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i hope no one takes this the wrong way but im going to be mad if the twins dont post tomorrow. i mean them not posting on the random day is fine, but they started off posting on tuesdays so i mean they should at least upload on tuesdays. plus its kind of their job. like yeah i get they are stressed or whatever but those things comes with the business they are in and they knew that. but this is my opinion i just think they should.

I mean that’s kind of selfish don’t you think? I honestly hope they don’t post. I want them to take a longer break! & take more time to themselves & their family. Of course we would all love to see a new video, but they don’t need to be worrying about all that rn. They’ve already done so much for us. The least we can do is be supportive. It’s clear that they’ve been dealing with personal issues. & yes I agree that they wanted to be Youtubers & this is their job, but at the end of the day their health comes first before anything. & you have to remember that they’re still 17! It’s hard to cope with all that stress & pressure at any age!

drunk boyfriend tag

summary: dan and phil get drunk and film the boyfriend tag (similar to what shane dawson did)

tags: alcohol, so much sweetness and cuteness your teeth will hurt, extreme fluff

by: angelboydjh on tumblr

word count: ~1.8k

first fic posted!! please, ignore any mistakes and reblog and like!! ilu!! send in requests for fics :-)


dan and phil got a little drunk. they originally got out some Ribena, which is completely unharmful, until dan spotted vodka on the kitchen counter, which they only keep for parties. its almost gone, with a half a bottle left, so dan thought of an idea.

“phil, lets get drunk.” phil looked at dan confused; dan never really likes drinking as much as he used to, hes grown, the satisfaction of being drunk doesnt really thrill as much, and its the same with phil.

“why?” asked phil, sipping his Ribena.

“because why not! we have no meeting tomorrow, we are bored out of our minds, and itll be fun! we’ll even be safe, we can control each other well.” phil thought about it. he never really likes hangovers, who does? he gets them bad, and he knows dan gets them worse, but dan was right, they were extremely bored and had no meetings tomorrow. phil shrugged, and replied with a sure, causing dan to jump up with joy.

dan grabbed the bottle and went to phils room, closing the door, and sitting on his bed. he opens to bottle and pours a lot in his drink, doing the same to phil. there is now many 4 shots full left of the drink and dan was happy he rationed out well.

“wanna do a toast?” asked phil.

“with our vodka filled ribena?” chuckled dan. phil nodded, giggling a little.

“why not?” phil responded, and dan nodded agreeing. they lifted their glass cups up and they look at each other. “to us!”

dan laughed at the cliché, but echoed phil, and a clink noise was heard when the touched glasses. dan downed about half of his drink in that one sip, phil only taking a baby sip.

phil made a face, hating the taste of vodka. dan hid his disgust, looking at phil.

“now we wait.” dan took another sip, already feeling slightly dizzy.


dan was fully drunk. he was giggling, putting his head on phil, slurring his words, all of it.

phil was only tipsy. he didnt drink much yet, only about half of his drink. dan, of course, drank all of it, even the rest in the bottle!

“phil!” dan slurred out, and phil glanced over slowly, so he doesnt get dizzy, and raised his eyebrow. “we should do a boyfriend tag.”

phil thought about this. is he that drunk that he doesnt really care if they do one or not? yes. he doesnt really care, its not like itll be posted. phil knows better than that.

“sure.” phil got up to get his camera from the other side of the room, and dan plopped on the bed laughing at who knows what.

it took phil about 2 minutes to set up everything for filming, and an extra 5 minutes to find good goddamn questions.

he finally found some question, a total of twenty. he can barely read them because of his blurry vision, and since he didnt have neither his contacts or glasses on. so he grabbed his glasses from the bed side and put them on to see if itll help. nope. he took another sip of his drink and locked his phone. he’ll cross that bridge when he gets to it. he gets up and turns on the camera, praying to god its in focus.

“dan, its on, we are filming.” once those words left phils mouth, dan shot up from phils bed and looked at phil.

“okay, okay, okay, okay,” he kept repeating that until he finally was next to phil on the bed facing the camera. phil giggled at dan, dan looking at him with his red cheeks.

