i understand if you unfollow for this

I’d like to discuss something recently brought to my attention

So I have friends that like the hawks and they aren’t allowed to express this without getting death threats on this hell site.

Fuck that.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you don’t like the team they like there’s an unfollow button. Being callously cruel like that makes me so fucking mad. Do I like the hawks? Not so much. But not everyone feels the same and I UNDERSTAND!!! These people on here are not hurting anyone, they are not pushing their team, and not every hawks fan like K*ne!!! Not every player on the team deserves to be shat on because of one player either.

So enjoy the barrage of hawks posts (minus as much K*ne as possible) over the next few days because I will be a person to allow these people a safe space to enjoy their team. If you don’t like it, once again there’s an unfollow button and, if you seriously hate me that much, a block button.

Hawks fans: feel free to come to me if you get hatred or death threats cause I won’t allow that.

Love all you boos equally.


I didnt plan for this blog to become hannibal trash but it happened and there’s no turning back now

feel free to unfollow if its not the content you want to see, I understand that it can be very annoying when a blog is constantly posting about stuff you dont care about so no worries

hope y'all have a nice day

Something you need to know about me

The thing with getting anonymous messages that are trying to get you guilty about something is that I do not feel guilty about it because I do not care about the opinion of a stranger. Because yes, I have absolutely no clue who you are Nonny.

Also, I won’t apologize for maybe unfollowing someone (i say maybe, because with tumblr who knows if it was really me) and controlling what I see on my dash. If I unfollow someone, it’s for a reason and I won’t keep getting upset by something just so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m looking out for myself and my own emotional well-being first. And if you are trying to make me feel guilty for it…. Well, I am not the problem.

Especially since except for porn blogs, I haven’t blocked anyone. You can still speak to me and tag me.

I might have explained to you why I did what I maybe did (again tumblr is shit) if you weren’t on Nonny, but now I won’t even bother. If you cannot deal with someone unfollowing you, tumblr might not be the place for you.

If you choose to write me anon messages where you try to make me feel guilty though… That won’t work. I don’t know who you are. And now? I don’t even care.

So yeah if you want to unfollow me (if you haven’t done so already) go right ahead. I do not look at who is or isn’t following me.

Hey guys! I’m working on the Halloween event and doing some house cleaning and have a few things I want to give reminders about:

1.) Activity: Please reach out to us if you need a hiatus. We understand life gets busy and sometimes you guys need to deal with real life. With that in mind, I’d like to remind everyone that coming on every few days and posting once is not considered activity, if we see this as a consistent pattern you will be unfollowed.

2.) Hiatus: We absolutely encourage you to take the time that you need, however, please be courteous to those wanting to apply and those in the group and be mindful about applying for characters while on hiatus or taking hiatus immediately following taking on a new character. Will keep in mind that sometimes you just can’t help it but again if we notice patterns in this we will ask you to drop characters or ask that you wait until you pick up a new one. We’ve seen this happen a few times now and we just don’t want it to become a habit. 

3.) Major plots: If you guys have any major plots that you’d like to do for the Halloween event please let us know! We’d love to incorporate your guys ideas into what’s going on. Will be doing something simliar to last year in regards to the town event with the haunted ship and all that fun if you need some ideas for the setting we are ramping up for. We’ve had a few of you come to us with some amazing ideas and we are very excited. 

Please like this post to show us that you’ve read and understand!

Send me an emoji!

💌: I’d love to send you more messages and asks but you make me nervous!

😊: You’re sweet. You’ve made me smile before.

🙏: I’m a little afraid that you’ll unfollow me.

🔪: I’d hate to get on your bad side.

😶: I’m honored that you’re even following me tbH.

👾: Your theme is awesome!


💉: Talking to you or seeing you on my dash makes me feel better.

😐: I don’t understand half the things you reblog but I support you anyway.

🌑: You come off as cold, impersonal.

👒: You come off as very friendly!

🌃: I’d like to spend more time talking to you.

🎭: You sure do get into a lot of drama…

😄: I can always count on you to like/reply to my personal posts.

🍥: Your aesthetic is very streamlined. It’s clear you’re picky about the stuff you reblog.

🍬: You’re sweet, but I feel like I know very little about you as a person.

🐟: Your blog isn’t quite my “type.”

😅: I often worry about upsetting you or scaring you off.

😇: Every single interaction we’ve had so far has been positive.

🐱: You’re cute‼︎

🌱: I’d love to get to know you better.

☔️: You seem unhappy.

😃: I love seeing you in my notifications!

🐸: You act goofy.

💻: Are you ever not online?

❄️: Your BYF struck me as kind of harsh, but I followed you anyway.

😆: You’ve made me laugh out loud before.

