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Someone on Reddit was asking about keyblades:

The way I always saw it…


The Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D are two unique blades the way that the x-blade was. They aren’t a representation of one’s heart, but constants that need to exist. This is probably because the x-blade was shattered or something. When the worlds became a realm of darkness and a realm of light, the KK was the light’s half of the x-blade and the KKD was the darkness’s half. They probably weren’t made from the x-blade themselves, but came to exist because of the state of the universe, much the way the x-blade did.

Anyway, KK and KKD are special. They reside in their respective realms to protect it. They have their own “consciousness” as it is, where they can choose their wielders. In my head, I always thought that they wouldn’t choose a wielder unless their realm was in peril. So when all the worlds start vanishing in KH1, the KK is like “woah hey what? damnit I better find myself a wielder”. It found Riku - one of few already anointed with using a keyblade - and I was like “sure this kid seems legit”. Then Riku went all darkness and the key was like “damnit, and I came all the way out here”. But he sees Sora, who has the heart of a keyblade wielder (Ven) and is like “actually this kid might work instead”. Then in Hallow Bastion it sees Riku again and is like “you’re that kid!” and goes with him. Then KK is like “actually you’re a dick and I like the other kid more” and goes back to Sora. And that’s the story of the KK.

So then there’s the KKD, chillin’ in darkness like “yeah man lovin’ this darkness gonna stay here forever” and then a mouse comes and picks it up. And the KKD is like “well, I mean, it’s been a while since like. I’ve done anything. Might as well.” and sticks with Mickey. But if it ever wanted to leave it probably could. Though I think the KKD and KK are both in this for the same reason: they want balance. Neither wants to see Light or Darkness consume everything. That’s why KKD stays with Mickey.

So, now let’s delve into keyblades as a whole. They were said to be “forged in reverence of the x-blade”, which is sort of weird since the x-blade looks dumb as hell and the keyblades look pretty rad most of the time. Maybe it’s like how an artist sees someone’s work and thinks “ha, I could do that, but better”. Anyway. “Forged” here is a pretty loose term, since hearts forge keyblades, but also like… you could just forge them out of metal, right? For the sake of simplicity and in the continuity of the franchise, let’s just define “forged” as “created with one’s heart”. This materializes a keyblade for the use of its owner. BUT it seems like whenever the owner dies, the keyblade can continue to exist. Since you know. The graveyard. This basically defies everything I know about creating and destroying matter but whatever.

So anyway. Wielders make keyblades with strong hearts. Are they blessed or something? IMO, it seems sort of like “forging a keyblade” was pretty damn easy before the world fell apart (KHUX). Maybe this is like a defense mechanism? Kingdom Hearts is like “well shit, I see what you guys do when keyblades are dime a dozen - you start wars! So you know what. New universe, new rules. No keyblades for anybody. Except these two new ones, KKL and KKD. No more wars. Stop it.” To which the very few keyblade wielders who survived the sundering were like “right, but how about we make a ceremony that lets us pass on the keyblade powers to new people, since like, we totally learned our lesson and won’t start another war”. So then the Ceremony came to be (which is just touching a keyblade apparently?? I think here’s more to it, but I’ll get to that in a minute).

So here we are in the new universe and we’ve got a few keys. The x-blade is broke, but that doesn’t matter until it becomes an essential and awkwardly convenient plot point. The KK and KKD are newly born. And I guess No Name (Xehanort’s blade in BBS and Master of Masters’ blade in Back Cover) survived, because why not. And then there’s the Dandelions. And that’s it. All the other keyblades are inert, since their wielders are dead. So someone passes the power of the keyblades onto Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen Sid. Hopefully this gets revealed in KH3 since we got that awesome chess scene with chubby baby Eraqus. Yen Sid trains Mickey, then retires. Xehanort trains Ven, then fucks up literally everything. Eraqus trains Terra and Aqua, then dies. So we’ve gone from three to four wielders in one generation, since Eraqus thinks he’s special. I don’t know what “retiring” means in terms of using a keyblade, but it’s pretty safe to assume Yen Sid isn’t going to do anything but talk for the whole franchise. Xehanort takes over Terra. So we’re sitting at four wielders and six keyblades (since Terra/Xehanort each have one, and Aqua has Eraqus’s).

This brings about a whole other argument. Though the wielders die (Eraqus & in theory, No Name) the keyblades retain their power. Which is sort of in conflict with the keyblade graveyard. I think this has a lot to do with intent. Eraqus had always intended his keyblade to be passed down to Aqua in case he fell. MoM had always intended No Name to move forward through time. Each served their master’s purpose even after the master’s demise, so… in a way, they still had the heart of their master. I think this also explains why Aqua can’t summon her own keyblade anymore after the end of BBS. Her intent for her keyblade was to watch over Terra. It’s still doing that, in the Chamber of Repose. Then again, maybe keyblades can’t be summoned into the Realm of Darkness if they preside in the Realm of Light? Who knows.

