i understand you don't like vriska


Here’s a bunch of undertale stuff that I doodled today to celebrate halloween! I’m sorry that there’s no Toriel,MTT, ect.!I really wanted to include more characters in here but my hand started hurting aaaand I haven’t slept for ~23 hours, so… yeah. Sorry about that. Maybe next time! Oh, and-

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anonymous asked:

can you talk a little about why you ship vriskan? i have nothing against the ship but im always really curious when ppl ship it because i honestly do not see it and dont rly get why ppl ship it?

Oh man you done it now, you better sit down ‘cause I’m about to get into why VrisKan is a fantastic ship and you actually should start shipping it too.

SO.  You have Vriska and Kanaya.  The two, through some kind of various shenanigans, met and became Moirails.  Nice.  Except for the fact that Kanaya isn’t pale for Vriska, she’s actually a hell of a lot more flushed.

Wow!!  You barely know these characters but here we are, introduced to a canon no-bullshit-subtext female character crushing on another female character!  That’s amazing in and of itself just to start.  It’s what got me initially hooked on it tbh. (I thirst for wlw)

So with just that tiny tidbit right there we have enough basis to fuel tons of little fics about them falling in love.  Now we add in the angst.

Kanaya has never, ever told Vriska about her feelings, Vriska’s got 0 clue even to this day because Kanaya SERIOUSLY NEVER EVER TOLD HER A THING AND VRISKA HAS THE SOCIAL DETECTIVE SKILLS OF A BRICK.  And it really sucks bc wow Kanaya saw Vriska kiss Tavros (gross) and it broke her heart.  But Vriska wasn’t to blame for that.  She never knew about Kanaya’s feelings, and as much as it pains me to say this, even if Vriska DID know, Vriska’s not required or obligated to even reciprocate them. And let’s not forget that it was Kanaya who cut off their contact and broke off their relationship without EVER TELLING VRISKA.  Didn’t give her an explanation, didn’t even tell her it was over.  Vriska was just suddenly alone.

(I’m coming back in here to put this in as well: the fact that Vriska trusted and liked Kanaya enough to even agree to be Moirail’s with Kanaya speaks volumes tbh, Kanaya was probably a safe space for her, someone she could turn to and trust in and the fact that she lost that breaks my heart because Vriska was obviously bothered by Kanaya’s cold shoulder)

“But Vree! Vriska kissed Tavros in the dress KANAYA MADE FOR HER!!”
Well bucko, that also sucks but, again Vriska, the oblivious wonder, didn’t know about Kanaya’s feelings, and it seems Kanaya never even asked Vriska why she wanted the dress to begin with.

“Ok, that’s fair Vree but, WHAT ABOUT THEIR ANCESTOR’S HISTORY?!”
Lemme stop you right there because Vriska and Kanaya are in fact NOT their ancestors. They’re actually their own individual persons with their very own personalities!! Hard to believe i know.  Vriska is no more accountable for Mindfang’s actions than Kanaya is for the Dolorosa’s.

And following on that note actually, VrisKan is probably the LEAST “problematic” Vriska ship in all of existence.  It was a healthy relationship generally speaking; Kanaya is literally the ONLY person I’ve seen in the comic who not only FULLY UNDERSTANDS Vriska and how she works, but also ACCEPTS THOSE FACTS ABOUT HER!!  Literally the worst thing these two nerds did was not communicate enough and that’s hardly the grounds to call it abusive.

Vriska genuinely and sincerely cared about Kanaya.  Kanaya was the one friend Vriska had who actually stuck around and sought her out and of all things worried about Vriska and her well being.

What’s even WORSE is the fact that Vriska finally reciprocated Kanaya’s flush crush but by then Kanaya was really pissed off so not really the best time to talk about feelings.

The two of them have such a beautiful and amazing dynamic and their interactions to me have always been funny and cute and entirely endearing.  I mean Vriska specifically likes to tell Kanaya to ‘can it’ and it actually makes Kanaya laugh each time.  Like how fucking cute is that??

I feel like if Vriska had been given the support and love from Kanaya that she honestly really fucking needed, a lot of things could’ve gone better.  Vriska needs someone like Kanaya to keep her level without outright bossing her around, and if it came to actually bossing her around, I feel like Kanaya’s enough of a badass to kick Vriska’s ass back in line.  Meanwhile, Vriska could help bring Kanaya more out of her shell, make her feel important and encourage her to be the best she could be. (without of course putting Kanaya in harms way to do it; Kanaya’s able to firmly tell Vriska no and Vriska will back down)

I just love these two idiots and I feel like they could’ve been so fucking good for each other.  Just imagine Kanaya designing Vriska all these elaborate FLARP outfits, or Vriska bringing Kanaya back expensive fabrics and cloth she won from campaign’s or got from treasure hunts.

Kanaya could have provided Vriska with the attention and validation she needed to not act out and given her a no-nonsense slap to the face to get her shit together and find better solutions, and Kanaya could get away with it too. (It’s honestly my personal belief that if push came to shove, I don’t think Vriska has it in her to EVER raise a hand to Kanaya)

So yes, those are just a few reasons I ship VrisKan and you probably should too.