i uploaded it anyways because of reasons


Yay, I finally uploaded it on YouTube! For no reason at all. Because… hobby. I wish I have those software that can add audio visualizers. Someday I’m gonna buy Sony Vegas. Anyway, for those who are waiting for the next pages of Clockwise, gonna continue working on it after I’m done with other stuff…


An asexual Alioramus for @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s Pride Month with and without accessories. I had so much fun painting this! Heck, uploading these is the only reason I log on at this point. The quills on its tail are speculative, but I put them on there anyway because they’re fun. 

This was inspired by @pridedinosaurs‘s own asexual Alioramus.

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Analysis of Televoid’s Oddities (Episodes 0-4)

Episode 0 - Beat The Clock (January 27, 2016)

Description :: The description for this episode reads, “[This is a pilot for a new show where I dig up old television shows, weird VHS stuff, etc. to talk about. I love watching this stuff anyway, and it’d be fun to share more of what I find with you guys! Please let me know how you like it.] Ian flips the channel to an old episode of Beat the Clock.” Notice the brackets and the use of first person. This is presumably the real Ian, the one who is uploading the videos to his channel. However, it switches to third person for the actual description of the video. THIS IS THE NORM FOR BRUTALMOOSE VIDEOS, so the reason I bring this up is because this is the only Televoid episode with a normal description like this. All the other descriptions are written in second person - “you.” I don’t know what it means, but it is interesting to note.

3:00 - 3:30 :: Ian attempts to play along with the game show by solving a word puzzle. When he reveals his answer, it shows up as, “This joke is brought to you by Sylvania.” Although it may seem like this is a weak joke done to mock the show’s constant endorsing of Sylvania, Ian acts surprised and confused when he sees what’s written, even claiming that it wasn’t what he meant to write.

16:50 - End :: Ian says we, the watchers, don’t have to leave. He suggests we stick around to watch something else with him. As he flips through the channels to find another show, he finds only static instead. He grows visibly discouraged before everything abruptly goes to black and we are left in silence for nearly five seconds before the episode officially ends.

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Probably no one will read this...

.. but for those, who are interested, I will write this journal now.

I want to talk a bit about my lack of activity, and about my thoughts on this site, or art.

As you can see, I am not producing too much art lately. This has many reasons, and it’s a bit complicated, but most of all I lost my motivation and passion. Yes, I still do art, but most of them are not uploaded here, because they are rather private stuff, which I only show to my close friends.
After all these years spent on art and doing comics, I just started to lose interest in the whole thing. I feel no one really cares about my stuff anyway. I mean yeah, people like my fan-things, but no one really gives a damn about my original stuff. And it’s okay, I admit that my stuff is even a bit boring! I totally have no bad thoughts on this anymore. For years I had, and didn’t understand why nobody likes my stuff, but I finally started to understand. And that is, that I am just not original, or interesting enough. I still love my stuff, but I think I will just keep the stories for myself, and maybe just produce some art/ doodles every once in a while.

I really like to do more private art lately, but I am too anxious to share it here.

I have over 5000 followers (or more) all together from different sites, yet I don’t really feel that I have any support from anyone… Only a few people, but that means like 10-20 people, who came to me and talked to me and told me they like my stuff… And talked to me and supported me. But this is a huge trap, I must say. And I fell in it. I just thought from 5000 people I would get at least 200-300 stable followers. I was not right.  But this isn’t bad, this is how these things work. I just didn’t know it, and had to realize it on my own.
But by now I don’t really want to produce as much work as I did before.

I also need money for medical things, and since I am not getting any help really from my family, I need to work for that money. Next to that I don’t really have time or energy to do more art, or even just think of it.

