i use this colouring alot don't i

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Hiya senpai! Uh I really liked how one of your Peridot drawings looked so I came here to ask you (if u don't mind) what brush did you use? It looks like it's painted with a real brush! Is that texture? It's okay if you don't want to tell me.

hey!!! i wasnt sure which peridot drawing u were refering to, unless u meant the most recent one which is this?

if so, this is the brush i used. (btw change the ‘’color blending’’ ALOT depending on how much i want 2 blend the colours)

pls let me know if u meant another piece! i use this brush for when i want to do my ‘’painting style’’ :p

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Hey, I was wondering what's racist and sexist about the show? I used to watch it and now I've noticed alot of negative feedback about it and don't know if I'm going to watch this new season I'd like a brief summary of the most problamatic things, thx

What’s racist? Well, the fact that we who still watch it—had opportunity to see the very same number of People of Color as you (who don’t) did: none. Those who had brief (blink, and you would’ve missed it) appearances? Dead, evil, or both. Or useless, like Rapunzel, but hey, she was there just to counter the dead/evil trend, and be like Mulan’s ‘bisexuality’ (or lesbianism, whatever—it was so cowardly wrapped in stereotypes and heteronormativity you also could’ve missed the whole two-and-a-half seconds of it if you blinked) in a “there’s your representation, now get off our backs and allow us to continue writing these convoluted Disney commercials” kind of way.

Now, what’s sexist? Aw, shit… where to start?

Selling a show about ‘strong women’ (which…wtf, really, what’s the opposite of that exactly?) marketing it as such, only to replace your main protagonists with dudes… but not just any dudes, totally creepy, stalkerish, rapey (or hypocritically quasi ‘noble and loyal’, whilst basically being useless—depending on who we’re talking about) dudes—is beyond sexist, it’s so deeply misogynist that we’re handing our barf bags every Sunday morning just in case people need them.

Queerbaiting is one thing that folks like to talk about. The existence of lesbian/bi/queer subtext in mainstream media is a common enough phenomenon that now it’s being at once unpacked and rejected as an endgame. So folks who supported the show because of Regina and Emma’s relationship want at least a chance, an acknowledgement, an opportunity to see a story develop between the two. But, again—see above. Misogyny and Queer erasure are close relatives. They live next door to one another, in a semi-attached, right down the street from our party pad. They’re assholes who never recycle and keep trying to shove old issues of Hustler in our mailbox. I mean hey, we’re sex positive here at the playpad, but we don’t get off on seeing women (or anybody, really) thrown into a meat grinder. We thought we’d signed onto something more mature but alas, Adam and Ed are playing up the old misogynist-nerd-boy deal.

Anyway, others can add their 2cents. Hey, count the ways that OUaT is sexist, racist and heterosexist. We’re going to go clean our uhh… equipment. Ya know. That’s what dishwashers are for after a big party involving existential crisis-immersed mostly-adults with a thing for vibrating objects.