i used a tutorial for the text so


I received quite lots of messages request me to do picture editing tutorial since I posted the HD sims picture tutorial.

I personally think my editing style is quite different to others because my editing style is more focus on draw instead of use photoshop techniques. I use Wacom Bamboo to edit all my pictures.

I think my tutorial will be very long, full of texts and boring.



anonymous asked:

How you do that glitch effect on that one post?

Warning:  I do this in a pretty convoluted way and it might be had to understand if you haven’t used photo editing software like photoshop before 

First, figure out what size you’re going to want your text and open a new document in pretty much any type of photo editor (GIMP is a good free one and that’s what I’ll be using in this tutorial because my laptop with photoshop is getting repaired).

Here i’m just making the canvas a random size for the purpose of this tutorial but you can make it whatever size you want.  Next, use the type tool to type your desired text

Then, go to layer>merge down (at the top of the screen) and merge the text layer with the background.  

All of these steps so far can be skipped if you are working form screen-shotted text or images, but the rest of the tutorial is the same for both methods. 

After merging the layers, open the rgb channel tab (found mainly as a tab on the tools box to the far left.)

Then control+click on the red layer and select “channel to selection.”  Next, in the layers tab, make a new transparent layer, keeping what is selected selected.

Then set your foreground color to r=255 g=0 b=0 (red) . Select the paint bucket tool..

set it to these parameters…

and click on the white part of the document.

you should have something like this.  Hide the new layer…

and repeat with the other three rgb channels with the fill color r=0 g=255 b=0 corresponding to the green channel selection and the color r=0 b=0 g=255 to the green one, making sure to only have the bottom layer visible when getting the selection.  Your layers should now look like this

Delete the original text layer and make a new black layer underneath the three rgb layers (you can de-select now)

Then change the “mode” of the three colored layers to “lighten” or “lighten only.”  The document should now look like this

We look like were back where we started, but now we’ve split up the image into its three basic colors.  Now go to layer>New from visible, then immediately hide the new layer.  Then, select the blue layer and move it a little bit to the right or left

Then make a new layer from visible again and move it to the top of your layer stack.  Hide this layer too.  Here, I suggest starting to number every layer you make from visible so they’re easier to keep track of.  With the blue layer selected again, move it a little more in the direction you moved it before.  Again, make a new layer from visible, making it your third new layer.  Drag it to the top of the layer stack.  

then copy the layer layer below the top layer and drag it to the top.  Do the same with the bottom layer.  Next, hide all of your “new from visible” layers and move the green layer a bit in either direction.  Repeat what you did for the last few steps with the green and red layers.  The layer sequence should be original text>blue move 1>blue move 2>blue move 1 copy>original copy>green move 1>green move 2>green move 1 copy>original copy>red move 1>red move 2>red move 1 copy.  These aren’t actual layer names, they’re descriptions of each layer.  Now, you can delete layers below

next, in almost every layer, select one or two long, thin chunks…

and move them to the left or right

Once you’ve done this with every layer, go to file>export as and replace the default file extension with .gif

click export, then set the new window that pops up to these parameters

Then click export again

Now you can find your GIF in whatever folder you saved it to

  • YouTube Makeup Tutorials: Now, this look is very easy. All you will need is twenty-four kinds of real horsehair brushes, all of which you can buy at Chanel for about five-hundred dollars, which is such a bargain for something so useful. Anyways, let's take out our palette of pure 24 karat gold flake eyeshadow and get started!

lokihiddleston  asked:

Hey, where I can find your effect stars (gif) with your edit here => /post/153925981468/defenders-smoke-bomb-photography

@cpn-america also asked me something similar, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a tutorial! 

how to make something like this:

or this:

you will need:

  • photoshop cs6 (or cs5)
  • a basic knowledge of said program
  • the top gif from this post (this is where you get the sparkly effect, so just drag it onto your desktop)

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@ofmanyworlds presents; theme 002 - mischief managed

this darling theme is a theme i created for my indie blog. i thought it was pretty cute so i decided to share. please read the text-wrap tutorial if you decide to use that function.

theme features.

  • 400 px posts size.
  • i-message style chat posts.
  • sidebar with 5 customizable tabs [description/about (with sidebar image option), askbox (with FAQ option), rules/about tab, navigation tab (with functional searchbar + 7 customizable ‘quicklinks’]
  • option for background image.
  • text wrap feature (for indie/roleplay blogs) - see under the cut for further information/instructions on how to use
  • 4 font size options; 9 - 12px
  • supports all post types.
  • best viewed & formatted for chrome browsers

terms of use.

  • do not remove credit.
  • do not use as a base.
  • do not redistribute/repost theme.
  • likes/reblogs appreciated.
  • enjoy!

                                                     preview & download

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A lot of people have recently asked me how to make a masterlist so I made a ‘tutorial’ to help you guys! I hope it helps!

