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A compilation of all Sanvers + Alex coming to terms with her sexuality scenes from Supergirl 2x03 to 2x08.

Just a little something I made to tide us over the Supergirl hiatus, enjoy!

Dirkweek Day 1

So, this is for @dirkweek day 1, which is supposed to be canon or earth c. I chose the latter. It was supposed to be a quick comic and as always happens, ended up being much larger than planned, because I’m bad at this. :P
My headcanon of how that particular advert Dave, Jade and Karkat see on tv came about.
(I also could see Dirk following the footsteps of his alternate self a bit with the puppet porn thing, because Dirk is always Dirk. Plus Dave is a photography fan so it could be a way for him to bond. And who else would most want to pin Jake’s ass so predominantly into the world?)

Apologies that I’m not great at character voices, though I did my best! :)
Enjoy guys!

Edit: Okay, so I’ve mentioned before I know pretty much nothing about uploading stuff on tumblr, but this keeps getting blurrified. Tried turning it into a photoset which helped a little, but if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong (other than uploading something way bigger than tumblr likes) and how to fix it, please let me know by… whatever means you do so over tumblr. :x Sorry!

UGH SOMETIMES I POST FANART AND SOME OF U MAY HAVE NOTICED JUNKRATS PROSTHETICS ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS AND ITS VERY EMBARRASSING. in photoshop, while i work, i constantly flip the image to check for mistakes. i flip it a lot and i am such a dingus that sometimes the final flip is on the wrong side and I legit just don’t see it cause i’ve been looking at it for so long and flipping it so many times. i’ve uploaded like 2 or 3 images so far like this and every time i only notice when someone points it out and im like GOD DAMMIT AUGH and by then it’s basically too late to edit the post cause people have seen and reblogged it so OOPS LOL ITS STAYING THAT WAY. just pretend you’re viewing it from a mirror or some shit idk. 

I do this with commissions too every once in a while, basically any character whose one side is different than the other is subject to my tendency to forget to flip it the correct way at the end. 


Chapter VIII: The Uninvited Guests

Part 3

This took WAY longer than it should’ve, but it’s finally done and uploaded. I can get to work on the next chapter now.

Edit: Last panel on page 18 was facing the wrong direction, fixed.

Daryl x Reader - The bright side (30 days series)



–> DAY 1

–> DAY 2

–> DAY 3

DAY 4:Patching each other up

–> DAY 5

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

–> Requests are open by the way

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Warning: Fluff AF ♥

Since we came back from the Hilltop Rick made sure that everybody here in Alexandria prepare to fight.

Apparently Hilltop, especially its leader, Gregory, has some problems with a group lead by a man named Negan.

His group is called “The Saviors” and they hold a grudge against Gregory.

Gregory told us that the Saviours take half of Hilltop’s supplies every week, but something went wrong when one of his “negotiators” came back saying that Negan, unsatisfied by their supplies, killed the other people that went with him.

Once learn that, we decide to prepare to fight; Rick gathered everybody in our church, let the Alexandrians know that we were preparing a plan against those hostile people.

Even in wartime, we keep working to make Alexandria a safe and liveable place, that means we have to keep to go on runs for supplies such has medicine, food and so on.

Tara and Heath will leave for a two weeks run, while me and Daryl’ll go to check a drugstore near Alexandria.


This drugstore has literally everything!

There were still a lot of supplies, maybe people didn’t notice it since it’s situated in an isolated area.

While Daryl was busy, taking all the canned food he could, I saw something interesting: on an exhibitor there were some nerf guns.

Lately Daryl was really worried and sad so I thought to make something to cheer him up.

I took one nerf gun, I aim at his arm and shoot.

The dart hits him right where I aimed, he turns around quickly just to see me smiling and aiming at his head:
“(Y/n) don’t you dare”
“Or what?” I asked cheeky

“Just try me”

I shot him but somehow he avoid it and start chase me.

I run away laughing but it was obvious that he’s faster than me.