I also don’t want to focus on art in my life anymore. This was a huge struggle for me, since I was doing art ever since I was able to hold a pen. And for all my life I wanted to be an animator, or comic artist, or illustrator. I have another degree too and I think I will focus more on that. It’s more real, than art.
And I just also had to realize, that my art isn’t that unique or special either. I mean yeah, some people like it, but it’s not enough to get an art job with it. I can’t even draw proper backgrounds or buildings.  I mean, I tried. I practised. I tried to learn. I just can’t.
I’m a hobby artist.
And that doesn’t mean a bad thing!
I still can produce art every now and then.
To entertain myself, or others.
But focusing on it, it’s just not my thing anymore.

I just want to be happy and live my life, and I can’t do that sitting in my flat for most of the day, and do art.

Maybe it was before, and I had all the passion, and I did EVERYTHING to be successful, but that just failed. I tried and it didn’t work, and I accept it.

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I won’t upload any more art here! I will. Just not that regularely.
This doesn’t mean I HATE art. I just don’t want to focus on it as much as I did before. I got other things in my life, and also need to get somewhere finally.
I would GLADLY accept any commission in the future as well, so if you would think of giving work for me, just send me a note about it, I am like ALWAYS open, and am really happy if I can work for someone!

About Patreon: I only had one supporter anyway (on top of it, my friend), but if you still would like to support me and my works, you can do that. I just won’t update that site too often either, please note that.

Anyone, who read this, thank you for it. Not mayn people actually read things, and then they ask stupid questions.
Another thing. I can’t disable the comments here. I would, but I can’t. But I don’t really want to go further in this subject. That is all I wanted to say, and even if you comment here, I won’t answer. Thank you for understanding.

Anyone who still will follow me, I hope you will like my works in the future as well, no matter how much art I will produce. Enjoy your stay!

11/10 believable Bahamas theory

So, the idea is that Dan wanted to return to England while Phil would stay on his family’s vacation. But Dan for some reason accidentally bought a ticket to the Bahamas and flew there (that’s a very Dan thing to do). He’d posted the proof that the expiration date was 3 days so after that time he returned to Florida. When he got there, having nowhere to stay, the Lesters invited him to stay at their house so he decided to do it and go back with Phil.

It would make sense since Phil was meant to stay in Florida anyway so their videos have already been prerecorded and that’s also a reason why Dan had uploaded only one video (okay, let’s be real, there wouldn’t have been more video even if he had returned).

And that’s my totally believable prediction of how Dan got to spend his first vacation with Phil’s family.

You Know What I Find Funny?

These men. So, let me tell you about my day so far (even though it’s only 11:25am so far). A friend of mine and I conducted a social experiment, she made a seeking arrangement profile and decided to see if it was true that mainly light skinned or white girls would get more messages,more favorite - what have you.

We sat down in my apartment she looked at me and said “my thing is I don’t understand, you’re gorgeous but only get messages here and there.” She proceeded to then say that it couldn’t be a race thing and maybe it’s the way I was wording things. I laughed, obviously. So, she took a picture she had taken when she had just woken up hair like completely a mess and no make up and had a ratty T-shirt on and she posted that as her profile picture only said a few words here and there about herself mainly just I’m just looking for money I don’t want anything to do with you guys-just money.

Now, keep in mind the reason she and I started being friends was people kept telling her she looks like a cavewoman and I stepped in to defend her and you know do all that courageous bullshit. She’s pretty but she does have a unique look about her… In that way? I don’t know if that makes sense but she’s not what people would typically say is pretty and it’s sad because she has to continuously fight to be pretty.

So anyway, my part of the experiment was to upload a new picture of myself basically showcasing my 36DDD boobs and a low-cut shirt and one of my favorite skirts. Along with updating my wording on my profile. I received a six messages. She received 47. A lot of the messages were it’s OK you can have my money and all this other stuff and I was actually shocked, like I have a lot of friends who are signed up on the website and I never really paid attention to anybody’s savings. You know what I mean? I would be like a cool youre getting messages that’s good I’m proud of you slay queen.

