i use to listen to this song everyday

- ̗̀ april 16th 2017 ̖́-

april favorites! i know it’s too soon to do this but i felt like it so here we go 🌸 1. muji gel pens (0.5 & 0.38) ; every studygram account loves these pens and i’ve recently started using them and holy shit they’re amazing!! 2. six of crows by leigh bardugo ; i read this book in two days honestly it’s AMAZING you should totally read it 3. steven universe ; i started watching it last month and i’m in love i love my crystal gems so much 4. now or never by halsey ; i didn’t like the song when it was released but now i can’t stop listening to it??? 5. my oversized bomber jacket 6. plants/flowers doodles ; as you can see on my recent posts i draw them EVERYWHERE 7. my black oldskool vans ; i wear them like everyday // follow me on instagram: @carlostudies

So I basically ended up doing the entire record with Jack Antonoff. Amazing songwriter and just an amazing person. We’re totally like best friends and family at this point. We spent 18 months everyday together working on this record in his house. We wrote the song together. Oh god, it was just such a collaborative thing with him. He’s so wonderful and totally understands me. He’s such a great listener and the stuff that we’ve made, I really feel we’ve pushed each other to  make stuff that is better than anything either of us has ever done. I tell him everything. He knows everything about me.  And it’s a very special kind of rare thing we have. We produced it together as well.
—  Lorde on working with Jack Antonoff (Beats 1)

I miss you.

I miss you even at nights when I can feel your breath against my neck,

even when your hands are entwined in mine and I can feel the callous on your fingers sketching flower fields on my skin,

even in mornings when your voice is the first music I wake up to,

even in broad daylight, when your eyes reflect the sun in mine as you look at me and you whisper to my ears “You are so beautiful.”

I miss you even when I can hear your laugh across the hallway as you search for my face in the crowd,

even at the last hour of the night when I am laying on your chest and your heartbeat is the last song I listen to.

I miss you even when your lips are pressed against mine with your hands finding constellations on the jagged spaces of my body,

even in afternoons when you’re strumming your favorite guitar to the song that reminds us of months before November,

even on Fridays when I’m cuddled up with you and you tell me “I love you” like a pulsating rhythm,

even on late nights when we fight and scream at each other’s faces like fires perpetually burning and sharp knives never dulling.

I miss you everyday even when your entire being seems like a story told from my childhood.

I miss you even when you’re here.

I will never stop longing for you and

it terrifies me. 

                                 Do you miss me too? 

Valerie T.

I just…
So music is very important to humans okay. I listen to it everyday. Some of us sing to plants. Some of us sing to babies and even unborn ones. In some cultures, a mother when she finds out she is pregnant goes somewhere alone and creates a song that is unique for the child, and that same song gets sung to the person if they do something bad, to remind them of their roots. We dance to find partners and to show off. We dance or just move our body when we are happy or sad. Or a song gets stuck in our head for some reason and we sing it at random. Or in the shower. In many cultures the last dance with the Father is the most important thing to a new bride. Our parents sing us their favourite songs. One of the first things we usually ask to Peppe we want to befriend is “ what kind of music do you listen to?”. There are music and dances for every fucking emotion we got, and those are a fuck ton.
So my point is…
Do you think Yondu was weirded out by Peter abruptly starting to sing or dance at random and he couldn’t understand shit of what his son was doing? And what if Peter asked him to join him? How would Yondu react??? And what about the other members of the crew???

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you had suggestions for resources or links, artists, etc. for those of us who for whatever reason never went to summer camp but would still like to listen to/learn the songs. Similarly, do you have any suggestions for ways to learn songs to sing at home, either on Shabbat or just as everyday songs of praise? (I sing a lot when I'm alone and/or when I'm happy, so this would be a good thing to know!) Thanks!

Hi there!

What a fun question!

Here is a list of songs sung in URJ camps, NFTY events, Mitzvah Corps programs, and NFTY programs during Tefilla and song sessions! Any links with an *, you can assume are more popular than the rest! Enjoy!


