i use this photo all the time of sherlock

Since today is Benedict’s birthday, I thought to share my story.

So, there it is.

I’m an Italian girl studying in London, and the important thing about this, is that Benedict Cumberbatch brought me there.

I started watching Sherlock three years ago, and the problem was that it didn’t just become my favorite tv show ever, but it also changed my life in a significant way.

I was already familiar with the Sherlock Holmes movies, but when I saw Benedict’s version, I was completely blown away, because I had never been impressed by an actor in that way before. I started reading the novels, I fell in love with the English Literature and theatre, I fell in love with London and everything related to that city.
Since that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that my country may not have been the right choice for my future.

Therefore, two years later I sent my application for a university in London, and it was accepted. Then, on September 2016, I left Italy, my family, my friends, and everything that had been part of my life up to that point. It was one of the most frightening and challenging moments of my life. And so were the following weeks, because I kept feeling out of place and lost, and I missed my family.

Then something happened.
Benedict was announced as guest at the Sherlock convention two days before the actual convention took place. Nobody was expecting that announcement.
I immediately bought a photo with him, using the money I received for my 18th birthday. For the first time since my departure, I was happy to be where I was, and for the first time I didn’t feel homesick.

That day was surreal. I didn’t eat or drink anything all day, the only thing I could think about was what to do or say once I’d reach him. My hearth had never beat faster.

After thinking and overthinking, I finally found the perfect phrase: six words, six simple words that would have summed up what he represented for me, so I kept repeating those six words in my head.

When the moment came, and once I entered the room, I had ten seconds to realize that the person who somehow brought me to that point of my life was right in front of me, smiling and posing for everybody. Everything else stopped, I don’t remember anything, I just remember looking at him and being happy.

When my turn came I said those six words out loud with my trembling voice.

“Thank you for being my inspiration”, I said to him.
He said a quick thank you before the picture was taken. But right after that, he looked at me in the eyes and said: “Thank you for telling me that”.

Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t know me at all, I was just a fan as everybody else, and yet he listened to me, he really listened to me and thanked me.

He was kind and nice, as you’d expect him to be.

I was completely overwhelmed.

Benedict Cumberbatch was the first person who made me feel at home in a city which wasn’t my own.
Is he simply an actor? Yes.
Does he know me? No.
Do I really know him? No.

And yet, in that day I felt truly happy for the first time since I had left my family.
In a moment when all I wanted to do was give up and go home, Benedict Cumberbatch was the only person who was able to make me feel like if I was in the right place, at the right moment, doing the right thing. So I didn’t give up, and now I’m about to begin my second year.

He inspires me everyday as an actor and as a human being, and there’s no way I could possibly explain my gratitude to this man, but I hope that one day I will be able to tell him how profound his impact on my life was.

So, happy birthday Benedict, you’re an extraordinary actor and a wonderful, wonderful person. You deserve the world and more 🎂 ♥️


In case anyone was still wondering, Andrew Scott is the most kind, caring and loving person in this world. Without any doubts he is a truly amazing actor and seeing him live in a theatre was an overwhelming experience. Words can not express my love to him. He was exhausted after rehearsals and a play, but still he managed to come to us, sign posters and take photos. All that time he was full of positivity, he LISTENED to us all, hugged and made contact. Really. I will never forget how I felt in that moment. I felt complete.
Also Hamlet was wonderful, I cried and laughed and it really felt like seconds, not hours, watching that.

Who brings a knife to a gunfight?

I’ve a seen few people throw around the idea of Chekhov’s gun in reference to S4 (I think the first was @finalproblem) but I don’t think anyone has put this in one place yet, so here we go. Full disclosure: I’m a supporter of alibi theory (linking @inevitably-johnlocked‘s tag for this, because there’s a lot there).

We are first shown Sherlock’s knife in A Study in Pink, when Sherlock stabs his mail to the mantel. This is basically the first thing we see happen at 221B.