“okay, ready, babe?” asked phil, seeing double of dan. dan nodded, and smiled at phil and then at the camera.

“okay,” phil breathed in and then ‘took in his persona’.

“hey guys!” he said cheerfully, but all it did is make him dizzy. dan was like, on top of phil, so hes grateful that he was, or phil wouldve fallen over.

“im here with dan.” phil pointed at him, and dan waved, his white oversized cat shirt being exposed, and you could even see his naked legs, since hes wearing shorts. “we are doing the boyfriend tag.” phil said slowly, and dan nodded jumping up and down on the bed.

“phil is my boyfriend! boyfriend phil! philip lester, boyfriend!” he yelled, making phil giggle.

“okay, want ask the questions, or do u want me go ask them?” asked phil to dan.

“ask me the questions! then we will do it back!” dan suggested, and phil nodded encouragingly.

“okay, first question.” phil unlocked his phone and read it very carefully.

“when is my birthday?” he asked. “bonus points for the zodiac sign!”

“january 30th, that makes you a……” he strung out the 'a’ to think. “an Aquarius! aquarium.” he laughed, and phil chuckled.

“correct baby.” he leaned in to kiss dan, and dan kissed him, tasting of vodka and ribena.

“okay, now,” phil was going to go to the next question, but dan protested.

“now do mine! do mine!” dan pouted, crossing his arms.

“june 11th! youre a gemini.” phil stuttered out, making dan laugh.

“lucky guess.” he muttered jokingly.

“next question,” phil scrolled down the page. “where did i grow up?”

“im too drunk for this phil!!” he moaned out. “the north! thats all youre getting.”

“well, youre not wrong.” said phil. “ill give you the point.”

“what about me?” asked dan.

“the south.”

“ugh! exact place!”

“not fair, you didnt do that for me!”

“ugh, whatever.” dan pouted again.

“wipe that pout off your face princess.” phil whispered, grabbing dans chin.

“im just kidding philly!” dan kissed phil, getting him off guard.

“okay, next,” phil asked. “whats my middle name?”

“michael! these are too easy! i want harder ones. test me!” dan groaned out, and phil rolled his eyes.

“okay, okay,” phil said. he scrolled down to another website, which had different questions. “how about this: where was our first date?”

“EASY!” he yelled, throwing his hands up. “well, kinda,” he muttered. “its hard!”

“well, tell me.” phil said suggestively, leaning closer to dan.

“we first met of course at the train station,” he muttered out. “and then we went straight to your house, and, did things. does that count as a first date?” this took him way too long to say, as he was stuttering madly.

“yes, it does. great job, cutie.” phil said happily and leaned in for a kiss.

“okay, let me ask the question!” phil started to give him the phone, but dan refused, saying he wants go make one up.

“whats the first thing you notice about me?” he asked a bashful.

“your smile.” phil said simply. no explanation was needed to make dan feel all warm inside. dan covered his face and leaned on phils shoulder, grinning like mad.

once he got up, he looked at phil, seeing his wonderful, eyes.

“you know what mine is.” he muttered, almost inaudible. it was phils turn to blush. they lean in and kiss once again, but longer than before.

when they pulled apart, dan was seeing actual stars, and couldnt even understand what was happening, completely forgot about the video.

“oh my god, i love you so much.” he said in a shush tone, with phils hand on his cheek. they were only a few inches away from each other, and phil loved it. phil was exploding every inch of dans face, and so was dan. every moment phil made, it made him more dizzy and more dazed, but he didnt care.

within a few moments, they both locked eyes, and somehow, both remembered they were recording.

“uh, one more question,” phil stuttered out, as dan looked around for his almost empty drink. “okay, last question. what is my favorite color?”

“easy, blue.” dan said, as he drank his final sips of his drink before crushed it and threw it.

“hey!” phil protested, looking over at the cup.

“ill pick it ip later, babe.” dan slurred out almost incoherently. “whats mine?”

“easy, pink.” phil mocked. dan smiled softly, putting his arms around phils neck, phil put this hands on dans waist.

“what kind of pink?” he muttered, with his sloppy grin on his face, his curly hair perfect in tack still. (which surprised phil)

“pastel.” dan groaned jokingly, letting his head drop down onto phils shoulders.

