i understand why they want to write articles about him

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i'm crying jughead means so much to me :( what can we do about mark waid? i don't want him to mess up jughead. can we do something? start a petition? write articles pointing this out, explaining why it was wrong, asking he apologize and recommending ace/aro sensitivity readers? tweeting archie comics? something? anything? after riverdale, i'm NOT willing for them to take comic jughead from me without a fight

I understand. My mood instantly dropped when I found out. I don’t know what we can really do about Mark Waid, because he’s not some small writer who Archie’s never worked with before. He’s been writing for Archie’s for a while, I’d have to check but I’ve bet he’s written Jughead to some degree before.

For the good news is I don’t think he going to ruin Jughead, but I’m still aggressively uncomfortable with an aphobe writing Jughead’s series. (If you are in the mood to fight I’d actually ignore Mark Waid directly. He has a history of -isms and saying shit like it’s only a comic book. Also his fans in part are the stereotypical sexist comic book dude types so you don’t want their annoying attention anyways.)

Aim for the company it self. A lot of people who have been fighting this are really at their limit. They’ve ignored us for over a month now. And I think a lot of us are actually muted on twitter. (That or their ignore game is top notch.) I don’t think we are going to separate the two because of their history working together, but we can let others know to be safe and if you want to fight I suggest leaving tweets or comments directly @ ArchieComics when they talk about it. Ask them how many issues he’s writing, tell them you won’t give them money with him as the head of this series, ask for next time they try an aro ace writer for their aro ace lead.