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HC: Victor is a Nerd

Screenshots were provided by @kukapanda with permission for me to use!

Ok so you know how in Ep. 1 we get a glimpse of Victor’s apartment.

In the blu ray version, they changed how his apartment looks. It’s still very stylish but it is much more cozy as well.



I strongly support the headcanon that although Victor is forgetful and can be very ditzy, he loves learning, is super book-smart, and very well-read. 

Victor’s the type of person to hold all the Weird Facts and blurt them out at the most random times.

Victor also genuinely likes receiving books as presents.

Victor’s the one to drag Yuuri into bookshops and he never leaves one empty-handed.

Victor’s the type of person to murmur deep poetry into Yuuri’s ears when he kisses him. 

Victor is the biggest nerd.

Context: The party was fighting a bearded devil that was carrying away an old gnome lady. I, a Gnome Bard, got an idea.

Me OOC: I cast Lesser Confusion, hold on I got something for this
DM: Ok, sweet.
I was typing on my phone as fast as I could then,
I pretty much kept reciting a bit of it until it was decided I did the whole script, and rolled well.
DM: You got ‘em dude, this guy is whirling around, blood and glitter (i used glitterdust before) going everywhere and he’s like “Ghhrh? Ghrah? BEES?!”

as much as i would enjoy the idea of chris and melissa dating because lets face it, they would be hella cute together, melissa literally just got divorced. SHE JUST GOT DIVORCED. so please, for the love of god !!!!! do not tweet at her or at chris, asking them if they’re together or any kind of shit like that. leave them alone.

Send me an idol and I’ll rate him/her

*You can select more than one

What is this | Not my type | Meh | Ok | Decent | Pretty | Hot | God-like | Call 911 ASAP | *Dead*


No talent | Bad | Lacks a bit | Ok | Not bad at all | Good shit | Great | Eargasm | One of a kind | LEGEND

F I R S T   I M P R E S S I O N

Rude af | Seems kind of mean | Didn’t have any impression | Normal I guess | Literal cinnamon bun | Looks nice and kind | Precious | Generous | Caring | Sexy af | Innocent | Weird

Magnetic [Part 1 / 2]

Based on “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, Unprotected Sex, Use of Alcohol, Strong Sexual Reference and Suggestive Themes. 

Word Count: 5.3k+

A/N: I am completely enamored with this song and I had to sink my teeth into the prompt idea so enjoy lovelies! x. T

SoHo, New York City  |  9:57 PM

.     .     .

The soft golden glow from the lights overhead illuminated the area in a warm, alluring haze that cast everyone in shadows in just the right places. The gloss of the oak bar top shimmered in that light, making the perspiration that touched the wood from your sweating glass glisten brilliantly and you were entranced in watching a drop form. Lost in thought and staring at the cocktail in your fingers, you were unaware of the three men that entered the bar.

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Sex with Baekhyun

• first of all i think sex with Baekhyun would be emotional and very intimate

• and i don’t mean like hes gonna cry or that type of shit

• no, i mean like Baekhyun won’t have sex with someone that he doesn’t feel any kind of connection with

• Baekhyun doesn’t have one night stands

• he only has sex with someone he really likes or loves and is in a relationship with

• every time he has sex it’s special for him and he makes sure it’s something to remember

• Ok now lets get to the hot stuff

• Baekhyun LOVES foreplay

• I think that he rarely has sex without foreplay (any kind)

• either you two are gonna tease each other, or you’re gonna give each other oral, or y'all are gonna dirty talk..

• masturbation, teasing, oral, dry humping, grinding - - whatever it is, y'all ain’t having sex without it

• and i say ‘eachother’ because sex with Baekhyun is a two-way thing

• yes there can be times when Baek only wants to please you but mostly he wants something back

• he is a needy puppy

• there’s probably gonna be times when he is going to wake you up in the morning because of the situation in his pants

• and he is gonna whine if you say no

• “Jagi please, please help me get rid of it?”