Keeping the theme of intent, I think it has a lot to do with the Keyblade Ceremony. In every instance of the ceremony, the master intends to give the power away (Terra to Riku, for instance). So I think there’s more to it than just “touching the blade”. The only circumstance that defies this rule is Aqua to Kairi, but Kairi is a Princess of Heart so she can do whatever the hell she wants. So by the end of BBS, we’re sitting at six (potential) keyblade wielders and eight keyblades. Cue KK and KKD, makes ten. Actually, if we want to get technical, Xehanort might have been able to summon his own keyblade before being given No Name. So maybe eleven? At this point, the original Kingdom Hearts must be pretty pissed off.

So then there’s Sora. Who never had his own keyblade. Which I think is pretty cool. KK is Sora’s bro after KH1, so he never really needs one. And he was never given the ceremony officially. Though it could be argued that by housing Ven’s heart, it gave Sora the ability to have his own keyblade, but just the same it could be argued that once Ven’s heart is gone Sora might not be able to hold a keyblade at all. (I doubt that’ll be the case, but it’s funny to think about.) What are we at? Seven wielders, ten (possibly 11) blades?

Sora goes all sleepy time, so Roxas steals his Kingdom Key. KK is probably like “this is Sora! Feels like Sora. Probably Sora. I wish I had a glowing blue eye so I could be sure, but hey, whatever”. Xion “copies” Roxas’s key, explaining the two KKs at the same time. This is probably Ven’s keyblade since she’s siphoning parts of Sora out of Roxas, and the KK appearance is an illusion created from copying Roxas.

Xion dies. Roxas gets her keyblade (which was Ven’s). Dual wielding ass kicking ensues. Then when Sora wakes up, he can dual wield because Roxas - who is a part of him - unlocked that power for him. I think this is a really cool plot point actually, because it means when Ven gets his heart back, Sora will need to learn to manifest a keyblade of his own (not the KK) in order to dual wield again!! :D I’m all about Sora learning how to forge his own keyblade.

Let’s see. Lea gets a keyblade from Yen Sid’s ceremony. Bringing our total wielder count to eight: Destiny trio, Wayfinder trio, Mickey, Lea. Eleven keyblades: listed above (including KK for Sora), KKD (which means Mickey can probably dual wield), Master Defender (hopefully dual wielding Aqua in the future?!), and No Name (Terranort can officially dual wield..?).

Then keychains. Don’t worry, I’m almost done. “Keychains” modify the appearance of an existing keyblade. I actually don’t think keychains are actual keychains in most cases. It’s just that certain memories and experiences can color your heart, changing the appearance of your keyblade. The exception to this could possibly be Oathkeeper, since Kairi actually gives Sora a charm. But I don’t think he clips that thing on the end of his keyblade - I think just the memories of her and stuff bring about the transformation. Or maybe they are real keychains, but they are made when the heart remembers those memories? Because honestly, obtaining actual magical keychains seems absurd to me. This really isn’t elaborated on in any way.

Importantly, however! there are no keychains on the keyblades in the Graveyard. So maybe keychains are tied to a wielder’s heart, and when the wielder dies, the keyblade can be left behind but not the keychain itself. Again, there are exceptions with Master Defender (Eraqus) and No Name, since there is still intent in these blades. It’s interesting to think about. Also the Keyblade of Heart (forged from the seven princesses) doesn’t have a keychain. Maybe because it has no wielder? It’s a combination of seven hearts, rather than one? I don’t know.

ANYWAY. This was a lot longer than I wanted it to be, but I think about keyblades a lot. If anyone has anything to add or correct me on, PLEASE tell me because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF!!! :D

