple to line with, depending on the temperature I’m working with and the atmosphere I want to set

I think the most noteworthy part of my line color is the fact I set it to linear burn. It’s a very simple change but it is incredibly useful, and I implore people to find out what all the filters do instead of just relying on multiply and opacity

here’s an example, and at first you wouldn’t notice the difference between linear burn and multiply, but in the long run I think linear burn is much more effective for lines (though I use multiply for shading).The reason I use linear burn is because it darkens anything underneath its layer. This ensures the lineart will always be distinct from the colors, and they will vary depending on the color beneath it, making it much more interesting imo 

It all very much depends on what you want from a drawing but hope this helps