This knife remained on the mantel until the Watson Domestic in His Last Vow, when we saw it standing between John and Mary. @just-sort-of-happened noticed this years ago.

Next, we see a Victorian version of the knife in The Abominable Bride, when John and Sherlock arrive at the beginning of the episode, and John is narrating. He explains that there are truths that he can’t tell us.

“Over the many years it has been my privilege to record the exploits of my remarkable friend, Mr Sherlock Holmes, it has sometimes been difficult to choose which of his many cases to set before my readers. Some are still too sensitive to recount.”

On that familiar theme, “Some are still too sensitive to recount”, we focus on the knife.

[During S4 setlock, Sherlockology posted a picture of the knife stabbing the deerstalker into the mantel. A problem that remains to be solved? I’m not keen on its reappearance in The Lying Detective, so I hope so. But I digress.]

In The Six Thatchers, the first thing that happens in 221B is again Sherlock plunging the knife into the mail on the mantel. But this time, it’s a new knife. (Yeah, it was in the setlock photo above, too.)

What happened to the old knife? Like Chekhov’s gun, it was sitting there all this time, quietly waiting to be used, and now it has been replaced.

The dominant theory about Mary’s death appears to be that it didn’t occur in the way that we were shown, but we all seem to agree that she was shot. We keep seeing that smoking gun, as a dream or in memory (check out @somedrunkpirate‘s gun meta if you haven’t).

Then why is the knife missing? And why does a missing knife sound familiar? In John’s The Six Thatchers blog post, a man kills his lover, and then hides the murder weapon, a knife, in a bust of Margaret Thatcher. John and Sherlock catch the killer, but the story still nags at Sherlock.

Sherlock has now had five years (since A Scandal in Belgravia) to figure out how to do that. One way or another, the knife has to have been involved in Mary’s death, such that it had to be disposed of, and I think that means that Mary’s death probably occurred at 221B.

But who was wielding the knife, who did they stab, and how does the gun factor in? Did Mary threaten Sherlock with the knife, prompting John to shoot her? Was Mary even shot at all? Her body was cremated, so maybe she was stabbed. Maybe the gun is a red herring, after all.

Now that we’re dealing with multiple weapons, this really is beginning to sound like a game of Cluedo.


Tagging people under the cut.

ETA: I posted a partial correction for this post here, based on a closer look at the knife in the pilot, ASIP, HLV, and S4.

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7-elephants  asked:

My bf told me I was crazy for hoping for a secret fourth episode. I told him I am actually hoping for a secret fifth season, so downgrading it to "just" the lost special is me trying to be realistic. He was like okay😶... 😇😂

HAHAHA OMG. This is lovely. Yes, I think we’re ALL hoping for a “twin series” (I read a theory once that the entire SEASON was double filmed; actors of this calibre are completely capable of it!) because of setlock lengths and alternate versions of scenes being filmed (the most notable being the scene where John and Sherlock are taking Mary to the hospital… in some setlock photos, we see a tunnel and SHERLOCK as the one driving), like a series 4.2. Personally I think that’s a BIT of a stretch… I DO think that a special could have been filmed in that time frame, so that’s not too much to ask for, to be honest. But yes, I think the Secret Episode is a downgrade for us all XD

Better not soldier on

Could I just sort of mention, that Mycroft keeps telling Sherlock and John all along, that this - Eurus’ wicked tasks - are no game.

What is this? We can’t do this. Is this supposed to be a game?

Used to games and used to tricky cases however, Sherlock and John rush on. Obviously annoyed by Mycroft’s refusal to join in.

Sherlock: What do you make of it?

Mycroft: Am I being asked to proof my usefulness?

Sherlock: Yes, I should think you are.

Mycroft: I will not be manipulated like this.

Also, not only does Mycroft anticipate exactly what Eurus has in store for them, he also tries to warn them both.

Well done, Dr. Watson. How useful you are. Do you have a suspicion we’re being made to compete with each other?

