i use his full name because why not

when rewatching the plastics intro clip gretchen’s started with ‘and that little one there?’ and right away i knew that would be @winterfollows because of the height :’)))))  


“they’re thedosian royalty.  that one there is the priestess.  she is the dumbest girl you will ever meet.  guy sat next to her at dinner last week.”
“she wouldn’t even tell us what her name was.”

“and that little one?  that’s haleir.  he’s totally famous for being fen’harel’s second.”
“haleir has everybody’s business.  he knows everything about everyone.”
“that’s why his hair’s so big: it’s full of secrets.”

“and evil takes a physical form in hauen.  don’t be fooled ‘cuz she may seem like your typical selfish, backstabbing slut-faced hoe but, in reality, she is so much more than that.”
“she’s the queen bee.  the star.  those other two are just little workers.”

here are some dumb fiddauthor headcanons from my upcoming fic

• Fiddleford did ALL the cleaning and picking up around the shack. Stanford would sometimes help out, but Fidds greatly preferred doing it himself (it helped him relax).

• On the other hand, Stanford did most of the cooking. Fidds always made up strange “country-style” dishes that HE enjoyed, but made Ford feel sick to his stomach just by looking them (“Why the heck would you deep-fry a RATTLESNAKE?”). Stanford always used the excuse that “You do so much work around here, I should at least do this.” while, really, it was because he hates Fidds’s cooking.

• Stanford always calls Fiddleford “Fidds,” while Fiddleford always calls Stanford by his full name. It would be fine, but the only problem is Stanford prefers to be called “Ford,” and Fidds prefers to be called “Fiddleford.”

• After picking up on Fiddleford’s memory gun secret, Bill decides to invade Fiddleford’s dreams after the portal incident. Let’s just say the name “Bill Cipher” has been on the memory gun at least twice.

• Fiddleford has a memory gun on him at all times. His reason? “You never know when you’ll need to forget something.”

• Fidds likes physical reassurance (like handholding, hugging, etc.) when he’s stressed, while Stanford likes to sit alone and think.


Hey nerds. So, for those who have asked, here is why I have no patience with “William Sherlock Scott Holmes” as Holmes’ true full name. (I mean, really. Because he used a variation of the name once as an alias, suddenly this means it’s his middle name? What, were you unable to tenuously cram Sigerson in there, Baring-Gould?) When naming your children after famous figures of history, why would you be rigid about including that person’s original full name? Also, why would the Holmeses have wanted to thusly honour an obscure deceased bishop (or his father), anyway? It’s very silly. Although knowing this theory in full does, of course, make Molly’s “Tom” being a poor man’s Sherlock an even more delicious Easter egg reference by Gatiss. Oh, Thomas.

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“So what’s with that one’s name?”

He is named Pallas, after Pallas Athena. When he is very loud and wakes me up in the middle of the night, I scold him with his full name. 

“So you named a male gecko after a goddess?”

Yes. It’s a much better name than Patroclus. 

“But he’s a boy.”

I know I’m most definitely at fault for talking about my geckos like they are actual human children, but he’s a gecko. He only understands that the words, “Good morning, baby,” mean he gets more water and food. I’m pretty sure neither of them even know their names. If you’re so insistent on calling him something masculine, you can use his full name: Lord Pallas Dandelion Buttercup -last name-. 


Hi you. So much happened this weekend!!! Namely Beyoncé unleashing the full force of FORMATION on the planet and slaying at the Super Bowl and announcing her world tour. But aside from Yoncé dominating—as she is wont to do—I made these super delish vegan peanut butter banana mousse oreo cookie parfaits for you. With little oreo cookie hearts. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is upon us.

I’ll confess—in my single world, the holiday does feel mostly like an affliction, something put upon me by the capitalist powers that be. In days of yore, when my mom was still alive, she would hand craft the most gorgeous Valentine’s Day cards for me, from doilies and glitter and red craft paper and sweet cupid stickers. She’d write me love poems.

But now I’m single and Valentine’s Day, motherless and partnerless, is, yes, somewhat of an affliction. But instead of remaining afflicted, I thought I’d share with you a story from my weird and (sometimes) thrilling dating life as a single woman in Los Angeles. Except this story begins in the sky. On a flight.

Read more and get the recipe here.


i was locked(?) out of my bedroom last night and had no access to a bed so i stayed up all night to draw facecanons for all the insurrectionists lol

nothing is final but it was a good exercise to try drawing new faces

sometimes i feel my drawings are stale and all the faces I draw the same,

could use more work.  i’ll improve on it later

maybe i’ll draw all the facecanons of everyone  (○`・Д・´)9

if you dunno who’s who you can click to see who’s who

oh and here’s present sharkface in full size so you can actually compare

anonymous asked:

why would authors needing to do their own publicity and marketing to promote their work meant they don't get full anonymity/you only get to know me by my pseudonym not my real name? I mean I never seen lady gaga talk about her real name (because I'm sure that's not her real name) or authors like lemony snicket.

Lemony Snicket isn’t anonymous. He uses a persona for his books and promotes them like that, but we know who he is/what he looks like/his real name/etc. 

Full anonymity (readers not knowing anything about the author (including their appearance)) is incredibly rare and it’s nearly impossible nowadays. More books are being published so if a writer wants to be successful, they need to take promotion into their own hands. This means lots of interaction. Not all of it can be done from a computer.

So while you may be able to build a persona around your pen name, you won’t be completely anonymous to your audience.