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Growing Lennox

Title: Growing Lennox

Relationship: J3M2/reader friendship, Grant Gustin/Reader

Word Count: 1,036

Request:  Could you write me a cast imagine were the reader has been on the show since she was 14 (she’s 24 now) and now she is engaged to grant gustin ( just because he is my celeb crush and the cast talks about how happy she is for her and him and of the person she has become Its alright if you can’t do it it is a bit complicated. I forgot to tell you they talk about it at a comicon so her fiancé is there too

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I’ve had so many prompts on my list! I hope this is what you wanted! I’ll be departing for Europe tomorrow for the next 2 weeks but I’ll try my best to keep filling out requests! ~Jordan


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To: elriqs

From: booksong

*You have no idea how delighted I was to get someone that wanted Daisuga fic, since I’ve been itching to write for them ever since the anime ended.  I have to tell you, when I checked out your blog and saw all your amazing art, drabbles, and ficlets I was pretty intimidated (your work is so wonderful!), but it also made me want to try even harder.  Thanks for the opportunity to try out AU fic for the first time too, since your liked posts inspired me; it was a very enjoyable experience and a good one for me as a writer! As fics tend to with me, this one got away from me a little in terms of length; hopefully you’ll consider that a good thing.   Have a wonderful holiday, and without further ado here’s your gift!  

(Any and all incorrect technology details are mine!)

Prompt: “I’ve been breaking my phone on purpose just because you work at the help desk” AU

Pairing: Daisuga

Rated G

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You have betrayed me.” 

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