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[TRANS] 170523 Kim Hyunjung's News Show - Phone Interview w/ Rap Monster

KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Kim Hyunjung (KHJ): Hello Rap Monster. Congratulations!

Rap Monster (RM): Hi, nice to meet you, this is Rapmon from BTs.

KHJ: You are in Las Vegas right?

RM: We have some additional schedules so we’re heading to LA from Las Vegas noe. Please excuse me for taking the call while on the road, thank you.

KHJ: You’re really well-manner. I’m the one who should say thank you for taking the call in such situation.

RM: It’s my honor.

KHJ:To be honest, did you go there with expectation?

RM: Of course, we had a lot of expectation. We thought that we shouldn’t have any expectation but at the same time, we expected a lot too. “They called us all the way here, wouldn’t they give us the award? But anyway let’s not hope too much,” we were kind of in a dilemma.

KHJ: How did you feel like when they called out BTS’ name at a stage like that?

RM: We talked about this among ourselves already too, it didn’t feel real. We just went out to the stage like we were being possessed by something, and in front of us were people like Drake, DJ Khaled. It felt like we were dreaming.

KHJ: Felt like you were dreaming? Back then when you were a trainee, have you ever dreamt of a stage like this?

RM: We actually have never dreamt of anything this big. When we were still trainees, around 1 year before debuting, we went to see a sunbae group’s concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. We talked about having to stand on this kind of stage at least once before retiring. We didn’t dare to imagine of attending an award show like BBMAs and receiving an award in front of such people.

KHJ: So you were watching the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena and you said “Wow, we have to do a concert here at least once before we die, don’t we?”. Was it your dream?

RM: It was nearly exactly what I said. For real.

KHJ: Those trainees now walked on the dream stage of Billboard and became the first among K-pop idol groups.

RM: It’s our honor.

KHJ: What do you think is the main factor to such global popularity? What is the core point?

RM: The local media outlets always ask us this too so I thought about this a lot, since I have to answer them. And I asked around too, of course. I think K-pop is like a gift set, an assorted gift ser. The music, the choreography, music videos and what we always do, communication on SNS. These things are combined together and once you fall for something, for example, if you listen to the music, you will watch music videos, then if you find the choreography cool, you will look up for performances on Youtube and find the fun videos that we always shoot, then you will check out our SNS and find out what thoughts we have. I can say that it’s extremely easily accessible. So the process of becoming our fans is extremely easy too. And most of all, our typical type of music or lyrics tell the stories of the youth in all over the world, no matter if it’s across the globe or Korea, the youth all feel the same emotions. We think it can create a bond of sympathy more easily, letting them think “So they feel like this in Korea too.”

KNJ: Your songs are in Korean, can those feelings be delivered? Including the lyrics too?

RM: The Internet and such are developing strongly these days, so even if we just tweet something, a lot of people would immediately translate it to not just English, but also multiple languages like Romanian, Portugese.

KHJ: So they translate and make subtitles in multiple languages?

RM: That’s correct. Nearly all of our contents have subtitles, so it’s easier to know what we talk about, what we write, what our lyrics say. I think we are benefitting a lot from the media.

KHJ: An assorted gift set made up from those things. And the finalization of it, the finalization of 2017, we can think it’s BTS.

RM: Thank you for saying that.

KHJ: But Rap Monster, how can you speak so well like that?

RM: Thank you. There’s a lot of chances where I need to speak on behalf of the group, so I think I have to speak well to dignify our group. I always think in my head first.

KHJ: You pulled out English interviews perfectly too. The assorted gift set story you talked about is true in many ways. It makes me think idols are indeed incredible, you started from Olympic Gymnastics Arena and now took home a Billboard award. What will be your next goal?

RM: Our next goal is a worldwide stadium tour. Stadium tour is the kind of tour that attracts at lease 30,000, 40,000 to 50,000 audiences. I can say that our next goal is to hold a worldwide stadium tour.

