i understand the need for a safe place i do

People are so mean, they’re hypocrites, they could judge everything you do, how you dress, look, say, even what you listen to. Some people are so cruel for no reason, it amazes me how certain people can act so nice to some and so shitty to others. But one thing I hate is when people judge my music taste, I mean I’m so used to people judging me, like everything I do and how I look so I already know how it feels like to get mean stares and comments but it really gets me when people judge my music. They don’t understand that music is the only thing keeping me alive. It’s always there when you need it, says exactly what you’re feeling and it doesn’t judge you. It’s my therapy and it’s my safe place. My type of music whether it be, screamo, heavy metal, alternative, post-hardcore, no matter if it’s the “Devil’s music.” No matter if people stare and tell me I shouldn’t listen to it, I will listen to it day and night because it’s the only reason I’m breathing right now.

P.S sorry for the non-band post, just feeling extra shitty today and needed somewhere to rant out and thought tumblr was a perfect place to do it. I promise to return to band post soon! Just needed to get this out! Sorry again!

Something I find very odd about the whole ace discourse drama is that both sides have been so extreme in places that I think people have forgotten it’s possible for people to be of a middle-ground on the issue?

I always see ‘what side of the ace discourse are you on?’ like exclusionist or inclusionist are the ONLY possible answers. You’re either for or against. Us v. Them.

I personally am happy to include ace/aro people in my spaces, but I DO need them to be aware of some of the issues within their community that have negatively impacted mine - such as the recent phenomenon of some pride events including ace pride flags but somehow ‘forgetting’ lesbian pride flags or bisexual pride groups, or the fact that some in the ace community consider any kind of PDA or expression of sexuality as disgusting or a personal attack on them (after the LGBTQ community has fought so hard to be able to express that freely) and the use of words like ‘allosexual’ on those who are uncomfortable with it. 

At the same time, I do not support the people being outright nasty and cruel towards people for being ace/aro - something that, as with any sexuality, cannot be chosen or changed. I also understand ace/aro people feeling like - in a highly sexualised/romanticised society - they need a place to feel safe from those pressures. My own sister is ace and has been treated as a ‘challenge’ by uni boys due to this. So I do understand it, and I’m happy to accept them in my spaces providing they’re respectful of what it means to other community members. 

Basically, it is possible to feel neither particular way on something, or even agree with points from both sides. Try and remember this before you go witch-hunting. 

Time for Mama Sarah to appear

When I first got started in this fandom and first became a member of @innerinnercircle, I was known among the Morana Witches (our network) as Mama Sarah. I got this name because I tried (and sometimes failed) to reign in overenthusiastic smols and drama-thirsty people my own age. It was a joke and an endearing nickname, but it’s always been kind of accurate to how I’ve run my blog and interacted with the fandom. Mama Sarah hasn’t been around much the past few months, because for the most part, she wasn’t needed. But now? I need to bring her out again.

I am absolutely appalled by the behavior of this fandom since the release of ACOWAR. Never have I imagined seeing such vitriol coming out, but here it is. People are literally being bullied off the site because of personal attacks, nastiness, and anon hate. This is NOT how this fandom used to be, and I’m incredibly disappointed. I remember the days last summer when we were proud of ourselves for being “better than the ToG fandom” which had years of ship wars and drama built up (this isn’t a dig against them, just a comparison of the level of wank, as Harry calls it, at the time). Everyone just let one another be, let them enjoy their own ships, and meta about characters. Now, I honestly think we’re worse than the ToG fandom ever was. 


People are allowed to like or not like the book, and they are allowed to share their own opinion on their own blog. If you don’t like what you’re seeing from someone, unfollow or blacklist them! It’s okay! That’s how this website is made to work! DO NOT send them messages criticizing how they run their blog or, for heaven’s sake, calling them two-faced or making attacks against their personalities! I cannot believe what I’ve been witnessing over the past two weeks. I’m frankly ashamed by some of this behavior. 

Does anyone really feel good about themselves sending such nasty messages to people anonymously? Does it really make you feel better about whatever you’re upset about? This is grade school behavior, guys. There is a BIG difference between constructive criticism or calling someone out for a mistake and calling them a piece of shit or making insinuations about their personal lives. The latter is just entirely unacceptable. 

My follower count is only just beginning to recover from the blow it took before and during ACOWAR, and I really hate to have to make a post like this two days before my big announcement. But honestly, if you think that sending anonymous hate to people, intentionally stirring up drama, or bullying people is okay, then UNFOLLOW ME. That is not the kind of blog I run, and I will not be associated with people who think it’s remotely acceptable. We are all real people behind these blogs, and we should all be treating each other with respect and compassion. I’ve never told people to unfollow me before, but in this case, I pick standing up for what’s right over my follower count. 

