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Dude I absolutely adore your pixel art! Can I ask who inspires your style and how you come up with your really cool color palettes?

Aww, thank you anon! Mm, for pixel art in general I only really follow one artist haha. It’s SYOSA! I mostly get inspiration from old video games. 

Uhh, honestly I wing colours 99% of the time (which is really bad haha). I tend to add my favorite colours to everything (above). I also try to avoid picking colours directly above or below the base colour. This thread really helped me out with palettes!

blue night radio ♡ 170225
translation: fantaemsie  

(on an application he uses that gives you writing subjects.) jonghyun: it was always about love, and writing on about love stories in this app. i thought that a subject about parting or in connection with it would eventually be brought up but i was always ending up writing about it.   it felt a bit like my scope of thinking was closing in. i used to write every day with it but, these days, it’s around two times a week. i don’t write as frequently as i used to. (ie: on the app.) however, instead, nowadays i personally write on my notepad (without the app). it feels like the subjects of my writing increased too. i’d gather thoughts from here and there, making up stories in it. i’d also write lyrics, too.

r.akan at zed:

>You thought you got away?
>You came to visit us. Did you think we would forget?
>I remembered your trespass.
>You were a shadow without a flame.
>Messed with my girl. What did you think I was gonna do?

@ riot give me more lore pls

yooo i get my own room here so that means that i can stay up until like 12 o clock writing stuff


“Love is when… nothing goes the way you want. Yet, you still want to be with them.”


SIDE A // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

my best friend is you / kate nash
and darling / tegan and sara
i think i like you / sirenxx
soft shock (acoustic) / yeah yeah yeahs
la familia / mirah
tell her you love her (acoustic) / echosmith
peace sign (acoustic) / lights
falling / haim

SIDE B // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

when i’m with you / best coast
she’s so lovely / the butchies
suck buddies / speedy ortiz
i was an island / allison weiss
my molly / sky ferreira
crimson and clover / joan jett & the blackhearts
rollercoaster / charli xcx
i think she knows (love stoned) / kaki king

i don’t understand it when, as a korean kpop fan, tell you something about our language and our culture and non-korean fans have the audacity to act as if they know more about it than us.

ie. i told my friend that she shouldn’t use korean words if she doesn’t know the language and she’s not studying it because then she’s accessorizing the language (because why are you using a korean word when there are english words? bc you want to sound cute? if you’re practicing, tell us and start using whole sentences instead of sprinkling korean words in your sentences randomly..) and she got mad at me and said just because she uses “saranghae” doesn’t make her a bad person.

accessorizing a language exists people!! there’s a difference between appropriating and appreciating and when korean fans tell you that you’re appropriating our culture, maybe you should stop and listen bc oh.. i don’t know.. it’s our culture?? we know more about it than you?? i don’t care if you studied in korea for 5 years IT IS OUR CULTURE AND I KNOW MORE ABOUT IT THAN YOU. :) thanks

ALRIGHT SO APPARENTLY LOTS OF PEOPLE WANT TO SEE HOW I DRAW STUFF??? honestly i’ve never made a tutorial in my life i have no idea how helpful this is gonna be but LETS GO

STEP ONE: Sketch (+brush settings)!! (this pic is after i cleaned it up like a lot. I promise my sketches always start out super messy but i forgot to screenshot that WHOOPS)

-i basically always use a pose ref and it’s SUPER OBVIOUS when i dont bc my anatomy gets all wonky. Also costume ref pics!

-i usually draw the body and clothes on separate layers, starting with the body then drawing the clothes over it then cleaning up/erasing bc it helps me figure out folds and stuff better. basically each color is a different layer rn (pink, purple, blue)

STEP TWO: Lineart

-basically i just merge together my sketch layers (highlight the layers you want to put together + right click + merge layers) then rename and lock it (which allows you to recolor your lineart without getting out of the lines)

-i also picked out the colors i want to use (i re-use color palettes a lot bc im a lazy bum) and put them all on a new layer i named “color”

-I usually have about 3 different tones for each color i want to use (ie: main red, slightly darker red for shadows, darkest red for lineart) and depending on what i’m coloring i might have a slightly lighter tone for highlights (like her hair) 

STEP 3: Basic Colors

-omg this picture is so tiny can you even see what is happening IM SORRY

-anyway i create a new layer for each color section (?) im going to be using

-i also like to color some parts of the lineart where two of the same colors meet i guess?? basically like, i colored the line separating jan’s neck and face dark red as well as her nose and mouth, but i leave the lines that separate the black and red black. does that make any sense at all it probably doesn't 

-im so bad at explaining things im sorry

STEP 4: Shadows!

-UMMMMM so a lot of artists at this point are usually like “now pick ur light source!!!” and stuff like that which………i always forget to do…..i just sort of wing it honestly

-i just put flat shadows wherever i think looks alright 

-im just straight up cell shading basically

STEP 5: Add gradient!

-using the same color you used for the shadows, i put down a gradient (at about 30% opacity) going in the direction of the shadows

-i put highlights in the hair by using the lasso tool and selecting the section i want highlighted and adding a gradient of a light color 

-at this point i realized i forgot about jan’s wings (DUMMY) and i added them in using the same process as i’ve been doing


-so yeah thats the general process i use to draw stuff

-but i don’t always stick to this? it’s just sort of my default technique bc it comes the most naturally to me but like there’s lots of ways to color so dont take this as a required process!!! 

-if anyone is still reading this unintelligable mess: im so proud of u. ur so strong-willed