KHJ: So us older generation can understand that it’s like when Michael Jackson holds a concert and have 3-40,000 audiences?

RM: Yes, we want to do that.

KHJ: Earlier you said when you went to the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena yiu wanted to be like that sunbae group, who was that sunbae?

RM: They are called Highlight now right? We got a chance to go to Highlight - formerly known as B2ST - sunbaenim’s concert in 2012. We sat at the back.

KHJ: At the back?

RM: They were so cool so we told each other like “Let’s become like those sunbaenim”. We still sometimes talk about that among ourselves now.

KHJ: It would be even happier because you made it after going through hardships. Having a busy schedule must be really tiring right? What do you want to do first when you come back home?

RM: I always like enjoying the park or landscapes. I sometimes come to Gyeongbokgung too, it helps filling out the feeling of emptiness. I heard the Seoullo 7017 (a pedestrial overpass) has been opened.

KHJ: Yes, Seoullo. Oh, do you follow current events too? How did you know Seoullo is opened when you go abroad that frequently?

RM: I take a lot of flights and they always have newspapers there, so I read them.

KHJ: You need to be this level to become a global idol. Rap Monster, congratulations again. I hope you can soon come back and take a walk in the park or Seoullo 7017. I’ll continue to support and look forward to your future activities and worldwide stadium tour.

RM: Thank you.

Not so hypothetically, but actually, a date

aka, what could have happened if Chase’s minions had been so kind as to hold off on their kidnapping spree an extra 24 hours

for my friends on twitter who told me I should write this and know I can’t say no to them :) 

psa: this is unbeta-ed and it’s past my bedtime, so read at your own risk of grammatical errors lol

Felicity opened her refrigerator in search of the leftover takeout she could’ve sworn was still in there somewhere. To her dismay, all she was greeted with was mostly empty shelves. She was not a big grocery shopping person to begin with, and with everything they had been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, she couldn’t remember the last time she pushed a cart through those fluorescent lit aisles.

“How did Oliver manage to be the Green Arrow and keep our refrigerator stocked,” she muttered to herself as she checked a container of yogurt to discover it had expired months ago.

Her eyes caught the box from Oliver’s party the night before and she slid it out, remembering that there had been a few leftover slices of cake. They were on summer break after all, so cake was an acceptable dinner… right?

She was debating eating it straight from the box versus preserving some of her dignity and getting a plate when she remembered that she didn’t have to spend her evening sitting at her counter eating cake alone.

Setting the box down and reaching for her phone, she hit her first number on speed dial and waited while it rang. Which wasn’t a long wait since he picked up before the first ring had finished.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Am I only allowed to call when I’m in danger?” she teased.

There was a pause. “Well, no I just—“

“Do you want to come over tonight?” She needed to get the words out before he gave her enough time to talk herself out of it. She could practically see his eyebrow rise in that way it did when she said something that could have multiple interpretations and she hastily added, “There’s just leftover birthday cake and I was about to eat it but I realized that you should probably get dibs on it since it was for your birthday.” And also, I just really want to see you. “I promise this isn’t a ruse. But if you’re busy I understand and—”

“No,” he interrupted her. “No I’m not busy. I’m just finishing up at City Hall and then I can be right over.”

The corners of her mouth flicked up in a small smile at the eagerness he was trying so hard and yet failing to hide in his voice.

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Pokémon Go

Summary: In which Pokémon Go is Steve’s ticket to spending more time with you.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1,859

A/N: This one is for a true angel, @buckysberrie. Mar, you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to and I adore you with all my heart. Your comments on my fics never cease to make my day and I love being able to fangirl with you about all things One Direction-related. I hope you have an amazing birthday because that’s exactly what you deserve.

@avengerstories - thank you for editing this, you real-life queen.

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“Good morning, Steve!”

The super soldier curses under his breath, hating that you’ve spotted him. He had every intention of sulking all the way back to his room and maybe hiding out there until his training session with Nat. He didn’t want to stay here, where he would be forced to bear witness to something that made his chest ache. “Hey, Y/N.”