Yet Sherlock and John are trying to pull through - as Soldiers. After all they have solved a great many tricky cases. But this one here: each single task should convince them, that they are not going to win. And they might remember for a moment that Eurus would have been perfectly happy with blowing all three of them up just about a day ago.

Nonetheless - nothing of this causes them any uncertainty. They. just. soldier. on.

Eventually the three of them reach the moment to realise that the out of control aircraft is now heading towards a city, and thereby promising to claim even more victims. Again it is Mycroft who points this out, trying to convince Sherlock and John that they need to help the girl steer the plane away from mainland to avoid further casualties.

Cruel as it might seem, Mycroft is right. And John’s reaction, his look and him backing away, are entirely infuriating (to me at least). Even now John and Sherlock think they might solve this case - this final problem.

So we find them, after Sherlock shattered Molly to pieces and still believing that he might be on the winning team, in the elimination game, when finally - FINALLY - Sherlock realizes that he will not win, as long as he plays along.

He decides to go against the rules, putting an end to the game and forcing Eurus’ hand - a hand they had to fear all the time anyway. There was no promise by her of any sort that any of them three was supposed to survive the day. 

So here it takes us to the controversial Chess Photo, that shows Sherlock’s revolt, throwing the pieces towards the observer - which might very likely be Eurus.

After rewatching the episode I find the picture quite misleading.

It was Mycroft who didn’t play by the rules all the while.

No idea what would have happened if Sherlock for once would have listened to what his brother said, instead of telling Mycroft to shut up again and again.

Maybe just sometimes Mycroft DOES know better.

David is John. It’s obvious by his eyes, skin, haircut, and clothes. But he wasn’t introduced to show Mary has a type. He wasn’t introduced to show how apathetic John is to having him at their wedding - which he certainly is, mind you. He wasn’t even introduced to be an easy way to write off a potential “Mary is unfaithful” plot twist - which they certainly could use. David was introduced for one main reason: to show us our biases when it comes to reading love between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

David obviously has a crush on Mary even though he claims they’re just friends. They were together for two years - “ages ago” he says. But Sherlock isn’t buying it. David always responds to her regardless of time or location because he has her on text alert. He even makes the photos of the couple on social media all about Mary.

Sound familiar?

John was with Sherlock for two years. “I haven’t seen him in ages.” John gave up seeing anyone else because of how invested he was with his life with Sherlock, he said so on his blog. Not to mention his blog is completely about Sherlock - the equivalent of plastering his social media with the one he pines after. John comments to Sherlock regardless of time or location, considering he’ll still write to him in the comments even though Sherlock is in the flat with him. They never stop talking.

David’s love is overwhelmingly obvious but John’s is “just friendship”? Do you have anything to say in your defence?

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I'm just thinking since 2:35am this morning, how SH is going to ask MH to give up her pathology work to go live with him in Sussex and run an Apiary. Maybe she'll transfer to a hospital there. Maybe he'll be experimenting on her *evil snicker* to make sure she's not allergic to bees. Maybe he'll call her at 3am to find out if she ever got stung by a honey bee. Maybe he'll let some loose in her flat. Maybe SH will flip out when he finds an old pic of Molly helping her dad with a small bee-hive...

First of all, LOL at his attempts to find out answers to Molly and bees! That’s hysterical! Though I’d like to think that he’d make sure she was safe before releasing bees in her flat haha. Ok and about the thought of finding that picture…

Sherlock opened the junk drawer in Molly’s kitchen, looking for the chopsticks that she claimed were “somewhere in there.” As he shoved some things aside, something caught his attention and his eyes became saucers. He picked up a photo and slowly turned to face her where she was setting out the take away.

“Molly,” he began slowly. “What is this?”

Molly glanced at the photo. “Oh yeah,” she said with a smile. “Beekeeping was something my dad and I wanted to try when I was younger. It didn’t go all that well, really. I mean neither of us were terribly experienced. It was fun though! I’ve always thought beekeeping was interesting. Some time I’d love to- Mmph!”