“oh my god, i tried to trick you!” dan yelled.

“well, you didnt. 8 years of friendship pays off.” phil joked. dan put his head on phils shoulder, his head facing the camera.

“can we finish? i wanna cuddle with you watch disney movies.” phil chuckled and nodded.

“we’ll finish, lets do the outro.” phil tapped dan, so he can get up from his shoulder, but dan didnt move a muscle, indicating hes not moving.

“okay, well, goodbye everyone, please like a subscribe to me and dans channel, and our gaming channel! love you!” he waved and awkwardly looked at dan.

“i need to turn off that camera baby.” dan groaned and got up from phils shoulder. phil got up and turned off the camera, sitting right on his bed again next to dan.

“can we just cuddle?” phil can tell dan was getting tired, and getting all drained. he gets like this when hes drunk, but also after recording videos.

“of course, princess.” phil laid down, then wrapping his arms around dan who is not next to them. they peacefully fall asleep, with the lights on and phils snoring.


it was the morning, and phil is posting his premade video on lessamazingphil, just a quick vlog from florida. its taking surprisingly long to process, since its only 2 minutes, but phil didnt question it. its almost done, so phil went to go see dan, who has the worst hangover ever.

“how are you baby?” asked phil, laying next to dan.

“better, how bad was it?” he asked, and phil laughed.

“you were fine, not as bad as a few months ago, but you were not any better.” dan groaned, and at that moment his phone dinged. he unlocked his phone to see the notification, YouTube popping up, and it was phils new video.

“uh, phil.” dan said.

“yes?” phil hummed.

“you posted the wrong video.”

“what?” phil yelled a little too loudly for dan, as he backed away and gave phil his phone in just one beat.

“i uploaded our drunk boyfriend tag.” dans eyes widen.

“we filmed a video? no way, i dont remember this. did we kiss?”

“i was drunk too!”

“well, i would keep it up.”


“we already made this mistake once, lets just let them have what they want.”


[BTS 꿀 FM 06.13] Happy BTS birthday! ‘2017 BTS FESTA’

It’s subbed beautifully now btw! And the boys look so beautiful barefaced I wanted to cry. I want to let them know they are gorgeous in every way possible and they make me happy. Here’s to another four years!!!

(Btw: to anyone who missed the Home Party it is now uploaded. Enjoy it because it’s lovely!)

Oh My, My, My - III (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: angst (just a liiiiil somethin of it) and language… i think….

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is probably the fastest i’ve ever uploaded ANYTHING like EVER so please be very proud of me and hope I stay this way until I finish the series lol
as for my tag list i have 13 spots open. so if you want to be tagged, just let me know! 


Natasha let you raid her closet for something to wear to the party. She was always very honest with you so you knew you couldn’t go wrong with having her help you out.

“Not your style.” She said matter-of-factly as you twirled around in the floral dress.

“How do they even dress up for these parties?” You frowned.

“Well, for one it’s at Stark’s house so you know everyone’s going to dress up to the nine’s.” Natasha jumped out of bed and pushed you out of the way so she could look through her clothes. “Usually jeans, cute shoes, and a cute blouse would suffice at, let’s say… Sam Wilson’s party, but at Tony’s parties you gotta show up looking real nice.”

You stared at her in disbelief, “How do you even know this?”

“I’ve snuck in before.” She shot you a wink and she pulled out a black dress from her closet, throwing it to you.

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A compilation of all Sanvers + Alex coming to terms with her sexuality scenes from Supergirl 2x03 to 2x08.

Just a little something I made to tide us over the Supergirl hiatus, enjoy!

Dirkweek Day 1

So, this is for @dirkweek day 1, which is supposed to be canon or earth c. I chose the latter. It was supposed to be a quick comic and as always happens, ended up being much larger than planned, because I’m bad at this. :P
My headcanon of how that particular advert Dave, Jade and Karkat see on tv came about.
(I also could see Dirk following the footsteps of his alternate self a bit with the puppet porn thing, because Dirk is always Dirk. Plus Dave is a photography fan so it could be a way for him to bond. And who else would most want to pin Jake’s ass so predominantly into the world?)