But it was literally astounding to see that because my friend was white everything was a lot easier for her on this site (and in life but ya know 🐸☕️)

So, there I was sitting in my emotional what the fuck state and for once in my life I was actually extremely jealous???? I don’t know how to explain it I just know that I was probably more mad and more envious to see that if I only had white skin then being a sugarbaby want to be so much work and so much of a hassle for me.

That’s why I commend the fuck out of all of my black sugar friends who are super successful and have whipped these men into shape like y'all, I fucking love you, you are the best.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect at this whole experience but I definitely have a new full appreciation for all of my black sugar friends who even have other hoe professions like escorts or strippers !

And for those of you who are still struggling do What I did and Sign up for like multiple sites we need all the exposure we can get. Even you’d be surprised how tinder works for finding men with money like two of the main guys I’m talking to right now are both millionaires and they just view that type of “Arrangement” as dating…and they’re cute 😉

Lol, but on A serious note ladies I know how difficult it is to find somebody trust me I might have two in my ring right now but I’m still looking. It is hard enough to be a minority woman even if you aren’t black if you’re just another minority, it is hard out here so get this mentality : you are a fucking queen, they are lucky to get you if they don’t want you fuck it their Dicks are probably small.

And for my white sugar babies, I do love you do not get me wrong but I’ve seen a lot of you taking away from the success of minority sugar babies I don’t know if it’s like jealousy or just being a plain old bitch. But I’ve seen a lot of things that have made me very wary on trusting a lot of you. But please, listen to this commend other sugar babies praise them, everybody’s working hard to get where they are where they want to be let’s make sure we’re all praising each other to the top. Also, please recognize that it is easier for you. I’ve seen so many girls say that it’s not easy just because you’re white like it is honey I’m sorry. But you are the “beauty "therefore the rest of the beautiful girls in the world who are quite white are struggling so please recognize that there is a bit of easiness in this for you.

It’s all love, just thought I’d share.


I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of animation lately but can’t get myself to even finish small loops or stay interested in one animation long enough to finish it. I think the problem is that I keep trying to go right to a clean sketch animation with little thought progression on how it should move in general, so it ends up feeling way more tedious than it should because I’m constantly going back to fix frames since “it doesn’t look right”.

Sometimes I’ll look back on my own work I’ve done to remind myself that I did do ___ before, so there’s no reason why I can’t do it again. In this case, concentrating on animation long enough to make a completed shot of it. And since I’m looking back on my old work anyway, may as well upload some of my thesis roughs since I’ve barely promoted it here.

Due to the deadline of having to animate the whole thing myself, I got myself into the mindset of getting rougher and rougher as I animated each shot and telling myself, “Whatever, I’ll animate that during clean-up”. Things such as the rat’s tail in some cases, or the flickering ear in the last shot, the timing of a shot, or even just tons of inbetweens. The shot with Knight dusting himself off I wanted to redo the pose without redoing the animation so I just overlapped the new position of his arm in red and told myself again, “Whatever, I’ll tweak the animation during clean-up”.  

Also the colors look like ass because Tumblr is terrible for animation posts.

You can watch the film HERE.


Working on this since friday and as much fun as I had with the sketches (yes “sketches”, one for the “simple” bodies and one for the detailed clothes) I thought I die today while I drew the lineart… BUT, seeing how much effort it was to draw the lineart alone I thought that this is a perfect reason to upload it! … Isn’t it? _(;w; 」∠)_ I also think that the coloring and shading will kill me as well, because I got something in mind for it, BUT… At least you know now what I’m working at now? : D … //headdesk

Anyway~ Let me keep my description short here! I always wanted to draw a collage like this - seeing how I tried several years ago but always failed, because I didn’t know how to work with them step by step, but now… I’m so happy about how this is coming out so far! ;w;
I just wanted to draw my (how I call them) “Bestie Squad”. XD Don’t ask, I already mentioned in several other deviations that Stahl/ Gaius AND Raija/Cordelia are pretty close friends in my Awakening “world” and seeing how I ship Stahl with Cordelia and Gaius with Raija… Why… Why not make a little best friends squad out of them? XD

Yes, they’re in “attack mode” here. I… I have my plans with that… I… I hope I can draw it like I have it in mind… orz There are also some mistakes I still have to correct, but I can’t see them anymore, seeing how I worked on this the whole day. orz I’ll change them before I start the coloring when I’ll hopefully find them again orz!