By that point in Molly’s explanation Sherlock had her backed against the kitchen counter, enthusiastically expressing, in the form of passionate kisses, his joy at her interest in this particular subject.

Molly clung to him instantly, caught off guard but thoroughly enjoying this all the same. She was dizzy by the time he pulled away and stared at her with fiery eyes. He spoke between breaths, trying to carefully enunciate each word. 

“Have I expressed how desperately I want to purchase a small cottage in the country with you and spend our later years keeping bees?”

Molly stared back at him agape. “I um, well…no. That is, not till now.” She let out a shaky laugh. “Especially seeing as you’ve never um…done this before either.”

His gaze shifted nervously as he considered the fact that that was true. “I see. So I also hadn’t yet expressed how desperately I want…you?”

“Well, I’m starting to get the idea.” Molly gave him a playful smile and renewed her grasp on his neck. “I dunno though, I feel like you haven’t made yourself completely clear. I might need you to further explain just how much you- Mmph!”

Sherlock was more than willing to make sure Molly was crystal clear on the subject.

This is the Story of How I met Mark Gatiss!

First of all, I think you will like this story and should read it,it’s about the most awesome birthday gift ever,meeting a friend I only knew on facebook and about how people kept saying that my dad looked just like Mark Gatiss!

It all began when I saw that Mark was coming to my country (Brazil) but I thought that he was just coming to Rio for an event then would go back. Because I live in the south of Brazil I didn’t even expected to go to Rio.

After lots of weeks, BBC announced that he was coming to São Paulo and Rio and would do a meet and greet . Now I wanted to go! When they revealed the dates I told the news to my dad,coincidentally he had a meeting in a city right between São Paulo and Rio on the 14th.

My birthday is on the 24th,so my dad decided to bring me along and celebrate my birthday by meeting Mark.

SO , my dad only confirmed this about 1 week before the date,I wanted to make a drawing and give it to Mark,but school was just killing me. I didn’t give up,I started the drawing and took it with me to finish it at the hotel in Rio on the night of the 13th,when we arrived .

We got up around 5 am and headed to the place where they were going to give 183 tickets to meet Mark.Unfortunately ,the traffic was insane and we arrived around 8,the tickets would be available at 9 and the line was already huge.Then the people from the bookstore (where the event would take place) informed us that there were going to be only 160 tickets. Short version: I didn’t get the ticket.

I was very upset, because we came from another state and only because of the traffic we didn’t make it.My dad had to go to his meeting ,he then said that we could drive to São Paulo and try again or stay in Rio and enjoy the weekend there.I obviously said that wanted to try again.

So after some hours driving and my dad’s meeting we arrived at night in São Paulo.On the next morning we woke up at fiveish, a friend of mine (that I had the chance to meet in person) was already in line with her boyfriend and some friends. They were going to give tickets to the first 200 hundred, I was the 8th in line.

Then some people started to say that my dad looked like Mark. I mean,my dad has almost the same age,similar features but nothing that really resembled Mark,but people started to ask to take photos with him,and to call him Gatiss and it was sooo funny.Here is a pic of me(the girl on the left corner ) my dad (obviously the one in the middle ) and some new friends

We waited for hours in the parking lot to get inside the mall because the stores were closed and we couldn’t get in.

Around 8 the security guards started to bring 10 of us at a time, and do a line in front of the bookstore (that was inside the mall) When they opened the doors all was very organised , I got the ticket and if I wanted to buy something from BBC I could get another product for free(only the first 100 could get it) So I bought the first season of Doctor Who (they only sell the 1st season of DW and the 2 seasons of Sherlock here in Brazil) and got to choose between the DW 50th year especial,An adventure in space and time or S3 of Sherlock. I ended up choosing the S3.

After celebrating it I ran to the hotel,I had just a few hours to finish the drawing , I actually ran out of time ,but I decided to give it to Mark anyways.