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Inspired by a certain line from Still Still Still, a song from UtaPri’s Shuffle Unit series which is sung by Taniyama Kishou and Miyano Mamoru.
(Fun fact: Those guys voiced Soukoku.)
The lines in the pic could basically be translated as:
“We composed a tune walking on fallen leaves”
“The two of us were wrapped up in a white muffler together”
I’ve been listening to Still Still Still everyday for years and right when I thought I can finally move on from this song, Soukoku came along.
Kishou and Mamo create miracles together.

I still can’t draw faces. Fingers are mysterious. Dazai’s fingers made me think of Slenderman before I fixed them. They still do, actually, but I got tired so yeah. The guys’ hands look tiny down there, where they’re holding hands. Didn’t feel like fixing that either, sorry. If anything looks out of place, I’m not joking when I said that some of my fingers are crooked.
Forgive me, Nakahara Chuuya-sama, for I have ruined your beloved hat.
I probably should’ve given them something else to wear because the scarf clashes with their outfit but I have no fashion sense.
And I’ve never seen a real scarf before so I don’t know if those things are actually long enough to be worn this way.

The Road So Far #1: Bye Bye Blues, Hello Colorado

So, I decided to change. I’m going to quit being the nerd scrawny guy and I’m gonna be a dumb rough workie lad. Yay!

Well, easier said than done.

This is the first post on a series of posts I plan to make here, that detail the changes I have made on my life for the past year and a half, in order to help me go from a white collar, well-educated, well dressed and well spoken, middle-class guy, into a blue-collar, amoral, nasty, thieving element, with no desire to better himself nor learn anything outside of car modification, known for wearing sports clothing, baseball caps and fake jewelry.

Well, the description above is a compilation made of several entries on Urban Dictionary, but I guess I just popped a lot of boners.

I felt the need to post this description because the first step I took into this transformation was trying to get into a chav’s mentality. For me to become a chav I had to start thinking like one.

And for me to start thinking like a chav, I had to start cutting ties with interests and hobbies I had and start being interested in stuff chavs value and pick on hobbies chavs have.

This may sound dreadful, letting go of things I liked, but to be a chav, I really had to be a chav. What I just said may sound obvious, but what I wanted to say was that for me to become a chav, I had to think like them, I had to like what they like, I had to do what they do. Otherwise, I’m just a guy dressed like a chav, and that’s not what I want. I don’t want to be a person seen dressed a chav, I want to be recognized as a chav.

And for that, I slowly started picking on some of their hobbies, like football for example. Since I live in Brazil, football is something somewhat cultural around here. You see football everywhere you look. And because of that, I had a childhood team, but I had never been that into it.

Well, that had to change.

I started reading more about football, watching matches on TV, I started really following my team, which is the Sport Club Internacional (also known as colorado, because of it’s colors). And surely, it started really growing on me. By the time I noticed, I was attending to at least one match a week, looking for news about it every single day, and better yet, engaging on heartfelt discussions about it with anyone I’d find, who was willing to talk about it. And suddenly I was just another football enthusiast proudly showing off my team’s jersey around the city.

And to pick on these hobbies and interests, I ended up having to let others go, like watching that cult movie on Netflix, or watching that amazing TV Show. And as much as I thought I’d miss my it, I don’t miss it at all. Because watching The Godfather, meant I would miss Juventus x Real Madrid, for the finals of the Champions League, and I can’t miss it. Or staying home to binge watch House of Cards meant I would miss the Colorado’s match, and this kind of stuff became unacceptable.

Something a little harder to do, but that there was no way around it, was to change my music taste. And while chavs in UK listen to hip-hop/R&B, chavs in Brazil not only listen to, but they breath brazilian funk. You see all day chavs walking down the street listening to brazilian funk on their mobiles (without headphones, of course), or blasting it from their cars’ stereos.

Basically, brazillian funk is a high-speed tune, with lyrics about one of these topics: sex, crime, clothes, bikes and cars. By the time I decided to start listening to funk, I can honestly say that I hated it. Really. I hated it. C'mon, look at me, I was the perfect embodiment of the middle class success case.