I’m probably going to get messages accusing me of preaching, being a snob, or whatever, and that’s fine. I accept those consequences. But standing up for people who have been bullied is more important than that. I’m complicit if I stay silent. 

Also, if anyone has been bullied, know that my blog is a safe place for you to come and find comfort and understanding. It always has been and always will be. 

I’ve loved being a part of this fandom, but I need to put my foot down about this. I know I don’t have the power to control anyone, but I had to say something. Enough is enough. 

I love my kind, sweet followers and those who engage in discussion civilly and with compassion. I love my followers who stand up for what they believe in. But I do not in any way support bullying or vicious behavior. It needs to stop.

Tyler Seguin - Tipsy

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Request: “ Request!! T Segs where he sees you in the club and he can’t take his eyes off you and you run into him later on in life and you get sassy w him not realizing it’s him. “

A/N: I’m writing this in bed at 11 pm. Sleep who? Sorry I changed this request a little bit, I could write a different one later if you’d like? Just let me know.

Warnings: Drunk scenes/vomiting/forced kissing 

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Safety Pin [Chris Schistad]

Prompt: After her boyfriend cheats on her, (Y/N) finds comfort in the person she least expected. The one that would make it alright. (x + xx)

Pairing: Chris Schistad x Reader

Fandom: Skam

A/N: Here it is, the second part to “Heartbroken”! I originally intended not to give this one a happy ending (at least for Chris), but you guys seem to want them to end together so here it is <3 I hope you like it! 

(Y/N) had been watching through the peep hole for the last five minutes, wondering wether or not to open the door. He was there, holding a flower bouquet, as if that alone could make everything right. She was sitting on the floor, her back against the door.

“Just hear me out,” he said. “Please, just let me explain.”

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Not a single word Prt.2

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Requested for a part 2

Warning Contains: Fluff, and couple spat.

Once the two of you got back home, Caius led you inside, up to your room and slammed the door closed after you went in. The violent shake that came from the slammed door gave the translation of how angry Caius really was. A silent vexed Caius is more dangerous than a loud one. You were most definitely screwed. You decided not to run after him and start a fight in the hallway instead you cleaned yourself from your clothes and changed. You knew when he was ready he will come and talk to you, you wanted to give him chance to calm down, his silent rage is best not to be touched and fiddled with.

You decided to put yourself in your in more comfortable clothing, you would thank yourself later for it. You placed yourself in a chair and decided to sit and wait and think of what to say, and what he might say.

As you waited and thought, Caius was in another room walking wall to wall. What was he going to do with you? He knew he wanted to calm down first, you were still human, he didn’t want his rage to end up hurting you. After about 30 min he took an unneeded sigh and walked back to your room. He first paused at the door and knocked, he heard your voice allowing him to answer, wich is nice, this way he didn’t need to rip this door apart. He closed the door behind him and looked over at you. Neither of you saying anything as he sat across from you, but he decided to talk first.

“I am very disappointed in you,, ” he said looking you as your eyes looked down avoiding his gaze.

“It’s one thing to ask for spa or to want to walk outside in the garden. But to drive off to gods know where and not tell anyone?” his voice rising a bit as he spoke.

“I am sorry” was all you could manage to say, for some reason him saying that he was disappointed with you hurt more than him actually being angry with you.

“You have to promise me you will never do that again, I need to know where you are my love. I need to know you are safe” He said his voice soft trying to get you to understand his thoughts. He walked over to you and sat in front of you, one knee on the ground.

“I am a grown woman Caius” You tried to tell him.

“I know you are, but being my mate and still be human, there are too many chances of you getting taken away and hurt” He placed his hand on your knee. “If you really want to go out without my company, please at least take one of the guards.” The both of you looking into each other’s eyes “Please” he begged.

To see him, Caius actually beg was in a way scary, a strong vampire, who would easily grant you an army and the world if you asked, is one his knees begging.

“Okay” you said softly, you felt him place a cool kiss on your temple, his softness calming you.

“I love you cara mia”


Feel Safe

What’s home?

Camp Camp fanfiction based on the Camp Camp AU @the-queen-of-zombie-heartz. The writing style is sort of based of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange in some parts. P.O.V changes.

Under cut due to triggering content and length.

Trigger warnings for: child abuse (physical, mental and emotional but no graphic descriptions), murder (also child murder), Stockholm Syndrome, kidnapping, stalking and manipulation.

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The snowball part 11

hey! sorry for the late update, just started uni and things are getting hectic and stressful, thanks for everyone’s patience :) xx

Link to the rest of the chapters x

The remainder of dinner passed solemnly as everyone tried and failed to think of ideas that would allow the Illyrians to stay on their land.

