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The Story of Tonight (reprise)
  • Alexander: I, will never understand you, if you love this woman go get her.
  • Aaron: *thinking* bitch what the fuck did I just tell you?? She's married, and to make it worse, she's married to a motherfuckin British officer. Give me one good reasON why you think me, taking a British officer's wife away, is a good idea you idiot, go back to your quill and paper you rat's asS-
  • Aaron: I'll see you on the other side of the war.
Camouflage/ Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: This is my first story that I’m actually putting on tumblr, wish me luck! I have no problem writing a part two if anyone requests it!

Summary: A work related road trip gets a little too hard.

Usually having a new case meant a quick flight across the states, but this time the case was only a couple hours away which only meant one thing, a road trip.

The team had been splitting up into two cars the past couple months just to help ease the tension between you and Spencer.

You two had been together for three years until a small disagreement turned into a massive fight. He insisted on having kids and that was something you just did not see yourself wanting. 

Hotchner pulled you aside to let you know JJ wouldn’t be able to make it on a count of coming down with the flu so there was really no reason in taking two cars.

Oh no. Three hours alone with the man you could barely look at?

Your face turned a little red hinting at being slightly scared mixed with nerves.

“It’ll be okay Y/N. We’ll all be there.” Hotch rested his hand on your shoulder trying to comfort you.

“Thanks Aaron.” You gave a half smile looking up at him and remained standing there until he returned to his desk.

You looked over at Spencer who was putting a couple books and crosswords into his bag for the road trip.

“This will certainly be something..” you mumbled to yourself.


"I vote Y/N on driving first!” David shouted putting his bag into the trunk of the car.

"I second that notion, I could use some down time before we get into this mess.” Derek added on to David peering around the vehicle smirking at you.

Oh alright fine. But I get to play my music without complaints!” You yelled back laughing knowing they wouldn’t be very thrilled at that idea.

Emily laughed, “Oh I’m down for this road trip.”

Rossi rolled his eyes climbing into the back seat of the car, “Its a good thing I brought headphones.”

As you maneuvered into the drivers seat you couldn’t help but notice Spencer had crawled to the very back of the SUV. He looked like someone had taken the life right out of him, your heart dropped a little realizing it was most likely you who did that.

Morgan had called shot gun during the meeting earlier so you were expecting criticism on your driving the entire way there, but you needed something to distract you anyway.


About an hour into the trip, you noticed David and Emily were completely passed out in the second row. Spencer had headphones in as well as Morgan so you figured it was safe to use the aux.

You scrolled through your thousands of songs on your phone not having a clue what to listen to.

One Direction? No, too girly. The Weekend? No, too upbeat for the two sleeping.

Some Selena Gomez seemed like the only thing to really fit the mood. You felt like a teenager listening to her but couldn’t help yourself.

You pressed play on the song and sat your phone down on your lap. Your leggings were so thin that you could feel how cold your phone was.

dead end streets and boulevards you threw in the towel, I broke your heart

No one seemed fazed by the sudden music in the car as you started to mouth the words.

Spencer hadn’t actually had music playing in his headphones but rather just had them in so no one would talk to him. Except no one was talking, it was actually very quiet until you began playing music. He started secretly listening while reading his book.

who would’ve thought you’d feel so cold and all these memories seem so old to think you were my everything

Spencer looked up at you driving while hearing the lyrics in this song. He’d never heard this song before but remembered how you’d sometimes use music to relate to whatever you were feeling.

remember when we’d talk all night but time ain’t easy on us how can love die?

You felt your stomach turn a little knowing how this song made you miss Spencer so much than you already did.

As a few tears were building up, you started to speed up over the limit but hadn’t really noticed.

fortress around my heart you were mine just yesterday now I have no idea who you are it’s like you camouflage.

Although, Spencer had noticed the sudden increase of speed and knowing you were upset, it wasn’t a good mix. It broke his heart to see you like this but he knew there was no going back to the way things used to be.

Before Spence got the chance to get a word out you had ripped the aux out of the jack and put your turn signal on to get off at the rest area.