You smile at him for a few seconds, long enough to make his heart skip a beat, before diverting your attention back to your phone and the person sitting next to you. Sam.

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I love your artwork so much. From the cute and cool sketches, to the badass Digital Paintings and character detail. It's very appealing to the eye, even if a character is in pain or wounded cripplingly, you manage to keep it from looking fake and still gross without making us wanna turn away from the screen. This got me wondering: who of the Undertale cast is your favorite to draw?

Awwww thank you!~ *gives a cookie to this super kind anon*

Huh, that’s an interesting question. I like drawing Chara a lot, Sans is also fun to draw as well as Frisk, so I guess these three are the ones I enjoy drawing the most n.n 

Romeo and Juliet - Jeff Atkins (Requested)

Requested by @xxchloegrayxx and @queensovereign. Sorry they might not be the way you imagined but this is what I came out with when writing for you guys so I hope you like it!

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“What’s the big deal? I was just talking to her?”

“No, you were fucking flirting with her Jeff! Not to mention the fact that just yesterday I was complaining to you about the fact that she has been a bitch to me for the past month!”

“And I told you, you were overthinking that!”

“Just yesterday I heard her talking behind my back about the fact that she wanted to steal you away and make you her boyfriend, but now that I know that you don’t care, I think you should be with her” My voice slowed down and my tone dropped “You too seem perfect for each other”

“Fine! She’s prettier than you anyway!” He yelled making me feel my heart crack and the sadness hit me “I don’t need you y/n, trust me, it’s you that needs me”

I knew that wasn’t true but I didn’t have the heart to argue with him anymore, I wanted to leave with some of my dignity so I gave him a nod of acknowledge and left his house without another word.

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I was wondering about how open the characters are about their sexualities and gender identities and such. I mean, p much everyone isn't a straight cis person, but is everyone aware of that? In this universe, is that chill, or is the friendgroup just a bubble of being awesome even tho the school doesn't know, or what? Also- have you ever made a post with all the character's identities/disabilities before??? Ok, sorry to bother you, and I LOVE this comic!!! The art and story is gorg and engaging ❤

 hello  ❤

ngl,  I didn’t initially want to discuss their MIs, sexualities and gender, because I didn’t want people thinking it’s being romanticized, or that the characters would be reduced to naught but.. their gender/mental illness. But. Still. Representation is important and I am. So tired of mentally ill characters being demonized dude.  

I kinda thought their school would be, all liberal? It’s a big fancy schmancy school where nobody.. Really cares what you do with your life, so long as you don’t bother ‘em. But that’s just most of the students. (not all.) 

So. let’s start with Dallas. He’s trans, but he’s passing. He doesn’t struggle with being misgendered a lot, since he A. Doesn’t really talk much in the first place, and he talks in a really, tired, Jane-Lane-season-1 mumble.But y’know, the more observant people Talk, since middleschool, he’s changed A Lot. Tl;dr, Dallas is not out to anyone he’s not close to, just the rest of the baseball team, Mr. Beaumont (Tyler’s dad, and their geometry teacher), Coach Williams, and, maybe, Wendy. 

Dallas is bisexual, he has psychotic depression and dyscalculia. Established that his therapist is a massive douchewad, there’s probably something else that’s gone undiagnosed. (something along the lines of dependent personality disorder, and etc)

Malek, there’s always names for People Like Malek. He’s unabashedly pansexual. He’d really date anyone who can make him smile. He’s out to everyone, (that includes his aunt’s live-in boyfriend.)

Malek has anxiety that often gets dismissed because he doesn’t show signs of being mentally ill. 

Poppy is not out to her parents. She’s out do Dev, and the rest of the school knows she’s bisexual. She doesn’t have a filter, and she says what she wants, and then afterwards she feels terrible to have acted like a jerk. She’s a real soft, good kid inside. She has BPD, and ngl, I wrote her to have struggled with ED when she was a bit younger. 