EDIT 07.08.2017: Changed all the mistakes and added a few more details. Satisfied now. *w*

Sarah J Maas Accent Challenge

Sarah J Maas Accent Challenge

“I sound like a fetus”

I really do. Anyways this lovely challenge was made by @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

And thank you @dorianthekinkymf for tagging me. I swear I can say your username without laughing and I totally swear it’s just its weird when you’re talking to your laptop and a piece of cake and y'know, you don’t want to use ‘bad’ language around nice cake, right?

Oooooh!! I want to mention @feysandsmut because I mentioned their fanfic. I think. I hope I’m right.

Anyways. A few disclaimers before I write the question. I drawl and mumble a lot in the recording. I ramble a lot as well. And I don’t have a southern accent it’s just I say se words with a ‘southern accent’??? Cause I’m drawling. Also I couldn’t read a page or a section of the books because all of them are in boxes and it’s hard to find them and put them back in. *sob* (and I’m so annoyed I couldn’t upload an audio file. I was literally 1MB over the limit. Ugh. I’m also worried the reason why the audio is so long is because I somehow uploaded the unedited version. Please let me be wrong)

Now onto the questions!

• Name and username

• Where are you from?

• Pronounce the following words: 
Archeron, Rhysand, Cresseida, Thesan, Rhoe Galathynius, Illyrian, Manon, Abraxos, Prythian, Lucien, Ianthe, Suriel, Bryaxis, Carridwen and Nuala, Elide, Velaris, Rowan Whitethorn, Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemia Ytger, Rifthold, Adarlan, Chrocan, Kaltain Rompier, Sorscha, Dorian Havilliard, Lyria, Asterion horse, Valg, Eyllwe, wyrdmarks, rowaelin, feysand

• How did you find out about the books?

• When did you start reading them?

• Favorite character from TOG?

• Favorite character from ACOTAR?

• Have you read The Assassin’s Blade? Do you plan on reading the ACOTAR Novellas?

• Favorite ship/s?

• Read a page from your favorite book from TOG (or ACOTAR)

• Which scene destroyed you the most?

• If you read fanfiction, name your favorite or some of your favorites

• Fave headcanons?

• Favorite quote/s?

• If you could choose any piece of media to readapt the Maasverse in, what would you choose? (e.g: movie(s), tv show(s), animation, a musical, videogames, etc)

• TOG or ACOTAR? Why?

• Which would be your ACOTAR Court? Why?

• And last but not least, say 3 unpopular opinions. Do it, go off

And now I need to tag people but I dunno… people… or at least people who haven’t done it… so… I’m sorry if you’ve already done it but I’m tagging you;;;

@rowaelinislife @red-queen-em-for-a-dream @firebreathingbitchqueenx @lucifers-sold-soul @marabarrow @my-boyo-fenrys @acotar-tog-trash  @rowaelingalathynius


Happy Birthday Annie!

fakiuverymach  asked:

Helo i luv u r blog. Could you do a post talking about the cast like how is everyone.? Bye I love you're blog. Anonymous

So a little bit of context cause even I went “Wtf” when reading this question and I know exactly what is going on.

fakiuverymach and I are friends outside of Tumblr and after I uploaded the 2016 Paleyfest panel I immediately sent her the link while I was trying to figure things out with the other panel (‘cause I guess friends deserve to get stuff before everyone else or something).