• “But I want your pretty lips around me so bad..”

• and if you still refuse to do it he’ll be pouty the whole day, actually until he gets what he wants

• your lips are his favorite thing about you

• he just can’t ever get the image of you looking up at him, your lips wrapped around his cock, out of his head

• actually he absolutely adores every single curve on your body and it’s so obvious

• he gets so obsessed with your boobs and ass

• he loves worshipping both, even tho i think he might have a special thing just for your chest

• (playing with your nipples is something he loves doing)

• Baekhyun loves being praised and it turns him on so much when he sees that he is doing a good job

• that’s why whatever he does with you he keeps eye contact because when your face scrunches up in pleasure it’s his favorite thing

• run your fingers through his hair a lot and pull it when he eats you out, he’ll let out the sexiest moans

• that’s also one more thing with Baekhyun

• He is   n o i s y  as hell

• Baekhyun can never shut up irl (a joke) and he is the same in bed

• moaning, groaning, heavy breathing, and WHINING

• omfg his whines just imagine it

• movin’ on to his fav positions i feel like Baekhyun really likes it when you ride him, or just any position when you’re on top

• because it gives him the best view of you

• so since he loves your expressions it’s obvious he is a fan of missionary

• and also because of the closeness

• he loves hearing the sounds you make right next to his ear

• speaking of ears, bite his

• tease him like that because that’s one of the ways to get him going

• we still haven’t mentioned rough sex with Baekhyun

• just imagine that after i told you sex with him is emotional

• just imagine rough sex with him when he gets mad or jealous

• Jesus i need a minute

• that may be the only time he’ll do you from the back

• (he’ll also probably pound into you while pinning you to a wall jus sayin)

• and best believe you ain’t gonna be walking tomorrow

• imagine him all hot and fired up, his hair getting stuck to his forehead, his eyebrows scrunched up in concentration and his bottom lip between his teeth

• after the rough session he’ll apologize for being too rough (not that you minded) and he’ll be the sweet, soft Baekhyun again

• I’m just gonna add that he likes to cum all over you, because he thinks ‘your body looks really pretty when decorated with his cum’

• I think i should finish this off with aftercare Baekhyun

• after you two are both done (he is not letting you go until you cum at least twice)

• he can’t get the smile of his face until he falls asleep

• he always keeps you in his arms or wants you to hug him and stroke his hair

• he basically just doesn’t want to let go of you at all

• even when you have to get up to go to the bathroom or something he doesn’t take his loving eyes off of you

• but be back soon because he gets really sleepy after and he needs to fall asleep with you next to him

• I’m getting so soft Baekhyun is so cute fkskdklsldowkf

Wow, okay this was a rollercoaster for me and I didn’t plan it to be this long lol but ain’t no one complaining *wink wink* I’ll try making the other members headcanons like this as well. I hope y'all liked this. :))

My Response

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Concuss and In Love

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight injury (mild concussion), Language (I dropped the f-bomb a few times, sorry I swear like a sailor), So fluffy it will rot your teeth out

Word count: 2088

A/N: So, this was written spur of the moment today. No outline, no plan, I just picked up my phone in the car and started typing. This was written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing or as most of you know her by Kari’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 7. The prompt was “Stop filming me, moron!”. I added a word to it to make it flow in the story hope that’s ok. I am not a nurse or doctor, but I did do research on concussions and at home treatments so if any of this is wrong I apologize. Sorry if this is complete shit like I said it was written in like a few hours. No beta so all mistakes are mine. And I always forget to add this but none of the GIF’s or pics are mine except for the text and social media posts and supply basket edit. Those were created by me. 

Summary: You are enjoying a nice relaxing morning in your home, when your husband Jensen comes home early scaring the crap out of you. This fright, however, may have been a little more dangerous than Jensen thought.

