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Hullo! \(^~^)/ Please don't feel offended because I might ask something stupid. Anyways, after that precious little disclaimer, how does this 'furry' thing work? I've always loved furries and was wondering how to 'become' one myself. I'm just wondering how to acquire my own furry picture for roleplaying, how to role-play as one, etc. Do I have to draw my own (my drawings resemble a three year old's), ask someone to help me out, or just find one over the internet? I don't want to steal anyone's!

I’m so glad you asked! ^-^ It’s nice to meet you, btw. d: These are some excellent and very relevant questions you’ve asked. ^-^

1. How does this ‘furry’ thing work?

Basically, it’s a community of people who fancy the artistry, music, games, and/or literature based around furry characters and furry members. ^-^

2. How do you become a furry?

A valid question. :D Really, all you need to do is be interested in it. d; Some people would argue that the only way you can be a true furry is if you have a $2,000 fursuit and that’s it, but you really actually don’t. However, most members of the furry community have their own characters, or “fursonas”.

3. How do I acquire a furry photo/furry character?

First thing you should know is that basically every furry character you see on the interwebs is owned by someone. d: The best way to get one is to make/design one of your own. You can buy some characters from artists who do “adoptions” which are ref sheets of a unique character that you can buy to keep. cx It’s pretty self-explanatory, however costs “$”. d: The best way, like I said, is to create your own or have a friend help you. ^-^

To get a photo of your character, I recommend paying an artist to draw them for you. d: That being said, before you go doing any of that, I highly suggest drawing your character out on your own on a piece of paper first. d: It doesn’t have to be an artistic masterpiece. It’d just be something for the artist to go off of. Text is all fine and dandy, but you can only describe so much with words. A photo is worth a thousand of them. ^-^ After that, you can use the artist’s image as your ref sheet. ^///^

4. How do I go about role-playing?

Use *asterisks*, -hyphens-, or //brackets// for actions. d: Whichever floats your boat more. cx I use *asterisks* just cause they’re a lot more common. Basically, RP-ing can be done in little smidgets like “Omg! ^///^ *wags*” or it can be done in full-on detail during a dedicated role-play session, such as “*giggles, leading you to the front door* Come on, I wanna show you something. ^-^ *grabs your hand and pulls you*”

Role-playing can be done both safely and naughtily. d; I prefer the SFW route, myself. cx That being said, many people like to do “The Do” in RP sessions. d:

I hope that I’ve helped! ^///^ *wags*

If I’ve missed anything out, please let me know. I’m happy to assist!