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The Summer Soldier (Avengers x Fem!Reader) - Part I

I can say it but you won’t believe me

You say you do but you don’t decieve me

Its hard to know they’re out there

It’s hard to know that you still care

Set from Age of Ultron in between with Civil War, The Avengers have new recruits in the team, many from the aid of Captain America. One of them happen to be you, The Summer Soldier, an unheard project of HYDRA. What the team doesn’t know won’t hurt them… But will open their eyes.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader (Platonic), Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 2,508

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Thoughts (Clark Kent)

word count: 793

request: Could you possibly do some with Sups? Maybe him having a crush on someone (reader) and being kinda shy? He then asks her what she thinks about Superman? Idk, just something with Clark, there isn’t enough.

requested by: anon

a/n: THERE ISN’T ENOUGH CLARK KENT! I’m a huge marvel nerd but cannot deny the amazing and iconic characters created by DC comics. Also, I might have a small crush of Clark Kent. Not as big as my crush on Robbie(nothing will be as big as my crush on him). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Also, first time writing for Clark!

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Imagine Thor not understanding why you call him Prince Charming.

“Come on, Prince Charming, it’s time for breakfast.”

Thor frowned, tilting his head to one side, “I do not understand.”

You blinked, “What do you mean? The Prince Charming thing?”

“Yes, I do not understand. Is this a human reference?”

Your lips quirked into a crooked smile, “Yeah, I guess you could say that. It’s a fairy tale thing. The damsel in distress gets rescued by their Prince Charming and they become a princess. Prince Charming is just a classic sort of arch-type I guess.”

Thor nodded seriously, “I believe we have something like this in Asgardian mythology.”

You grinned, “I’d love to hear all about it. But right now, breakfast. Come on, big guy, it’s gonna get cold. And remind me to introduce you to some Disney movies sometime.”

Gif Credit: Thor

l8arrival  asked:

Just received my Myers-Briggs results, so now I understand your self-reference as INFJ. I'm INTJ. Based upon your autobiographical excerpts, we had similar family experiences. Perhaps that accounts for our similar scoring. I wonder whether, for an adult, does Myers-Briggs tell us what we are or what we have become over the years?

Ooh! Congratulations on INTJ (as if it’s a prize, right?! We are quite similar)! This is an excellent question, and one I had considered previously. I think, as Jung explains it, our dominant personality traits that develop in childhood never change, but secondary traits are malleable and can vary slightly as we age. So if you are introverted, you won’t suddenly or over time become extroverted, but judging or feeling traits could evolve somewhat. Here’s a link to more information!


I Don’t Understand That Reference
Characters: CastielXReader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Word Count: 1206

Summary: AU* – Y/N is a solo hunter rescued by the Winchester brothers and now living with them at the bunker. Working an intriguing case, her relationship with the fallen angel Castiel blossoms into something more than friendship - but is their love strong enough to survive the next apocalypse? AU note* - Cas has never been human in this universe. Fluff except for chapter 7 which is pure smut and can be skipped without losing anything of the plot.

Chapter 5

Cas crossed the room to peer out the window. When he turned back toward you, his brow was deeply furrowed.

“What is it Cas?” Your stomach dropped, you’d never seen him look so somber.

“I walked into the valley last night to confirm information Sam sent about an archaeological dig. The report led me to deeply sacred ground. Someone dug there for a very long time – a hundred years or more - and it appears they found what they sought,” he again looked out the window as if he were expecting unwanted guests, “Y/N, if this is what I believe it to be - it’s bad.”

“Okay, we’ve handled bad before,” you sat on the edge of the bed and nervously scratched the back of your neck, “On a scale of 1 to apocalypse, how bad is bad?”

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B: What do you want, Raylan? Leftover chicken? It’s all been et.
R: What happened to the big bad man, called out 24 hours to get ‘er done?
B: Afraid I don’t understand your reference, Raylan.
R: I’m asking where your balls are at. You gonna pull off the job, Boyd, or am I gonna die of anticipation?

