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cheesethenachos  asked:

How did you learn to draw?

I’m self taught! I’ve drawn my whole life, and continued to hone my craft alongside my academic studies. Eventually, about maybe 7ish years ago I transitioned to digital art, slowly gaining the skills for this medium and using a wealth of online tutorials for various digital programmes over the years. Good tools help. If you’re doing digital art then invest in a cintiq or similar graphics tablet. 

Always push yourself. If you’re bad at one thing, then practise that more. Don’t just keep drawing what you’re already good at. Suck at hands? Draw a shed load of hands. Backgrounds was always a big thing for me, and still is, so I push myself to place characters in complex scenes or angles so I can improve.

To sum up, there’s a few things you need to learn to draw. The correct tools for how you want to draw. Pushing your boundaries to improve. Copying, from real life or artists you love, so you can learn how they do it. Above all…

Constant, never ending practise! I hope that helped.