i use the term 'good friends' very loosely

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NAC: do you have a list (link if it's already existent obv) of THE top 10-20 Charmed episodes. Like the ones you go back to to reminisce or the ones you'd use to hook a friend? ... I feel like these two filters would make VERY different lists though 😳

Again… I’m so sorry for answering this so late! But I think I got it, I’m going to go with my personal feel good (I use that term loosely bc some of them are sad) episodes… In no particular order:

  1. Pardon My Past
  2. That ‘70s Episode
  3. Heartbreak City
  4. Chick Flick
  5. Which Prue is it, Anyway?
  6. Brain Drain
  7. Astral Monkey
  8. Sympathy for the Demon
  9. Power Outage
  10. Sense and Sense Ability
  11. A Witch’s Tail (both parts)
  12. The Last Temptation of Christy
  13. All Hell Breaks Loose
  14. Once Upon A Time
  15. San Francisco Dreamin
  16. The Day the Magic Died
  17. Forever Charmed
  18. Morality Bites
  19. All Halliwell’s Eve
  20. Long Live the Queen

This was hard.. but I just choose the episodes that first came to me. I’m pretty happy with my list.

*Wow… so I just realized I didn’t include Something Wicca This Way Comes.. good job Paige smh

Signs according to my personal experience...

(Coming from my opinion as Capricorn. I dont know why I did this and I doubt it will get notes but I wanted to so there.)

Aries: A bit on the competitive side and loud in their victory, kind of clingy to friends and loved ones- hard to keep thwir intrest on one subject for long.

Taurus: Somewhat of a worrywort, yet fearless when it comes to helping family and friends through tough situations- would take trouble head on to defend even strangers.

Gemini: Friendly and fun loving, not afraid to state their mind, but always there to cheer a friend up when they’re down- not afraid to pick a fight with those who harm their friends.

Cancer: Very caring and understanding, but stubborn when it comes to their opinion or how certain things are done and thats okay.

Leo: A bit cocky and entitled at times, however they dont mean wrong- seems to just act that way to impress people, they just want to be accepted.

Virgo: Determined to do what they feel is right, even at the cost of exhausting themselves doing so- because of this they may be snappy or upset for seemingly no reason.

Libra: Assessive and careful, but still like to party on special occasion- quite loud when they speak and might be seen as annoying cause once they start talking its hard to get them to stop. (I actually dont know if i know any libras this is a wild guess)

Scorpio: Likes to party, very social, but a bit unstable in terms of drama in their life- good at heart but tends to do/say wrong things at wrong times.

Sagittarius: Strong at heart, yet easily influenced- very loyal and appreciates even little things from long ago, tends to handle issues with ease unless drastically upset.

Capricorn: Loyal realists, tend to be logical thinkers but dont always put their logic to use due to how lazy they are at times- tend to be on the cautious side and dont really let loose unless around close friends or relatives.

Aquarius: Smart and tends to take on challenges that may pay off extremely well or ruin them- they tend to light up when they talk about a passion.

Pisces: Sweet and friendly, likes to talk and socialize- as much as they like to fanticise they do know how to separate reality from fantasy so even when thwir head is in the clouds they know exactly whats going on.

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Nothing got pulled out of anybody's asses about Kat Graham almost getting written off the show and having to talk JP into bringing Bonnie back. Read or watch interviews once in a while. Julie and Kat said pretty much the exact same thing about what happened and Ian confirmed that he and Julie met to discuss them working together more. He's been pimping KG and Bamon HARD ever since. It's completely transparent that's it's pr now. They're trying waaaay too hard and you kids are eating it up.

                                ********This will be long*******

Are telling me that Kat Graham, the same woman who has publicly stated she’s been expecting to be killed off seasons ago (as bamondomesticity reminded me, Kat didn’t even buy furniture for her house because she thought Bonnie was a goner), the same girl who got verbally assaulted by some fans for saying that she has no attachment to Bonnie at all, begged Julie’s ass to keep her? 

Now I don’t really remember what Julie said 100%, but I do know that Kat and Julie talked about a continued storyline for Bonnie. That means “Is Bonnie ever going to do anything other that save everyone’s ass and suffer for it?. Asking for a storyline doesn’t mean she was going to be fired. 90% of the characters on TVD have 0 storyline, but they are still puttering away. What actor/actress doesn’t want to discuss their character with the head writer of the show? My actual theory (and why I never believed Kat would be killed off permanently until her contract was up at least) is that Kat is the only POC on TVD, and Julie can always point to her if someone says there is a lack of diversity in the show. Julie isn’t getting rid of Kat until there is another POC on the show. I will bet money on it. 

Now for the Ian thing, it’s very surprising that you guys don’t realize it has 0 to do with Kat. Kat and Ian have been friends since mid s1 I believe. Kat’s character has been stunted since S2. Ian/Damon has been fan favorite (with all the perks that allows) since his damn first appearance tbh. If Ian was doing this for Kat, why wait 5 years to all of a sudden care? This has nothing to do with Kat and everything to do with Nian. Ian doesn’t want to have to make out with his ex anymore. Plain and simple.That’s it. Who in this world would want to have to continuously kiss their ex, especially now that they are in a new relationship? Ian also hated DE for a while now. So of course he’s gonna want Bamon. He’s liked the idea of a witch/vamp combo for a few years now, and Kat is a good friend of his (who he shares an acting coach with, meaning they are familiar with each other) so it wouldn’t be weird/awkward/forced. There are three female leads (I use that term loosely) on TVD. Nina, Kat, and Candice. Those are the only real viable endgames for Damon. Was Ian supposed to come out and start shipping Daroline? No. He “pimps” Bamon so hard because :

  1. He hates DE/the triangle in general
  2. He probably doesn’t feel very comfortable working with his ex in such a way
  3. He knows the only way out of DE is through another ship (because in no world will Damon Salvatore end up alone. Unless he’s dead)
  4. Kat is a great friend of his and doesn’t oppose it
  5. He knows the DE is the largest fanbase and the best way out of it is to make the Bamon fanbase larger( not as large as DE per say, but large enough to be a contender, which it now is so suck it), so he promotes the shit outta it.

If Bamon was some mutual plot between Kat and Ian, Kat would be going just as hard for it. But honestly, she really doesn’t care. She just wants to do what’s best for her fans. When that was Beremy, she rode for that ship. Now that her fans are screaming Bamon, she rides for that too.

Kat doesn’t even like to talk about Bamon anymore because of the way De’s and anti-damon fans treat her. So you won there. But Ian has shown he gives no fucks about your feelings so he’s another story. 

Also, Im a grown ass woman so don’t ever come in my inbox talking about “you kids” especially since you’re a grey face right now.