The Math Teacher (Part 2)


Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke

Rating: All for now

Request: Yes

Summary: Part one HERE

”You’ve been acting so strangely since you arrived this morning, what’s going on Y/N? I feel like there’s something important that I’m missing out.” Matty said confused while dialing the code to his locker, switching out his math books with English and looked at you with an odd expression.

“That’s what I wanted to talk about earlier. I need to tell you something important.” You mumbled and scratched your arm, looking down at your feet in a nervous manor. Matty lifted an eyebrow by your words and smacked his locker shut and leaned his back against it. ”Tell me about it then.”

You opened your mouth ready to explain everything that had been going on when you were alone outside but your breath caught in your throat when you noticed Mr. Hemmings coming out of the classroom you had been in less than 5 minutes ago, and he stood talking with Mrs. Harris. You zoned out staring at him for seconds without any realization around you and his eyes happened to glance towards your direction and it made you furrow your eyebrows when he stared at you with no emotions on his face features.

”You were saying?” Matty asked almost impatient, confused to your sudden zone out and your eyes looked up at his confused ones.

”I can’t tell you here. Come on, lunch is waiting.” You mumbled fast and grabbed his arm and you glanced towards Mr. Hemmings’ direction shortly before turning around with Matty, heading towards the school’s canteen that was already filled with hungry students craving for a long break after the struggling boring classes.

After filling your trays with food you guys headed towards your usual table, sitting by the edge of it while the squad of the cheerleader team sat at the other end of the table. There was no doubt you guys did not want to sit with them but this was the only spot left in the cafeteria and you guys were used to it. It was either them or the emo freaks who wouldn’t say a thing during lunch, just stare at each other with the same boring death glare.

”What were you going to tell me at the hallway?” Matty asked while digging his fork into his salad and you shifted in your seat and was ready to speak up but you guys were interrupted by the cheerleaders giggling and chit chatting.

”I swear to god, Mr. Hemmings is sex on a fucking stick.” Brittany, the head leader of the cheerleaders almost yelled in excitement so everyone in the canteen could hear her and she pushed some of her dark hair away from her face and over her shoulder, a smirk appearing on her face when the other cheerleaders started to giggle and nod their heads agreeing with her. “Here we go again.” Matty mumbled and mocked her silently, his direction going back to the salad in front of him.

”I totally agree with her.” Another cheerleader agreed with Brittany and it made you scoff and shake your head by their behavior. ”He’s not that fucking pretty.” You mumbled under your breath, yet it was still loud enough for them to hear and Brittany leaned her head to the right side and looked at you with a curious smirk.

”What was that Y/L/N?” She asked and crossed her legs while sitting on the table, and you rolled your eyes by her question and glanced towards her.

”I just don’t understand while you’re drooling over him.” You said with a shrug and she cracked up laughing in disbelief by your words and rolled her eyes while looking at the other cheerleaders with a mockingly expression. Brittany really topped the category of being ridiculously snobbish. She had the money, she had the body but her personality was shit it was thrilling to see how the boys hadn’t noticed it yet. It wasn’t like you guys weren’t on good terms but occasionally when Britt would fire off a comment that didn’t agree with yours you would speak up.

”Maybe because he is fucking hot?” Brittany said and stood up from the table and walked down so she was standing on the floor. ”But maybe you don’t want to believe that because you know that you wouldn’t get a chance with him if the odds were there.”

You looked at her with an odd expression and she still kept her mockingly face while staring at you intensely with her hand on her hip. ”Brittany in case you didn’t notice, he’s our teacher.”

”Well that’s not gonna prevent me from anything.” She said with a smirk and turned her attention back to the other girls, laughing and chatting with them which made your eyes glanced back at Matty’s who had the exact same expression as you.

”They’re crazy you know that.” He mumbled with a chuckle afterwards and you nodded your head with a smile by his words and your attention went back to the pasta salad in front of you.

”Y/N, you can’t keep it a secret anymore I’m craving to know. What happened at the party? I wish I was there but somehow I ended up taking a cap early because I thought I was too drunk to function. My mom laughed pretty hard when she found me on the carpet by my bed with my dog cuddling next to me.” 

