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haiku-robot has really improved with the syllables recently. i'm so impressed :D

I’m so very proud! That robot’s learning quickly, too quickly perhaps…

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((Sooo this is just a little life-update. My laptop is still broken, but my roommate Nathan has been letting me use his while he’s at work. And I got fired. And I’ve applied for Employment Insurance. And I’ve been watching a lot of Jane The Virgin and rocking back and forth while muttering to myself. But I have an interview at a store tomorrow! And I may well be moving. So things are a bit scattered on my end at the moment, so I want to apologize for being so absent. I’m planning on doing more RP stuff once my life is a bit more stable! To the people who’ve been asking where I am and when I’m going to play Molly again, I promise, the time is very nearly upon us.  :} ))

gods I wish I had an actual scanner

kylo and rey’s big snow battle: kylo could have won 

kylo was winning in the first half and he could have beat rey - if he hadn’t made a big mistake in the second half.

of course there’s no doubt that rey’s abilities are exceptional. it is curious, however, that she managed to beat kylo ren- who has been training in the ways of the force for years and years- during their first battle, with no jedi training under her belt. sure enough, when i watched their fight again, it was very apparent that rey was not winning in the beginning.

rey initiates the duel by igniting the light saber and comes at kylo with bared teeth. this offensive hardly lasts. she gives a few slashes in his direction but the movements are sloppy and kylo almost immediately forces rey to go on the defensive; she falls back all the way to the cliff. 

she is hanging on by a thread. the cliff is, quite literally, where everything hangs in the balance. kylo’s critical pause, to me, is a follow-up statement. sort of like “don’t you see? i’m disciplined in this, but you couldn’t hold your ground. you need a teacher. i can show you the ways of the force.” the unbolded part wasn’t spoken, of course, but shown. 

one of the mistakes he makes is relying on her submission. perhaps he assumed that her propensity for good, mixed with her loneliness, would make her agree, or at the very least not make her retaliate.

rey, in answer, proceeds to tap into the force, fuels herself with justified rage, and goes after him, which is how the battle shifts and she gains the upper hand. and kylo was not in the right state of mind to handle this. his biggest mistake? tapping into the wrong emotions.

here’s the thing: kylo didn’t look angry when rey was able to call the lightsaber to herself- he looked like he was stunned and in awe. he didn’t growl or yell like he normally does when he’s angry. he didn’t stomp after her and make demands like he did with finn regarding the same lightsaber. rey threw the first punch, and he proceed to charge her to, i think, protect himself, and to show her that fighting him was futile.

and perhaps that’s why he lost. for once, kylo wasn’t relying on the emotions of a sith- anger, contempt, fear, hate. he was relying on emotions that he is not as familiar with in a hostile environment - awe, curiosity, eagerness. by using the force while feeling more stable, neutral, and, dare i say, good emotions, he was not at his best. those emotions are underdeveloped, and he was in a much weaker state and much less capable as a result. 

tldr: kylo couldn’t beat rey because he has been fueled by anger and hate every other battle, but in that battle, he wasn’t. when he offered to be her teacher, he moved away from those feelings, instead outstretching a metaphorical (for now) hand out of curiosity, awe, and perhaps a craving for companionship. he killed his own power source that way. rey, on the opposite hand, had plenty of rage to fuel her and was able to best him. in the larger picture, though, it isn’t really a loss for kylo. it is just another big step towards his redemption.

i slathered avocado ( pureed w/ honey & oatmeal & fresh cut aloe vera ) on my face for 15 minutes  because this weather has been FUCKING with my face it has been drier than a coochie post menopause and now it is beautiful and hydrated and soft and i know i should not be touching my face but i Can’t Stop

I am so pumped about this animation I’m thinking about now

anyways i had to unfollow someone because they were mocking a post that was like “we cant just blindly think that vris/rezi is passable just bc theyre gay because it erases that vriska is an Abuser”

Romantic Rito Headcanon

I really like the idea of Rito lovers braiding their own feathers into each other’s ‘hair’ (which is not my original idea, but I can’t remember where it came from), so what if a term of endearment for Ritos in serious relationships is “my feather,” because the ritual is seen as a very intimate and loving process, and also because it implies that the person it’s being said to is literally a part of the one who said it. 

For the Rito, this phrase is more intense than saying, “I love you.”

~Mod Zora~


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