i understand they symbolize innocence and all that

Why are all of the Zutara stories I’ve seen about “innocent Katara” and “experienced Zuko?” I mean, Katara found a different guy in practically every place they went. Zuko only had, like, two girls at the most (Mai and that earth girl whose name escapes me). Katara maybe sweet, but she’s not all that innocent, and Zuko maybe considered the “bad boy” type, but he’s actually just a huge dork.

I want Zutara fiction about Zuko asking Katara out but being really awkward and stuttering and Katara interrupting with, “I’d love to go out with you, Zuko.”

I want Zuko to plan the perfect date, but things to get ruined so Katara just smiles and says, “It’s not that bad!” Then they take a walk and she tells him about her worst dates and he tries to share too but it’s literally about Mai so his stories aren’t quite as crazy as hers. She still loves them, though, and he’s surprised that she’s actually laughing.

I want Zuko to be swept off his feet, unsure and constantly questioning himself because “It’s Katara. After all I’ve done, I don’t deserve her.”

I want Katara to worry about Zuko, constantly going out of her way to make sure he’s alright. I want her to assure Zuko who he is now is not who he used to be. “I mean, you’re the Fire Lord and you married a water bender! If that’s not a sign of the nation’s new start, then I don’t know what is.”

I want her to be a constant reminder that the Fire Nation is no longer a nation of war, but one of peace. I want their bond to symbolize the newfound bond between the lands. I want their relationship to be one of forgiveness, balance, and harmony.

I want silly and awkward Zuko. I want Katara to find him, not rough and hot, but charming and cute.

I want understanding and experienced Katara. I want Zuko to find her, not innocent and childlike, but dependable and mature.

I want motherly Katara and boyish Zuko. That is all I want in life.

The Hogwarts houses.

So you know the coats of arms for each house? Well, guess what. They all mean stuff! Of corse they do. I did some research and here you go:

Red- eagerness to serve country, warrior
Gold- understanding, respect, virtue, majestic, generosity
Lion- valiant warrior, courage

Green- freedom, beauty, joy, health, hope, loyalty
Silver- cleanliness, wisdom, innocence, sincerity, peace, joy
Snake- wisdom and defiance

(There’s no yellow) gold- understanding, respect, virtue, majestic, generosity
Black- grief or resistance
Badger- defence, perseverance, protection, bravery

White/silver- cleanliness, wisdom, innocence, sincerity, peace, joy
Blue- steadfastness, strength, truth, loyalty
Raven*- knowledge, resistance, nature (sometimes death)

*It should also be noted that the symbol for Ravenclaw isn’t an owl because owls actually represent vigilance NOT knowledge.