Apologies that I’m not great at character voices, though I did my best! :)
Enjoy guys!

Edit: Okay, so I’ve mentioned before I know pretty much nothing about uploading stuff on tumblr, but this keeps getting blurrified. Tried turning it into a photoset which helped a little, but if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong (other than uploading something way bigger than tumblr likes) and how to fix it, please let me know by… whatever means you do so over tumblr. :x Sorry!

So how are things? I’ve missed you dudes and dudettes <3 I hope you’ve behaved yourself. You know what I mean.

Truth or dare gone wrong // Jack Maynard imagine

Summary: Truth or dare with the boys. Jack says something that embarrasses you and he has to comfort you.

A/n: Hey gorgeous people! I know I promised to upload this sooner, but life got a bit in the way, as it does. Anyway, I hope you like it! Xoxo

Btw I’m almost done with a Joe Sugg imagine so stay tuned for that!


“Okay guys, I want to play a game!”, Conor yelled. Today was a Friday and all of you were having a pre-drink at the Maynard-Pieters household. So that meant that Joe, Caspar, Oli, Mikey, Josh, Conor, your boyfriend Jack and of course you were all sat around the coffee table.

You and Jack have been together for 3 months, but you had a special bond and everyone was sure that you were the one for each other. You were quite nervous to meet Jacks friends because you never very well with socializing. But luckily, they all loved you. “Yeah that’s a great idea! Can I start?”, Caspar asked way too enthusiast. Everyone nodded.

“Okay Mikey truth or dare?”. “Truth”, Mikey said without thinking. “What is your weirdest habit?”. “Oh I already know”, Jack yelled,” so don’t try to come up with something”. “Euhm let me think. Well it depends if you find this weird or not, but I always smell my underwear before I put it on”. You started laughing. “Are you serious?! Why do you do that?”. “Well how else am I supposed to know if they’re dirty or not?” Mikey asked while you could already spot a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. “NOT BY SNIFFING THEM! That’s so weird. I don’t think I’ll ever look at you the same way”, Caspar joked.

“Well if you’re all done judging me, I would like to continue this game. So Conor, truth or dare?”. “I’d never say no to a cheeky dare”. “Y/N do you have any clothes here?” Mikey asked with a smirk. You spent a lot of your time with Jack, so of course you had moved quite a few bits and pieces to his apartment. Including some of your clothes. “Yeah they’re all upstairs. Why do you need them?”, you asked suspiciously. “I dare you, Conor, to dress in Y/Ns clothes for the rest of the game”. “That’s it? No problem”. “With dressing, I mean completely. Including underwear”, Mikey added. Conors eyes widened. “I’ll go get them”, Mikey jumped up. He motioned for Conor to follow him.

A couple of minutes later you heard footsteps on the stairs. “Here he comes”, Joe sang. You all turned to watch Conor step down the stairs. All of you started to whistle. “Damn Conor! I’d tap that ass!”, “if Y/N wasn’t my girlfriend I’d totally date you bro”. “Ha. Ha. Ha. You’re all so funny”, Conor replied sarcastically.

“Now it’s my time to laugh. Y/N truth or dare?” Why me, you thought. “I think your dare is going to be way to cruel so I choose truth”. “Well I can assure you that my question isn’t going to be less cruel. How many guys have you slept with?”.

Was he serious? You felt your cheeks already going red. The problem wasn’t the number of guys you slept with, you just felt embarrassed because it was such a personal question. Jack seemed to feel your discomfort as he pulled you closer and said: “You don’t have to say it if it makes you uncomfortable". You looked around the group of friends. You knew you were kind of being ridiculous as they were your friends too now. So, you decided to be truthful and said:“ I’ve slept with 3 guys. Once when I was 14, with another guy when I was 18 and you all know the third guy”, you winked at Jack.

The game went on for a while and the drinks kept flowing. As everyone was getting more and more drunk, the questions became more and more intimate. But it never went too far. That was until Josh decided to ask Jack a question. “How would you describe Y/N in bed?”. You felt your cheeks flaming red. All the boys started cheering. Please Jack, don’t say anything, please, you were hoping.