Up tot hat point, I had always been the typical indie guy that listened to Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bruno Mars, and even Maroon 5 and Adele. But then I forced myself to start listening to funk. Firstly a few songs a day, from some selected MCs (that’s how funk singers call themselves), that had some beat, had some meaning, some songs that I can say I tolerated. And then I started adding new songs to the mix, while at the same time I stopped listening to what I used to listen. And with each new day a few more songs were added to the mix, and a few more, and a few more.

By now, one year and a half later, I can say that I have listened only to brazilian funk for the past year. And I fucking LOVE it. It’s all I listen and it’s all I wanna listen to. All day, everyday.

Of course, from time to time I get a sudden urge to listen to something I used to listen, but then I start to listen to anything by Mc Lan, Mc WM or Mc’s Zaac and Jerry, to give an example, and this urge fades away.

I haven’t really missed my old songs and I honestly learned to love my new ones.

With time I obviously had to start picking on other interests, like reading and talking about cars and bikes, but I wanted to give those two examples to show how it’s easy to turn something into a habit.

Take action.

Repeat it.

Repeat it.

Repeat it.

Repeat it.

And then it’s born an habit.

And once something becomes an habit, it comes naturally and life becomes very easier.

Morning Cuddles {Taehyung X Raeder} [Fluff]  words-1.3k

His head in the crook of her neck,breathe tickling her skin and spreading warmth through her entire body. Her back facing him and his hands wrapped around her in the most loving and secured way, curling her into a ball and held her as tightly as possible by him. Sunlight coming a little to their faces through the transparent curtains and slightly disturbing the sleep and the peace engulfing them but also eliciting a small smile curving their lips. She then turned toward him and smiled brightly seeing his eyes slightly open, eyelids still heavy with sleep and a warm smile spreading across his lips at the beautiful sight of his most precious love of the life, his wife, and she mirrored him and also smiled brightly and asked ’ What’s going on inside that mind of yours huh?’. She then fully turned towards him and he again secured his arms tightly around her, both facing each other now. He then replied ‘The same thing that’s on my eyes since the day we had our marriage meeting’. 'Wo, and what’s that?’ she further asked looking directly at him slightly amused. 'You’ he replied simply looking straight into her eyes and giving her the most meaningful look ever. The look was enough to make her numb and make all the blood of her body rush to her face and make her blush like a crazy sixteen year old. 'Ah why are you so cheesy’ she hid her face in his chest and smacked him playfully.'Aish, what’s cheesy in it jagi, I’m just expressing my true thoughts to you,and you think think cheesy? Now I’m truly offended’ and with that he held his hand in his heart as if he was truly hurt. 'Yah yah stop your little drama Kim Taehyung and get up, don’t you wanna have breakfast or do you wanna starve to death huh?’ she said still blushing and getting up from their comfortable bed and tying her hair in a ponytail. 'If death means we can be in heaven together in each other’s arms up to eternity and even after that then well I don’t mind dying too my love’ Taehyung replied also getting up from the bed and again wrapping his arms around her while resting his head at the junction of her neck and shoulder from the behind. She only smiled and blushed at the thought and all the loving comments of his loving husband and put her hands on top of his and slightly turned to give him a sweet peck on the lips. Though the whole situation was way too cliche to look at, both of them could only care less about the fact as they were too emerged in the warmth and love of each other to think about the world. 'Okay now let me get clean and make you breakfast kid or all the love will be gone when you’ll get hungry’ she said as she made her way to the washroom. 'Aish you know y/n that even if I die I’m still gonna love you and it will always be you and our love will be written down in the pages of the history and will be given example of’ he replied while giggling like a small baby he is. Aish this Taehyung could really be a kid sometimes, but well he’s yours and you are his and that’s all that matters truly. 'Okay lover boy go and check on Taekwon while I make breakfast for both of you, okay?’ 'Yeses, after so many days both us have free time and we both can play with him together!’ he exclaimed with much happiness. She smiled at his happiness and childishness and went to do her chores.