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Okay, so I haven’t been able to get this post by @voltron-messenger out of my head for the past few days, so to get out of my writing slump, I wrote my own adaptation of it…

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What if the Mushroom Kingdom has handsome princes and chiseled robin hood type figures… but they are just completely overlooked by the residents? It’s all happening off screen, completely ignored. Like it’s a cultural thing, you’ve gotta have a ridiculous gimmick to be famous in those parts.

So toads see those pretty guys and are like ‘ehh he’s ok i guess, but a bit cliche’ then they see a tubby plumber glad in fluro red w/ a thick Italian accent and a twin beating the crap outta Bowser and they are all like ‘holy shit this is rad I’ve already forgotten about that other guy lol’


PARING- reader x Steve



Request from anon- Hey💗 I loved your previous smut imagine so I thought I could also give you an idea :) something where you’re the Captain’s girlfriend and also an avenger but recently you barley had time together cause of missions. One time back after a mission Steve surprises you with a candle light dinner in his apartment and later you make up for some lost time and have really passionate and intense sex? 😘 and if you like from both povs :) thank you soooo much 😍😊

Another smut for you all and with out dear Captain *grins* enjoy. 


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Being Steve Roger’s girlfriend was always going to cause some problems. He was Americas hero and when he got called away there was not much you could say about it, but it was equally hard being an Avenger as well as Captain America’s girlfriend. The missions were piling up and you frequently saw more of Clint and Natasha than you did your own boyfriend, it was frustrating to no end. But you loved being and Avenger and you loved Steve, it was like holding a double edged sword and trying not to stab yourself.

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Drunken Problems//Carl Gallagher

Teen wolf/Shameless crossover

warnings: smutish, alcohol abuse, mentions rape, protective liam, drinking, mentions weed

Word count: 796

(Y/N)’ s p.o.v

“hey carl pass me another bear, will ya”

i said while slamming my now empty bud light onto my moms glass coffee table.

“on one condition” carl responded with his stupid smirk.

i smirked back knowing what he had in mind. i wasn’t drunk-well not yet, at least.

“if you really want another bear, kiss me”

his eyes dropped down to stare at my lips.

i smiled. “just kiss me already gallagher”

carl wasted no time in closing the gap between us.

i ran my fingers threw carl’s hair, he had recently taken out his cornrows and damn did he look fine with his hair down.

he pushed me back onto the leather couch and started rubbing his arms up and down my body.

a shrill moan escaped my mouth as I felt carl lift up my top and draw little circles on my hips.

his hands were cold, but yet something about them made me feel warm all over.

carl then groans against my mouth and ripped my top off leaving me in my shorts and bra.

he then started attacking my neck with love bites.

carl and i have been dating for three months, we only told his family and my best friend malia.

yeah she was a senior in high school and i’m only in eighth grade but she treated me like an adult, just the way carl does.

and that’s how I wanted to be treated. carl never held out on me. he told me shit straight up.

a thing no one else could, not even my older brother liam.

that’s why I chose not to tell him, he would say some stupid shit like ‘I’m to young to be dating’ or ‘he’s not good enough for you’.

bullshit. yeah carl was fifteen, drank, sold drugs, and occasionally got high but that doesn’t make me love him any less. hell it makes him even hotter in my eyes.

i whined when I realized carl’s lips were no longer on my body. i looked at him and saw him taking off his shirt.

i smirked up at him and pushed him down and started kissing his jawline and stopped at his neck.

i started kissing around trying to find his sweet spot. once i found it, i attacked it with bites.

“mhhhh, right there babygirl” carl moaned out.

i licked the love bite and blew on it making carl shiver underneath me.

i smirked knowing only I had this effect on him.

“WHAT THE FCK (y/n)!?!”

my head shot up from looking at carl to see my brother liam and the pack all staring at carl and i.

“for fucks sakes” i mumbled.

i slid off of Carl’s waist and quickly grabbed my shirt from off the floor. I put it on and stood with carl.

i saw malia smirking at us.

“what the actual hell (y/n)” liam said

i rolled my eyes. liam’s eyes scanned the room, hey stopped when he saw the coffee table.

