i use a lot of gifs

EXO’s rival is EXO

excited to share that i will be working at ign entertainment as a designer starting june 1! my first job out of school and what better way to start my career than to make stuff promoting video games :D


“I love you guys more than anything. As much as acting is cool and this whole career is really, you know, there’s a lot of perks and a lot of cool stuff that comes from it, but, that’s not why I’m here on this earth. I am here to connect with you guys and to inspire you guys and to be inspired by you, and just to keep the cycle of creativity and love and connection just going between us. And I’m here to learn a lot about you guys, and just, make sure that you guys are happy and know you’re not alone in the world. I’m fucked up, you guys are fucked up. I go through a lot of crazy shit, and all that makes me sane, and happy, and feel like I have a purpose- is being able to reach out to you guys. I don’t care about acting, I don’t care about being famous, I hate it all, might be some strong words but, you know, there’s some truth to that. All that makes it worthwhile is being able to inspire and motivate people. Whether they’re fans, whether they’re friends, whether they’re anybody, everybody out there, whoever’s watching this, you’re the reason why I am alive. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you. I don’t know what I would be doing. So, thank you for watching the show, thank you for being a fan, a friend, and the support…it’s fucking incredible. And marijuana is legal so…”