'Taehyung come downstairs with Taekwon fast,breakfast is ready,hurry’ she said while taking the food of their 2 years old baby, Taekwon, in a bowl. No answer came from the upstairs so she thought to go upstairs and just call them. 'Aish I always have to deal with two babies at once’ she thought while accelerating her speed through the stairs. When she reached the room of their baby, the sight of the two most lovable creatures of her life made her heart melt and she just stood their appreciating her life and love . Taehyung was feeding the child milk and was singing a love song to him that both of them used to sing when they first started seeing each other. This made her mind escape the current situation and brought her to the memories of the college days, the dorm, the first meet with Taehyung in a terrible stormy night when he came to the medical faculty of the college to gather some help for his friend jimin who had serious fever. Luckily she was still in the college building finishing some research for the next class when Taehyung came running and asked for help and she willingly lent that. After that day both of them started seeing each other. Taehyung was her senior but both of them became quite friendly within a short time and then friendship escalated real fast to relationship when they both understood their true feelings and also in that day they shared their first kiss. Soon she back back to reality when Taehyung stopped humming to the song and instead started talking with little Taekwon, still reluctant to her presence. 'You know Taekwon this is the song I used to sing for your mom whenever she was sad or grumpy, we then used to hold our hands and she used to rest her head on my shoulder and I would hum to the lyrics of the song . Then you know one day when I became extremely sad and no one was there to hold on me and understanding me back then, she came by my side and hugged me like never before and I sobbed in her sweater and then she listened to all my complaints and tried to understand me and then when I calmed a bit,she then sang this song for me, you know what she says that she doesn’t have a beautiful voice, it’s hoarse and she can’t sing but trust me, there’s no better voice than your mom’s that I ever heard. The tone,the sweet humming all was enough to make me realise that it’s her, she’s the only one I want to hold on for the rest of my life,and make a happy healthy family that I can cherish, I used to dream of that everyday and now it’s real, everything is real Taekwon, your mom,you,us,we will be like this I promise,we will always love each other and hold onto us forever,okay? I love you and your mom the most.’ Suddenly Taehyung remembered about breakfast 'Aish have your mom forgotten us?’ and then he looked up to the door to only ring her standing there, eyes watery from all the loving confessions of her husband. Taehyung then came running to her with Taekwon in his arms and asked 'Jagi what happened? Did you burn yourself? Are you hurt?’ his face totally concerned. 'I love you’ she replied out of the blue and pressed her lips to his lips. He kissed her back and they she returned to Taekwon kissing him too and Taehyung in the mean time wrapped his hands around her and kissed her again.’ We’ll be like this, happy forever ’ he said. 'Yes forever’ she replied looking into his eyes. 'Foleeevr’ Taekwon mumbled incoherently and both of them stood there in shock, both looked at Taekwon in disbelief and and then looked at each other and laughed. Who knew that the first word of Taekwon would be something like this. Whatever it is, they are still happy,with each other, in each others arms,secured for forever. 

 A/N- I really don’t know what I wrote, maybe the spring wind is doing things to me, bad writing, sorry for that, unedited so forgive the mistakes and bad grammar. Thanks for reading ! Plz let me know your thoughts about this, it’s my first time writing something, *I only wrote a smut earlier*,let me know if I should continue with my writing ! Sarang! 💚!

Dating Yugyeom Would Be Like...

•him resting his head on top of yours whenever he would give you back hugs.

•most of the members, especially jackson bothering the both of you whenever you’re at their dorm.

•"oh my god our baby yugyeom is all grown up now!“

•"shut up jackson i’ve been taller than you since our debut.”

•he rarely gets jealous but if he sees another guy looking at you he’ll grab your waist and pull you closer to him.

•"you’re mine, okay?“

•watching him and bambam fight like 24/7.

•basically watching him fight with all of the members 24/7.

•listening to chris brown songs all day everyday.


•getting to watch him freestyle to a bunch of songs.

•having the rest of the members of got7 walk in on you guys at the wrong time.

•"hi guys do you want anythi– oh my god yugyeom!“

•"what the hell jackson get out!”

•"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! uh use a condom! Bye!“

•having his arms wrapped around you tightly when you guys are in bed.

•"goodnight y/n I love you so much.”

•waking up to his morning voice omfg.

•"ah~ good morning, did you sleep well y/n?“

•laying in bed with him and just admiring how good he looks even though he was half asleep with messy hair.

•getting to learn lots of choreography from him.

•"y/n please can I teach you this one! it’s my favourite!!”