You stopped in mid-track with biting onto your pasta and your eyes glanced up towards his desperate waiting ones and a smile broke onto your face even though you felt nervous about telling him. He always seemed up to ease your nerves and it was great. You finished chewing and took a sip from your chocolate milk before moving your head forward so the talking could be quieter and he leaned forward as well.

”You remember when we disappeared from each other? Well now I know where you went so after you went home with the cab… ” He nodded his head by your question and furrowed his eyebrows.

”After endless dancing with some of the other students from the drama class, I went outside to get some fresh air, and Dylan happened to be there as well.” Matty’s eyes widened and he mumbled; ”Oh no.” Under his breath.

”Yeah, oh no. He ended up trying to kiss me and do some other stuff that I don’t feel comfortable mentioning here but then this weird thing happened. A jogger who appeared to look exactly like Mr. Hemmings was all of the sudden there out of nowhere and ended up saving me from Dylan’s harassing.” Matty’s eyes widened even more than before and his jaw felt almost down to his pasta salad. ”You sure it was Mr. Hemmings?”

”Almost 100%! But I’m too afraid to even ask him even though I’m craving to know if it was him. I just want to thank him if so.”

”But how can you be sure it was him? I mean it was late at night, what would he be doing outside?” Matty asked and crossed his arms, trying to multiply an answer to your words. ”I don’t know, but I know he throws a great punch. He knocked out Dylan just by one punch with his fist. It’s the reason why his nose is broken now. But I think he was too drunk to even remember. Well I hope so.” Both yours and Matty’s eyes adverted towards the table with the jocks, and he noticed how Dylan was sitting with something around his nose to prevent the pain and make it heal normal.

”Well I’m sorry to hear that. But I’m just not sure if it was Mr. Hemmings. You know, I’m just trying to be realistic.” He apologized and you nodded your head agreeing and crossed your arms. Maybe he was right? What were the chances that it was actually Mr. Hemmings who had knocked out a student at some random high school party.

”Where did he say he lived?” You asked after some silence of thinking and Matty finished chewing his food while thinking, his eyebrows furrowing while he swallowed the small piece of food.

”I don’t really remember if he said down by Norwest Christian College or if it was the place he had been going to high school.” He responded and you bit your lip and looked down at your food with curious eyes. There were too many clues pointing towards the fact that it was Mr. Hemmings who had been there that night. But Matty was almost always right about things and you were torn who to trust.

You carried the same thoughts with you for the rest of the day, right until you stopped in track at the parking lot and noticed Mr. Hemmings standing by his Range Rover car, leaning against it with his phone and looked intensely at it. Your breath hitched in your throat as you stopped in track and just stared him for seconds, debating whether to go talk to him or not.

”Mr. Hemmings!?” Your voice yelled before your brain could think and your eyes widened by your sudden words and hoped he wouldn’t hear but his head rose up from his phone and he looked towards your direction with furrowed eyebrows.

”Crap.” You mumbled under your breath and hit yourself mentally for yelling before you walked towards his car and eyed him as he put his phone back in his pocket and crossed his arms.

”Y/N Y/L/N it was, right?” He asked as you came closer and you nodded your head and looked at him with curious and odd eyes. There was no doubt. He was the one even if Matty kept on claiming he wasn’t.

”Oh great. I’m still trying to learn all the names which is quite difficult right now.” He said with his endless of charm and he ran his fingers through his quiffed hair.

”Yeah sure…” You mumbled concentration on something else and he noticed how you were staring at him more than just necessary. ”Is there something on my face?” He asked with a smirk and ran his fingers down his defined cheekbone and you bit your lip and shook your head, getting out of your thoughts.

”What were you doing at the party last Saturday?” You weren’t supposed to get it out like that but there wasn’t any regrets at this point and Mr. Hemmings furrowed his eyebrows in confuse and looked at you with confused eyes.

”I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said almost with no emotion on his face and even though his eyes were dull and closed like a book, you could see still the hint of lie in his eyes.

