i used a pose reference but that doesn't mean i did it well

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if you dont mind can you do a step by step tutorial on how to draw portraits , i mean all the lines you need to use so the face doesn't look like an alien XD ? this is only if you like ofc ^^

Sure! Even though my drawings look super sketchy on paper and have a lot of base lines still kinda visible, I don’t really use many guidelines when drawing the face. BUT, I will do my best to help.

First, I will be showing all the base lines and the sketch of a drawing I just drew. Just in case people want to see how I do all of the lines when making a pose or something.

I start with this stick figure looking thing. Circling the joints and head as well as blocking out hands, feet and torso.

Then I make the rest of the body, making it look more like a person now.

So there’s the body sketch, now let’s go to the face.

It seems like most people I see draw start with the eyes. I don’t.

I start with the nose almost all the time. I do that so I can figure out the angle of the head and I can draw the rest of the face accordingly. 

Face outline(and in this case, the hand in the way of the face) are next. So I get an even better understanding of where things need to go.

Now usually I just start drawing the eyes right after without having many lines to guide me(which is what I did with this picture). But for this I will show you a quick face setup guide thing that I keep in mind while doing all of this.

I keep the nose in the center, aligned with where the ear is. Then I put some crosshairs starting in the center of the nose. Mouth goes below the nose along the line and the eyes go along the line but above it slightly. 

So, keeping all that in mind I continue with the face.

So there is face! I usually don’t have a technique for drawing the rest, I kinda just wing it every time. But for the hair-

I always make sure I know where the part is, so I can draw the rest of the hair to fit. If I don’t use the part as a guide then it kinda looks like a mess. This way it looks sorta normal hopefully.

So there you have it! That’s the order of the way I draw things. I always draw the whole pose before I start on the face, it helps me figure out how I want everything to look.

Hope this was of some sort of help to you! I kinda wing it when I draw so hopefully this explains my nonsense technique.