💔: You’ve disappointed me before.

📺: We have similar interests!

🔈: We have similar tastes in music.

🌊: You have a lot of personality.

😀: I would consider us friends.

🎀: We have similar aesthetics!

🍳: This is an egg in a frying pan!

🎉: I get really happy when I see positive personal posts from you, even when I don’t fully understand the context!

😈: I know your secret~

🌴: I’m jealous of you.

: Could you, like, chill a little bit maybe? Like in general? Please?

🎶: I associate you with a specific song or musician.

👟: I feel as though you’re out of my league.

🐚: I find your blog very calming.

👀: I’ve vagued about you before.

🍰: I might recognize you if I ran into you on the street.

😂: I’m comfortable around you.

🌈: Sometimes I see your selfies and think to myself: “I’m gay.”

🌹: I wouldn’t mind going on a date with you.

😓: I’ve talked to you before and it made me a little nervous!

👑: You’re vain.

📝: I know a lot about you just from following you on Tumblr.

🌙: You’re beautiful.

🍓: You remind me of someone…

😒: I honestly don’t know why I’m even still following you at this point.

😳: I’ve learned things about you that have surprised me a lot!

🐭: Please be kinder to yourself.

😑: -__-

👔: I think you’re someone who takes themself very seriously.

🍉: I wish we lived closer to each other.

🍭: You confuse me.

😮: I wish I could give you some advice.

💐: I have a crush on you.

😁: You’re a little awkward, but I find it endearing.

💕: I love you‼︎

👍: I like you. Just, in general. I think you’re a genuinely good person.

yall: god i cant believe rick said reyna is straight! lebian reyna 5ever!! what a bigoted writer

literally what rick said: 

yall: he didnt even ask ACTUAL wlw how they see it

literally rick:

(and btw i’ve SEEN yall complain about this stereotype as well)

yall: doesn’t he realize lesbians can date men and still be lesbians?!?!


yall: rick didnt even apologize for it and he did the classic “it’s your fault you’re upset lol”

what rick actually said:

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on people who unfollow you?

Can’t say I give much thought to them, I literally never know when someone follows or unfollows me! My philosophy is, if you enjoy my content that’s awesome! If you don’t, that’s fine too, I completely understand I’m not for everyone! I always consider myself blessed with the people who appreciate me, whether that be a small or large crowd, because I never expected support in the first place! It’s all just so much fun, and I always am honored by any support and love I get!

do you guys understand how huge the fact that she unfollowed everyone including her friends and family from twitter and instagram, but still follows her fans on tumblr, is? like she fucking understands how much her follow means to us and… i’m just…… wow i love her

if you’re going to sit here and tell me that isak and even are “just two white boys” and don’t understand how important they are in terms of representation for lgbtq+ people and mentally ill people then i’m sorry but like….unfollow me…..these two boys are so so so much more than just two white boys….and if you can’t see that then i really don’t have anything to say to you


So it has come to my attention that some people are calling for a boycott of Wynonna Earp over the gooverly/wynonna kiss. You want to cancel the one show that has treated their lesbian couple better than any other show to date over a peck on the lips? If you think it’s ok to boycott everyrhing you don’t like, if you think it will be ok to go harass Andras and the actressess over this then unfollow me. I firmly believe that Dom and Mel would have voiced concerns over the scene and I am as convinced Andras would have listened. .

You need to understand that this was not a waverly/wynonna kiss. It was a gooverly/wynonna kiss. It makes sense. The demon wants to be in a position of power but it needs a host that is dark enough for it to have the right habitat. What does it say about Nicole that the demon didn’t transfer to her? It can’t cause Nicole is FUCKING GOOD. Wynonna is good but also flawed and grieving and the demon will feed on that.

And isn’t it ironic that Wynonna the demon slayer is now possessed?

I have seen the argument that now homophobes will latch onto this to call us perverts. Because they will lift it out of context. Newsflash: the first people to lift it out of context are the people getting their knickera bunched up over an incest that isn’t there. I am looking at one particular “famous” user on here with whom I can’t even have a discussion cause apparently they are blocking everyone disagreeing on this. And they don’t even watch the show.

If you are a fan of the show you should be able to read the subtext.

Also spare me with the “this is what happens when the straights write a queer character” bullshit. Do you need to be a serial killer to write murder stories? You think Stephen King dresses as a clown overnight and drags kids to their doom? What about if someone told you that you an LGBTQ person can’t write queer romance until you fell in love. Wouldn’t you call that bullshit?

So Andras went from hero to zero in one scene. Check yourselves. You are here complaining about content that she created in the first place so you could complain about it. Without people trying we wouldn’t have anything. And their sexual orientation doesn’t matter one bit.