Feyre could feel Rhy’s watchful eyes on her as she poked at her spaghetti, twirling it around on her fork and watching it slowly drip back into the bowl, over and over. She couldn’t understand how Tamlin was even considering helping such a vile company. Lucien had been against it but mentioned that Hybern was offering Tamlin a deal too good to refuse, but at what cost to the Illyrians?

When Feyre looked up Rhys was still watching her. He quirked an eyebrow at her. Tell me what you’re thinking. He seemed to ask. 

In response, Feyre downed the glass of wine Rhys had bought her, and turned to face the group, “I think I know who that single, wealthy investor is.”

Rhys and Mor looked at each other in silent agreement as if Feyre was confirming something they already had guessed, but it was Cassian who asked, “Well tell us.”

“A few weeks ago Tamlin grew… more agitated than usual-”

Mor snorted, “You mean he wasn’t always so delightful and charming?”

Feyre’s face burned in shame and Rhys shot Cassian and Azriel a warning glare as they snickered at Mor’s comment. Underneath the table, Rhys nudged his knee alongside Feyre’s gently, “Go on.” He urged. 

“Lucien said it was because he was working with a new business partner, later on I found out it was Hybern’s company.”

“You say that as if you’ve met the man.” Azriel said.

“I have.” Feyre said, shocking them all.

“When?” Rhys asked quietly.

“Not long ago, he was at our-” Feyre caught herself before quickly amending,  “Tamlin’s house.”

“Of course those two are best buds.” Cassian said.

“He didn’t seem like he wanted to take the deal. But Hybern was making it worth his while.” Feyre countered. 

“Well at least we know how to get to Hybern’s greatest investor.” Azriel was looking intently at Feyre.

“Az.” Mor warned before Rhys quickly interrupted.

“You want to use Feyre as leverage?” 

“Of course not Rhys, I just meant that Tamlin will listen to Feyre. She can try and convince him to withdraw from the plans.”

“But that would mean Feyre has to be near Tamlin again, and like that will happen any time soon.” Amren said. 

Rhys nodded his approval. Feyre could barely sit still while the others made plans about how to sway Tamlin without involving her.

“I’ll do it. If it means protecting these people.” Feyre interrupted quietly.

“Feyre-” Mor began before Rhys silenced her with a look.

“It’s your decision Feyre, but at least think it over first?”

“I have thought it over. I want to do this.”

“I don’t like this Rhys.” Mor said, crossing her arms.

“I never said we’d let her go alone. We can ask him to meet her in public. We can all be nearby just in case. She needs to talk with him anyway, we can’t go on hiding her forever.”

“I agree. Feyre should be able to go back to work, or anywhere in town for that matter, without having to look over her shoulder.” Azriel added.

Feyre nodded at them all, “I’ll ask him to meet me tomorrow.” When she saw Mor anxiously biting her nails across from her she leaned over to grip her hand. “I’ll be fine.” 

“Still. I wish Cassian had already taught you a few boxing lessons.” Mor grumbled.

“It’s not too late.” Cassian said with a devilish smile.

“Cassian it’s nearly 7, let the poor girl sleep.” Amren argued.

“I’ve had enough sleep. I want to learn.” Feyre said earnestly.

Rhys’ eyes twinkled with mischief. “Now this sounds fun.”

Amren and Mor went back home while Feyre once again climbed onto the back of Rhys’ motorcycle. Cassian and Azriel would meet them at the house for Feyre’s first lesson. 

Feyre strode up to the bike confidently and let no fear show on her face as Rhys revved the engine teasingly. 

“There was not nearly as much screaming last time, we may have to change that.”

“Don’t you dare.” Feyre warned, squeezing Rhys’s middle tightly to emphasize it.

“I think you secretly like it.”

“I think I’ve had enough of being scared to death recently, thank you.”

Feyre had meant it as a joke but she felt Rhys deflate as he hung his head low in front of her. Feyre lifted a hand to place it reassuringly on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze to show she hadn’t really meant it. 

“You’d better hold on tight.” Was all Rhys said, a clear message to remove her hand.

Lights were already on at Rhys’ considerably large house when they arrived. Removing her helmet, Feyre gaped at the townhouse.

“There it goes.” Rhys interrupted.


“Any hope that you would like me for my dashing looks and personality alone now.”

Feyre smiled and pushed his shoulder playfully as he showed her into the house.

Cassian and Azriel were waiting for them in a spare room which had been cleared out for Cassian’s boxing equipment.

“About time. Did you guys get lost?” Azriel asked.

“Probably best not to ask what those two get up to in their spare time.” Cassian joked, sending Feyre a wink.