”Yes you do. You know exactly what I’m talking about.” You fought back and Mr. Hemmings crossed his arms in disbelief by your words. ”I don’t really understand what you’re referring to.” He said and lifted his eyebrow, and you rolled your eyes by his words and lack of acting.

”Listen ’Mr. Hemmings’, I’m not dumb and from your choice of study career I conclude that you’re smarter than your attitude. Take off your mask and stop acting like a dumb fool. You know exactly what party, and exactly what I’m talking about. You came up to me and this other student and knocked the sense out of him! And the only thing I wanna know is why you were there at the exact moment and just fucking thank you for saving me from being sexually harassed by a drunken twat!”

Mr. Hemmings looked at you with wide eyes but still with a grin on his face, and he shook his head and laughed before walking towards the driver seat of the car, opened the door and looked at you with a glance of disbelief.

”Kids these days.. When do they learn?” Your mouth felt open by his words and watched him as he took a seat inside his car, smacked the door shut and drove out from the parking lot and towards the road. You were still frozen in your spot, not knowing what to do or what to say at this moment.

”Kid? I’m fucking 18 you shitty piece of upcoming math teacher!” You swore under your breath and kicked a rock that was resting otherwise nicely on the ground and you turned around furiously and headed towards your bike. This was war, and not just the typical war towards a teacher. This was something more intense and serious and you swore Mr. Hemmings would regret becoming a teacher when this year was over.

Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz is not something that develops over time. 
It is something that happens instantaneously.

So I’m eating pizza and a guy comes up to me and my friend and says “Um excuse me what are your tops” (i was wearing a ‘i don’t understand that reference top’ with a pic of misha and Shae (@my-neighbor-castiel) was wearing a moose and squirrel top with a pic of jensen and jared). Low and behold it was Misha fucking Collins. We talked to him for it seems ever and he took my phone and was trying to figure out how to take a picture. So here is his amazing photo skills and i can now die happy.

Love Is A Battlefield (Pietro Maximoff X Reader)

Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff X Reader
Word Count: 2,380

When the robots invaded Sokovia and the city started cracking apart, you didn’t run away or get scared. Instead, you got excited.

This was a chance for you to use your powers for good. You could help evacuate civilians or kick some robot butt, instead of rotting away in a cell like you had been for the last year (yes, they let you out occasionally, but only so you could practice using your powers in a larger space).

This would be fun.


You backed up, away from the robots that were pointing big, menacing laser guns at you. You were getting dangerously close to the edge of the (currently suspended in midair) city, and when Pietro heard you release a string of curses, he realized just how close you were to imminent death (he also realized that you were quite pretty, but now was not the time for him to dwell on those thoughts).

He dashed over to you and plucked you out of the danger area, before running back over to the two robots and bashing them to pieces with a pipe he had picked up off the ground.

You huffed to yourself in annoyance when you found yourself a good ten feet away from the edge of the cliff (it wasn’t really a cliff, but when a city gets lifted into the friggin’ air, it does create a sort of cliff like thing).

Stupid hero.

Believe it or not, you hadn’t needed saving, and you were most certainly not a damsel in distress.  

You actually had had a plan. One that was now completely useless, thanks to that blue blur.

You sighed before scooping up the pipe that the man had abandoned and using it to brutally smash a robot’s head in. You could take care of yourself.


Pietro kept snagging glances of you while the battle raged on, and it was kind of ticking him off. Why hadn’t you gotten off of the floating city yet? There was no reason for you to stay and do…whatever it was you had been doing, Pietro wasn’t really sure.

When there was a slight lull in the battle, Pietro found you, and decided to ask you just what you thought you were doing.

“Hey, you! Crazy voman! Vhat are you doing?”

You glared at him. “Oh, hey, good to see you too, Sonic.”

He frowned at you. “I don’t understand vhat you are trying to say.”

“That makes two of us, bud.”

The man’s frown deepened. “Vhat are you still doing here? Vhy haven’t you left the city yet?”

You rolled your eyes. “I’m trying to help you guys! Have you not realized that you’re drastically outnumbered?”

“Of course ve have, but vhat can you do to help?” Speedy asked, raising a silvery eyebrow at you.