Jack smirked. “She’s a freaking animal. Feisty and so damn loud. She’s incredible”. Your eyes widened at his confession. Why did he say that?! That’s something personal between the two of you! Tears were already brimming with tears. You didn’t dare to look up, but you could feel everyone’s eyes on you. Jack seemed to be the only one who didn’t notice the tension as he added:” Her body is amazing. Tight in all the right places if you know what I mean. And her moans, damn. The sweetest thing I’ve ever heard”. Before he opened his mouth again, you ran to your shared bedroom.

The tears were now falling and you couldn’t stop them. How could he say such things? He knew how shy you were. You curled up on the bed sobbing. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t hear the door open. “Y/N?”, your boyfriend said, barely a whisper. “Are you alright?”. You turned to look at your boyfriend. You noticed the hurt in his eyes as he watched your tears.

“How do you expect me to be alright? You just completely embarrassed me in front of all your friends!”. “Babe,” he took a step towards you,” I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just wanted to show how amazing you are”. You sighed. “You didn’t have to start about our sex life. That’s something between you and I, something personal and intimate. Not something to brag about”.

“I really am sorry Y/N. I thought you’d be happy to know how I feel about you. I didn’t think you’d be so embarrassed. I’m sorry”. You saw the love in his eyes and you knew he thought he was doing the right thing. “Oh Jack. Let’s just forget about okay? But if you want to know, I’m happy you think of me so highly”. You stood up to kiss your boyfriend. When your lips parted, you didn’t let go. You both stood there with your arms wrapped around each other. “Maybe we should go back downstairs”, you suggested. Jack hummed in agreement.

Back in the living room you saw all the boys still sat in the same place as when you left. All eyes were on Jack and you as you both sat down. Joe was the first to speak up. “You alright?”. “Yeah everything is fine”, you smiled. “I suggested we all drink so much that we won’t even remember this night”, Oli requested. Everyone laughed and nodded in agreement. The next day, nobody even remembered having the pre-drink. Except Conor. And you never heard the end of it.

UGH SOMETIMES I POST FANART AND SOME OF U MAY HAVE NOTICED JUNKRATS PROSTHETICS ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS AND ITS VERY EMBARRASSING. in photoshop, while i work, i constantly flip the image to check for mistakes. i flip it a lot and i am such a dingus that sometimes the final flip is on the wrong side and I legit just don’t see it cause i’ve been looking at it for so long and flipping it so many times. i’ve uploaded like 2 or 3 images so far like this and every time i only notice when someone points it out and im like GOD DAMMIT AUGH and by then it’s basically too late to edit the post cause people have seen and reblogged it so OOPS LOL ITS STAYING THAT WAY. just pretend you’re viewing it from a mirror or some shit idk. 

I do this with commissions too every once in a while, basically any character whose one side is different than the other is subject to my tendency to forget to flip it the correct way at the end. 


Chapter VIII: The Uninvited Guests

Part 3

This took WAY longer than it should’ve, but it’s finally done and uploaded. I can get to work on the next chapter now.

Edit: Last panel on page 18 was facing the wrong direction, fixed.

Daryl x Reader - The bright side (30 days series)



–> DAY 1

–> DAY 2

–> DAY 3

DAY 4:Patching each other up

–> DAY 5

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

–> Requests are open by the way

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Warning: Fluff AF ♥

Since we came back from the Hilltop Rick made sure that everybody here in Alexandria prepare to fight.

Apparently Hilltop, especially its leader, Gregory, has some problems with a group lead by a man named Negan.

His group is called “The Saviors” and they hold a grudge against Gregory.

Gregory told us that the Saviours take half of Hilltop’s supplies every week, but something went wrong when one of his “negotiators” came back saying that Negan, unsatisfied by their supplies, killed the other people that went with him.

Once learn that, we decide to prepare to fight; Rick gathered everybody in our church, let the Alexandrians know that we were preparing a plan against those hostile people.

Even in wartime, we keep working to make Alexandria a safe and liveable place, that means we have to keep to go on runs for supplies such has medicine, food and so on.

