i uploaded them finally


A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I drew these a while back but I finally managed to upload them to redbubble!
Mainly an excuse to draw the matsunos in nice outfits…Which is actually harder than you’d think because they’ve already been put in pretty much every clothing possible"“

I always forget how hard it is to draw all six of the bros at once, they’re so simple but it’s still six characters, lol.

Anyway, enjoy! and if you have time, maybe check out my redbubble!


So Mal’s actually pretty good with kids and will use every opportunity to boost Preston!! 

「 ━ ❛ • follow the yellow brick road right THIS WAY to find 1,270+ gif icons of selena gomez, all of which have been collected, cropped, resized, and edited by yours truly. ppl have been asking for these for months now and i’m glad i’ve finally uploaded them all, muchas gracias for your patience! the icons have been divided up into multiple categories of both emotions + actions, which means everything you’d need for a well-rounded muse is just a click away. an endless amount of effort and hours went into this, so please like or reblog if you’ve found this useful. please do not: include in other gif hunts or further edit them for reposting


nct dream icons ♡ (asked by anons)

  • 82 icons
  • 130 x 130
  • download from my icons page
  • use ‘filter icons’ option (f.e.: ‘nct dream’ or member names) to find them faster!
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(pls do NOT re-edit or change my icons in any form. just use them as they are. thank you.)
ps: i’m not taking new requests, pls do not send me more.

money lasts forever

i’m the phoniest alive // fahc gavin fanmix


i. Gold Chain - Black Coast ft REMMI ii. Smoke and Mirrors - Gotye iii. Scream My Name - Tove Lo iv. Everybody Loves Me - OneRepublic v. Afterlife - Xylø vi. Drop The Game - Flume & Chet Faker vii. I Really Want You To Hate Me - Meg Myers viii. Gold - Kiiara ix. Gooey - Glass Animals x. Hit And Run - LOLO xi. Soap - Melanie Martinez xii. Born To Be Wild - J2 ft Blu Holliday


“What! This is unacceptable! The sample garment doesn’t match at all! All you had to do was follow a pattern, imbecile. What am I supposed to do? The show is in three days!”

-Gabriel Agreste || Episode 24, Volpina || On the phone while looking though the Miraculous book.

Miraculous Fashion? Who knows?

I uploaded photos of these when I first drew them, but my scanner finally returned from war so i thought I would scan them and repost ‘em. (But for some reason they turned out really blurry and my photos of them from my crap phone look nicer???)


Me tryna’ figure out what I want Deku’s wizard outfit to look like and finally just settling on the light green one (eh, it grew on me, haha).

For the Magical MHA AU I’m currently working on where instead of quirks, people are born with magical prowess!

- We will meet  A G A I N  in better times -