“no…you didn’t!”

i looked away, a few months back my dad walked out of my life. i went out for a drink with carl and within a week i was 'addicted’ to booze.

my mom took me in for rehab and hid all he alcohol in the house. i wasn’t really addicted, i knew when to stop.

today was the only time I drank, it had been five months. i would never become an addict. after meeting frank, carl’s dad I realized I didn’t want to end up like him.

“you said you would stop!” liam beamed.

“yeah, i did say that. but it’s not like I’m addicted to this shit ok!?, i know when to stop. i’m not some type of junky!”

“oh yeah! that’s not what you said five month ago when dad walked out and you developed this stupid addiction! i walked in on you with a bottle of vodka in your hands, half the bottle was empty, your eyes were bloodshot, you were wearing shorts and a bra with your top ripped to shreds by a guy who tried to rape you!”

i stared at him mouth agap.

“well thanks for broadcasting my fucking personal life to everyone!”

i grabbed carl’s hand about to walk out.

“(y/n) stop, you can’t leave. lydia just cracked the second deadpool list and your on it, we can’t let you out of our sight” scott said.

i looked at him as if he was crazy, “i really don’t need this shit right now, i just want some alone time, with carl”

carl kissed my forehead and walked me outside.

“i got a blunt, want to light it and get high?” carl asked.

i smirked “hell ya i do”

Part 2?

anonymous asked:

Hey! friendship hcs for Kuroo, Akaashi and Asahi, please? :)

AN: I LOVE FRIENDSHIP HEAD CANONS you guys don’t understand. Can I make this college au ok thanks slightly nsfw!!!!! just kuroo tbh lol


  1. The type of friend to follow you home and hang out at your place without an invite. Casually kicks off his shoes, says wassup to your roommate, eats all of your shit, and plops on the futon.
  2. Would make you his wingman/woman by default, or the other way around. Loves knowing that his friend got laid because of him.
  3. Is very… open. Would ask you weird shit like, “Hey, does this look like an ingrown hair to you?” or “This is what my penis normally looks like, right?” and “What do you masturbate to? I bet it’s those drama audios, huh?”
  4. If you forgot something at home, Kuroo’s got you. A scarf because you didn’t think it was too cold out, a gym shirt, even lunch, Kuroo would run back to his apartment to get it for you (or he accidentally slept through his 8am, so he was already home).
  5. Is really good at giving advice. He’s pretty seasoned and experienced with life to be honest, and even if he hasn’t experienced your problem first hand, he always carefully plays it out in his head as if he did and would give you the best advice he could. He gives it to you without sugar coating it, either, because he wants to make sure you’re being careful and that you won’t get hurt in the end.
  6. Is a mom; he makes you soup when you’re dying at home in bed. He’s learned to switch from packaged and canned soups to actually making his own (he’s had a lot of practice).
  7. Makes fart noises when you bend over.


  1. An amazing listener. If you text him about having a terrible day, in an instant, he would ask if you want to meet up or call him so you could vent to him. He’s not the type to just listen quietly, either; he would try to respond and give you advice or make you feel better.
  2. Always remembers significant events. He remembers the day you first met, your birthday, your anniversary with your significant other, that time you drank too much at the club and made out with a stranger, you name it. He marks it on his calendar and tells you the day every year.
  3. Is the type of person to buy something small and give it to you because it made him think of you. He would probably tie it back to a memory you both shared together.
  4. Would scold you when you’re sick because you didn’t wear a hat like he told you.
  5. Would also scold you when you forgot to finish that worksheet for homework (but would still give you his to copy, anyways)
  6. Comes over to your apartment just so he can scold you about how messy it is, but then proceeds to clean it himself and then offers to bake cookies afterwards.
  7. He normally buys healthy foods for groceries, so when he comes over, he eats all of your junkfood on his cheat days.
  8. Always makes sure that you set time aside so you can go watch his games. He tries to not make it a big deal, but it’s very important to him that you’re there to watch him because he gets nervous sometimes and you’re able to calm him down easily.