Pietro was only a little bit frightened by the slightly maniacal grin that stretched across your face at his words.

“Watch and find out, Dash.”

“…I do not understand your references.” Pietro murmured under his breath, but you had already turned on your heel and marched back into the battle. Before he even had the chance to go to and probably rescue you, you were punching a robot, right in its metal face.

Pietro gaped wordlessly, sure that you had just absolutely smashed the bones in your hand, and blinking in confusion when the robot flew backwards and crashed into a building.

You twisted your neck around just enough to wink at him, and then you were tearing robots apart as easily as though they were paper.

Pietro had no idea how you were able to do that, but hey, you were helping his team (and wow, did it feel weird to say that), so he let you keep doing it and helped you out whenever he could.


When you saw the one guy with the bow and arrows running to rescue a kid, and the robot that was watching them intently, you knew that it was going to cause some trouble. So you chucked a car at it before it could hurt anyone.

Legolas nodded at you as he ran the kid over to his mother, and you nodded back, feeling strangely proud of yourself.

This was better than you expected. Finally, your powers were being used to help people (for a long time, you had hated your powers and the people who had “gifted” them to you).


It wasn’t until all the robots were destroyed and the city had been demolished (to protect the world from getting blown up), that the people you had helped fight with realized that they had no idea who you were. 

So, for some reason, they decided that handcuffing you was the best thing to do while they interrogated you. The weirdly fast guy with the silver hair was the only one that realized you had broken them when no one else was paying attention, but he, for some reason, said nothing to the others.

“Who do you work for?” The African American man interrogated you, his voice not cruel or mean, just curious.

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t “work” for anyone. Did you not see me helping your puppets defeat all those robots?”

The man shrugged. “I did, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t working for someone.” He held up his hands when you continued to glare at him. “If you don’t work for anyone, that’s fine. It just means that it’s going to be a lot harder for you.”

That got your attention.


“We’re going to have to run some tests to see how you got your abilities, since you won’t give us your employer’s name.”

You narrowed your eyes. “I don’t have an employer.”

“But there was someone who gave you your powers, was there not?”

“Well, yes, but that is not the same thing as an employer.”

The man chuckled a little. “Fair enough. Who gave you your super strength, then?”

“Hydra.” Just saying the name left a bitter taste in your mouth.

That seemed to intrigue the man. He left the room without saying a word, and when the door finally swung open, the silver haired man entered instead.

“Oh, hey Speedy, good to see you again.” You said, quirking an eyebrow at the man as he sat in the chair across from yours.

“Hello again, crazy voman.”

A little smirk curled the edge of your lips up. “To think, even after I helped you fight evil robots that’s all I am to you.”

Pietro rolled his eyes. “Hello again, crazy, pretty voman.”

“Oh, you flatter me so.” You said, letting the handcuffs fall to the floor with a metallic clang as you pretended to fan yourself.

“You are an odd one.” He commented, but not in a rude way. On the contrary, he seemed quite interested in you.

“In my defense, you’re the first person I’ve spoken to in…what, a year?, that hasn’t injected me with some type of serum. My “people skills” are “rusty”.” 

That seemed to surprise him. “Did you not volunteer for the experiments? My sister and I volunteered to be mutated but you seem very…bitter.”

You looked at him incredulously. “You volunteered for that torture? Why on Earth would you do that?”

“Ah, ah, ah, I am the one interrogating you, not the other vay around.”

You rolled your eyes but responded anyway. “I came to Sokovia, I want to say thirteen months ago? Somewhere around there, in any case. I just wanted to explore before I started college, so I came here. I was kidnapped, right from my hotel room, the day before my flight out of here.” You explained, your fists clenching and unclenching rapidly.

“They told me that I was “special” and that they needed me for their experiments. I told them to fuck off and that I wanted to go home, but they turned me into this.” You said, gesturing at yourself with obvious distain.

Pietro frowned sympathetically. “Vell, I mean, it’s not that bad. It’s not like you’re a monster.”

“Oh, if only you knew.” You said, laughing bitterly and effectively catching his attention.