And this is the reason why instead of growing our content dwindles. Because writers are afraid to try, because when you do try and get it wrong you get death threats. You only need one “famous” internet celeb to whip up a mob except that on the internet you can say whatever the fuck you want without repercussions. At least a lynch mob in real life can be lynched back.

You know, all you need to write good characters and good plots is empathy (and research). Something lacking on both sides of the fence. But at least Andras is trying and if I learned something from the way she handles things it won’t be easy but Wynonna and Waverly will have a resolution about it. Because as soon as Waverly figures what has happened you bet your ass she will try to save her sister.

Because they are Earps. No matter what a birth certificate may say.

So don’t you dare ruin this fandom, which is the best fandom I have been in ever, because even different ships support each other. You don’t want to watch fine move along. Leave us be.

Look how well the boycott turned out for the 100 uh? (a show in which the show director actually queer baited people) If you feel like it please reblog. I am looking for an actual discussion with whoever wants. Or drop me an ask

lmao so I’m very stubborn and never ask for help. I’d rather stress myself out to the point of being sick to avoid asking for favors. This is very hard for me but this is my situation:

yeahhh so I currently am a full time business student as well as bartender at a really slow and shitty restaurant. Today I made $20 in tips & make $7/hr. The checks they give me bounce every time I deposit them and this is what got me in this hole. It is the most frustrating thing bc they always have an excuse for why it didn’t go through. I would leave my job, however I have no transportation (I had to sell my car & my bf was supposed to give me a new one, but his life was rocked by hurricane Harvey in the worst way. I might get it at the end of this month.) I live in a southern, dead end town and I refuse to take the bus, bc last time I did, a man tried to shove his hand down my pants so no thanks. I’m also going through extremely expensive treatment and testing for the possibility of having endometriosis AND ibs. I’m on generic lexapro for anxiety and that’s all I can afford. I keep delaying receiving proper treatment bc my insurance sucks! I’m super anemic again & keep unintentionally losing weight. Idk how I work so much when I throw up/have diarrhea everyday and not make money??? I also care for my father who has degenerative disc disease and is disabled to the point where he can not provide for us. We are also shunned by the majority of my family bc they never accepted the fact that my dad is in an interracial marriage. Can’t even ask my grandma for help. The family that accepts/loves us all live in Panama below the poverty line.

anyway Irma is approaching with an uncertain path/strength and all I wanna do is get a train ticket or anything so I can evacuate before it’s too late. After what happened to my bf, I’m scared of taking a chance and staying. I went through Matthew last year and that was scary af! I’ve been on this site for 5 years and have never asked for anything. I’ve done everything to help myself, even almost resorted to selling pics on here to perverts… I feel like I’m just defeated right now, but I’m realizing asking for help isn’t a sin. 

I also paint portraits of celebrities and give ok advice (even tho my life is shit, I’m a good friend I think lol) so if you want something in return, I’m always more willing to give than receive!!!! 

If you’re offended, please unfollow me! It’s not hard! You’ll never have to see this from me again. Once I have this car and finish this semester, I’m getting the hell out of here for better opportunities to sustain myself and family. 

It breaks my heart to reveal this personal info bc I know we’re all struggling… idk if i’m doing this right but here it is:

venmo: rubymarietho

i love you all and understand if you can’t help, i accept moral support too :)

I recently saw a post that said “if your dysphoria is solved by appearing gender-neutral, then maybe you’re not trans, you’re just sick of gender roles” and at the time I didn’t think much of it– I just unfollowed. But ever since I did, I’ve been thinking about it on and off and I couldn’t put my finger on what was so fundamentally wrong about the logic.

Until it occurred to me that the solution was a simple analogy.

“If your dysphoria is solved by looking female, are you really trans? Maybe you’re just sick of gender roles.”

Everybody understands that the above statement is transphobic. There’s a wide gap between preferring more traditionally feminine/masculine pursuits and interests and looking at your body and realizing that it feels fundamentally wrong. There’s a gap between frustration at enforced masculinity/femininity and dysphoria.

You wouldn’t tell a trans boy he’s “just a tomboy.” You wouldn’t tell a tomboy “you’re actually a boy.” Those are transphobic and RUDE statements.

So why is the following statement any different?

“If your dysphoria is solved by appearing gender-neutral, are you really trans? Maybe you’re just sick of gender roles.”

Yeah, okay, you can ALSO be sick of gender roles, but that does not equate to dysphoria.

Nonbinary people who experience dysphoria aren’t “just dissatisfied by gender roles” any more than binary trans folk who experience dysphoria. Nonbinary people whose dysphoria is solved by presenting androgynous aren’t “confused cis people” any more than binary trans people whose dysphoria is helped by appearing as their correct gender.