As I thought, he grab my hips and draw me against his chest: “You’re so gonna get it when we’ll arrive at home”.

Minutes passes, we looking at each other smiling, until we hear the noise of trucks’ engine.

We both crouch down behind a shelf: “Daryl, do you think that they’re Saviours?”

Daryl look briefly over the shelf: “I don’t know but they’re not from Hilltop for sure. I didn’t see those kind of trucks when we were there”.

I start to shaking, Saviors are ruthless, if they see us, they’ll shoot on sight.

My thoughts are interrupted by Daryl:” I have to get my crossbow and backpack, we can’t leave all that food behind”.

Looking at where Daryl previously left the crossbow and backpack, I notice that the only way to get them, was make a run for it because there isn’t any covering.

I shake my head: ”No! They’ll shoot on sight! I can’t let you risk your own life for canned food!”

Daryl take my head in his hands: “(Y/n) look at me! You’ll cover me, you’re one of the best shooter in our group, I’ll be fine”.

Before I could retort, he lay a kiss on my lips.

After we separated, I take my gun, ready to cover Daryl, while he prepare to run.

We look at each other again: “Ok (Y/n), on three! One…two…three”.

As soon as Daryl steps out our hiding place, the Saviours start shooting.

I was able to shoot back, killing three of them; however a bullet scratch me on my cheek while another one sideswipe Daryl’s arm.

Somehow we were able to escape that firestorm and run away on Daryl’s bike.


When we arrived at Alexandria, the sun was already set, we could already see the full moon on the sky.

After telling Rick about our encounter with the Saviors, we were finally alone in our bedroom.

While Daryl sit on our bed, I take the first aid kit: “Okay mister, show me that arm”.

I start to patch him up, however I could feel  Daryl staring me: “What?” I asked him gently, looking him in the eyes.

“Today we almost die…today I almost lost you” while he was saying that he brush his fingers on the Band-Aid that he put on my cheek before.

I lean into his touch, then I take his hand away, kissing his fingers:
“There’s a bright side in all of this” I said smiling.

Confused he look at me, waiting me to continue.

“Today we had fun and most importantly I made you smile. Lately you’ve been pensive and worried about this whole situation; I just want to make you happy despite this really oppressive situation.”

Suddenly Daryl lay on our bed, take me with him.

I found myself with my head on his chest, and he start to peppering my face and jawline with little kisses.

I can’t help but giggling: “What’s got into you?”
He stop and look down at me: “You make me happy every day, sunshine”.

We spend time like this, cuddling and kissing in the bed until we both fall asleep

Fic: Creeper (Part 2)

Summary: The promised continuation of “Creeper,” but can totally be read on its own as a separate one-shot. Dan and Phil’s first night together doesn’t go quite as either had imagined.
Word Count: about 3K
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, 2009 Phan
Author’s Note: “Creeper” just didn’t seem complete on its own, so I decided to continue it. I think there’s going to be just one more part/chapter after this.

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Creeper (Part 1)

Creeper (Part 2)

They sit side by side on the floor in Phil’s bedroom. The only light is from the street lamp down the road, shining distantly in through the window. Dan said he was afraid of the dark, but that he wasn’t afraid as long as Phil was with him, and Phil’s dimly lit bedroom feels cozy and intimate. The bed would be too intimate right now, but sitting on the floor together, talking in hushed tones despite the emptiness of the house, is perfect.

Like the day, which had been perfect as well.

To be honest, the Sky Bar was a little out of Phil’s extremely limited price range, but he knew Dan would love it, and he did, so it was worth it. It was the grand finale for their first day together, and it had definitely been grand. Phil had never been there before, himself, and he’d been impressed and a little intimidated by the poshness, but Dan had been transfixed. He’d stared round at the incredible city view like a little kid, but only about half the time. The other half of the time, he stared at Phil instead, looking just as fascinated. And Phil couldn’t look away.