  1. Also an amazing listener! If you’re having a bad day, he would be more likely than Akaashi to ask you to meet with him in person instead of talking about it over the phone.
  2. Is always very concerned about you. On cold days he asks if you have gloves, on your sick days he asks if you need medicine, on days that you’re mad he asks if you want any food. Even if you say no, he knows you’re lying, so he brings everything anyways.
  3. Always comes to you for advice. He’s just a shy guy trying to get through college, so when he’s having trouble with someone he finds cute, he comes to you for help and is very desperate about it, it’s very cute.
  4. Because you guys hang out all the time, he gets a little anxious when you’re not around. If you miss class because you’re sick, he’ll sit through lecture texting you because he misses you so much. Even when he’s at his own apartment, he’ll still be texting you often.
  5. He cherishes your birthday more than you do. He is very persistent about you spending the day with all of your friends, so he makes it a big deal. He’ll reserve a party at a restaurant, order your cake, and even gifts you something very special from the heart. He likes to hand make his gifts, so it’ll probably contain lots of pictures, ticket stubs/receipts, and other quirky things.
  6. Forces you to go grocery shopping with him because you don’t eat your vegetables.
  7. Only trusts you to cut his hair because you know how he likes to style his fringe.
Y’all need to stop wow !

OK I’M GONNA SAY THIS ONE TIME BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T GET IT IN YOUR HEAD AFTER THIS YOU’RE DISGUSTING! DO NOT SEXUALIZE KIDS !!! IT HAPPENED A LOT AFTER ST GOT POPULAR AND IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN BECAUSE OF IT (people are sexualizing the cast) ! THEY’RE FUCKING MINORS !! CALLING THEM DADDY OR ANY OTHER SHIT IS UGLY ! YOU COULD STAN THEM IF YOU’RE THEIR AGE OR OLDER I DON’T CARE BUT DON’T BE FUCKING GROSS ABOUT IT. DON’T SAY YOU WISH YOU WERE YOUNGER AND THEIR AGE TO GET WITH THEM BECAUSE THAT’S LIKE SAYING “IF YOU’RE 13 I’M 13” OR SOMETHING ! JUST STOP IT’S REALLY FUCKING UNSETTLING AND GROSS! and another psa and I’m not gonna type in all caps for this one but don’t ship real people together, especially kids ! Ship their characters together that doesn’t matter because they’re fictional but real people is honestly crossing the line! Ok rant over but ugh just stop being fucking gross about stanning people support them, support their career, make edits about them, whatever the fuck but just! be! normal! about! it! no! need! to! take! it! to! another! level! ok thanks


so like most people I am very terrible at social interaction so I’m taking it upon myself to find people in the same fandoms as me and make friends cause y'all are my people and you get me ok 😂

here’s a list of all the shit that I like (that I could remember off the top of my head):

• One Direction
• 5SOS
• Melanie Martinez
• The 1975
• Ariana Grande
• Ed Sheeran
• The Vamps
• Shawn Mendes
• New Hope Club • Why Don’t We • TØP

• Teen Wolf • Stranger Things 
• American Horror Story 
• The Vampire Diaries
• Riverdale
• Pretty Little Liars
• Supernatural 
• I legit just started Breaking Bad
• Scream • Hemlock Grove

other various things you should know about me:
• i only type in lowercase (with only few exceptions 😂)
• i curse a lot 
• i’m very shy but once you get to know me i get very weird real quick • Spider-Man and Captain America are my shit • I LOVE HARRY POTTER • i highly enjoy memes

• i’m Canadian wat up 🇨🇦

• i speak English and i’m fluent in French

• i’m a dancer (10 years strong❤️)

• i’m a senior in high school 👩🏼‍🎓

and lastly just message me and we’ll become instant friends ok don’t worry 😂😂

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Holy Shit Guys...