Rossi had woken up once the car was jerked onto the off ramp and looked up to see a few tears rolling down your cheek, but had no time to get his bearings and ask what was going on before you parked the car and hopped out.

Emily jumped at the sudden slam of your door, “Oh is this a potty break?”

"I think it’s a little more.” Derek mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?” Emily couldn’t hear his mumbles if she were paid.

Derek shook his head so she’d let it go and go back to sleeping.

Rossi got out of the car and looked back at Spencer, “Go. Now.” 
Spencer nodded setting his stuff down ducking to get out from the SUV.

For a rest area the bathroom was the smallest it could possibly be. It only had two stalls and a terribly dim vanity.

You sat in the first stall and started letting your tears fall down as quietly as possible trying not to sniffle every five seconds.

Spencer reached the bathroom door and heard you struggling to choke back your sobs. That killed him.

A small knock on the door came and you cleared your throat, “there’s two stalls, come in!”

Spencer sighed, “it’s me.”

You felt tears returning to your eyes hearing his voice. You couldn’t do this right now, not with a case that your team was counting on you to get them to.

You tore a piece of toilet paper and wiped your eyes so he wouldn’t notice you were upset.

You walked out of the door trying to ignore him leaning against the wall. You headed towards the exit really not wanting any confrontation.

"Y/N, stop.” Spencer reached out putting his hand on your arm.

"Uh uh. Not here. I’m hurt enough and if I talk to you things will just get worse. We’re fire and gasoline. Like you said, I’ll never be able to give you what you want. Remember?”

The Better Rogers

Summary: In which a football game with all of the Avengers helps you determine who’s the better Rogers.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2,212

A/N: This one is especially written for the forever beautiful @beccaanne814-blog ! Becca, my love, I hope you are having an amazing day because that’s exactly what you deserve. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and I hope you enjoy this! 

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“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?“ You counter, lips tilting up into a smirk.

“Okay.” Steve shrugs, adjusting the sleeves of the red shirt that was made especially for this occasion. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Y/N!” Tony yells from across the field. He has his arms crossed over his chest and his frown is visible even from this distance. “Stop fraternizing with the enemy!”

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It takes hard work and patience for Justin Finch-Fletchley to be able to explain everything he experiences at Hogwarts and in the Wizarding World to his older brother, but he is true, loyal, and unafraid of the toil of writing out long, detailed letters. It’s harder than one might think to contextualize everything about Hogwarts, to convey the scale of the moving staircases, the history and mentality of the House Elves, Dumbledore’s omniscience, the Transfiguration coursework. 

Understanding it all is hard sometimes even for Justin, who lives it every day, but all the same, it just doesn’t seem fair to keep Aaron, who he’d been so close with growing up, out. 

Robert Sugden

saved Aaron’s life multiple times,

helped him through one of the toughest times in his life,

defended him in court,

nearly died with him,

married him before he went to prison,

renovated a home for him,

looked after his sister,

got him out of prison,

and is still trying to prove himself.

If during the 90 minutes on Thursday Robert doesn’t have at least one small breakdown over losing his husband the day after their wedding for 12 months when he was so sure it wouldn’t be that long then me and Emmerdale are having words. I want tears. I want pain. I want devastation.

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My mood when my professor decides to whisper instead of speaking normally

i. I might have switchblade fingers and a barb-wired mouth,
but don’t think for one second
that you’re so far removed from the likes of me.
Come off that tall pedestal where you sit,
all high and mighty and deserving.
Come join me in the gutter— join me where we really belong.
We’re Minyards, remember?
And Minyards don’t get higher than rock bottom.
What? Does it hurt to hear me say it?
Look me in the eyes, brother, I’ll say it again:
We’re Minyards.
And Minyards don’t get higher than rock bottom.
An entire childhood apart doesn’t mean anything,
can’t defer DNA or change who we are.
We share so many things already— Just look at our faces.
Study the sharp angles we share,
the laugh we mirror,
the nightmares we divvy up.
We’re not so different, you and I.
Me, with my barb-wired mouth.
You, with your salt-rimmed lips.
My gasoline voice is perfect
for your wildfire words.
We’re the perfect match
for a world on fire.
Now climb down from your high horse, brother.
You’re not as great as you pretend to be.
You’re a Minyard.
And Minyards aren’t good for anything
other than showing the rest of the world
what a bad influence looks like.