“”Vhat” do you think? They made me hurt people. I mean, I guess it’s my own fault. They would lock me in a room with other mutated people, and they said that only one could survive. I could’ve let them kill me, but I just…I didn’t want to die! So I…I killed them. I am a monster.”

Angry tears were pricking the corners of your eyes, and Pietro was just about to give you a hug or do something to stop the trembling in your voice when Fury entered the room, told him he would finish the interrogation, and ushered him out the door.

Pietro did as Fury asked, but dashed back into the room less than a second later and pressed a feather light kiss to your forehead (you hadn’t even known for sure it actually happened until you saw the door swing shut with a quiet, barely audible click).

You were left with a persistent, pink blush that stayed throughout the rest of the “interview”, as Fury decided to call it (needless to say, you were pretty sure that Fury thought you had a crush on him).


When Fury finally decided that you were not, in fact, hell bent on world domination (or something of the sort), he put you under Pietro’s watch. For some reason, it made sense to him to put two of Hydra’s creations together.

You were fine with it, Pietro wasn’t a bad guy, but you felt bad because he was stuck with babysitting you. He informed you that he was new to the whole “being a good guy” thing too, and he wasn’t quite used to the Avengers yet.

You and Pietro were sparring (which essentially just involved you chucking large objects at him and him dodging them) when you finally decided to ask him about why he got involved with Hydra.

He shrugged. “Vanda and me, ve vere angry and ve vanted revenge. Hydra vanted villing participants, so ve volunteered. The rest is,” Pietro pointed at himself. “History.”

Pietro looked at you curiously. “I have a question for you, now.”

“Shoot.” You said, lifting up a five hundred pound exercise machine with ease and pretending to throw it at him.

“How come ve vere never forced to fight? And how come ve never met?”

You frowned. “I don’t know, actually. I mean, I heard about the famous Twins, you guys were their prized possessions, and I think I caught a glimpse of Wanda once, but I think they were only pitting the weak ones against the weak ones. You and Wanda were their strongest players, and I think they were trying to replicate that with me and the others, so they forced us to be stronger than we thought we could be.”

You let a small smile cross onto your face before you continued. “They might’ve also known that letting us meet would’ve been dangerous.”

“Vhy is that?” Pietro asked, arching an eyebrow that was the color of moonlight.

“I would’ve had the biggest crush on you, and then I would’ve been distracted from my “training”, and it would’ve just been a big mess.” You murmured, only a little sheepishly.

Pietro grinned. “Oh, really?” Before you had time to blink, he had zoomed over to you and was standing only inches away from you. “Vould it really have been that big of mess?”

You nodded. “Absolutely. I mean, a guy with super speed and a woman with super strength? Can you imagine what we would’ve done if one of us had gotten hurt?”

He frowned, reaching a hand out to gently cup your cheek. “But you did get hurt. That’s all they did to you. And I…” He shook his head, still frowning. “I volunteered for this. You didn’t. I’m sorry about what they did to you.”

You shrugged, absentmindedly leaning into his touch (you hadn’t been touched gently in over a year, sue you). “It’s not that bad. I mean, I should never have trouble opening jars again, so that’s a plus.” You raised your eyes so that they met his. “I would’ve never met you.” You whispered quietly.

For some reason, from the moment Pietro had “saved” you from the robots, you had felt a connection to him. It felt like there was an invisible tether between the two of you, and if you were too far away from him, the tether would shrink until you got closer again. It was astounding that you had lived through the battle, honestly.

“Before I do something stupid, there vasn’t a boyfriend or a girlfriend in the picture a year ago, right?” Pietro asked, his face getting closer to yours.

You shook your head, a smile slipping onto your face. “Nope.”


Pietro’s kiss was gentle, like he was afraid of hurting you (and wasn’t that something, how could he possibly hurt you when you could lift five hundred pounds without breaking a sweat?), and so were his arms when they wound around your waist.

Your smile widened as you brought your hands to his cheeks, kissing him deeply. You had been aching for human contact for that year you were locked away, and here Pietro was, willingly giving it to you.