“Are you just trying to anger Feyre enough so she’ll actually punch you Cassian?” Rhys replied.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m perfectly capable of punching him with no foreplay needed.” 

Cassian roared with laughter and even Rhys shot her a delighted grin. 

“You might want these first then.” Azriel said, tossing her a pair of obviously used gloves.

“You should really wrap your hands first. Here let me.” Rhys grabbed a roll of bandaging and held out an expectant hand.

Feyre noticed Cassian and Azriel suddenly finding other places in the room to be and averted their gazes as she placed her hand in Rhys’. He barely looked up at her as he silently bound her hands with surprising gentleness.

“Alright now try flexing them, can you move okay?” He asked when he finished.

Feyre tested out her mummified hands before nodding and slipping on a pair of gloves. Then Cassian approached her with a pair of punching pads on each hand, grinning wickedly at her.

Some agonizing hours later, Feyre was permitted to stop for the night. She slumped on the floor in the corner, gulping down water that Azriel had gotten for her. 

Cassian had been relentless, but a good teacher. Azriel and Rhys had stayed to call out encouragement and give advice when Cassian permitted them. Feyre’s punches had been sloppy and weak at first, but by the end of the session, Cassian actually winced a few times. Whether he was humoring her or not, Feyre didn’t care. 

She shook out her bruised and raw hands and Rhys was immediately there to remove the bandage and holding an ice pack.

“We’ve all been there.” He smiled when she noticed the ice.

They all moved to the living room as Cassian began to complain about his aching legs and feet. Azriel put the tv on as he and Cassian took the only armchairs available, leaving the small couch for Rhys and Feyre.

 Rhys shrugged as he moved to sit, a challenge on his face as Feyre hesitated. Steeling herself, Feyre sat next to him. The couch was so small that no matter what way Feyre sat, her thigh was always touching Rhys. 

It wasn’t long before Azriel went to bed claiming lack of sleep. Then the lolling of Cassian’s head and soft snoring announced he had fallen asleep in his chair. Feyre laughed while Rhys tried to quieten her.

“He gets grumpy if woken from a nap.” He explained grinning.

Rhys was so close she could practically hear his heart beating quickly as he seemed to take note of how close she also was to him. Feyre tried looking around to distract herself, and that was when she noticed faint scorch marks on the wall near the tv. 

“Did Tamlin do that?”

Rhys followed her gaze before sighing. “Yes. I would say he didn’t mean to but I think I would be lying.”

“I’ll get him to pay for any damages tomorrow.”

“I don’t need his money.” Rhys said, a faint look of disgust on his face. “I really wish you weren’t doing this.” He added, suddenly serious.

“Then why are you going along with it?”

“Because I believe you need to face him. Because we need your help. Because you’re the only one who may be able to convince him to stop all this.”

“And what if the only way to get him to agree is if I go back to him?”

Rhys went still. An icy rage settled over him but the hand that reached for Feyre’s hand remained gentle. As his fingers locked around hers she nearly flinched, remembering the last time Tamlin’s hand had closed over her wrist. 

“Do you want to go back?” Rhys asked, staring at her intently.

Feyre paused. Considered the question seriously. “No.”

Feyre loved Tamlin. Maybe a small part of her always would. But she could not forgive the way she had been treated. No matter the stress he was under, Tamlin should never have hurt her. Mor and Amren had helped her understand that. Azriel and Cassian had helped her to laugh and made her not feel so lonely when she had felt unhappy in Tamlin’s empty house. 

And Rhys. Rhys had taught her to read. Allowed her to work for him. Gotten her out of bed and exploring new places when she had felt like doing nothing but sleeping for a year. Not to mention given her a safe place to go when she needed to get away from Tamlin. 

Rhys studied her carefully. His gaze seeming to read all these thoughts racing through her head. “Why not?”

“I don’t think I can ever go back to how things were between us. You’ll be there tomorrow right? In case…” Feyre finished uncertainly.

“I’ll be there.” Rhys promised.

A bit of tension left Feyre as she prayed for everything to go right. 

“Feyre, if Tamli-” Rhys began but Feyre cut him off.

“I don’t want to talk about Tamlin anymore.”

Rhys appraised her sudden boldness. A purr crept into his voice as he asked, “What do you want to talk about then Feyre darling?”

“I don’t want to talk either.” 

And before she lost her nerve, Feyre leaned forward and removed all distance between her and Rhys. Her hands reached out to grip his face as her lips crashed into his. If Rhys was shocked he didn’t show it, his hands winding through Feyre’s hair and pulling her closer. 

Feyre slid one of her hands to the nape of Rhy’s neck, running her hands through the silky strands there. Rhys countered by extricating a hand from her hair and sliding it down and around her waist. A small gasp was elicited from Feyre as his hand gripped her, Rhy’s thumb sweeping in small circles up her side. 