ii. ( But while we were busy lighting the world on fire,
we didn’t notice that we were burning in our own wake.
You can feel it, too, can’t you?
Tell me you can feel it, too. )

iii. I won’t try to make you understand.
I know when I’m preaching to the choir,
and this is not a conversation I will ever be willing to have with you.
You can’t change how people are.
But, I will say this:
I see the way you look at her when you think people aren’t looking.
( I see it, because I’ve been there, too. )
There’s a softness in your eyes that wasn’t there before;
a warmth in your laughter
that I’m sure not even you have heard in years.
I think you’ve been lost for a while now,
and you might have stumbled upon someone
that you can comfortably call Home.
She’s something holy to you, this seraphic being,
but even you’re confused,
because you didn’t consider yourself religious before she came along.
She’s everything light and pure and good and—
You’re scared. You’re so scared.
When you’re scared, you touch the ring resting on your finger.
You might not notice it, but I do.
That ring means safety for you. She means safety for you. 
She’s a promise for better, happier days.
It’s like she’s a candle,
And you’re afraid of the dark.
And oh, how terrified of the night you are.
( I know. I know, because I’ve been there, too. )
I won’t try to make you understand.
But I know how that feels.
I know how you feel, Aaron.
And he does, too.
I won’t get in the way of your happiness.
Do me a favor and don’t get in the way of mine.

iv. You’re not afraid of telling people how you feel.
( Except, that’s not true at all, is it? )
No, you’re terrified of letting people in.
You’re a boy with a wolf trapped in your chest,
and it’s growling and snapping at your ribcage,
spilling blood and moving organs around.
( I know. )
( I know, because I’ve been there, too. )
I can see it sometimes.
It shows in your eyes on Wednesday afternoons.
Flashes over your face before you reach for pills or dust or booze.
Always drowning it out,
always looking for a distraction,
a coupe de grâce,
a deliverance from evil.
You’ve got this wild thing inside you.
But instead of asking for help, you just say,
“I’m tired. Just tired. Just tired.”
Nod and smile.
Sell the lie.
“Just tired. Just tired.”
You’re being mauled from the inside out.
You’re being torn to pieces and you don’t even care.
I think it’s time to start acting like you do.

v. ( I’m sorry, too. 
More than I can express with words.
We deserved better.
We deserved so much better. )

—  Five Things Andrew Wants To Tell Aaron (But Never Will), Cont. from x, (via deadravenkings)

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“You can’t just keep pretending things are fine!” (do you worst lorna i'm excited)

wrap me up, unfold me.

robert and aaron (finally) talk about robert’s bisexuality and aaron’s insecurities. post ons reveal.

2,674 words

Robert watched as Aaron shuffled around the kitchen, his focus on making himself something for tea. The silence between them wasn’t exactly comfortable, there was an underlying tension there that Robert couldn’t stand.

They’d been having a lot of days like this, lately. The first few months, things had been okay - they’re really done their best to work through their problems, for Robert to earn back Aaron’s trust, for Aaron to deal with his insecurities, but five months down the line from the day he told Aaron he’d slept with her, and well, it felt like there was more cracks in their relationship than ever.

It was because of that new girl, working in the cafe part time. He’d smiled at her, maybe, when they’d gotten coffee one morning, and he’d felt Aaron stiffen instantly beside him.

They’d mostly been siting around in silence since, Aaron sleeping with his back to Robert and his body stiff, even going as far as skulking off to the Woolpack for his dinner twice that week alone.

Robert hated it. Robert hated that their marriage was like this, hated that it was his fault, hated the way Aaron barely even acknowledged him as he made a sandwich, Robert sitting at the kitchen table, watching him to and fro between the cupboards and the fridge.