•"yugyeom that’s what you say about every choreography you wanna teach me"

•"that’s because they’re all my favourite!!“

•random compliments from him here and there.

•"you’re really pretty.” “you’re so cute” “I’m so lucky to have you.” “you’re my everything.”

•turning everything into a contest.

•"hey y/n I bet you can’t eat the bowl of cereal faster than me.“

•"let’s see who can run to mark hyung the fastest!”

•I feel like this kid would whisper “I love you” to you every five seconds. like the kid loves you so much he can’t go a day without saying it to you in person or in a text. He just loves you so much and he never wants to loose you.

Hi guys! I’ve never done those “Dating _____ would be like” post before so hopefully you guys like this one:) maybe I’ll do the rest of the members if you guys liked this one

sentence starters from random songs on my playlist

part 2

  • “Hey darling, I hope you’re good tonight.”
  • “I just feel complete when you’re by my side.”
  • “Stop fucking around with my emotions.”
  • “Why can’t you just be happy for me?”
  • “I know you think that I’m someone you can trust.”
  • “I’m having visions of the way it will end.”
  • “We were meant to hurt each other.”
  • “It hurts a little at first but it gets better in time.”
  • “I’d burn the world for you and I.”
  • “Sometimes fear can leave you blind.”
  • “Fuck love, fuck you”
  • “You blame me but it’s not fair when you say that I didn’t try.”
  • “I just don’t care about you anymore.”
  • “You’re never gonna love me so what’s the use”
  • “I’m missing you like shit today.”
  • “I haven’t seen you smile this whole time, it bums me out and makes me wonder why I can’t do right.”
  • “I’m trying my best, I promise.”
  • “What we had doesn’t matter and I don’t want work it out.”
  • “I hope this makes you sad.”
  • “You tossed us into the gutter.”
  • “It’s such a shame that we play strangers.”
  • “Your hands still catch the light the right way.“
  • “I can’t think clearly cause your beauty is killin’ me.”
  • “I don’t mind if you’re overrated or if you’re staring at the edge of the world.”
  • “Oh, God, I think I just ruined my life.”
  • “The optimist in me swore we could make this last, but no.”
  • “You ruined my favorite records, I listen to them and I think of you.”
  • “We still talk like everyday but we don’t talk in the same way that we used to.”
Ukulele (Kliensen)

I saw something about Jared playing the ukulele while Evan and him sang so yeah I’m gonna write it. (I haven’t wrote in awhile whoa)
Evan sat on the edge of Jared’s bed. Jared was on the computer playing a old game by the name of space invaders. The small eight bit character moved along the screen as Jared cursed under his breath. Evan didn’t want to engage in conversation right now. He looked around the room. Poster for some movie, musical cd, a ukulele. Ukulele? Evan didn’t know Jared played ukulele.
“Um, Jared,” Evan said.
“You play ukulele?”
“No Evan it’s there for the aesthetic of course I play.”
Evan sat there for a moment contemplating what to do next. “Can you play something right now?”
Jared exit out of the browser immediately. “Hell yeah I love rubbing musical talent in someone else’s face.” Evan laughed a bit at that. It wasn’t a normal laugh though, more like:“not sure whether I should laugh or not so I’m just gonna.”
Jared grabbed the ukulele and strummed a few cords. He turned the pegs a bit. “So any requests for the musician at work?” Jared continued to strum the instrument.
“I’m not sure, what ever you know I don’t wanttobecomplicated.” Evan rushed the sentence. At the end.
“Well if you insist.” Jared then sat up straight.
Jared began playing a familiar tune. Some thing Evan used to listen to it everyday.
“When Rome’s in ruins we are the lions. Free of the coliseum.” Jared burst into song. He looked at Evan expectantly. Evan hesitated before singing the next lyrics. They went back and forth before they got to the chorus where they both sang. Evan moved his shoulders a bit as he sang. Which Jared found a bit cute.
“We are wild. We are like young volcanos!” They sang along. They knew every lyric by heart. The song ended and silence filled the room. Jared broke it by bursting into laughter. “Oh my god I was awful!” Jared said through gasps of air and laughter. Evan looked at him for a bit. “No you weren’t.”
Jared continued to giggle as he looked at Evan. “It was out of tune the entire time!” He said. Evan looked down and mumbled. “It sounded good to me.” Jared looked up. “Really?” He asked his laughter quieting down a bit. Evan nodded. Jared smiled. Not the usual smug “I don’t care about anyone” smile. But a genuine smile that was happy. Jared’s face flushed a bit.
“Whatever tree boy.”