A few minutes crept by, Feyre’s hand travelling to rest upon Rhys’s chest as he hummed contentedly, until an awful gurgling noise from Cassian had them springing apart. Cassian’s head snapped up as he woke. 

“What’d I miss?” He asked with a sleepy voice. 

His eyes widened as he noticed the flush on Feyre’s cheeks, both of their messed up hair, and how Feyre’s shirt had ridden up to show just a sliver of her stomach. A cheshire cat grin slowly spread across Cassian’s face.

“I was just about to take Feyre to bed- I MEAN HOME!” Rhys said, horrified.

Cassian only laughed and even Feyre couldn’t hold back her laughter at being caught. 

“Whatever Rhys, just maybe next time, ask for some privacy.” Cassian got up and strolled from the room, shoulders still silently shaking from laughter.

Rhys looked at Feyre sheepishly. “I really should be getting you home.”

“Only if we don’t take that bike.”

“So you’re saying if the bike is the only option you’ll just have to stay here?” Rhys said smirking.

Ferye flicked him on the nose. “No it means I’ll ask Azriel to drop me home instead, you prick.”

Rhys laughed. “Prick already is it? Why only a few minutes ago you-” 

Feyre silenced him straight away with a small peck on his lips. He looked down at her almost dazed.

“Just take me home please.”

“Of course.”

Take Over For Me (Part 3) - G-Eazy x TWD Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

requests: Okay so Ive had this in the back of my head for the longest time and I just wanted to share it with you BC I love you: so imagine if Negan had a son (like Geazy the rapper BC THEY TOTALLY LOOK A LIKE) and like you and him fell in love but can’t be together BC you both are on opposite sides.. I’m so conflicted and convinced that Geazy is Megan’s son or Neagn is old geazy LOLOLOL

Yes, I loved this one <3 Gerald it’s so cute <3 but I really wanna see when he get jealous of her when he sees her walking aroud Alexandria with some guy. Don’t forget to tag me please!

pairing: gerald x reader

a/n: i’m sick and i feel like shittt but i’m so excited for s7b tonight! i also wanna say wow??? this blog has almost 900 followers and i’m fairly new to tumblr so that’s really damn weird for me

this is so shitty i’m just really tired and not in the mood to write but i felt the need to post something so here’s this gross imagine i came up with in like 15 minutes lmao imma go take a nap now

word count: 1,016

tagged users: @girlygreenie @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers @marvelnerd18 

It was a beautiful day in Alexandria. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining brightly. Out of the window in your small bedroom, you could see that the townspeople had already begun their days. Some were carrying baskets of supplies around while others sat on their porches with mugs in their hands. 

You rubbed your eyes, deciding to get out of your makeshift bed of blankets and pillows on the floor. Because you had been going on runs quite often, you had a day off to yourself. It felt nice to be needed by the people of Alexandria, but you had to admit, days off were your favorites. 

You never wasted a day, meaning you couldn’t just stay inside and sleep through your day off. You decided to go for a walk, to talk to your friends or meet someone new. Socializing was not your top priority, but you did value the importance of companionship. 

Your day off did not go as planned, for within ten minutes of you being outside, you had been summoned by Rick. You didn’t mind in the slightest, as long as you could stay inside the walls for a day, you were ready to do whatever he needed you to. 

“Aaron’s been keeping tabs on a small group he found out on the road for a while now. He thinks it’s time to offer them a spot in Alexandria. What do you think about that?” Rick asked you. One thing you always adored about Rick is how he always put your opinion into consideration. 

“You know what I’m gonna say. If Aaron thinks they’re okay, they’re probably okay. I wouldn’t mind seeing some new faces around here. How big’s the group?” 

“I’m not exactly sure, but Aaron told be there’s about ten of them. He told me they’re loaded with supplies. Either they have a resource we don’t know about, or they’re extremely good at scavenging. Either way, they could be useful to us.” 

You nodded, agreeing with him. “So, is that all you needed me for?” 

“Oh, I wanted to see if you’d like to introduce them to some people around here. Give them a tour, go over the rules with them. I’d do it myself, but I have to go on a run for some more supplies, or we won’t have enough to give the Saviors.” Rick’s face saddened, but you pretended not to notice. 

The group was filled with fairly pleasant people. There were eight of them, and they were all close to your age. You were glad to have some new potential friends coming into Alexandria. They mostly seemed fairly comfortable as you led them through the town.

As you tried to sleep, you heard the rustling of something outside. You quickly hopped to your feet, instantly becoming more alert and aware of your surroundings. Through your window, you could see the shadow of a man walking down the street. You threw on a pair of shoes, grabbed a jacket and your knife, and headed outside. 