Your heart pounded rapidly in your chest as Pietro’s lips moved against yours, his hands moving from your waist to your back, then to your neck and back again because he just could not keep still. When you separated a few moments later, your cheeks were flushed, your eyes were hazy, and your mind was fuzzy.

“You are something else.” You mumbled, very pleasantly dazed.

He shook his head, smiling as he lazily kissed you again.

Even though you didn’t know a lot about him, you knew that he was exactly what you needed right now.

Director Fury had told you that he wanted you, Pietro, and Wanda to start training for the Avengers, but you knew that you were still too broken and still too angry to be of any use without Pietro there to keep you grounded and under control.

Luckily for you, Pietro wasn’t going anywhere.

End.  <3

Being A Hunter...

Fandom: Teen Wolf and Supernatural
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: hachievans
Summary/Request: You are a hunter, travelling with Sam and Dean, Stiles is your boyfriend, but you two are in a long distance relationship.
Notes: Did the editing, but the majority of it is hachievans‘ work.

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marywisdom  asked:

Since it's already past midnight in my time zone I have to ask: which one of the Legends is the first to wish the others May The Fourth Be With You? Any other Star Wars related headcanons for the crew? I mean, we all know they're nerds XD thx! :)

@marywisdom This is such a good ask I’ma cry

  • Ray’s the only one who consciously remembers and looks forward to May 4th every year. He always makes sure to say it to as many people as possible, which is really easy when he’s living on a ship with 7 other people.
  • Kendra doesn’t usually wish people a May The Fourth Be With You unless she knows they’re massive geeks, but she loves that Ray does it. She’s been known to draw little stars around May 4th on all her calendars as a dumb in-joke with herself.
    • You should have seen the Jitters chalkboards last May 4th; Kendra went ALL. OUT. with the Star Wars art. When Iris came in to get her morning coffee she made sure to compliment it and sent about 8000 pictures to Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin.  
  • Leonard has been a giant-ass Star Wars nerd since his mom took him to A New Hope. (Going by LoT’s timeline he would be about 5, but their timeline is wack, so let’s say he was somewhere under 10.) That means it’s like the one thing he actually can’t mock Ray for, he so just gives him a little smile and nod of approval when Ray wishes him a MTFBWY over breakfast.
    • Oh my god, didn’t Mark bust Len out of prison like right before Christmas? He would have been just in time for The Force Awakens; IMAGINE HOW HAPPY HE MUST HAVE BEEN. 
    • Also imagine Leonard and Lisa going to TFA on Chirstmas like a couple of giddy kids oh my god.
  • Geeks,” Mick mutters into his coffee, but he means it in a nice way. They’re his favorite geeks, after all.
  • Sara fires back a Vulcan salute and a “Live long and prosper to you, too, buddy,” just to make Ray and Leonard groan. She knows exactly what she’s doing.
  • “For the eight thousandth time,” Rip sighs, “I don’t understand your 21st century pop cultural references.”
  • Which is when Gideon helpfully tries to offer Rip a plot synopsis, because obviously at least 2 separate crew members have had Gideon download Star Wars for them at this point.  
  • Martin hasn’t seen a single Star Wars movie in his life. It wasn’t on purpose at first, he just never got around to it. But then he got irritated by how hyped up it was, and decided that it sounded dumb and full of cliches and fake science anyway, and now he’s just weirdly stubbornly proud of having never seen it. His students/nieces and nephews/the S.T.A.R. Labs nerds have been trying to wear him down for years now, but it’s not happening.
  • Jax gets pumped at hell as soon as Ray reminds him what day it is and immediately begins planning the crew movie night, which quickly escalates from “we should hang out on the ship and watch dvds” to “we should totally just go to all of the movie premiers”.
  • Logically THAT escalates into a fight about what the correct viewing order is. Leonard ignore 1-3 altogether; Ray refuses to watch in anything but chronological order; Kendra’s a fan of the 4 5 1 2 3 6 viewing order; and Jax thinks they should just go to each movie premier in the order that they came out. 
  • Rip, Sara, Martin, and Mick sit back and watch the nerds fights with mild interest since nothing better is going on.  
AU: Pidge is Alice Roosevelt