Having just finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, I felt inspired to make a playlist dedicated to Erin Morgenstern’s beautiful work.

And to pay proper tribute to the book in the form of music, I have tried to find songs with melodies and lyrics that really embodies the ‘feel’ of the book. I hope you guys listen to each song and really think of Le Cirque Des Reves when you hear they lyrics and melodies.

Please feel free to add songs below.

- Tris

1) The Circus

* Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss*

Strange things are happening everyday
I hear the music up above my head
Though the sight of my heart has left me again
I hear music up above

2) Isobel

* Trampled Rose - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss*

I know that rose,
Like I know my name
The one I gave my love,
It was the same
Now I find it in the street,
A trampled rose

3) Bailey

*Nature Boy - AURORA*

There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

4) The Murray Twins

* Cemeteries of London - Coldplay*

At night they would go walking ‘til the breaking of the day,
The morning is for sleeping…
Through the dark streets they go searching to seek God in their own way,

5) Marco and Celia

*Carousel - Melanie Martinez*

And it’s all fun and games,
‘Til somebody falls in love,
But you’ve already bought a ticket,
And there’s no turning back now

* Shark - Oh Wonder*

Are you gonna be my love?
Are you gonna be mine?
I feel it falling from the skies above
Are you gonna be mine?
My wave, my shark, my demon in the dark
The blue tide pulling me under
Or are you my soul, my heart, pull everything apart?

*Promise - Ben Howard*

Who am I, darling to you?
Who am I?
Gonna tell you stories of mine
Who am I?

The difference between you and me is that:

     You miss me only when you needed something, while I miss you because you are my everything.

     You talk to me only if you have time to spare, while I make time to talk to you and listen to all your rants, your thoughts, and your annoyance with traffic.

     I’m one of the shirts you never used, but kept around in your beautiful wardrobe while you’re the necklace I wear everyday, to show off to the world.

     I’m one of the songs you skip in your playlist, while you’re the song I keep playing on repeat, until it gets stuck in my head. I’d keep humming the rhythm on my way to school, while I shower, while I clean the house.

     I’m your least favorite among your branded shoes, while you’re my pair of white Chucks: the pair that I always want to be with every step of the way.

     And then it hit me, harder than anything. Why had I let someone treat my beautiful damn self lesser than it deserves? I became overly selfless, weak and I let you consume me because I’ve become blinded by the thought of love and the idea of you and me. I deserve to be someone else’s first priority, but you only see me as your second best and that, is not okay and that, is not what I deserve.
—  and honey, the difference between you and me is that i am a universe, while you just lost the fucking universe who could’ve given you the world. (zeus)

I came across Tom’s lyric book not long ago and happened to open it on this page. Following a conversation with a friend it has become increasingly important to me that the intention behind these words, and specifically the album title is understood. Words are just words, it’s the intention behind the words that matters. Some people, myself included, believe that the intention behind words holds more than just an intellectual meaning.

As a band we broadcast a message and how that message is deciphered can be extremely important. We had discussed leaving the title to interpretation but I am aware that we have a reputation for being part of some type of evangelical atheist cult, which is not the case, and that perception would be factored in when people draw their conclusions on what these words mean. Some of our songs have touched upon the ugly side of religion, the destructive and manipulative side, but many religious folk are lovely, harmless people. We don’t identify with any religion but we all possess some level of spirituality within our lives and it is the lack of that quality in modern western culture to which the title refers. It feels to me as if modern culture has been starved of introspection. We’re incessantly fixated on the material world and our immediate environment. Our focus on the tangible means that we’ve lost our connection with the intangible. We’ve lost touch with ourselves. Our Gods have been replaced by material God’s or ‘false idols’. Tom joked that the album would have perhaps been better off being named ‘We’ve Abandoned All Our Gods’, but that it didn’t have the appropriate ring that an album title calls for.

