i use to love this!

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The "And Now A Word From Us Kids" equivalent bumper that impacted me when it was Marc Brown talking about the production of the show, how he painted the background with watercolors and how they animated it. It was my first introduction to how these shows were even made, and since then I've loved animation and the work behind it. I had known that I loved cartoons, but I think that segment really solidified that fascination for me.

oh wow, that sounds like a really awesome segment! i’m so glad to hear it fostered a love of animation in you like that :>

i haven’t seen that’un myself but i’m gonna poke through the episodes i have and see if i can find it. having marc brown walk you through the animation process sounds so cool :0 

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"Baz, why are you dressed like a cowboy?"

“Why are you not dressed like a cowboy, Snow?” He says to me. His hands are tucked into his pockets, and he stops a boot on the floor, a spur ringing along with it.

“This is really weird,” I say, raising an eyebrow at him. “Where did this even come from?”

“The jeans.”

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox, and I will write the next five.

(In the Spanish edition, Simon says that Baz is wearing “vaqueros”. “Vaqueros” means Jeans. “Vaqueros” also means Cowboys.)

(Shoutout to @baz-n-simon and @dancingwdinosaurs for the creative nonsense)

i love night in the woods so much now, it’s so nice

also, what better way to start trying out lineless art than drawing something night in the woods related? 

i really like how lineless art looks though, i might do it more often 


anyways I need new glasses and ordered a few antique frames for super cheap… these ones are huge and impractical but I low key love the owl eye thing going on here 8)