Jonas/Parker is autistic. I’ve talked about him and Dallas’ disabilities here. He’s bisexual, but he is not out to anyone but Phoebus and Tyler. I think he could be interpreted as someone who has PTSD from abusive parents, but I need to do much more research on this.

Ari is nonbinary. They’re not out to anyone except the baseball team. They use any pronouns. He/She/They, it don’t matter for a nihilist like Ari. They have AVPD, and it’s pretty hard for them to open up to.. Anyone at all. It’s Just Hard. They tend to lash out on people. 

Phoebus is an amputee. He’s had a rough tumble with osteosarcoma, but he’s alive, and it’s all that matters. Sometimes he gets tired, he uses a wheelchair. He has depression, but, like Malek, it tends to get forgotten because he doesn’t show signs of being mentally ill. He’s pansexual, and he’s out to everyone.

Blake is gay and a cocktail of undiagnosed cluster B personality disorders. He’s too afraid of seeing a therapist, He is not out to anyone outside of the baseball team, but People Talk. 

Ben is HoH. Dallas is his bi awakening. I think he has ADHD and PTSD, but I’m still reading into it.  For Spoiler-y Reasons, I Can’t Disclose Too Much.

Sara is lesbian. She doesn’t care about people knowing, but she only tells people when boys hit on her. Again, I can’t disclose too much about her personality without it being too spoiler-y!

Tyler has OCD. At the moment, he’s assumed he was straight up until he let himself get close to Blake. Blake makes him feel all sorts of wiggly and angry things in his stomach. He wants to kiss Blake but he also wants to punch Blake in the head sometimes. His Feelings Need a lot of work. What’s it to have a crush on anyone anyway. He’s too young to be in love, and his greatest fear is to end up like his dad, divorced, always sitting late at night in a boring old office, disgruntled and malcontent, cursing while grading some dumbass’ paper. He’s not out to anyone, and everyone, including himself, assumes he’s straight.

What I’d’ve done slightly differently for the Samurai Jack ending (major spoilers, obviously)

As I said I do feel like the finale was a solid finale that the series needed. I saw the tragic conclusion kinda coming from a mile a way, so (like with the relationship) I kinda had accepted it a bit before it was revealed.

A lot of people say that it felt rushed, but I feel like not even a full other episode would be necessary–just maybe give the show 5 more minutes to wrap things up.

To be honest it’d probably have been way easier if they just used branching timelines instead of a centralized timeline to eliminate paradoxes and the like, give a genuine happy ending. But instead, here’s how I would’ve done it differently while trying NOT to extend the duration too much and still preserving the tragic time-paradox ending.

  • Shorten a few of the scenes–speed up the Scotsman’s daughters introductions, a bit of the battle, Aku’s weapon selection, etc. Just to shave off a few seconds where you can.
  • have Jack beat back Aku in the future timeline. Either Aku escapes, or reveals he’s too strong and still has a plan to crush everyone. The important thing though is they’ve bought some time and the battle ultimately isn’t won.
  • Ashi realizes that if she has Aku’s abilities, she can manipulate time. She reveals this as a plan instead of promptly just jumping back in time.
  • Jack worries about the current timeline, like he has so many times before (and has resulted in him giving up a portal). The Scotsman instead reassures him that they’ll be fine, and that this is what Jack’s gotta do. Give them a brief goodbye.
  • Go back, kill Aku like normal. Can probably instead make this heavier to keep it dramatic, but also to remove a few shots to speed it up a bit. There was just a battle with Aku this episode, I think it’d be fine to keep the second one a bit shorter.
  • After Aku’s fall, Ashi falters. She realizes IMMEDIATELY that “if Aku doesn’t exist in the future… neither will I…” She resolves to hold on, maybe realizing that she can continue to use his powers as long as they’ll last in order to exist.
  • Have a shorter montage of the two experiencing life. Not necessarily a marriage scene, but at least meeting the parents, etc. Could maybe have a bit of a monologue going on.
  • At one point, Ashi falls. She’s weak. Instead of being taken off guard, Jack and her both know she only has a few moments left.
  • Jack takes Ashi to a garden/forest clesaring. Alternatively, she collapsed while they were walking by there viewing nature. It’s a moody scene. She’s visibly weak and fading fast, flickering in and out of existence. She does the whole ‘thank you for everything.’ type of speech to give some modicum of closure.
  • She fades out of existence. Sadjack.jpg. He’s again alone with his thoughts.
  • Like originally, the ladybug lands on his hand. He’s able to offer a somber smile. Zoom out like with the last shot, showing the tree was where he took Ashi in the future. 
I Never Planned On You - Pete Dunne