Step One: Open the text option in the Tumblr menu bar.

Step Two: Type in the title and type in the words you want to connect the link to.

Step Three: Copy the URL you want to use.

Step Four: Double click the words you want to connect the link to.

Step Five: Click the infinity sign thing this what you use to connect the link to the text.

Step Six: Then paste your copied URL into the box that pops up and click done!

Part Seven: You should see the three options below pop up if you did it right, and we all know sometimes things get lost along their way on Tumblr, so to be sure click the open option and see if it takes you to your link!

Hoped this helped, this is the simpliest and easiest way to explain it, because I used to look it up but those videos are with the older version, so yeah, much love and lots of hugs and kisses!

Colour Porn Tutorial

The sweet @silvernightsky requested a coloring tutorial on this gifset of Jace Herondale and Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters. There are plenty of ways to achieve this effect, but today we’re trying to keep it simple ✌🏻✨

So today i’m going to show you how to go from this:

to this:

Here’s what you’ll need!
● Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS6)
● Basic knowledge on making gifs
● Please like/reblog if this post helped you in any way!
● If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask
● Click ‘read more’ to view this tutorial

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Flat lay graphic tutorial

I’m going to teach you how to make this, which is a slightly altered version of a panel from my most recent graphic:

So I started making these graphics a while ago, and although a few people have asked me how I make them, I’ve only ever given really simple instructions so this is going to be a more detailed walk-through on how I make these graphics. Basically, I’m obsessed with them, I’ve made several variations (x, x, x, x) so there isn’t just one way or a correct way to make them. 

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How to make this graphic:

Tutorial originally posted on Looksgreat, my tutorial blog - in portuguese. Like or reblog if you liked. Don’t repost. If you feel like translating it to another language, please let me know before you post. Click “keep reading” to follow this tutorial ♥

* English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes I made. I hope I made a good job explaning everything. If by the end of this tutorial you have any questions, please leave it on my askbox!

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lestermemes  asked:

hello there! sorry to bother you but i absolutely love your yoi edits and was wondering how you put falling snow onto text? i tried to follow the instructions of another tutorial and i couldn't seem to get it to work. thank you so much!

thank you so much! + you’re not bothering me at all! :) normally i’d probably direct you to a tutorial but since you said you couldn’t get it to work; i’ll try to explain how i do it! 

note: you’ll need to use the timeline.

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anonymous asked:

Hello Faiz! May I ask how you did the "Read More" button without having to press a link that takes you to the post's permalink page? It's a really neat feature and I love it!

Hi! I am deeply sorry for late respond. I have been busy with college lately. As for your question, I use jQuery to achieve the “read more” button on the posts—but unfortunately, the code is not perfect as when you click the read more button, it will show you the full version of posts at once. But I am gonna explain it anyway.

By the way, I will assume that you are familiar with jQuery or know how to use it. So let’s get started:

You have to include the jQuery library before starting, if it is already included in your theme, simply skip this step:

 <script src="http://static.tumblr.com/5ojoydj/WU6onbkar/jquery-2.2.0.min.js"></script>

Here’s the code, I will explain how it works:

$(‘article’).find(’.body_text’).each(function() {
               var heightbody = $(this).innerHeight(),
                   buttontext = “
                   readmore = “long-caption-link”;
               if (heightbody >= 600) {
                   $(this).append(’<a href=“#” class=“’ + readmore + ’”>’ + buttontext + ’</a>’);
                      $(this).find(’.long-caption-link’).click(function(e) {                        e.preventDefault();
                   });                }

I first started with each() function. This method is used to look for element named ‘article’ and then I use find() to search through the descendants of these elements in the DOM tree. In this case, I try to find ‘.body_text’ inside in <article>

Then I check the height of the text post caption and use the if() function, the logic is if the height of the post caption is greater or equal to 600 then I add the class named ‘.long-caption’. This class is used to override the actual height of the text post caption. Here’s the code: 

.long-caption {
   position: relative;
   height: 300px;
   overflow: hidden;
   transition: 0.5s;
} .long-caption:after {
  position: absolute;
  content: “;
  width: 100%;
  height: 200px;
  background: linear-gradient(0deg, rgb(255, 255, 255), rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.24));
  bottom: 0px;
  left: 0px;
  transition: 0.5s;

After that, I use append() to insert the read more button at the end of the selected elements. If I am done with that then I add the click() function on the read more button so it will show the full version of the text post caption by adding a new class named ‘.full-caption’:

.long-caption.full-caption {
   height: 100%;
   transition: 0.5s;
}.long-caption.full-caption:after {
   opacity: 0;
   z-index: -1;

I think that’s all to it? I am so sorry for my bad explanation—and a tremendous grammatical error. Hope it helps! Have a nice day :)

anonymous asked:

:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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anonymous asked:

hey i like your arts >< so beautiful. i wanna ask some questions. what app do you use to make your arts? and would you show me your tool pallets that you use to make your art *especially your short comic.i want to know but if you dont want to show .would you give me information what size of your tools do you use to make your arts and what tool do you use O.O i want to know so badly cuz your arts so bright in my eyes :'D

I use clip studio paint EX, but the japanese version:

i bought it, you can buy the english version here and i’d totally recommend it now because looks like there’s a 60% discount on both versions

my tools are the normal clip studio paint tools, I don’t use anything in particular bur you can download new tools on the clip studio assets that comes within the program.