ShiroPidge Week 2016 - @shidgeweek Day 3: Alternate Universe
Historical AU re-imagining Katie Holt as the infamous Alice Roosevelt, daughter of US President Teddy Roosevelt during her 1905 diplomatic peace delegation to Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, and Korea. We blame @osheamobile and @walkwthoutrhythm for encouraging this concept.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2703
Characters: Katie “Pidge” Holt, Matt Holt, Sam Holt, Lance McCain, Hunk Garrett, Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane, Shay
Notes: no Lions, not fully researched and thought out–just a fun proof of concept, female pronouns for Pidge, romantic Shiro/Pidge
AO3: [link]

She swept into the room again, a sheaf of papers in hand. “In hand” was too gentle a description actually. A sheaf of papers brandished dangerously above her head, already being shaken in time to the tirade– impassioned speech they were surely about to be subjected to. 

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Imagine being thousands of years old and when you get mad you use old insults.

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“No I don’t want to hear anything from imbecilic mouths! What were you thinking!?”

“Do you think it would prove that you’re abydocomist’s? A part of me wished that you didn’t make it so I can bring you back and kill you myself you bobolyne bedswerver’s!” You turned and stormed to your room.

“You three are a bunch of fopdoodle!” with that you slammed your door.

“What she say?” Dean said.

“I don’t understand those references…” Castiel said.

abydocomist: a show off, boasters.

bedswerver: adulterer.

bobolyne: fool.

fopdoodle: insignifcant or foolish man.

Definition of Love

2. Love for My 100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

(Y/N) laughed softly as she watched the boys banter back and forth across the lab.

“Magic is not the same thing as science, Thor. Your little weird spacey world needs to learn the difference.” Tony shook his head.

“In my world, magic and science have become one in the same.” Thor argued, frowning tightly.

Bruce chuckled quietly. “Maybe he’s got a sort of point, Tony. I mean, every chemical reaction is kind of like magic.” He offered, Thor nodding in agreement.

“Science doesn’t have anything to do with Houdini and the whole getting out of chains thing.” Tony complained, sighing.

Thor frowned slightly, looking over (Y/N) for some sort of explanation. “I…I don’t understand your reference. What is this Houdini you speak of?”

Tony groaned quietly. “(Y/N), could you please talk some sense into your boyfriend if he’s going to stand here in my science lab. Did you hear that? Science lab. Not magic lab. Come on, Banner, let’s go get some food while Thor learns his vocabulary.” Tony grabbed Banner and shoved him out of the room, walking quickly to the kitchen.

“You humans have such tiny minds.” Thor smirked, shaking his head.

“Hey, I think I have a rather large mind!” (Y/N) argued, laughing. “Well maybe for a human.”

Thor smiled over at her kindly. “No, you’re very wise for a living being. Not just for a human. You are an exception of the human race.” He explained, taking her hand gently and kissing it gently.

“You’re such a sweet talker, Thor.” (Y/N) giggled. “Dang, it’s hard not to love you.” She murmured softly, smiling up at him.

“Me?” Thor looked confused again, tilting his head. “You love me?” (Y/N) smiled wider.

“Of course I do.” She laughed, reaching up and kissing his cheek. “I thought you knew that.”

Thor blushed slightly and grinned. “You love me.” He repeated, looking across the room with a curious look in his eyes. “I do believe you are my definition of love, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” Thor nodded once, as if to make it official. “Yes, you are my definition of love.”

(Y/N) blushed hard, blinking in surprise. “Thor..” She laughed gently.

Thor smiled at her and tilted her chin up slightly, pressing his lips to hers. “I love you, Lady (Y/N).” He whispered gently.

The signs and the color of their aura

Aries: Burgundy

Taurus: Trout

Gemini: Lime green


Leo: Magenta

Virgo: The color of shit

Libra: Beige

Scorpio: Grey

Sagittarius: Orange

Aquarius: Aquamarine

Capricorn: Fuchsia

Pisces: Black