We embark upon our biggest ever headline tour this Saturday and tens of thousands of you will sing that line back at us over the course of the 5 weeks tour. To some of you the line is just a line. A cool sounding string of words that precedes some (really good) heavy riffs, and for me that’s fine. What I don’t want is thousands of people broadcasting some ‘fuck the world’ or ‘fuck God’ meaning because that is not what was intended. If that is how you feel towards the world then who am I to stop you, but what I would like you to remember is that when those words were written in this book, they were written as a critique on ourselves. It’s a reminder that we need to take a look in the mirror and question who and what we really are. Many of us feel a void in our lives, some sense of emptiness that we struggle to fill but we have to wonder, in a rapidly evolving world, how far adrift are we from where we’re really supposed to be? And how much is this modern culture contributing towards our feeling of unfulfillment.

The song that the title is lifted from is ‘Nihilist’, so yeah, you could assume some type of pessimism or negativity within the lyrics. I think a level nihilism is experienced by anyone that is faced with their mortality and I’ve certainly encountered it whilst I’ve been grieving. Maybe everyone that experiences some level of depression experiences a taste of nihilism. But whilst nihilism seems unpleasant to some, I think it offers a deeper perspective into life and it allows you to dissolve some of the boundaries that we accept as normal in everyday life. Although at times existence itself feels utterly meaningless, I do my best to bring lessons back from my trips into absolute nihilism that could serve as useful tools for when I attempt to resume normal service.

Yes, the song was written from a place of deep dissatisfaction with the state of the world, but it is written as a wake up call. A request to those who listen to take a look at themselves, to wonder who (and what) they really are and what it is that they’re bringing to the world. If people want to live their lives as culturally engineered pre-programmed zombie drones, then by all means do, I’m often as guilty as the next man, but for me its important to examine your actions, your thoughts and your words and question what it is that YOU are broadcasting into the world.

Magazines, please stop paraphrasing my ramblings on your online platforms, it ain’t journalism. If I get tagged later with ‘Grieving nihilist @danarchitects thinks fans are culturally engineered pre-programmed zombie drones’ I won’t be impressed. It helps for me to write and share, so please let me do so in peace.

Dan x

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So for this I’ll be writing based on this little happy AU where the people of Hylia won the war and defeated the Demon KIng without having to raise the land into the sky and nO ONE IS DEAD AND EVERYTHING IS HAPPY JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY SOBS

Who made the first move:

Well… Neither, actually. They tend to keep their relationship ‘professional’, especially in front of the Hylian troops. Outside of that, their time together consist only of small work-related talks and very little casual talk. So yes, neither even HAD the time to show each other’s interest. …Until the war ended, that is.

Who said ‘I love you’ first:

Surprisingly, Hylia. Well, see, in an AU where Hylia’s troops actually won without having to raise the land into the sky, I picture Link to STILL have been severely injured. 
After defeating the demon king, Link was knocking on death’s door by the time Hylia arrived. He was practically dying as she cradled him in her arms, and that was when she told him her true feelings, when he was half-conscious and barely breathing. She wasn’t even sure if he could hear her by then, but that was probably her last chance anyway.
Seeing his courage and resolve to save the land tho, maybe he survives through some Farore-ex-machina or something. SSHHH SSHHHH JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY JUST LET THESE SAD BABIES BE HAPPY IN AN AU OKAY

(A resolution to this is in the ‘how they’re engageed’ part btw!)

How often they fight:

Nnnnot much, I think. Hylia is naturally very forgiving and compassionate, while Link… never really minds, really. They ARE both very stubborn, though. So that may lead to some bickering every once in a while. When they DO get into a big fight, though, it can last for DAYS. Link might even resort to alcohol when that happens, and Hylia would go off to God knows where due to how stubborn they are about apologizing first. In the end, they’d ended up apologizing at the same time, and forgiving each other with tears and kisses.

Whose big spoon/little spoon:

Link’s big spoon, Hylia’s little spoon. She enjoys being in his embrace– for one, she can hear his heartbeat, reminding her that he was still alive and well. Which is strangely comforting.