Originally posted by samizayn

Real talk; I’m so in love with him, it’s unreal. Anyway, I’m in a really good mood so I felt like writing something new. It’s short but I still hope you like it. Enjoy.

Tags: @logandemico, @glamlover87, @baleesi, @shieldgirl95, @imnobodiesbitch, @na-nou83, @morgancorbin, @lilmisscrisis, @alexahood21, @ratherkissawookie, @rollinsdar, @damnbuvky, @blondekel77, @imaginingwwesuperstars, @wwesmutdonedirtcheap

Pete…well, he doesn’t do romance. I use the term ‘dating’ loosely when it comes to our relationship. He sort of just kisses me when he feels like it and get jealous when I talk to other guys. You know, normal ‘boyfriend’ stuff. Other people would get very confused seeing me with him due to the drastic differences in our personalities. I was the type to run around, blasting songs from Glee on my phone and sing and dance whereas Pete was quiet, slightly menacing and angry.

With WrestleMania week approaching, we were spending a lot more time together at his house, me helping him to pack his bags. The uncomfortable silence prompted me to put on a random playlist of music which then caused him to roll his eyes as the opening notes for ‘Valerie’ played.

“You love this song, don’t deny it.” Sheesh, if looks could kill then I’d be hanging out with Kane. So, I was at his house helping him pack for a trip where we’d be sharing a hotel room which made me further question what we were to each other. No better time to ask, I suppose. “Pete, what is this?,” he looked at me, confusion spreading across his face, “What am I to you? Sometimes, I feel like I’m just there for you to push up against a wall and make out with whenever you feel like. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the kissing but this has been going on for a few months now and I feel like that’s all I’m ever gonna be to you.”

Pete dropped the shirt he had been folding and ran his hands over his face. Shaking his head slightly and grumbling, he reached out and grabbed both of my hands.

“You snuck up on me and I never even saw it coming. I feel, some days, that you’re too good for me, that you could do a hell of a lot better. You don’t even question me when I do what I do because you don’t mind. I wasn’t expecting any of this, I never planned on someone like you, coming into my life and being able to keep my heart in their pocket.”

Oh. I felt stupid and rude.

Getting to know Peter is difficult enough for most but I don’t think many people think about how difficult it must be for him. Being the way he is, trying to change the way he works for the sake of others is the equivalent of performing brain surgery because that’s not who he is. I didn’t care who he was, he didn’t need to change for me because I love him.

I love him.

“I love you so much. I know that this is abrupt and out of the blue but I couldn’t keep it in any longer. I will support you in everything you do and I will never force you into anything. You are a better man than you think you are, you’re just not seeing what I see; a handsome, talented and intelligent man.” I could’ve sworn that I was dreaming or imagining things when the corners of his mouth turned up into a small smile.

“The things you do to me, you wonderful woman. I love you but it’s going to be strange for me to accept that at first. Will you stay with me?”

“Yes Peter, always.”

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How's it going?

itty bitty rl vent/dump:

recently the family pet cat passed away. he’s pretty much the first real pet we had, so his death hit us all pretty hard. it’s still kind of jarring to think that this guy who was a large part of our daily rituals/routines is gone. the house felt a lot emptier without him.

but! on the brighter side, we’ve also recently got a kitten! he is small and determined to chew on everything.