Tara and Heath will leave for a two weeks run, while me and Daryl’ll go to check a drugstore near Alexandria.


This drugstore has literally everything!

There were still a lot of supplies, maybe people didn’t notice it since it’s situated in an isolated area.

While Daryl was busy, taking all the canned food he could, I saw something interesting: on an exhibitor there were some nerf guns.

Lately Daryl was really worried and sad so I thought to make something to cheer him up.

I took one nerf gun, I aim at his arm and shoot.

The dart hits him right where I aimed, he turns around quickly just to see me smiling and aiming at his head:
“(Y/n) don’t you dare”
“Or what?” I asked cheeky

“Just try me”

I shot him but somehow he avoid it and start chase me.

I run away laughing but it was obvious that he’s faster than me.

As I thought, he grab my hips and draw me against his chest: “You’re so gonna get it when we’ll arrive at home”.

Minutes passes, we looking at each other smiling, until we hear the noise of trucks’ engine.

We both crouch down behind a shelf: “Daryl, do you think that they’re Saviours?”

Daryl look briefly over the shelf: “I don’t know but they’re not from Hilltop for sure. I didn’t see those kind of trucks when we were there”.

I start to shaking, Saviors are ruthless, if they see us, they’ll shoot on sight.

My thoughts are interrupted by Daryl:” I have to get my crossbow and backpack, we can’t leave all that food behind”.

Looking at where Daryl previously left the crossbow and backpack, I notice that the only way to get them, was make a run for it because there isn’t any covering.

I shake my head: ”No! They’ll shoot on sight! I can’t let you risk your own life for canned food!”

Daryl take my head in his hands: “(Y/n) look at me! You’ll cover me, you’re one of the best shooter in our group, I’ll be fine”.

Before I could retort, he lay a kiss on my lips.

After we separated, I take my gun, ready to cover Daryl, while he prepare to run.

We look at each other again: “Ok (Y/n), on three! One…two…three”.

As soon as Daryl steps out our hiding place, the Saviours start shooting.

I was able to shoot back, killing three of them; however a bullet scratch me on my cheek while another one sideswipe Daryl’s arm.

Somehow we were able to escape that firestorm and run away on Daryl’s bike.


When we arrived at Alexandria, the sun was already set, we could already see the full moon on the sky.

After telling Rick about our encounter with the Saviors, we were finally alone in our bedroom.

While Daryl sit on our bed, I take the first aid kit: “Okay mister, show me that arm”.

I start to patch him up, however I could feel  Daryl staring me: “What?” I asked him gently, looking him in the eyes.

“Today we almost die…today I almost lost you” while he was saying that he brush his fingers on the Band-Aid that he put on my cheek before.

I lean into his touch, then I take his hand away, kissing his fingers:
“There’s a bright side in all of this” I said smiling.

Confused he look at me, waiting me to continue.

“Today we had fun and most importantly I made you smile. Lately you’ve been pensive and worried about this whole situation; I just want to make you happy despite this really oppressive situation.”

Suddenly Daryl lay on our bed, take me with him.

I found myself with my head on his chest, and he start to peppering my face and jawline with little kisses.

I can’t help but giggling: “What’s got into you?”
He stop and look down at me: “You make me happy every day, sunshine”.

We spend time like this, cuddling and kissing in the bed until we both fall asleep

Every Dan and Phil video in the London Apartment in order

I made a list of every single Dan and Phil video that they have uploaded since they first moved into their, (now old), London apartment. I have left out any YouTube Red videos but have included videos from all 6 channels, (danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, danisnotinteresting, LessAmazingPhil, DanandPhilGAMES and DanandPhilCRAFTS).

If you think the order is wrong or any of the links are incorrect please let me know and I will try to correct it.

(I spent WAY too much time on this but oh well)

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modern AU in which Guren takes Shinya to the dentist to get his wisdom teeth removed.

