i use to love this!

as a comic reader I fucking loved justice league. I don’t care what the critics say if you’re looking for real dc character content the movie delivered. arthur was his skeptical, harsh self. barry brought perspective and life. diana grew and led. bruce was vulnerable and real. clark grounded himself in hope and brought the justice. victor said BOOYAH

Me: So who’s ready for some Shance?

Also me: But kiesh, don’t you have a lot of unfinished stuff, why the hell do you start another one?

Me: I don’t know man, blame Shance 

So uhhh… consider this: Shance Singer!AU

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this is graphite, a failed attempt at creating a diamond to fill the void left by pink diamond’s death. she was going to be “repurposed” (read: broken down for parts) but one of her creators took pity on her and spirited her away to an uninhabited planet already gutted for resources

she’s big, but not diamond!big, more like… two jaspers big. she’s kindhearted and lonely, and very forgetful and easily distracted thanks to her damaged gem. she’s slowly wearing away thanks to the soft nature of her gem, and often even leaves smudges of gray on things she touches. one day her gem is going to be too damaged to hold her physical form.

it’s very likely that, should she poof, the force of hitting the ground would be enough to shatter her

anonymous asked:

hi! do u know how to make handwriting headers? i've seen some on twitter where seventeen's handwriting (answering fans questions at fansigns) is against a white background and i was wondering how to make one. i love ur blog btw!!!! <3

i hope… headers like these are what you mean, right? 

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