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Your art style is why i read your comic, it's cute and expressive. So what if someone's already done a graphic novel? I would still prefer yours :)

(I think I should also mention that @steveningdragon sent me a really long inspirational text after this)

oH my gEEz yoU gUys

What did I do to deserve the lot of you???
I… don’t really know how to respond to this overwhelming support other than repeatedly screaming thank you and going off to cry for a little bit

All of this means SO MUCH to me and I have no idea if I can adequately express how much it means with actual human language.
There are tons of Undertale comics out there that are super cool and use super cool, creative ideas, but you guys still like my little to-the-line interpretation… and that  is INCREDIBLE to me. Thank you all SO MUCH for your ridiculous amounts of support… and, well… now more than ever I can’t wait to share the new pages this weekend and every weekend.

Thank you all so so much for your kind words and support… and… I’ll catch you all on the flip side!!!!!✨

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Hi mom it's been a while!! I've written you since last year in April and it really amaze me how patient you can be answering so much stuff, some of them are cool, funny, sad, real life but others are just annoying or rude, still you answer to everyone I couldn’t do it or maybe be like fuck you or lol, but you're more like Erwin polite, think of others, give a good answer, such freaking sassy, encourage, gives support and makes us laugh. Thanks for creating this account. XOXO Little seed 04'16

Thank you! I got to admit sometimes I really think to myself “what’s wrong with you guys” but it’s also a lot of fun and most of you guys are wonderful! So of course I wanna answer all of you the best I can!

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hi 🤗 I just saw on your strava that you do speed work and as I recently got into running I was wondering what exactly you do. I don't know very much about running tbh 😂🙈

Hey! 😁 haha ok well honestly at first it is confusing! I am still learning myself. Basically I have a heart rate monitor and I train according to my heart rate zones, so a lot of my running is long and slow to keep my heart rate low (zone 2) which helps to build a good base fitness, allows you to do more endurance running, actually makes you faster in the long term (I know it’s a weird concept to go slow to get fast but it’s a tried and tested method) and uses fat primarily as a fuel source. Then once a week I’ll do speed work which is basically just going as fast as I’m capable of going for a short distance, last week I did 2x 1km intervals with a rest in between. Doing that just gives you an idea of how you’re progressing in your training, plus for me it just helps me to remember what it feels like to bust my ass hahahaha it’s painful af to go as fast as you can but it’s a good shock to the system and helps me prepare for races like when I do a 5km parkrun and need to endure that sort of pain for longer than I would usually.

I am really enjoying zone training, there is lots of info on the internet about it if you want to get into it! Otherwise if you’re just starting out my biggest tip would be to start off extremely small for the first few months, if I were you I wouldn’t personally try going further than 2-3km for a run because it’s very easy to injure yourself when running; your cardiovascular system often develops faster than your legs so you might feel like you’re capable of going faster but your legs aren’t at that level yet and you end up hurting yourself… and then you’re potentially out of the game for weeks!

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So I need help with identifying myself: I'm not really sure what sexual attraction is, but I find people hot, not like sexy (I think they're different), I never think something like 'Oh he's hot I wanna have sex with him'. No, that looks wrong to me. I'm disgusted just by the thought of sex but I still want a romantic relationship, like cuddles, kisses, holding hands. I think I'm ace, but how do I actually know, maybe I'm demi or grey? And what does sex repulsed mean?

Sex-repulsed would be pretty much exactly what you’re describing here–essentially not wanting sexual activity at all for whatever reason [often sex-repulsed people find the idea of sex gross, but that’s not always the case; there are lots of other reasons for it]. It definitely sounds to me like you could be ace, so if that’s a label you’re comfortable with you should feel welcome to use it. It’s always possible that you may later discover that your attraction falls more cleanly into a label like grey or demi, but you can certainly claim “ace” in the meanwhile and revise it later if you discover something new about yourself.


something that i think about a lot and that really stresses me out is archiving fandom like

over time fandoms go through so many distinct phases, and use such particular language and phrases, and have so many trends and reactive movements, and just this huge behind the scenes unique culture where so much is created. Not just fic and fan art, but the whole fan culture of a particular fandom moment. Like the popular ships, and crack theories, and specific jokes and memes that get passed around. 