Beware: if you download and crack it illegally you can’t use clip studio assets. I know that amateur and non-professional artists like us are usually broke and don’t want to spend money, but clip studio assets is a big revolution because it makes free quality tool/brushes/tones/patterns available for everyone (90% are free, some of them are done by professionals and you gotta pay with csp points). 

also since most of us payed for their own graphic tablet, might as well spend 25 dollars (that is the discounted price, normal is 50 dollars) for a complete program that has everything. (if you want to have tools for drawing manga tho you need the EX one that is 87 dollars (219 not discounted SO IT’S A REAL DEAL). YOU SHOULD REALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DISCOUNT SERIOUSLY
PS. they make this kind of discount once every two months if i’m not mistaken, so you can grab them discounted very often

for the comics, it isn’t really something very difficult. I use the line tool for the comic stips

i sketch with the basic chalk tool

i do the lineart with the basic g-pen tool

and for the lettering, there’s the text tool that has the balloon creating thing

for the effects, it’s something that csp has already on it 

important: these are more than one tool used together, you have to blend and edit them to get the thing you want

that’s really all about it 

Tutorial: “How to” Story Links

So, I got an ask from @josiesimblr, and I just decided to do a tutorial-ish post, or whatever you wanna call this, in case anyone is having the same issue, or just wants to know how to use the hyperlink tool on tumblr for your sim stories. It’s really simple! 

1. First, you will want to know where the link option is when you go to make a post. It is the little infinity looking symbol highlighted below. All you need to do to use it, is highlight the text or phrase of text that you want to make into a link. In this case we are just going to highlight the word “Beginning”. 

2. Secondly, you will need to get your link! To do that, just find the post that you need via your dash (in our tutorial example, the beginning post, or first post of your story). To get the url, just go to the top right corner of your post and hover, you will get a little dog-ear and if you click it, it will open a new page in a new tab on your profile. That will give you the url for that particular post. 

3. Copy the url from your newly opened post page.

4. Then paste the url into the hyperlink box on your new post. 

5. So now you have made a link! Just repeat this same process for “Next” and “Previous”, finding the corresponding posts you need to make your links work chronologically. When people use your links, they should now be able to move fluidly through your story, from episode to episode, in the order you would like them to be viewed. 

Formatting: I format mine as follows: 

Next | Previous | Beginning

I use the strike-through font on “Next” when I make a new story post, to indicate that this is the most current addition to the story. Then, when I make a new post, I go back to the previous and update “Next” to reflect the newest episode. You can format yours however you’d like! I just do little slashes in between because I think it looks neater xD (I am not sure how to make this slash on an American keyboard, so if you’d like those, just google which key combo to make it on the keyboard of your native language :D). 

I hope this is helpful? I’ve never made a tutorial before in my life LOL. I hope the pictures are useful xD if you have any more questions just message me, I’ll be happy to help if I sucked at explaining! 

ch aesthetic tutorial

yeah so i’ve gotten a lot of compliments (thanks!) and tutorial requests about my aesthetic edits lately, so i decided to make one. boom. it’s really not that hard. i use photoshop, idk if this tutorial will work with other programs but you can try it out and let me know :) 

so if you wanna know how to make these types of edits keep on reading 

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Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

Click “Keep reading” below to view the tutorial because looonngg post

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3D Effect Tutorial (both Illustrator and Photoshop)

requested by Anonymous

This is a tutorial for how to create the following graphic:

I created the graphic in Illustrator, but this tutorial will demonstrate how to recreate the 3d effect in both Illustrator and Photoshop (whichever you have at hand and are more comfortable with).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And if you found this tutorial helpful, please like or reblog!

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anonymous asked:

Hello, i want to start making aesthetics, but I have no idea where to start... like for example where do you find the images? a how do you make them smaller without them getting blurry and then how do you put them together.. and how do you change the backgrounds to different colors.. like i'm so lost.. can you give me some tips? i would be grateful :)*

how to make aesthetics like this

okay, so idk if i’m the best person to answer this, but i’ll be doing my best to put up an easy-to-understand tutorial for you. we’ll be going step-by-step :) all the stuff is under the cut since it was rather long

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