i uploaded something today


first of all i would like to apologise for going missing for months! i had a pretty stressful mid-year exam and my holiday had been packed. forgive me! i am a complete mess of a studyblr 😨 i am very sorry that i don’t upload anything useful and to anyone that still follows me yall seriously deserve all my hugs!! 

anyways, i’m studying outside on my balcony today, so i decided why not upload something! reviewing my mid-year papers before the next term starts. insert sigh. 

hope everyone has a great day and here’s a quote i’d like to share: 

“Nothing is miserable unless you think it so; and on the other hand, nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.”

People say that Tumblr is the place to come and spill out something that is bothering you. Probably most of you won’t know what this is about or won’t care - which it totally fine - but some others might be interested to know my point of view on this topic.
A few months ago I talked about how I was shocked after learning what is going on behind the fashion world, in particular Fast Fashion VS Ethical Fashion. Before that moment, my life consisted on shopping or getting clothes for free on almost a daily basis; sure, I donated to charity a lot, and I did lots of hauls, so in a way I felt justified, but then I realised I wasn’t okay with it, something changed. So I shaped my life in a different way, and it feels nice: I stopped shopping as much, I stopped going in most stores, I read about the topic and support the cause as best as I can.

But then, today, I uploaded a clothing haul - something I hadn’t done in months, and oh boy… of course someone had to point fingers.
And because of it, just so it won’t happen again, here is my response to the people that might be confused by my latest video.
Hopefully it explains things a bit! Sorry again if this post was out of line, I just had to write about it.

Thanks for reading! :)


I have been busy (almost everyday my homework attack me)  all day so i can’t upload something, but today I’m upload this to make you guys happy haha~

I’m so sorry if I have done something wrong to Gaster!sans please forgive meeeee ;w; and I’m really really sorry for the bad proportion body ;w; I’M SORRRRRYY ;w;

Sorry for the absence guys, but right now is one of those times a year in Denmark where everybody has either a cold or the flu but still goes to work/school resulting in it spreading like wildfire, so I was no exception and caught it too. So that means I was sick most of last week and didn’t really get to dress up properly. My main focus right now is getting 100% well again and doing a ton of homework, so here’s just a pretty basic outfit for school today. I will upload something more interesting during the week I hope <3

Hope all of you guys are doing well and not getting sick out there!