Anyways, I sent her the link and after she was done watching she talked about how funny it is when everyone makes fun of Kunal, and how Simon is super funny irl too. Because for some reason I always take everything up 300 notches, I described to her exactly how I see every single actor on this cast, and she thought I nailed it.

She told me “HEEEY UPLOAD THAT TO YOUR BLOG!” and I said “How the hell would that work? I can’t just randomly upload a text post about this” “Add a gif” “That’d only work if someone asked me for some reason” and here’s her message in my ask box.

Here’s what I said (I’m also including her own observations cause they were really funny):

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You’d Better Pray -Priest!Gerard Smut

I’m sorry it took so long to upload this!! I honestly didn’t know how to start this out, but I hope I did good job on this! I had fun writing this to say the least, damn. I’m proud of this one for some weird reason. But anyway. Thank you for the request xx

You had never been very religious, although you had never complained when your parents dragged you to Sunday mass with them every week. The only reasoning behind this was because after every mass Father Way would bring you into his office and you would help him plan youth group activities. He had said that since you actually listened when he talked, you would be the one to help him with all the planning. 

You were just enjoying his company in all honesty. Father Way, being the youngest priest at your church was so very attractive, you would often find yourself daydreaming about him, from kissing to even sex, but you couldn’t help it, you were a teenager. You knew it was wrong to even think about it, it was a sin, lusting after him. 

During mass you would follow along as best you could, without totally spacing off, you sang the hymns, and followed along in bible readings until the end of the entire church service where you would walk out of the chapel doors, being greeted by Father Way. He places his hand on your shoulder like always and smiles. “Y/N, I’ll meet you up there, here are the keys to my office.” He says reaching into his pocket and pulling a key chain out of his pocket and handing it to you. You could have sworn you saw him wink, but you brushed it off, your mind was playing tricks on you, that was the only explanation, but you felt yourself blush, and tried to hide it as you walked quickly past him and up the steps at the end of a long corridor.  

You bounce up the steps the heels that you stupidly wore, clicking as you took each step. When you went through a few more hallways you stop in front of an office door and use the keys to unlock it. You push the door open with as much force as you could gather. It was always a hard door to conquer but you managed, it was old and rusty, making it squeak and creak as it tried its best to protest. 

You sat down in Father Way’s chair, putting your legs up on his desk, and relaxing, it would be at least another ten minutes before he actually came up there.

Your mind floats back to that wink over and over. Your mind spiraled into dirty thoughts; you just wanted him to bend you over his desk, and have him fuck you senseless, until you couldn’t even remember your own name.

You found yourself fiddling with your dress sleeves when the door started to shift open.  You immediately put your legs down, crossing them in his large chair. Father Way enters the room, closing the door behind him. He runs his hand through his black hair and turns around. 

“Why are you in my chair?” He asks, smirking, but he sounded angry at the same time. You were honestly confused. “Sorry Gerard.” You get up and move to the ones on the other side of the desk. They were never as comfortable as his though. “I get that church is over and all but don’t you think it’s a little disrespectful?” He frowns. “I’m sorry you didn’t seem to have a problem with it last week.” You shrug, playing with your necklace. “I’m sorry Y/N. I’m just really stressed.” He sighs, sitting down at his desk. 

“You were fine like ten minutes ago, what happened.” You ask, concerned. “Oh, its… nothing…” He says thinking a lot about the last sentence that dragged out of his mouth. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah Y/N, just don’t think about it. It’s nothing.” Father Way speaks. “We should probably get on planning, swing your chair around here” He smiles, motioning for you to get up and join him on the other side of the desk. You happily comply and stand up, pulling your chair behind you, right next to Gerard. He pulls paper after paper out of a folder, and lays them out of the table. “Here are all the past events that we have done, the bible studies and the new ideas we have come up with in the past week, just as you requested.” He says, looking down at the piles proudly. “Wait, I can’t see them.” You say reaching your hand over the desk to grab a sheet. You do this several times before Gerard pushes his chair out and drags you out of your chair, and on to his lap.