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This is absolutely disgusting. This has got to stop. When will people learn that idols are people too. They aren’t just some object that you can defile any time you feel like it. I don’t care how many followers you have or if you think you’re a someone special because a famous youtuber follows you. This is wrong. If you would have just posted it to your account I would have thought it was gross and then just moved on, but you actually had the audacity to tag Monsta X’s official instagram account. Where were you when they taught basic manners and courtesy? How were you raised that you think this is okay to tag them in? These idols aren’t you friends on a personal level. You don’t have the right to do this. “Fans” (I use the term loosely here since I don’t consider people who disrespect artists like this true fans) like you are what makes it hard for other fans to be able to enjoy their faves. If people keep doing this and other disrespectful things to idols just like what happened with BamBam on Twitter, idols will stop doing this type of fan service and real fans chances to interact with their idols will get taken away. Don’t be the bad apple that ruins it for the whole group. All I’m saying is 1.) Don’t disrespect an idol to their faces by calling them daddy in public 2.) Don’t disrespect an idol at a concert or fanmeet because you didn’t get picked to be paired with your favorite member (Seriously grow up. Thank your lucky stars you not only got to go to a fanmeet, but that you got chosen to interact with any of them whether they are your bias or not. If you can’t do that then sit down because plenty of fans would love to take your place.)  3.) Don’t ask for other members on an idols solo vlive or any type of broadcast. It’s rude and can hurt their feelings. If you don’t want to see that member then don’t watch. 4.) Don’t demand that your idols speak in your language. These idols have fans on multiple continents. If you want them to speak your language then they would have to learn everyone’s and that’s not realistic. We have wonderful fans who spend hours translating videos and messages in a ton of different languages without being asked. Enjoy their hard work and thank them. 5.) Don’t send lewd pictures or videos like the one above to an idol’s official sns. Its tasteless and gross. 6.) Don’t make fun of an idol or the way they look or dress on an sns you know they are active on. Idols are humans too and have the same feelings you and I do. We all joke and talk about our biases and none of us are innocent of making suggestive or silly comments. But keep it on your private sns or in your group chats and tags and don’t for the love of God tag the group in it. Have some class, it’s that simple. Common courtesy is a thing. Learn it. Live it.

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Ok but what specific lyrics point to it being about Michael? Jow do we know its not another abusive relationship song?

man, you’re gonna make me write a big post aren’t you?? alright let’s hit it three two one let’s jam

we’re gonna do this section by section alright, i’ll do lyrics, an explanation, and then a matching subtweet if i feel it’s adding up to mean the same thing (some are rly obvious)

of all the things youve done
oh if id have known (??)
that everything you touch, everyone

is this a test, is it a game
to see how much i can take

everyone knows who michael hangs out with like 90% of the time, and we first saw rena’s jealousy in action when michael tweeted out a birthday message to camila cabello as well as a picture of the two together, and it could also be in reference to michael and crystal as well, considering they have been hanging out/together/whatever for a good while. were rena and michael ever really together/ hard to say, but it’s super obvious that she was really jealous whenever he hung out with other girls.

tell me youve never loved me
tell me that it wasnt real
just say you found, somebody else
i wanna know, the way you feel
so tell me you never loved me
tell me it was just a lie 

i wanna feel the pain

i wanna see the light

okay, so this set of lyrics, the chorus, is basically just asking to know if they were ever really loved and telling them that they don’t them to love them because they want to hurt instead. from what we could see of michael and rena’s flirtationship thing, it was extremely one sided, michael hardly did anything with rena except have her subtweet him, idk what they did when they actually put down their phones, i don’t really care, but we have all the proof we need from rena’s social media. these two are really bad at being subtle tbh

precious things ive felt
and everywhere i look, – afraid
so cut me off and give enough
so let the time will stay (??)

a second turn, i cant say no
im very nice, he only knows (??)
im curious
to live and learn
so let me up and let me burn

okay this set of lyrics?? right here?? it’s proving that she’s not over him, but she wants him to hurt her again, wants to get played by him because that’s all rena lovelis knows how to do, throw herself into careless “romances” (and i use that term loosely) just so she can have a reason to write her emo poetry to turn into sex bops that modest pumps full of heavily produced autotune. she wants to get hurt because she thinks that’s what it takes to be an artist. don’t you get it, she’s using michael and their little flirtationship to get ahead in the industry by writing about terrible romances and fuckboy’s and losing your virginity so that you won’t be pure anymore. she is twisted, she wants to get her heart broken so that she can be the next taylor swift. lord only knows what hey violet will do with their sound after modest puts an end to calum and nia’s “relationship” (Again, using that term very loosely)

in short, nonnie, yes, it is about an abusive relationship. an abusive relationship that rena lovelis wants to be part of so that she can write more terrible songs for hey violet to push onto their young fanbase. but don’t mistake that it is definitely about michael clifford as well, because rena is still obsessed, and she’ll do anything to make sure she gets on top.

I’ve been having a chat with @cjohnweaver on Twitter about the use of pianos in sound art (using this term very loosely here - I hate debating the term though, so I think that’s OK).

We started with talking about the piano as the symbol of all things bourgeois, as exemplified in Laurel and Hardy’s The Music Box. From there, we could see that this turns the piano into an obvious point of attack for artists whose work centres around democratising art.

Read our tweet chat here.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share my top five works, in which pianos are abused/destroyed. As you can guess, lots of Fluxus examples here.