“Aaron, are you okay?” he asked, hugging his half cold mug of tea to his chest as he spoke, waiting for Aaron to reply.

“Fine,” Aaron grunted in response, his focus still on his sandwich, the kettle boiling in the background, breaking the silence of the flat. Liv was in Ireland with her mum, spending the last of the summer holidays with her mum.

“Are we okay?” Robert asked quietly, sounding unsure of himself as he spoke. He hated how he suddenly needed to hear Aaron say those words aloud now, that he didn’t just know.

“We’re fine, Robert.” Aaron said, the plate clattering against the wood of the table as he set it down, sliding into the further chair from Robert. He didn’t add to his sentence, taking a generous bite of his overflowing sandwich.

“You can’t keep pretending things are fine,” Robert blurted, his heart pounding as he waited for Aaron to respond.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “You what?”

“You can’t keep pretending things are fine.” Robert repeated, more firm in his words now. “We can’t keep pretending things are fine, Aaron. We’re falling apart, and I know - I know it’s my fault, I know it’s because of what I did, but we can’t live the rest of our lives like this.”

Aaron set his sandwich down, sitting back in his chair. “It’s not your fault, Robert,” he began, trailing off mid-sentence.

“It is. I know it is,” Robert said, feeling sick to the stomach as he spoke. He knew it’d been his fault that they were like this - if he hadn’t gone and slept with Rebecca, of all people, maybe they’d have had less to get through.

Maybe they could have been happier.

“Robert -“

“If you can’t forgive me for what I did, I get it. I just, I need you to tell me now, so I can just go, and let you move on.”

“That easy, eh?”

Robert shook his head. “You know it wouldn’t be, but I just want you to be happy, Aaron, and - we’re not very happy right now, are we? I’ve barely seen you this week, and when I have, you’ve ignored me. Even Jimmy’s noticed we’re barely speaking, what does that say about us?”

“Did he say something to ya?” Aaron was imeadiately on the defensive, Robert knowing he hated the idea anyone else was butting into their relationship. He’d been like that a lot, since they’d decided to make their marriage work - Chas hadn’t been impressed, and neither had Paddy, and Aaron was more than frustrated at his parents interference.

Jimmy would just be another person on a long list of nosey neighbours waiting to see when Aaron and Robert would finally crash and burn, and prove everyone who’d ever told Aaron he was wrong to give Robert chance after chance right.

“No.” Robert shook his head, remembering the face Jimmy had pulled at him, trying to make a joke out of the tense silence in the portacabin that day. “But would he be wrong if he had, Aaron?”

Aaron sighed, quiet for a few minutes before he spoke. “I have forgiven you for what happened with her.”

Robert looked at Aaron, looked at his husband’s earnest face, and his heart ached. Aaron had always worn his heart on his sleeve, for better or for worse, the love, or hurt always clear on his face.

The honesty clear on his face.

Robert didn’t know what he’d done to deserve Aaron’s forgiveness, he really didn’t. It hadn’t be instantaneous, it had been bloody hard work, Aaron bringing Robert to counselling more than a few times so he could try and explain how hurt he was, both of them working through it with Aaron’s counsellor.

But Aaron had forgiven him, somehow.

“Then what’s wrong? What have I done?” Robert asked, leaning forward slightly. He just wanted to know, so he could fix it. “Was it what happened in the cafe? Because I swear to you, Aaron, I was just being polite, I don’t fancy her or owt.”

Aaron looked uncomfortable, twisting his ring around his finger as he spoke. “What’s to stop you cheating on me with a woman again? Clearly - clearly a woman can give you something I can’t, or you wouldn’t have slept with Rebecca.”

“I told you why I slept with her.” Robert shook his head. “She was easy to manipulate, Aaron. Her - her being a woman, that had nothing to do with it.”

“But it does.” Aaron sighed. “It always does, with you. Being with a woman’s more normal for you, and I don’t know how to deal with that.”

Robert’s stomach clenched. “It’s not more normal for me,” he said firmly, shaking his head. He hated that Aaron thought like that, hated that all he’d done to persuade him otherwise had been undone with one drunken, anger fueled mistake.