You freeze, bringing your train of thought to a halt. Goosebumps rise up and down your arm. “Just so we can both see without having to move the entire pile.” Father Way says casually. 

You awkwardly pick up a sheet of paper and a pen from a cup on his desk and start circling. You shift uncomfortably in his lap, pulling your hair out your sweating face. “I think we should go with some of these bible verses… they address to a lot of the stuff that’s been happening at school.” You say, holding the paper behind you so he could snatch it. He reads it over as you look through some more papers, twirling your pen through and around your fingers.
You hear Father Way grunt quietly, and shift his weight in his chair, trying to get into a comfortable position. You could feel a bulge in his pants poking you through your blue Sunday dress. 

You continued to twirl the pen around nervously, until you lost all control and accidentally flicked the utensil across the room. “God damn it!” You explain, starting to get up and grab it. Father Way grabs your waist and holds you there. “What did you just say?” He growls. “I-I’m sorry.” You apologize, mentally freaking out. “No I don’t think you are. What else have you done other than taking the lords name in vain?” He booms. 

Your mind flashes to all the times that you had lusted after the man you were sitting on. You sigh and choke out “L-lusted after a man.” And all the shame fell on you. You turn to look at Gerard, expecting to see a disappointed face, but instead you see him with a raised eyebrow and a growing smirk. Damn it. God damn it. 

“Who would that be?” He chuckles, his hazel eyes growing dark. You swallow, and decide you shouldn’t be lying about it, especially to him. 

“You.” You answer, scratching your face and feeling utterly embarrassed and ashamed. 

“We we’ll have to do something about that now wont we?” He grins devilishly, sliding his hands back down from your waist. 

“Excuse me?” You ask shocked. 

“You heard me. Get up.” He demands. 

You weren’t going to argue, no matter how strange this was. You get up from his lap and does as he commands, including bending over his desk. Your stomach was doing backflips and your heart was racing at an alarming speed. Your hands were so clammy, and your head was spinning. 

Father Way stood behind you, unbuckling his black leather belt, and stretching it through the loops. He lifts your dress skirt up, you don’t even protest as your panties drop around your ankles. 

“Sinning is one thing. Sinning for me is another.” He smirks, staring down at you. “You’re already dripping Y/N…” He groans. 

You grip his desk. “You’d better pray that God forgives you.” He says, folding his belt to a loop. “Pray” He seethes. “Confess.” 

“Forgive me Father for I ha-“ Suddenly a searing pain was felt on your ass. Gerard had used his belt. You squeal and whimper. “Finish,” he chuckles.  “Forgive me Father for I have sinned…” You finish your statement quickly, before his belt comes in contact with your skin again. “Count them You have eight more, sweetheart.” 

His belt goes at it again, snapping against your bare ass. “Th-three.” You whimper. After seven more, you sit there, not moving, and panting. 

“I feel like that wasn’t enough of a punishment.” He says, setting his belt down beside you on the desk. “Feel like I should show you what lust really is.” Father Way smirks, running his fingers up your slit. 

He pushes a finer inside making you gasp quietly. “Sounds like this is a new feeling for you huh?” he says, pushing his finger in and out. 

You nod, moving your legs further apart. Gerard curls his fingers upward, making you shiver and then freeze once more. 

He pulled his finger out. 

You stand there until you hear some rustling and you finally decide to stand up and look at Father Way. He was peeling layer after layer off his body until you could see his creamy white skin underneath his black fabric. 

Was this actually happening?

“Y/N. I want you down here, on your knees.” He smirks at you. 

You weren’t stupid, and you knew where he was going with this. There was a danger in doing this, there was a risk of being caught, but that only made it more exciting. You didn’t care if someone would walk in on you two right now.
You shuffle over to him, your heels clicking on the hardwood floor until you kneeled in front of him. You jerk his black boxers down, his length springing free. 