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I usually only look under the Ravenclaw tag because that's my house (I know its super rude) but I was looking at the quotes and there was a Hufflepuff quote under that tag. I honestly feel super dude pointing this out but I thought I should tell you so you can fix it. Again sorry if I'm being rude or something, also I love this blog!!!

Hi friend!

That’s not rude at all! Sometimes when Fiona or I are uploading stuff we get a bit delirious and the tags can come out wrong. We really appreciate people alerting us, especially when they do it in a way that’s not rude (like you!).

I have edited the post and fixed that tag. Thanks again, and thanks for your kind words!


‘I love you’ - Earth 2 Harrison Wells

Note: I do not…wait for it…own this picture. I’m trying to find new creative ways to say that but for now bare with me. Enjoy this long awaited fic. I will be uploading more this week. 

“I love you” he spoke softly, voice was low, the words only just reaching their ears. He meant it; it was evident in the way his hand outstretched, his smile pleaded for them to understand. Yet, they stood almost unmoving. They were trying to be strong, they were trying so hard to not give in.

Both of them knew this day would come. The sooner the better they had both thought. Neither quite comprehending the seriousness of the situation. Neither listening to the little voice in their heads that told them what they were doing was wrong. If they were from the same universe it would be fine but now…they had landed in the same place they started.

Staring at each other like they had travelled across the world, through the stars just to see each other again. Nothing was supposed to spark, they were both just lonely. They both yearned for a connection but they hadn’t expected the strings. They hadn’t noticed how the strings spun around each other entwining as it did.

“I’m not asking if you love me, I’m asking if you’ll stay” they returned. He froze; what was he supposed to say. He couldn’t just leave his universe behind. He wouldn’t ask them to if their places were switched. He had to go, it was safe. He was doing this for his daughter; for his life back there.

His gaze fell to the floor. He couldn’t look them in the eye and give them an honest answer. Then again he couldn’t lie to them. The silence answered the question. He wasn’t prepared to stay here. He had to go home. He had to sever the strings as much as it would hurt him.

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Okay so I saw something like this somewhere and I thought it would be really cute written? So like Keith doesn't know that stealing jackets is a Couple Thing and for some reason he gets annoyed with Lance and comes across his jacket and decides to steal it. The reactions of the Voltron crew (and Keith once he is told) are yours to decide :D

i hope i did this justice! thanks for the wildly enjoyable prompt (:

now on my ao3! 

Keith isn’t quite sure why Lance is always an asshole to him. When questioned, Shiro says it’s “because he’s jealous, Keith” in that kind, sympathetic way of his. Pidge says, “I don’t want to talk about your weird sexual tension with Lance, Keith,” which is quite obviously bullshit, as there’s nothing sexual about their tension at all. Hunk says, “I honestly have no idea. Have you tried talking to him? That’s a thing you could do, instead of asking me, I guess,” which is useless but a decent point. And Lance? Lance just explodes into another rant about how Keith definitely knows what he’s doing to annoy Lance, and that Lance “isn’t an idiot, Keith”. Keith begs to differ, really.

The fact is, Keith doesn’t know why Lance is so horrible towards him, but he is definitely sick of it. So when he sees Lance’s hoody draped over the back of a couch, clearly discarded and forgotten for the moment, he takes it. His anger justifies the way he scurries back to his room, taking the longest route to make sure he doesn’t accidentally encounter anyone. He has no idea where to hide it, honestly, and so he tosses it on his bed for the time being. It’s not as though anyone ever comes in here, so no one will know he has it.

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I changed up the palette a bit! Stripped out a couple colours that seemed too similar, jazzed up some others, and added a few new ones to help round out the selection. That means I’m now up to 28 swatches!

…and I just realised I got the bottom two rows of the palette the wrong way around. Goddamnit. That’ll be fixed for the next time I upload something.