Not gonna lie 

I was on mobile this morning and I had this all typed up and it was like 3 paragraphs long and i was almost done and then BECAUSE OF THE STUPID NEW UPDATE IT DELETED WHEN I SCROLLED UP!


Lets do this again

A warning.. I have too much to say about this so please bare with me because this post is going to be everywhere.

Im gonna be honest here! 

My first reaction was “shit… now I have to actually finish all those projects..” but once it sank in, my second reaction was “Why the fuck do all these amazing people follow me?!” I honestly cant comprehend it. I mean, I swear too much, I yell, my blog is trash, and my posts are shit. Yet all you, my followers, my friends… you all still follow me for some reason! And i dont have the words to tell you how much that means to me. I love all of you so damn much. Even my little ghost followers. You guys mean the world to me. 

When I started this blog.. uhh.. i think about 6 months ago?

(Please please please please please please please read! I just have to add this because of how long this is, it fucks everything up)

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Boyfriend Rowoon

-you have accepted the fact that this giant will always be hovering over you and giving you bear hugs whether it’s in public or at the dorm with the boys, and you don’t even try to break free because it has never happened before and it will never happen once he’s gotten a hold of you. Forehead kisses, never letting go of your hands, and you sitting on his lap is an absolute must. 

 -The kid lives for couple coordinated outfits, he love wearing matching shoes and jackets, showing you off and everyone often says you guys are couple goals and he’s so fricken proud of that while your like ok its not that deep rowoon and hes just grinning at all the fan-site photos like omg we look cuteee. He’ll drag you often to public events because hello couple goals and yall attend seoul fashion week every year like its your religion. It’s casual to see many girls anywhere and everywhere checking him out even when you’e right next to him but you’re really chill and cool about it because you know he loves you wayyyyyy to much, it’s like he forgot that other people exist sometimes. 

-Selfies? A tradition to do everytime you meet. Selfie when your dressed up, selfies with you both look like shit, selfies in the bathroom, bedroom, public  candid selfies, cute couple selfies, creatively planned and well posed photoshoot type selfies, derp ugly selfies, cartoon filter selfies, etc.

-Is so cute because he’s always easily jealous when it comes to you not giving him attention when you’re out with other people and sometimes it gets annoying because rowoon chill i love you ok i wont leave you but he’s also super considerate about how your feelings at all times and gets worried about the smallest things like him having a female love interest in his new kdrama. “It’s just acting ok? Don’t feel hurt, you don’t have to watch it. She means nothing to me.” Whenever he does hurt you though, it kills him so much and he’s so emo for the rest of the day even when he’s working- lowkey he knows he shouldn’t be cold when hes around fans but it just comes out like that and he gets scolded alot by his manager however, he’ll just take the scolding because all he’s thinking is about calling you when he gets home (the type to leave like at least 2 texts and calls before giving up).

-Dates include getting coffee and walking together holding hands or even just lazying out on the couch watching movies and eating snacks with his shirt off and you in nothing but his tshirt, either way he’s up for anything as long as he’s with you. You’ll start to realize the chic and cool image rowoon is basically only on stage because with you he’s like a cute puppy who always needs to be near his owner and is super dirty sometimes like him not washing his hair rolling on the floor but it’ cool because you love him. THIS BOY ALSO A HOT ASS CHEF so nomatter how many times you’ve seen him shirtless in the kitchen cooking you something, it just never gets old and you’re like why is this kid so hot damn….

-Expect you to come to all of his events. “You’re coming to my show in Singapore right?” and you frown cuz Rowoon thats all the way in freaking Singapore, and he just looks at you smiling like “Here’s your plane ticket and you roll your eyes and groan because he does this every time but it’s not even about the fact that he’s spending his hard earned money on your plane tickets whenever he goes out the country- it’s just because you have your own life and schedule and can’t go see him whenever you want so you guys often argue about that even though you always end up going to support your silly boyfriend at the end because he’s always in a better mood when he sees you in the crowd, you’re his lucky charm. Basically even though you whine for him not to spoil you, he always shows up with gifts, or paying for this and that and sometimes when he’s busy he just leaves stuff on your front door and you are half thankful but also sad because he does so much stuff for you.