His boxers were kicked to the other side of the room as you wrapped your hand around his hard dick. 

You hadn’t ever done this in your existence, but you knew somehow how to do it. Your hand pumped up and down his shaft as you swirled your pink tongue around the head of his cock. You hear a low growl come from above you as you continued. Finally you wrapped your glossy lips around just the tip, sucking ever so slowly and softly.

Gerard bucks his hips, forcing his dick further in your mouth. You go with it, bobbing your head back and forth, while his hands tangled in your hair, tugging and pulling on it. He started thrusting gently into your mouth, but you could just tell how much he was holding back, so you sped up your movements.

Since you couldn’t fit him entirely in your mouth you wrapped your hand around the remaining part of his shaft, stroking and pumping quickly. You hollowed your cheeks and bobbed your head faster until you could feel the tip against the back of your throat. 

A moan was heard from above. You looked up through your eyelashes to find Father Way with his eyes squeezed shut, as he bit his tongue. You pulled him out of your mouth and licked along a prominent vein on the underside of his dick, sucking along.

You slid him back in your mouth when you thought it was appropriate and slid your tongue around his member like there was no tomorrow.

Father Way pulled your hair, forcing your head back. “Y/N, I want you on my desk.” He breathes.

You stand up, walking back over to his desk and hoisting yourself up on it. Gerard followed you over and unzipped your dress and pulled it over your head. 

“You have no idea how long I have waited for this.” He whispers in your ear. He nibbles on your earlobe, and kisses down your jawline and to your neck, sucking and leaving hickies, up and down. 

His hand slithers around to your back, unclasping your bra and pulling it off your shoulders and on to the floor by his feet. 

His fingers then trail down your waist and to your wanting core. His fingers linger for a while before pressing them to your clit and rubbing slowly. You kick your heels off, and place your feet on the desk as well, grinding yourself into his hand. 

Gerard slips two fingers inside you, rubbing your clit into circles with his thumb, while curling upwards. “Shit!” You squeal, biting your lip. “I don’t want to hear you swear young lady.” He seethes as he uses his other hand to wrap his hand lightly around your throat. 

You nod looking into his lust-filled hazel eyes as his fingers run around your g-spot. He sucks down to your collar bone, and down you’re your breast until he pulls a nipple in his mouth, sucking and pulling with his teeth. 

He pulls his fingers out, leaving you feeling empty and unsatisfied. He unwraps his lips from around your nipple, and smirks down at you once again, grabbing his length and holding I you’re your entrance. 

When he pushes it you let out the throatiest moan you could push out. Father Way doesn’t give you any time to adjust. He pushes in and out of you at such a speed you were a moaning mess, and you were half way to an orgasm. You could feel your stomach tightening with each thrust.

Gerard was pounding in and out of you quickly, biting his lip, and gripping the back of your neck, pulling on your hair. 

You pull yourself forward and moan into his chest and you inch your way closer to an orgasm. 

The knot started to uncoil until Gerard pulled himself and flipped you around, placing your feet on the floor. “If you move, or make any noise you’re getting 10 more spankings.” He growls and slams his entire length back into you, stretching your walls, filling you up again. He grips your hips tightly pounding in and out of your soaking wet core. You could do nothing but whisper to yourself “Father” over and over again as he pushed his length in and out of you again.
Father Way grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, leaning in to your ear and whispering “I can hear you.”

His hand comes in contact with your ass cheek as he pounds his way into you, hitting your g-spot dead on.

Suddenly you felt the extremely tight knot unraveling in the pit of your stomach. “I’m gonna cum.” You warn him, moaning. “Not until I say.” He growls.

You whimper as you try to hold everything in, but his constant tap-tap-tapping of your g-spot was making it so hard to even concentrate. Finally he gave you the signal, and you released, your walls clenching around his dick as you let out a muffled scream. 