“You okay?” you called out. You tried to be quiet so you wouldn’t wake anyone else. The shadow turned around, and you could see it was one of the men from the group you led around earlier. “Do you need something?” 

The man shook his head, stopping so you could catch up to him. “I just can’t sleep. The last time we saw something half as nice as this place, it ended in us losing a lot of our people. It’s nothing personal against you. It’s just… This all seems too good to be true.” 

You nodded, understanding his concern. “I know this probably won’t help you much, but I swear, you’re safe here. Well, as safe as you can be nowadays. We have strong walls and even stronger people standing guard at all times to protect us. You and your friends are all okay here.” 

The man nodded, looking down at his hands. “I think I’m gonna stay out here for a while longer, if you don’t mind. I’m kinda awake now. I doubt I would have gotten much sleep anyways. Sorry if I woke you up,” he apologized. 

You patted his back, smiling at him. “That’s alright. You take as long as you need to settle in. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do for you or anyone else in your group.” 

He thanked you, and you left his side. On your walk back to your house, you heard another rustling sound. It was coming from outside the walls, though. You remained quiet, listening for the groaning of a walker, but you didn’t hear anything other than quiet footsteps. You pulled your knife, backing away from the wall. You didn’t want to wake anyone, but you had to know if it was a walker or a person on the other side. 

“(Y/N)?” a voice whispered. You glared at the wall, recognizing the voice. “I can see you. Will you come out so we can talk?” Gerald was looking at you through a crack in the wall where two segments weren’t fully connected. 

“Are you kidding me?” you sighed. “No, I don’t wanna go outside the walls this late. You shouldn’t be here. What if someone sees you? What if someone followed you here from the Sanctuary? You could get someone killed!” 

“I just wanted to talk to you again, but I see you have someone else for that.” Gerald seemed upset and a little frustrated. To your confusion, he seemed to back away from the wall. 

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but you need to leave. It’s not safe for you to be out here,” you warned him. 

“Is that guy your new boyfriend?” he asked bluntly. “I don’t know about you, but I thought we kinda had a thing going here.” 

You smiled shyly, biting the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from grinning too much. “No, he’s not my boyfriend. We can talk later, though. Okay?” 

Gerald chuckled, stepping closer to the wall. “I’ll see you soon.”

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The Hunter’s Son Pt. 2

Characters: Sam x Reader (eventually), Dean, OMC (Jonah), Alexis

Summary: During a missing childrens’ case, Sam runs into a familiar face and one that looks much like his own. Now Sam has to tackle something just as difficult as hunting: fatherhood

Words: 2,801

Warnings: Mentions of cannibalism, slight angst 

A/N: I had way too much fun writing this chapter. Today’s gif is brought to you by Google. I do not own it. Feedback is always welcome! 

Sam sighed as his brother paced, practically repeating everything he told him.

“So let me get this straight… Back in college she was dared to go into an abandoned place off campus. So you tag along and there was a ghost?”

“Yes Dean. I just didn’t want her going alone okay?”

Dean hummed, “Then the ghost appeared and you handled it. She found out…”

Sam groaned, completely done with this conversation now. “Yes! She even helped me, and she was terrified might I add. She didn’t wanna be alone after that and we drank a couple of beers back at my dorm room. I told her everything okay? I know I shouldn’t have but I did.”

“Then you two hooked up,” Dean teased.

“What? No! Dean seriously?”

“Is that how you two became a thing?”

Sam groaned, “We only had one class. She hated me. But after that it changed okay? Yes we hooked up but not on that night! Y/N was just a small thing before Jess…. That’s it.”

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Felicity’s League of Assassins

I will be the first to admit that there’s a lot about this season I haven’t enjoyed, but I wanted to talk about one of the things I am enjoying. First, let me preface this by saying, it is no secret that I absolutely loved season 3. I thought it had some of the best character development across the board for the characters on the show and to be honest, character development to that magnitude is something we haven’t really seen since. Except, I think, til now. Which is why I’m trying to give season 5 a chance.

To an extent, Felicity is living Oliver’s s3 arc. Everything that Felicity has been through is coming to a head this season and honestly, it’s about time. 

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everything is personal

summary: a short Jeller ficlet based on the synopsis for 2.17

She walked out of the elevator and looked around. The office was empty, as it should be at midnight. She pressed her fingers to her forehead, trying to relieve the throbbing headache she had. Every part of her was hurting; every muscle, every bone, and especially the gun shot wound in her upper arm. It had been a long day, and if she had not promised Roman she would go see him after the doctors cleared her, she’d already be home.