Aaron stayed silent.

“You have a problem with me being bisexual, don’t you?” Robert said bluntly, asking the one question he’d wanted to ask for months now, since that day in the car, before the crash, and a thousand times over ever since.

His husband had a problem with his sexuality.

“I guess I don’t understand it,” Aaron shrugged. “It’d be easier if you could decide one way or another, I guess.”

It’d be easier if you could decide one way or another, I guess.

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Your local zoroark here to supply you with questions! Now, have some rare Candy's so you can get to level 20. By the wayyyyy, can I have a wish wishy-fishy?

Also a wish?? I don’t know if I can grant those but I could try???

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“Dance with me.”

Aaron looked at Robert, eyebrows raised. “You can’t be serious.”

Robert stood, hands on hips, giving Aaron an unfailingly bright grin. ‘I’m 100% serious, actually,” he said, holding out a hand for Aaron to take. He was wearing a new, a new one, a bright blue number that had set Aaron’s heart on edge from the moment Robert had tried it on at the tailors in Leeds, Robert doing overenthusiastic twirl, after twirl, as he’d tried on half the suits in the shop.

He looked good, though. Robert always looked good, of course, but he looked even better than usual tonight, white shirt sleeves rolled to his elbows, a purple tie pulled loose at his neck, cheeks flush from the summer breeze, and the champagne he’d been necking.

Robert loved a good wedding, and well - Sam and Lydia’s had been one to remember.

“I don’t dance,” Aaron pointed out, beer bottle held halfway to his lips as replied. They’d ducked outside the packed village hall for a break, the Dingle madness even more overwhelming than usual.

“No one is going to see you dance here.”

“I don’t dance, Robert.”

Robert rolled his eyes, taking the beer bottle from Aaron’s grip, setting it down on the windowsill before he tugged Aaron into a standing position, holding him close. “You promised me a first dance at our second wedding, and you didn’t do it,” he said, trying to force Aaron into some semblance of a dancing position, a hand on Aaron’s waist, the other holding Aaron’s hand aloft, as though they were going to do a waltz.

In Robert’s dreams, maybe.

Aaron snorted in response, freeing himself from Robert’s grasp so he could sling his arms around his husband’s shoulders, falling into step with Robert’s swaying. “You were busy, weren’t ya? Faith kept you well occupied.”

“Please don’t remind me,” Robert grimaced. “I can’t believe you made me do a slow dance to an Adele song with your gran.”

“Best part of the whole day,” Aaron grinned. This close to Robert, even in the dusk, he could see every freckle, every detail on his husband’s face, right down to the tiny little scar above his right eyebrow, the one that wasn’t really even noticeable unless you got up close and personal with him like this.

Aaron noticed. He’d always noticed the little things about Robert, the tiny, insignificant things that made his husband, his.

“Sam’s really happy,” Aaron murmured, the two of them swaying on the spot, the eclectic playlist Sam and Lydia had put together switching between pop-y dance tunes, and old eighties music, the kind Robert loved to blast as he made them dinner.

“Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of your life,” Robert hummed. “Ours was, you know. Happiest day of my life.”

“Really?” Aaron raised an eyebrow. “Cain forgot to get the flowers, me mum got bladdered before we even got to the speeches, and Liv nicked a fifty from your wallet before we even got to the registry office.”

Robert couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah, but regardless of everything that went wrong - I got to stand up in that registry office and get another chance with you. That means everything to me, you know, that you’d forgive me, after everything.”

“I love you,” Aaron said, sincere, pausing in their mindless swaying for a second so he could focus on Robert, focus on what he needed to say. “I love you, Robert. No matter whats happened in the past, I love you, and that’s all that matters. That’s why we’re here now.”

“At Sam and Lydia’s wedding?” Robert raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t be dense,” Aaron rolled his eyes. “We’ve been married nearly a year, Robert. We barely made it a few months, the first time around.”

“Don’t talk about that now.”