His thrusts start to get sloppy, but he tries to keep a constant rhythm, and you could tell he was so close to cumming. He continued to thrust in and out of you, making you whimper and squeal form your recent orgasm that left you completely sensitive. Finally you felt him twitch inside of you, and with a few more thrusts he releases a hot load inside of you, and rides out his orgasm.

He pulls out and gathers his clothes, and helps you find yours. You two get dressed.

“Well we didn’t get much done did we?” He laughs. You shake your head.
Father Way gathers the papers sprawled out on the desk, and back into a folder, and fixes his sexed-up hair, as do you. 

“We should probably go down stairs, your parents are probably waiting.” He says awkwardly and you nod.

You make your way down stairs and to the front church doors, finding your parents waiting outside. “Are you ready?” Your mom asks. “Yeah.” You nod.
“I’ll see you next week Y/N” Father Way smirks at you as you get in the car.

Thank you

for putting up with me for so long. I know that I haven’t been uploading AT ALL, but I have good reason.

a) the National waterskiing competion (I came in 2nd if any of you care)
b) summer camp, in Oxford
c) I got grounded because my parents were mad that in Oxford, I received *gasp* an ‘A’ and an 'A+’ in my report, and not two 'A+’ ’s (it may not seem like a big deal to you guys but my parents are super strict with these things), and they cut off the internet in my room

Anyway, I’M BACK! And I wanted to say thank you if you haven’t given up on me and unfollowed (which, if you did do I totally understand), and if you are new around here (surprisingly, I’ve been gaining a pretty big bunch of followers over the past week and a half), I PROMISE I’M NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL!
I will try, I’m not promising anything, but I will try my hardest to finish part 4 of 'Nightmares’ , AKA 'Beginning’ , within the next few days.

Fay 😘

Scans provided by seiyoko (Thanks a lot!)
Translation by me

The limited edition of Mikagura School Suite album comes with an official stats book of Mikagura main characters so I tried to translate it! Splitting it into two parts because of reasons orz. I’ll upload it later..
Anyway, it’d be better to right-click the pictures (I’m pretty sure it comes as 1280 px??) if the texts are hard to read.

Thanks for seiyoko once again for providing scans! \o/

lilbevmary  asked:

Dude, I really need an upload my mind is so messed up right now. Anyways it's so cool that Maggies Dad comes to NC and they have a Engagement Party. Do you have a theory why Maggie and her Dad have different last names? It's probably different reason than in the comics, because CW Maggie is more Renée than the original Maggie Sawyer. Have a good day tho.

There’ll be a chapter up pretty soon! I still need to finish writing it, though. It’s been a long week on my end too. 

It’s great to hear that you’re optimistic about his return! I think I have too much experience with partners’ shitty homophobic parents to really give them the benefit of the doubt, but maybe they’ll try? My theory is that Maggie took her aunt’s last name after she moved in with her, which would explain the different names. But maybe it’ll be something else?

Ha Dyna , you can’t hold three guns at once 
Don’t mind me , I was just setting my profile pic and I decided to also upload it 
i don’t usually post ptp stuff with my oc Katy but here it is
I’ll go back to posting stuff with Popee anyway XD 
I like this style but I can’t always do it for some reason ?? Or I am just blind


what did he say

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a lot of you probably don’t care, but whatever! ill
try anyways.

so i’m a freelance model and a camgirl, which means i don’t have a set income. for october, i’ll be releasing a new photoset and video everyday. that’s 31 costumes and characters! i’m doing this for several reasons; i love halloween, i would love to learn more about special effects makeup, and it’s something creative!! i do need help doing this because it is an expensive project.

i use a site called patreon, it’s essentially a subscription service to me! i generally upload on friday’s and have goodies all the time! my patrons will receive behind the scenes footage that is posted no where else and they will get every halloween photoset!!!

if 5 new people pledge $1 or 5 people increase their pledge any amount, ill release a new video for all patrons 💛 patreon.com/harpermadi