When it was around 5 I had to return to the bookstore to meet my friends that were waiting for me.

I convinced my dad to shave off his beard and to wear a suit , so everyone started to call him Mark and take photos.Again.

After 2 and a half hours waiting , Mark finally arrived for the Q&A , we was sooooo adorable and funny and had a great time (BBC will post the Q&A soon so I won’t say much about it)

One hour later , the 200 of us that had the tickets waited in a line to enter a corridor 10 at a time ,that’s me (looking weird and super tired) waiting for my turn:

I wrote: “To Mark,thank you for being an inspiration ! I hope to see you again soon! Lots of love,Marina”

then 3 we entered a room and that’s when I saw him.Mark Gatiss , just meters away from me!I was shaking so I just took this photo

Then it was my turn!Unfortunately everything happened too quickly , about 20 seconds , but I gave the drawing to him and he said “wooow that’s nice!” and smiled,so it was all worth it! Plus he signed the poster for me!

That’s us fangirling after meeting him ^

Then I returned home,and a friend sent this photo to me:

 I just stopped breathing, he posted a photo of some awesome drawings and mine was included ! It felt great to know that he liked it 

Now I have this ^

So this is the story! Sorry it took me sooo long to write everything down,school is just taking all of my time … I hope you liked the photos as well :)

I’m sure others have noticed this but Mary and Magnussen make the same joke to John. This is not just the universe (and the writers) being lazy. Why draw a parallel between these two characters? Is it perhaps warning us that Mary is similar to Magnussen? Could it mean that they were once close or once worked together? Were they still close at the time of his death? I feel as though we don’t know the whole picture here, and I suspect that things are not as they seem. After all, why would the writers leave Mary’s past so open-ended. We are going to get some explanation, and this might be a hint.

(photos not mine)


Lazarus: A Musical Representation of the SHERLOCK Fandom

I know I go on and on about how amazingly awesome Lazarus is (it being my favourite SHERLOCK track), but I had a thought as I was walking this morning and the track came up in my playlist. 

Lazarus is literally a musical representation of the SHERLOCK fandom and the hiatuses in between. Seriously, check it out:

  • The beginning bit is the calm just shortly before hiatus, us anticipating how long it’s going to be.
  • The soft to heavy crescendo of the four notes repeating over and over is the hiatus; the droning of the repetitive existence of life without new SHERLOCK things.
  • The pitch change is us getting more and more anxious, as we draw closer and closer to SOMETHING but we don’t know what it is yet.
  • The sudden decrescendo is us perking up like, “wait, what? Is something happening? Is something going on?” 
  • The sudden… synth or string?…  noise increase is us realizing SOMETHING IS HAPPENING.
  • And finally the big heavy beats at the end is SOMETHING HAPPENING IN THE FANDOM, be it setlock, promo photo releases, exciting new fandom-wide meta, or A NEW EPISODE OMG
  • All the while it’s underlaid with something beautiful, because this fandom is so beautiful and creative and inventive during Hiatus. 
  • And the process repeats on endless loops after each new SHERLOCK thing.

It’s fitting that I feel my favourite song is representation of one of my favourite times in the fandom. I love Hiatus, because it keeps the fandom alive and just some of the things to come out of Hiatus amazes me :)

That’s my SHERLOCK thoughts on this July 25 ASiP anniversary day :)

I just want to thank everyone at Sherlocked who’s sharing news and photos with the fandom, with us who couldn’t be there. Really, we appreciate it A LOT!

I hope you all are having a great time at the Con!

It seems like everyone is being a delight, starting with the main cast (Benedict, Mark, Rupert and the rest of the amazing cast) but also the crew (I’ve seen Arwen taking pictures with fans!) they’re all enjoying the con, too.

Keep having fun for the rest of us! Don’t let people get you down with some of the comments they’re saying and THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SHARING THIS EXPERIENCE WITH THE FANDOM!