“I want to, because I want you to understand how much better we are now,” Aaron said, fingers aimlessly running through the blond hair at the back of Robert’s neck, dipping beneath his shirt collar to trace patterns on Robert’s skin.

“You think we’re going to make it this time?” Robert asked quietly, urging Aaron to dance again, the two of them swaying in a circle, moving from foot to foot in the closest they’d ever get to dancing, really.

Aaron pressed a kiss to Robert’s lips, letting the embrace linger for a second or two before he replied. “I think we’re going to make it forever, you and me.”

So I have a confession to make: I am not overly found of Aaron Minyard.

Now! Before we all get crazy here, let me explain to you the thing. I don’t hate him, there are moments were I come close but I don’t actually hate him and there are moments were he surprises me that I start feeling guilty but SUDDENLY he flips a switch and I get angry again. 

So here is the thing, I am in a constant state of confusion and intrigue over Aaron Minyard because the bastard is do damn aloof that he is a freakin’ mystery to me. 

So I have a mental check list. The Who Is Aaron Minyard List. Yup. I randomly think about this list and try to solve the eternal question. Who the fuck is this guy?!

So here are some things on the mental list that I thought I’d write down. Because it’s the only way I’ll LET IT GO. So.

1) Why Katelyn???? This is number one spot FOREVER. The Katelyn Situation baffles me because it doesn’t add up BUT they totally make sense together??? How that works I don’t know. She’s this bubbly, bright, cheerleader. Friendly and kind. What does she see in him? What did he show her??? WHY DOES HE LIKE HER??? WHAT IS IT. WHAT IS THE THING THAT CALLS OUT TO THEM. 

2) Does he really hate people or does he pretend to hate people? I know the deal with Andrew is a massive influence on this but he surprised me with his, loyalty??? I guess, when Andrew went to the hospital. He was so hostile with the others. But Katelyn has so many friends, does he like them better? is he different with them? TELL ME. 

3) WHY IS HE HOMOPHOBIC. WHY IS HE SUCH AN ASS ABOUT IT. WHY. This makes me fucking crazy. Because I thought ‘oh he grew up with that kinda prejudice’ but like, from where? It says his mom never paid attention to him and he had to have known about Nicky early on, if not he finds out later and accepts??? it???? He wasn’t abused and he didn’t know about Andrew’s abuse until everyone else finds out. WHY DOES IT BOTHER HIM. WHY. Did he know about Andrew being gay wayyyyyyyy early on??? IS IT OUT OF SPITE??? DOES HE JUST SAY THE THINGS TO TRY AND PISS OFF ANDREW??? I just really need to know. 

4) His entire relationship with Andrew. I’m not even going to write about it because I swear to god I can easily go off on this for 30 pages.

5) HE LIKES THINGS BUT HE KEEPS IT HUSH HUSH. He likes music/dancing??? WHEN NICKY GOES TO THE DANCE FLOOR HE ALWAYS GOES TOO. DOES HE DANCE WITH NICKY? ON HIS OWN??? DOES!!! HE!!! ASK!!! SOMEONE!!! TO!!!! DANCE!!!! OR MAYBE HE DOESNT DANCE AT ALL??? DOES HE STAND BY THE WALL AND BOB HIS HEAD??? WHAT IS HE DOING OUT THERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE TELL ME. He likes cars, he gets excited about the car. HE LIKES MOVIES. please tell what kinds. tell me what books he likes. he likes to read i know it, i feel it in my bones i know he does. does he like oranges? fuck if i know. Someone needs to tell me if he likes fucking oranges.

6) He killed someone and I really need to know how he feels about it.

7) BIOLOGY????????????????? HOW? WHY? WHERE DID THIS COME FROM???????


9) how bad was the drug situation. does he hate Andrew for getting him clean?

10) Besides the Katelyn Issue what exactly is his problem with Neil? Is it Neil’s existence???? Is it that Neil is super gay for his brother??? Is it that he doesn’t want Andrew to be happy??  IS IT THAT ANDREW CHOOSE NEIL OVER HIM?? 

11) I just want to fight him. I want him to tell me his secrets.