-Won’t talk alot about you or hardly at all on camera or on tv, but whenever he is asked, his face will always turn a bright red and look down like the cutest little shy bean ever. “Yeah she’s doing alright..” He’ll say with a soft smile, he doesn’t want to talk too much about you because he wants your life to be private and knowing how hard it must be for you to date an idol, it’s better to keep you a mystery so you don’t get hated on. However doesn’t try to hide you in public either like other idols when going on a date. Will walk freely in the night and day with you like you’re hips glued to him or something even when there are people taking pictures. He will look the coolest to you during moments like this because his full attentions is on you and will never accept pictures with others or autographs because he’s really serious about his personal time-but of course rejecting them in a nice way and always with a smile. Your friends also know about him and everyone around you talk about how you’re dating an idol and you sometimes feel like it would be a burden on him because you’re expected to bring him to parties and stuff or people will say he doesn’t care about you but he always comes every single time with you even when he’s tired from a schedule and everyone’s shooked af because they didn’t think he would care enough to come but he’s always super happy every time like yes I’m y/n boyfriend!

-He asked his staff members if you can work part time in the summer and that was how you ended up working as an intern with fnc, being a stylist for sf9. It was nice being almost everywhere with him but was also really weird because since your relationship was public, everyone treated you super duper well and you didn’t have to do intern chores like run for coffee. You used to be able to touch up the other member’s makeup but because of that one incident where Taeyang play-flirted with you to piss Rowoon off, you were only allowed to take care of Rowoon from then on because your boyfriend is petty af.

-Basically love you alot, is a cute puppy- is YOUR puppy and keep him smiling all the time. Don’t ever question your love for him because that’s what keeps him so bright and happy and just allow him to take care of you even though it’s a bit burdening, know he means well. 

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Wow Gray, Kinky Much? | G.D.

Requested By: Anon


It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon in L.A. You were laying on a couch, your head in Grayson’s lap. You were scrolling through tumblr, and he was distractedly running his fingers through your hair. You stopped abruptly at one post, a laugh bubbling up from your throat.

“What, Y/N” Grayson asked. You angled the phone so he couldn’t see the screen, and smirked up at him. “Nothing, Gray. It’s nothing.” But you were laughing. “Nooo, Y/N tell meee,” he whined. “I mean ok, but you asked for it bup.” You told him, before sitting up and clearing your throat.

“Okay, Gray, it’s a picture of you. And you’re holding up a shoe-

“Wait, how is this funny?” He butted in. You shushed him.

“I’m getting to it. Anyway, you’re holding up your shoe and the first caption says ’wow, that’s a big shoe you got there Gray.’ And then someone reblogged it and said ‘Well, the bigger the feet the bigger the meat.” You could barely get through it without laughing. Gray turned red. “Sometimes I’m real glad I’m not on tumblr,” He mumbled. You just laughed harder. “Okay, you know what, we’re gonna go find some other dirty stuff, because this is hilarious!” You quickly clicked over to their youtube channel, and scrolled deep into the comments before stumbling on your first one. “Lick lick lick, I wanna eat yo dick,” You read. Gray had his cringe face on. “Wow, that one even rhymed,” you laughed to yourself. Just then Ethan walked out into the living room.

“Hey guys, what’s up? Are you being all coupley and shit, because if so, I’m out.”

“No E, I’m actually just making Gray cringe, wanna join us?” You responded. His face lit up. “Definitely! I’m always up for embarrassing Gray!”

“Alright then, shall we continue? Kelsey G. says ‘Ok, so I’m an Ethan girl (at which E smiled proudly) but Grayson can make me feel some type of way. Sometimes I accidentally start fantasizing about fucking him. Like damn, that would be so good.” You read. Ethan snorted. Grayson screeched in horror. “Wait, it gets worse,” you smirked. 