I know the fanlore wiki has a lot of this stuff for older and bigger fandoms, but i still get stressed because i don’t want anything to be forgotten. Like i don’t want all the wild harry potter crack theories to be lost, of les mis fandom memes, or the legendary a;tla ship wars (even the bad parts of fandom should be preserved for people to learn from, because this same shit inevitably repeats itself). And in addition to wanting to preserve current fandom cultures or ones from the recent past, i also love learning about the culture of much older, established fandoms like star wars and stark trek! Like the fact that skysolo was a thing back when the OT was coming out and that george lucas hated it so much that he did everything in his power to shut it down. That’s such an important part of the sw fandom culture! Or how fan perception of characters evolves and changes over time, like with the ewoks.

i think part of what makes it so hard is that even though fandom these days mostly takes place on the internet, it still has many of the same drawbacks and flaws that things considered “oral tradition” might. Like things are rarely published in an official sense; tropes, theories, and jokes are often collaboratively created; information is shared in the form of text posts and on message boards. It’s even harder with older fandom material that comes mostly from zines and early-internet message boards that are unfortunately often lost or deactivated. 

hopefully there are starting to be more people out there who actually document these things. I actually had a class just this past semester where we briefly studied harry potter fandom trends and there were actual scholarly articles that cited fics on ao3. But yeah i spend way too much time on the fanlore wiki and way too much time thinking about this but fandoms are an important cultural element that should be documented and archived for future generations

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What's the best(most secure) way to have a daddy put money in my bank account? Like if we are on opposite sides of the world, but he wants to send me money. I just don't want him to have access to do anything with my bank account except be able to make deposits in my account. I know a lot of scammer daddies ask for your banking info so they can steal money. But what way doesn't allow them access to my money, but still allows them to make a nice deposit? Thanks in advance 💕

You can use paypal/venmo/or squarecash. That way he can send the money there, and you can control how much actually goes into your account.

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secret: i have a bf rn ( im bi) and i'm still heavily in love with my ex whom i've been split from for 6 months now. i miss her so much, she drove me crazy and we used to fight a lot (why we broke up lol) but omg, being with him just doesn't feel right. i mean i used to fight with my ex a lot but we understood each other and we had such a gr8 emotional connection.. but with my bf he just doesn't understand how to deal with depression n stuff and ugh i miss her a lot. what do i do.

I think you should breakup with him bx
1. You aren’t over your ex so maybe you should just take some time for yourself and just figure it out
2. You don’t sound happy with him, like if he doesn’t understand it or really help and doesn’t make you happy you shouldn’t stay together because
A. It’ll be dragging it on and lowkey leading him on because you aren’t happy
B. If one isn’t happy in the relationship the other won’t be either

Ok, so this episode was going really well and then they had to make me cry in the last 7 minutes. Everything about this finale was beautiful and even though Kara is this super powered, strong woman, she still felt grounded in this episode. And felt what a lot of humans go through. It’s why I love this show so much especially after this amazing season. And shout out to Calista Flockhart for coming back and giving us this amazing scene, which was probably my favorite of the episode.

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Hello! I love your art, all your pieces have such personality!! I was wondering- how/ where did you get the screentone for the Ritsu drawing of scenes that didn't get animated? I've been trying and failing to find a nice screentone for a long time :0



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2 and 14 for the artist ask meme, please!


2. who is your favorite character to draw?

from my ocs, it’s Neil and Chase (they’re basically inseparable so that counts as one)

for fanart, you guess it:


14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

anything related to Tony Stark or Steve/Tony. i used to draw them almost religiously and read every fanfiction available out there for these two

but Marvel is pretty much deteriorating  and the fandom is caught up in so much flame that i just gave up entirely U__U i still like tony tho!