And it’s shocking to me that that post was reblogged by binary) trans bloggers (some that I used to follow) because you’d think they knew better than trying to equate dissatisfaction with gender roles with dysphoria.

So I have made the decision!

I will no longer have separate blogs devoted to different fandoms!

I used to do this so people could easily follow a blog with what they are currently into…

Although, now that I am branding..it’s a bit hard to put a bunch of different names on a business card! I have chosen my blog BLK-L to change to UltiMaL (or ulti-mal in some form) I will no longer be active on any other blog but this one.

I will always have those blogs up though for the past art to remain there!

Please excuse while I slowly start to change things over to this new brand name :3

This will also mean this will not be a Voltron only blog and I will be posting anything on here.  Which can be good or bad news for some of you  So I understand if you want to unfollow :3

But Voltron is what I will be mainly drawing at the moment

When I get into a fandom, I fall head first

So if you were already following BLK-L you are now following ulti-mal!

“UltiMaL, The Ultimate MaL Experience”  -Mr. Voltron Romance

Please help me reblog to let other knows “who the hell ulti-mal is and why am I following them xD

Thank you so much for your support!!

I say this kindly, but if you wanna land in my inbox and ask me questions that lead me to think you even remotely might be looking for ammunition to use against me, or someone else, or that you are trying to feel out my position on some problematic Tumblr personality, I’m gonna just delete it.  Doesn’t matter what my actual opinion is.

No lie, I have three of these kinds of messages in my inbox and IDK what’s up with that, but I’m not getting out of the car.

Originally posted by pyrogina

There is some interpersonal drama on this site I will not come near for love or money because it is absolutely savage all around.  It doesn’t matter what “side” I’m on, I’m still not putting my foot in that mess just to satisfy someone else’s curiosity about where I stand, because there is no “side” that doesn’t come with the inconvenience of getting attacked by mostly perfectly decent people and the lessening of my faith in humanity that ensues.

Y’all can probably surmise where I stand on most things based on the sorts of things I reblog.  My blog is a pretty accurate instrument with which to gauge my outrage and my sense of humor.  You shouldn’t use it to draw conclusions about what I think of individual Tumblr people.

Reblogging something doesn’t mean I agree with all the politics of every single person who contributed to the thread, even if I agree with the point they made on that post.  Saying “soandso is trash but this thread is good” and proving myself virtuous by denouncing sinners every time I open my mouth is just not a thing I’m prepared to do anymore.  I’m old now, and I get tired.

“Do you think smacking beehives with sticks is good or bad?” is a valid question I would probably be willing to answer, although I really think you should probably be able to guess where I stand (Nazis are bad, abuse is bad, bigotry is bad, cats are the best pets, etc.) and if you disagree with these basic things, in the words of @elodieunderglass​, I do not think you will like my blog very much.

“Soandso is a terrible person who smacks beehives/does not smack beehives, jsyk,” is something I prefer not to have to deal with because wow, do I ever not have the spoons for drama. I will take action if I think I need to, though I probably will not respond, nor should you ask me to.  Leave that up to me.

“Soandso has taken part in problematic bee discourse, and just now I saw that they were in a thread you reblogged.  Would you care to make a comment?” is … not a thing that gives me good feelings, whether I agree with beehive-smacking or not.  “Did you know about Soandso’s beehive-smacking?  It bothers me that you would support/denounce them/their act by reblogging this thing!” makes me kind of annoyed because wow, that hostility isn’t necessary.  “Stop defending/denouncing Soandso/beehive smacking! You’re awful!” makes me angry, because usually I haven’t defended or denounced anyone.  The content is just there among other content, and I’m interacting with some other aspect of it.  (Like, I’ve actually never gotten a message about this over any of the times I’ve actually done such a thing.  It’s all been jumping to conclusions based on proximity. That’s kind of fucked up, when you think about it.)

If you want to know what I think of beehives, ask.  If you want to warn me about bees or sticks in general, warn me.  If you think I need to know that Soandso specifically is Team Free Bees (or Team Smack Those Hives), tell me.  But don’t make me feel singled out, and don’t ask me to single anyone else out, publicly OR privately.  I understand why you are doing what you are doing, but it’s disturbing to be asked, even in a roundabout way, to shun someone publicly when they are not a public figure, or to be expected to pass/fail some weird ideological purity test I didn’t even consent to taking in the first place.

If you take issue with how I run my garbage blog, and suspect I might be on the “wrong” side of the bee/stick equation, and this is really troubling you, please unfollow and block me so you aren’t bothered by having to wonder. I promise I won’t be offended.  There are tons of other really cool blogs to follow.