i use this photo all the time of sherlock

David is John. It’s obvious by his eyes, skin, haircut, and clothes. But he wasn’t introduced to show Mary has a type. He wasn’t introduced to show how apathetic John is to having him at their wedding - which he certainly is, mind you. He wasn’t even introduced to be an easy way to write off a potential “Mary is unfaithful” plot twist - which they certainly could use. David was introduced for one main reason: to show us our biases when it comes to reading love between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

David obviously has a crush on Mary even though he claims they’re just friends. They were together for two years - “ages ago” he says. But Sherlock isn’t buying it. David always responds to her regardless of time or location because he has her on text alert. He even makes the photos of the couple on social media all about Mary.

Sound familiar?

John was with Sherlock for two years. “I haven’t seen him in ages.” John gave up seeing anyone else because of how invested he was with his life with Sherlock, he said so on his blog. Not to mention his blog is completely about Sherlock - the equivalent of plastering his social media with the one he pines after. John comments to Sherlock regardless of time or location, considering he’ll still write to him in the comments even though Sherlock is in the flat with him. They never stop talking.

David’s love is overwhelmingly obvious but John’s is “just friendship”? Do you have anything to say in your defence?

I have conflicting feelings about setlock because on one hand I’m like aaaaaahhhh *grabby hands* and I want to know everything or at least a bit, you know, just enough to last me through the rest of the year, see Ben and Martin dressed as Sherlock and John and get a read through photo, maybe see them having a good time as we’ve seen in s3. Also I know it’s like bloody day #2 so I should chill. But on the other hand, I’m like, look at all the hard work Mark and Steven and the rest of the crew are doing to keep us surprised, to not spoil anything for us and let us be amazed as soon as they start unravelling series 4 as we get closer to the air date. 

So yeah, I’m like uGH I’m in pain but I’m also like THANK ♥.