What their nicknames are for each other:

In public, they’d usually just call each other with ‘love’ or something. In private, Link likes to tease her with the nickname, “Your Grace”, which she then respond with either “O Chosen One” or “Sir Hero”.

Whose the better cook:

Link. I mean, I can’t imagine a Goddess knowing much about human culinary :’D Link might actually be skilled at cooking, since I can see him coming from a farm in a small village, where he’d cook for his little brothers and sisters almost everyday. So he’s quite used to it. Hylia might sometimes take cooking lessons from him, though. One day, he came home with dinner cooked for him – which, for once, wasn’t burnt, albeit still a bit bland – and he literally spun her in the air and kissed her with tears of joy, feeling like a proud father for some reason.

Their song:

*slams table* ANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN.
Maybe it’s one of the few english songs I actually listen to, but goddamn does its lyrics fit them. Seriously, give it a listen, it’s great x’D

Who remembers their anniversaries:

Link would! Hylia’s not yet familiar with the Hylians’ dating system. (She once described the annual system in the Gods’ realm, and she’s lost him from the second sentence), so Link had to constantly remind her about the system and what day it was. (“Isn’t it still the 400th day of the year?” “Your Grace, one year consist only of 365 days…”)

Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex):

Surprisingly, the cooking lessons! After many months of being in the middle of a war, Link and Hylia both enjoys mundane, slow-paced things and don’t just take them for granted anymore. And after Hylia convinced Link she can’t cook (by blowing up the oven, no less), he started teaching her how to. Sometimes, after a long, tiring day, simply watching him cut the vegetables, or feel her watching him as he boiled the soup felt very tranquil, and they enjoyed those small moments in silence.

Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship:

Link, obviously. Hylia knows little of the hylians’ culture, so Link is usually the one who decide. And he may or may not make it his responsibility to teach her about the culture, taking her out to festivals and the likes as much as possible.

How they would get engaged:

They actually got engaged shortly after the war ended. And i mean SHORTLY.
It was the night a few days after the demon king’s defeat, when they hold one victory party after another now that their Hero-Commander’s wounds had healed. Not being comfortable with crowds, Link had slipped out of the tavern when no one noticed, and went to the small hill overlooking the fields.
He met with Hylia there, and talked with her about what she would do, now that Hyrule’s emerged victorious. But instead she asked him what he’d do, which he answered with, after a long pause:

(“I’ll quit being a knight. Maybe I’ll wander. Become an adventurer and travel the land without any clear destination. After that, I’ll settle somewhere quiet, maybe become a mercenary of sorts while I spend the rest of my life with my family.”)

She teases him if he had someone to make a family with in mind already, silently regretting only telling him her feelings when he was half-conscious, but instead, he told her that, yes, indeed, he had someone in mind. Someone who had confessed to him when he was knocking at death’s door. He’s looking right at her.

After a moment of shock, she had initially refused, saying that she was a goddess, and she was bound to return to her own realm. She would only be able to return to the realm of mortals when it was in danger– which could take years, centuries, even, until they could meet again.

(“Then I’ll wait.”

“Even if it takes ten, or fifty, or a hundred or a thousand years… I’ll wait. Until the end of time, I’ll always wait for you.

That’s why, Guardian Goddess, Protector of the Land, Hylia… Will you stay by my side, no matter how long it takes for us to be together again?”)

And she eventually replied, through tears as she accepted his ring:

(“…How is one supposed to say no to that?”)

What their wedding would be like:

They HAVE considered not holding any at all, but Link’s past companions – his fellow knights during the war and whatnot – persuaded him to, and they eventually held a small one in a nearby chapel. Link’s siblings, who he had once thought he’d never meet again, with dropped jaws once they had learned who the girl Link was marrying is. She was accepted into the family easily though, and they ended the day by visiting Link’s parents’ graves.

Their honeymoon consist of camps, ruins, horses, exploring and speeding around Hyrule’s vast continent until they’d known the fields like the back of their hands.

How many kids they’ll have:

Though I can imagine them having none at all, I like to think they had two sons who both took after their father and are twins, named Daphnes and Chatwyn, and a daughter who was born six years afterwards, named Zelda.