i upset myself

i forgot that i had never gonna give you up in my music playlist and im so upset i just rickrolled myself. why would you do this rick astley, while im still recovering from ep 4, why

[[ i gotta draw a thing for the crown plot thinger because this is like as best a time as any for me to pull out another hat i’ve been putting a lot of effort into setting up and the way things are going now is like absolutely perfect for it, but i have to do things first and i’ll make myself upset if i put off the last 2 fusions any longer to get something new done first cause i’m horrible ]]


Literally was not expecting this :O lulu-bluetails made me a video this, Thank you wifey I’m literally tearing up right now ^-^ Thank you!!!! to all my baes and members for the lovely mails and this is going to be my Go to video when I’m upset with myself I know I have them all, all my little tails <3


Camsten + ‘Stretch’
(for my-broken-resolve​)

i always plan out convos between me and my crush
  • how i think its gonna happen
  • me:hey, hows it going?
  • crush:good, you?
  • me:says something witty and funny
  • crush:laughs
  • crush:you wanna hang out later
  • me:yea sure
  • crush:gives me their cell number
  • crush:talk to you later
  • how it actually goes
  • me:(thinking) just say hi nothing bad's gonna happen
  • me:h-hey (starts sweating profusely) whats the haps???
  • me:(thinking) fuck that was stupid godammit im a failure now they'll never like me dammit
  • crush:uhm, what?
  • me:um nothing i didnt say anything sorry to bug you haha
  • me:rolls up into a ball and cries