Please contribute your favourite piano destruction moments!

No 1 - Al Hansen, Yoko Ono’s Piano Drop (1959)

External image

The material value of an instrument or object is unimportant within Fluxus, as it is the experience of music and art that is valuable, not the artwork or instrument itself. Al Hansen famously pushed a piano off a five story bombed out building, during his time with the army of occupation in Frankfurt, Germany, which was then to be repeated as an Event in 1959 entitled Yoko Ono’s Piano Drop. The colossal sound of wood smashing to pieces on a hard concrete pavement with the last jolts of the strings, hammers, ivory keys and brass pedals, became a composition. In demolishing a traditional instrument Hansen demonstrates the Fluxus belief in ‘real’ sound. 

No 2 - La Monte Young, Piano Piece for David Tudor #1 (1960)

External image

(see tweets for score)

Absurd scenarios and impossible predicaments often featured in Fluxus Events. The humour employed by Fluxus artists was of a playful nature, decidedly more light-hearted than the farces and dark satires of Dada or Futurist theatre. A shining example is La Monte Young’s Piano Piece for David Tudor #1, 1960, where the performer is invited to feed the piano with hay and water, and ends when the piano decides whether or not to eat .

No 3 - Annea Lockwood, Piano Burning (1968)

External image

Part of the series, Piano Transplants, where each piano depend upon fire, water and earth for their transformations.

No 4 - Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Duncan Terrace Piano Destruction Concert (1966)

External image

One of a number of ‘concerts’ performed by Raphael Montañez Ortiz, using domestic furniture in the Islington home of Jay and Fran Landesman, leading cultural figures in 1960s London. This rediscovered piano thought to be destroyed during the seminal Destruction In Art Symposium (DIAS) in 1966. It is one of the few significant sculptural survivors from DIAS, a pioneering season of events which included performances by Yoko Ono and John Latham.

No 5 - Gordon Monahan, Piano Airlift (1988/2006)

External image

A Long Aeolian Piano is made by airlifting a piano by helicopter to the top of Gibbet’s Hill, overlooking the harbour of St. John’s. The piano serves as the soundboard for long piano strings suspended down the cliff of the hill. The strings resonate loudly from wind vibrations for duration of installation. In destroying this piano, a new instrument is born. 

Biased Social Justice Warriors my ass

[ So is tumblr gonna hate Nicki Minaj now that she bailed his brother or are they gonna continue and stay being mute bc theyre biased???? hmmmm ]

this is actually a really good topic to talk about. i’m curious about this now, too. 

speaking on behalf of myself, i’ve been a Nicki fan since Itty Bitty Piggy. i’ve supported her through absolutely everything. even though i agree that what she did was super wrong, she wasn’t the one who r*ped the 12 year old girl. i can’t hate her over somebody else’s actions, you know? but even though i’m still supporting her, i’m going to reblog all the posts that say how wrong of a choice she’s made because i don’t agree with her actions nor do i support her bailing out her brother. i don’t like him. i believe he should’ve stayed in that jail cell. simple as that. 

unfortunately, when it comes to tumblr, when an artist fucks up as “big” as this or sometimes even worse, it’s like the end of that artists’ reign here. posts about them start to become smaller, the number of people hating on others for liking them becomes bigger… it’s a mess. and i never understood it. by “i never understood it” i’m saying that i genuinely don’t understand why people send hate to the people who still like said problematic artist. if you’re a fan and not someone who just hops on the next dick to ride it tf out, you don’t just go and hate on your fav just because it’s a “trend” now, you know? and i’m not talking about artists who’ve actually fucked up (ie: r*pists who are in the music industry, misogynistic female AND male artists, racist artists etc). i’m talking about problematic artists. a term used so loosely on here that people have forgotten what it actually means and how to properly use it. a prime example of a problematic artist is one that we’re speaking about right now. Nicki is such an amazing female artist and has worked so hard for female MC’s to be respected and held up on the same pedestal as male artists. the only times it’s been brought to my attention that she’s fucked up is this, and the “Only” lyric video that was alarmingly similar to Hitler-esk type stuff (BUT with the lyric video, there’s a small chance that she herself was actually involved in the process of making it/putting it together. the only reason people were calling her out was because it was her song and she was rapping in it, other than that if it wasn’t her song/she wasn’t rapping in it, she wouldn’t be labelled “problematic”). 

i think a lot of the times, as good as thinking the same as other people when it comes to social injustices and stuff, you really do need to start thinking for yourself. 

as for me, i’m trying to stop being the type to hop on the next thing and ride it out for life. i’m my own person and i have my own views, and i think a lot of people should start realizing that themselves