She spotted Kurt in his office and decided to make one last stop before she put an end to this horrible day. He looked up and saw her just before she got to his door, waving for her to come in. He was standing and walking around his desk by the time she’d walked, his eyes scanning over her, assessing the level of her injuries. His gaze fell on the bandage on her arm, and she could see the flare of anger on his face.

“How are you feeling?” he asked her, and she nodded, a tired, yet reassuring smile on her lips. 

“I’m fine,” she said, “it’s just a graze.”

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Hi! Nice to see you all around again! Here I bring you part of a prompt that was sent to me by @howellscrunchynuts, hope I did it justice!

It’s different to everything I have written before since it’s a songfic so, I hope that doesn’t bother you.

As always, hope you enjoy it and every type of feedback is appreciated :D


summary: Dan and Phil are fighting. Again. And Phil is tired of it. Again. // songfic based on ‘’Lovely’‘ by Twenty One Pilots

words: 875

no trigger warnings

They were having another argument. It was the fifth one this week, and it was only Wednesday. Phil was tired. More than tired of listening to Dan complain about everything and nothing at the same time.

You say things with your mouth
Cobwebs and flies come out

Phil knew everything Dan was ranting about their relationship were lies. Completely utter and damned lies. “I hate this. I hate being in this mess of relationship. I hate being with you” he screamed over and over again. But Phil knew much better than that.

I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow
Luckily I can read your mind

Phil was glad he could be able to read, or in this case, to listen between the lines. Dan might be saying that he and Phil weren’t made for eachother, but in his eyes he could see the desperation screaming “please, don’t leave me.”

Flies and cobwebs unwind
They will not take you down
They will not cast you out, out.

He was sure Dan often used hurtful words to protect himself from voicing more strong feelings he wasn’t ready to voice yet. Phil also thought that voicing those words would make him believe that that was what he wanted, but maybe not what he needed.

Dear friend, here we are again pretending
To understand how you think your world is ending

Phil tried to emphasize with Dan. He tried to feel what he was feeling, but often that made him feel worse. Dan always had blown things out of proportion, bombarding Phil with questions that didn’t have a proper answer instead of letting it be. Phil dind’t know where this relationship was headed in the future. Phil didn’t know if Dan leaving uni was for better or for worse. He simply didn’t know.

Sending signals and red flags in waves
It’s hard to tell the difference between blood and water these days

On their best days he could see how Dan tried to approach him, giving him hints that he wanted his comfort. And sometimes a touch of a hand or a simpel hug would do. But at soon as they appeared, they were gone again. It wasn’t easy to know.

I’ll pray that one day you see
The only difference between life and dying
Is one is trying, that’s all we’re going to do
So try to love me and I’ll try to save you.

Phil really wished Dan would see what he was screaming at him right now in a few years wouldn’t matter. Only if this lasted. Because if Dan really didn’t try to apologize for this Phil was sure one day he would get tired. But both needed to put effort in this relationship, not only Phil.

He sometimes screamed back, like this time. “I love you, don’t you see that, Dan? Why cannot you love me back?” And that shut Dan up. Because he didn’t really try to love Phil. As he saw it, he was just a friend who often offered Dan a safe place in his arms when he needed one. That was it.

Won’t you stay alive
I’ll take you on a ride
I will make you believe you are lovely.

This time it seemed different, because Dan actually responded in a tiny and quivering voice “I cannot even love myself, so how do you want me to love you back?”

Phil put all his anger aside and hugged Dan, who was clsoe to tears. “I not lovable Phil, I don’t really understand how you can love me.”

“Let me and I will show you how you deserve to be loved.”
Your redemption won’t grow stale
We are now just setting sail
On the seas of what we fear
Treason now is growing near to me

“I know this relationship scares you. The future scares you and it scares me too. But we need each other to face it; we will face it together.” Phil whispered into Dan’s ear, holding him a bit closer.

I’m coming clean
God, hit me straight on.

“I’m so sorry Phil. I’m sorry for screaming. I’m sorry for everything.” Dan hugged Phil back, letting a few tears roll down his cheeks onto Phil’s t-shirt.

Won’t you stay alive
I’ll take you on a ride
I will make you believe you are lovely.

“You will be okay, Dan. We will be okay” Phil whispered while he deattached himself from the hig and cleaned Dan’s tears with his thumbs. “But you need to promise me you will try. You will try to keep this relationship aflowat, I cannot do it alone.”

Dan nodded, looking into Phil’s blue eyes, “I promise you I will.’‘  

You say things with your mouth,
Cobwebs and flies come out.
I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow
Luckily, I can read your mind

Don’t be gone

You say things with your mouth,
Cobwebs and flies come out.

Phil knew sooner or later they would be okay. Even if Dan kept screaming at him, even if he was still hurting inside, Phil could see that Dan really didn’t mean anything with those ugly words. He didn’t.