  • Available for teen-elder females only
  • Mesh required - download it here!
  • 28 solid swatches + 5 bonus striped swatches
  • Custom thumbnails

Download under the readmore:

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Heatwave was made few time before leaving for the surgery!
but I forgot to upload it!
I think.. he can be a creepy bot in some realistic way!

all the others where made while I was locked in the hospital!
I got ma lil sis transformes comic, I don’t know how they are called in english
translated they should be the “war and peace” ones
and it was too funny seeing OP meeting all the others~
and since I had the TFA almanack~ why not sketch some pages as Animated~?
so I sketched my 3 fav pages~
I translated them from italian, forgive me if the grammar is wrong!
but I was really bored!
I wanted radius to look younger, so I changed him a little~

and a G1 Bumblebee~~ <3

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Hi!! Today I was thinking about hetalia, and I couldn't stop thinking what a great idea it was and how poorly executed it turned out to be. I might be... salty? But, honestly. Even five years later I still find myself loving the characters. It could have been great, if more characters had been added, if the storylines were linear, if the relationships between the characters were well developed... I don't know. I feel like it could have been a great series, if it had followed another format.

Hello anon. 

Well, I think the problem is that it was never supposed to become such a big deal. If I’m not wrong, Himaruya was bored in class while he was studying in America and started doodling characters that he later on uploaded on his blog. He was not a professional mangaka in any way and the comic was never meant to become a global phenomenon. He didn’t have a doctorate scholar in world history. Just a guy that underestimated his idea. 

The first years of hetalia is a pure example of ~just go with the flow~ from a man that had been swept off his feet by a sudden popularity that he didn’t know what to do with. So yea, it’s full of horrible mistakes, mischaracterisation, the formatting is weird. God, the anime in it’s first four seasons is… something else off a pit of nightmare animation. That’s the whole reason I don’t pay much attention to canon. 

I also think that’s the reason why Himaruya has taken to creating micronations and is taking so long with some more complex characters. He has to be careful, to research a lot and try to be as politically correct as possible while at the same time remaining rigorous. Which is not easy, because history is not a tumblerina’s playground. I bet he got hate and rude people coming his way left and right. Not to mention it’s been 10 years doing the same thing…

So yeah. On one side, I’m very salty with some shit from the canon, but also it’s the reason why I prefer to just ignore it. I understand why those mistakes and lackings are there and well, that’s what the fandom is for, right?
In fact hetalia is like, 5% show - 95% fandom. Some of it good, some not so much. But the fact is that there are people that are very passionate and are trying to contribute where the canon is lacking. 

Everybody grab their faves and do them justice!! (I’m trying) 

Or create your own OC’s, specially if it’s your country. I usually don’t like OCs in any other show but in Hetalia I adore them! (but only if they are well made and historically/culturally on point, don’t loose the point of reference, people~ ) 


“For me the task is kinda be more involved and see how I can help, even if it’s just I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face or answering some questions or making somebody feel better. Listen, we’re all crazy anxious people, it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting here and you’re there. I’m awkward, I get nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, depression. I mean it’s the world we live in. I think it’s important that we all remember that at the end of the day we’re just the same person [..] So, my job, I think, is to always just try to remain as honest as I can and just, I don’t know, help in some way.” - Sebastian on life goals (source)

Relationship goal: be able to find a Suho who can fulfill my wants, my eating wants.

Requested goodies

Hello, everyone!! :))) I just have finished  TS4 “Romantic Garden” conversion! Hopefully you can see from the picture, what I have brought for you. The image is stolen from TS4 Studio, my items don`t have shadows. Poly count doc is in the archive. The bench without backrest has a bit wrong animation - sims lean backward when they should sit straight. I would suggest to put the bench close to wall, so it looks more natural that way. Unfortunately my other uploads - Pillow Fluff and Coregy Ottoman have the same issue and I don`t know yet how to fix it. Sorry about that!

The good news is the semicircular “pavilion” is not simply decoration, you have 2 tiles inside to occupy exactly as you wish! :)) “Former fountain” is ridiculously pretty and the arches should be walkable through!! Please, let me know if I miss something!

Everything is waiting for you here! Happy simming!!

Credits: EA, Maxis, Sims 4 Studio