The S4 setlock Moriarty scheme

This was originally meant to be part of the “10+1 reasons Jim Moriarty is alive” meta, but since the post was getting long enough already, I said I would write this up seperately one of the next days… and here it is. A month later. Whatever. 

The way they handled the Moriarty issue post -TAB struck me as very odd. But here’s my guess: Moftiss must know by now that the hardcores have learned to read behind the lines and they know when to detect a lie. We have reached a point where we are aware that announcements like “No, Johnlock is not a thing in the show” or “Moriarty is 10000000000% dead” don’t necessarily have much gravitas.  

So, the best way to confuse us now is by shoving something in our face.

Okay, allow me to explain:

I have said literally hundreds of times that the possibility of Jim Moriarty being dead makes zero sense to me for reasons I explained in the aforementioned post. So I take for granted that Jim is alive. 

First things first then. Moftiss brought Jim Moriarty back in TAB, promising that he’s alive, only to reassure the fans that he’s actually dead and this was the last time we saw him. All…right.

Fans split in two groups - those who believed them and / or liked the idea and those who… didn’t believe them but also were too afraid to hope. 

And then, after the extreme precautions they had taken to keep secret everything important that was happening on Setlock, 

we suddenly woke up to this very discreet beauty.

One could argue that such a scene couldn’t possibly escape the setlockers’ notice, so they decided to roll with it. I think this may be partially true. 

But they overdid it a bit. 

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I have conflicting feelings about setlock because on one hand I’m like aaaaaahhhh *grabby hands* and I want to know everything or at least a bit, you know, just enough to last me through the rest of the year, see Ben and Martin dressed as Sherlock and John and get a read through photo, maybe see them having a good time as we’ve seen in s3. Also I know it’s like bloody day #2 so I should chill. But on the other hand, I’m like, look at all the hard work Mark and Steven and the rest of the crew are doing to keep us surprised, to not spoil anything for us and let us be amazed as soon as they start unravelling series 4 as we get closer to the air date. 

So yeah, I’m like uGH I’m in pain but I’m also like THANK ♥.

The Siren Call of Setlock - An Introduction

Part I of the SML’s Setlock Retrospective

For many, being a Sherlock fan doesn’t just mean rigorously watching the episodes for clues – it also involves keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of the show being filmed.

We’ve seen that as the series of Sherlock progresses, the interest around the show being filmed in public locations grows and grows. The crowds at the iconic Speedy’s Café in particular have been phenomenal!

Twitter user @Ruther2 coined the hashtag “#setlock” on Twitter during the filming of The Empty Hearse, and history was made. Now, setlock is a buzzword for the slightest hint of filming news, a word to incite even more anticipation for the latest episode.

It generates lots of content: photos, short clips, an odd rumour, whisperings, and pure unabashed excitement in general. And what does the fandom do with this new content?

We become the storytellers of Sherlock itself. Just one little detail on a grainy photo sparks many compelling theories, and even short stories on where the show might be taking us in the future. In a few cases, it turns out some of us have been bang on the money!

So, I thought it would be great fun to gather the theories and speculation from Series 4’s setlock, our own ‘time capsule’ of the fandom’s creativity, all happening even before new material has aired.

What’s to come in the near future…

Look out for more in ‘The Siren Call of Setlock’ series soon! I will be compiling a list of theories and exciting observations for each day of filming. Just wait until you see what the fandom can deduce with little more than a different tie or change in hairstyle … ;)

Starting this setlock compilation has been made so much easier by turning to thesetison’s fantastic recaps of all the Sherlock filming facts – a big THANK YOU to them in advance! <3


If you have a burning theory, wrote something inspired by all the setlock happenings, or anything in-between and would like to see it featured in my series, please do contact me! Throw me all the creativity you have – the big, swooping theories and the smallest of ‘trifles’ can all be just as important.

Until next time! The game is on!

~ Jenna xxx 

jenna221b.tumblr.com | @Jenna_221b