At least he promised he was going to try. And this time Phil believed him.

thema-sal-shiral  asked:

For DWC: Prostitute AU? Thank you!

Glimpses: Revolutionary


Rating: M

Genre: Romance 

Pairing: Solas x Surana 

Warnings: Mention of sex work 

Full disclosure this is not what you are expecting. It was waay harder to write this than I expected, so I decided to just have fun with it lmao.

She looked him up and down, unimpressed. “I don’t normally do this.”

“Nor do I.” The man before her glanced down at his clothes, then sighed. “It has been a… long day. Ir abelas.”

“I’m not Dalish. Speaking elvhen doesn’t impress me or anything.” She pursed her lips and leaned into the wall, raising her voice over the cheering around them. “Besides, I don’t even normally do outside work. Or penetration. None of that.”

“I assure you, that is not what I am looking for.” He paused, then held out his hand. Another crisp twenty lay inside, and she hesitated a moment before sighing and taking it.

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anonymous asked:

there is absolutely no place for cishet ace people at pride or in the lgbt community... idk how you can defend the place of cishet people in our safe spaces

Well, here’s the thing. Cishet means “cisgender hetrosexual” so if we’re talking about cisgender heterosexual folks who are also heteromantic and aren’t intersex, then I agree totally. But saying “cishet ace” is confusing as you’re either saying “cisgender heterosexual asexual,” which is contradictory and not a thing, or you’re saying “cisgender heteroromantic asexual,” wherein you recognize that asexuals are in fact not heterosexual and therefore belong in the LGBTQIAP+/MOGAI/queer community. 

We’re getting really tired of talking about this shit when we’ve shut it down so thoroughly so many times, and us mods have been discussing not entertaining this kind of question anymore. However, I continue to take them because doing nothing about this kind of hatred is allowing it to continue. If I don’t stand up to you now, my inaction tells you that it’s okay to think like this.

And it’s not okay. 

Please, remove your head from your ass for a moment and imagine with me that other people have feelings. Imagine that you are asexual and are constantly being invalidated, erased, and discriminated against by heterosexual people. Imagine that you’d like a safe space. Imagine if there’s a whole group of people who face very similar discrimination and hate from heterosexuals. Seems like the place to be, right?

Now imagine that assholes like you are saying nope, you don’t belong here. They’re telling you that  you belong with the people who are hurting you, who led you to seek out a safe space. Do you understand the hypocrisy? Do you see how what you’re doing is hurting others?

I can defend the right of all asexuals to find a safe haven in MOGAI spaces because they belong there and because I have compassion for others. Why do you think it’s okay to deny a safe space to people who need one?


Little Green - Escape (Jongdae, pt. 8) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

[ Jongdae | Little Green ]

  \ Escape


 You weren’t sure who he meant anymore, but either way, you whimpered. Haneul didn’t even bother getting up from the floor, just plastering herself against the wall as she flashed you a frightened look.

“It’s gonna be okay,” she said. “It will be okay!”

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I’m Waiting

Title: I’m Waiting

Link: AO3

Square filled: Dom/Sub

Ship: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rating:  Explicit

Tags (aka warnings): NSFW, established dom/sub relationship, explicit language, explicit sexual content, bondage, mild spanking, mild flogging, use of a blindfold, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex

Summary: Dean and the reader need some down time after a stressful couple of weeks.

Word Count: 2671

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Author’s Notes:  Written for @spnkinkbingo. Huge, giant, massive thank you to @mamapeterson and @katnharper for your invaluable help. Also written for the July Saints and Sinners Challenge from @faith-in-dean and @for-the-love-of-dean in which my prompt was bondage. Also for my 100 Kink List Drabbles, #10 - Blindfold requested by an anon.

Originally posted by ifandonlyifthingswillmakesense

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anonymous asked:

hey love i get that tumblr is your safe space and you need this place to vent but why make your account public then? i mean you'll just get reported and your blog deleted and you're probably endangering/influencing others. wouldn't making it private be easier? (i don't mean to offend you this is a genuine question) stay safe xx

If my account had been private I wouldn’t meet people with my same issues and we wouldn’t support and understand each other as I do with some people that I have the luck to meet thanks to this blog. This blog is public to express how I feel and support people who feel the same, It helps to feel less alone

Idol Time PriPara 6

The plot this week: The girls go to Danri. Yui kinda makes a fool of herself, but otherwise they have a good time. The end. 

Haha I actually didn’t pay as much attention to this episode as I should have and will probably have more to say later, but I want to get some initial thoughts out of my head so I can sleep better before my night shift.

(But actually, Idol Time is getting subbed isn’t it? So I don’t really need to make the painfully detailed summaries I used to do anymore, do I?)

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