*Shinya tries to hide the fact that he’s freaking out
*Guren has to force him into the dentist’s workroom, because Shinya doesn’t want to let go of him
*“But you’ll wait for me, right?? You won’t leave me here alone, will you????”
*Guren waits for a while, Shinya’s loud screech can be heard through the door, then he goes silent (put under general anesthesia)
*Guren leaves to get coffee
*He returns, when the procedure’s done, because he has to drive Shinya home and put him to sleep
*Shinya is released, that’s when the “fun” part begins (for Guren, not for Shinya)

*“Gureeen, I just love toast so much”
“Why can’t I eat all toast in the world??”

*Shinya starts crying and ranting about how everything makes him sad
“How am I supposed to survive if there’s no more jam left?”

*Guren kind of feels bad for laughing, but he still records his high boyfriend and uploads it on facebook and Instagram

*“Also why are my eyes blue??? And your eyes are purple… It doesn’t make sense, IS IT WEIRD??? GUREN, ARE MY EYES WEIRD????”
-“No, Shinya, your eyes are okay, people do have blue eyes”
“Guren, my face feels weird”

*Shinya spits out a cotton bloody ball
*Starts crying again
*Guren is like “.. what’s wrong? It’s just a dirty piece of cotton”

**This goes on the entire way back home
*Somehow Guren manages to put the other on their bed and watch him fall asleep

*The next day Shinya feels really embarrassed and weirded out, upon watching himself cry over toast, the color of his eyes, and a cotton ball

Fic: Creeper (Part 2)

Summary: The promised continuation of “Creeper,” but can totally be read on its own as a separate one-shot. Dan and Phil’s first night together doesn’t go quite as either had imagined.
Word Count: about 3K
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, 2009 Phan
Author’s Note: “Creeper” just didn’t seem complete on its own, so I decided to continue it. I think there’s going to be just one more part/chapter after this.

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Creeper (Part 1)

Creeper (Part 2)

They sit side by side on the floor in Phil’s bedroom. The only light is from the street lamp down the road, shining distantly in through the window. Dan said he was afraid of the dark, but that he wasn’t afraid as long as Phil was with him, and Phil’s dimly lit bedroom feels cozy and intimate. The bed would be too intimate right now, but sitting on the floor together, talking in hushed tones despite the emptiness of the house, is perfect.

Like the day, which had been perfect as well.

To be honest, the Sky Bar was a little out of Phil’s extremely limited price range, but he knew Dan would love it, and he did, so it was worth it. It was the grand finale for their first day together, and it had definitely been grand. Phil had never been there before, himself, and he’d been impressed and a little intimidated by the poshness, but Dan had been transfixed. He’d stared round at the incredible city view like a little kid, but only about half the time. The other half of the time, he stared at Phil instead, looking just as fascinated. And Phil couldn’t look away.

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hiii I love and appreciate your blog ❤️!! I was wondering if you can do a hc where both jimin and jungkook are popular but hang out w diff people but they have a thing for eachother they just haven't made it official and everyone just knows they're pining for eachother and ship them sm!! can you maybe do suuper nice and angelic jimin while jungkook is all sports and stuff <3 happy ending please 💞

thank youuu ofc i will do my best! i hope you don’t mind, but i’m gonna take some liberties with this and make it into a social media thing! where they both run popular youtube channels and they both like each other and all their fans and friends think they’re cute and ship them lmao. i may be inspired by jo’s social media/vlogger au ( @shyjimins thanks ily) PS - this might be really long, i’m having fun. update: it’s so fucking long i sorry.

+ “TAEHYUNG HOLY SHIT!!” jungkook called out. “dude i’m right here why are you yelling??” taehyung said. jungkook turned his laptop screen around showing taehyung what he was so excited about. 

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Heatwave was made few time before leaving for the surgery!
but I forgot to upload it!
I think.. he can be a creepy bot in some realistic way!

all the others where made while I was locked in the hospital!
I got ma lil sis transformes comic, I don’t know how they are called in english
translated they should be the “war and peace” ones
and it was too funny seeing OP meeting all the others~
and since I had the TFA almanack~ why not sketch some pages as Animated~?
so I sketched my 3 fav pages~
I translated them from italian, forgive me if the grammar is wrong!
but I was really bored!
I wanted radius to look younger, so I changed him a little~

and a G1 Bumblebee~~ <3