“Fiona Trickzzz says ‘Omg Grayson is daddy material. Like, I bet during sex he’d make you call him daddy, so I call him that too when I’m alone. I’m just getting ready, you know?’ Oh my gosh!!” You laughed. Gray just looked kinda uncomfortable, and went “No, that’s Ethan’s thing, okay.” Ethan looked away, but he couldn’t hide his smirk.

“Okay, next one. ‘So we all know that Gray likes choking people. And omG he has the perfect arms for it!! Wow, It’s so hot to even think about..” You burst out laughing. “Wow Gray, kinky much?” He just blushed even harder, and groaned. “Nooooooo. Y/N, can we be done now, this is so uncomfortable.” You shook your head, still laughing.

“Fine Gray. You just gotta promise that the only person you’ll ever choke is me.”

Him and Ethan burst out laughing. “Okay, definitely. I will only ever choke you, I promise. I will choke you in sickness and health, for richer or for poor. I will choke you until death do us part.”

You just giggled and fell into his arms.

“I love you.”

fruit kabobs for two - connor m. x fem!reader

ok so like, the fem part doesnt rly matter, connor say chick like once but otherwise u being a girl doesnt matter bc i wrote with they/them pronouns, actually idk if i ever use any pronouns in this. i just believe with all my heart that connor is the type of guy who calls girls ‘chicks’ and the context was nice ok so just like ignore the three female nicknames and its gender neutral!

masterlist! (also my requests are open even tho im working on three diff fics rn)

word count: 3,951 holy shit!!!!!!!!!! thats almost 4,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

warnings: attempted suicide, angst, swearing, weed (those first four should be obvious bc hello this is connor murphy we’re talking about), uhh idk how to write Drugs, mickey being the wonderful angel she is helped me but im still a shitty writer, it’s not evan’s connor murphy so its sorta ooc, which means, yes, this is the real mentally ill connor murphy!!!!!!!!, theres a smooch or two, its rly fuckin bad, i love my emo boy, i think thats it lmk if i missed something ok enjoy!

The Fall Fest! Every elementary school kid’s dream. Snow cones for a fifty cents? Arts and crafts to bring home and put on the fridge? Fruit kabobs for a dollar? Who wouldn’t sign up?

The doorbell rang and you sprung to your feet. You were carpooling with the Murphy’s. You had talked to Zoe a few times but not Connor. Zoe’s mom helped put your car seat in the car and you sat in the back with Zoe. Connor sat in the passenger’s seat and talked about how excited he was to do so – it was his first time in the front.

“Connor doesn’t need a car seat?” You asked Zoe, bewildered.

“He kinda does but sometimes Mommy lets him go without it,” Zoe whispered back, smiling.

“Now, kids, Connor is older so he’s in charge, he has the money, and you have to listen to him!” Zoe’s mom told you and you and Zoe nodded excitedly.

The car pulled into the parking lot you practically jumped out of your seat and grabbed your ticket. You, Zoe, and Connor all raced to the front and, once you all were admitted in, stared at the decorations in awe.

Orange lights were strung across the courtyard and jack-o-lanterns lit up the floor. Paper bats and ghosts were taped up everywhere and the yelling from you and Zoe asking Connor to buy things almost deafened the people around you.

You ended up spending all the money Connor’s mom gave him. “Psst, y/n, look.” You turned towards Connor where he showed you a handful of quarters, “I brought my own money!”

You stared at it with wide eyes, “Woah, that’s yours?” He nodded proudly. “Can I have it?”

“Wait, what? No! I earned it!”

“But I want a kabob.”


“Connor! I want fruit! You can have the honeydew, I don’t like it.”

At the time, you couldn’t tell, but Connor was very reluctant to do so. Eventually, however, he caved and bought you two fruit kabobs. You shared them with him as Zoe was in the bounce house, the sun setting in front of you.

Shortly after that, you never saw Connor for years. You’d pass Zoe in the halls every now and then, but you never had any more classes with either of them and you stopped carpooling to school.

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